Theme 24 - neonbike themes

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- Custom colors
- Up to 6 custom links
- Custom background image and header icon.
- Custom post width (type in a number between 200 and 700)
- Custom font (helvetica, arial, inconsolata, arial, ubuntu condensed, or montsserat)
- Select font size (10px, 11px, 12px, or 13px)
- One, two or three column layout
- Infinite scroll or navigation in the bottom bar
- Grayscale or faded posts option (with full color on hover)
- Hide captions option
- Hide description option
- Hide icon option
- Hide the number of notes on a post option
- Full size or repeated background


- Make sure that the post width and the number of columns coordinate in a way so that your total post container is not wider than our screen. The posts should be centered at all times.
- By using this theme you are agreeing to the rules.
- If you find a glitch or need any help with the theme please let me know!

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by iamthemelocked / thewomvn

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Questions? Check the tutorials on my HTML blog or ask me there :)

  • 1 big header picture (800px x 480px)
  • 4-12 links , 2 titles, "next" + "jump" pagination, short/long description
  • One column posts, Width: 500px
  • Included Updates Tab (#16)
  • 5 main accent colours, over 40 customizable colours, fonts and sizes
  • Optional: 4-12 links, captions (on/off), grayscale posts, tiny cursor, tags (static/upon hover), alternative tags, infinite scroll (on/off), updates tab (on/off)
  • Don´t delete the credit, steal the code, claim as your own or redistribute. Thank you darling!
  • All my rules and terms can be found here

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Tags Page #03 by steyerogers / themesbysaaraa

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1 accent colour, search box to filter tags, contained, links under container


Do not claim as your own/remove the credit
Do not redistribute/use as base/copy any code

Please read the very brief guide included in the code before asking questions about on how to impelemt the filter feature, however, if you do have any questions you can message me here

Please like/reblog this post if using.