Please make sure to reset default settings when installing the theme.


  • navigation icons: 4 optional links + home and ask.
  • 190px width sidebar image or a 100x100px circle image.
  • 500 or 400px posts.
  • searchbox (optional).
  • tags on hover (optional too).
  • normal or rounded borders on posts.
  • possibility to change the sidebar, blog title, posts and “small” fonts and fonts sizes from the customization page (no need to edit the code).
  • colorized scrollbar & selection.

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STATIC PREVIEW: preview 1 / preview 2



200+ miscellaneous icons

the 100 // the amazing spiderman // arrow // the avengers // brooklyn nine-nine // captain america // deapool // elementary // from dusk till dawn // mr robot // sense8 // shadowhunters // star wars // the vampire diaries // xmen

and more

all icons can be viewed here here

anonymous asked:

Hey! You make really good psds and i was wondering if you could possibly make one for the scene in shadowhunters where they are all surrounded by the wolves. This scene seems impossible to color.

Hi! Thank you very much :) I made one, though I’m not sure if it’s any good…

Psd #112: download psd
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psd pack number two by snowps

This pack contains 8 psds to use in any edition. You may download individually or in the pack, its up to you cuties :) Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. Like this post if you download this psd.

all (dropbox) (deviantart

 // if i stay // love rosie // monte carlo // me before you // love rosie (2) // narnia // if i stay (2) // mean girls //

FANSITE THEME 003 by jremyjordans

Static Preview // Pastebin

This theme is basically an updated version of my second fansite theme (I’m no longer giving out the codes for my first and second theme, btw) which is far less glitchy, and I’ve changed the overall look a little bit so that it looks cleaner. 


  • 1366x545 header
  • 5 additional links
  • 500px posts
  • Biography, official links, calendar, projects, affiliates


  • Feel free to customize the theme, but please do not use as a base.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not remove credit/claim as your own.
  • You must know at least some html to edit. I won’t help with basic things such as how to change colours or how to replace the header, etc…

Other notes:

  • Visit fansitehelp if you would like a custom layout made for you! Please do not send messages about this theme to that blog though.
  • I’m not the best at html so there may be a few coding errors - feel free to send me a message if you’re having any problems and I’ll try my best to help you.

4th PSD pack by crowlleye

Feel free to add an adjustment or play with layers. Like or reblog if you download. And please don’t repost or claim as your own. More PSDs here.

Theme number three thatscoloring 
static preview x code


  • posts: 500px
  • sidebar: 398x254
  • six custom links in menu
  • five custom links in sidebar
  • members
  • ten custom affiliates with picture 54x54



  • do not remove the credit / do not claim as your own
  • please, like or reblog if you using 
  • any questions, send me a ask here.
  • thanks ♥

sparkresources is up and running! ^^
As you probably know, I love coding and experimenting in Photoshop *cheers* So I decided to make a resource blog where I reblog all my fav themes and PSD’S, Tutorials and such *nods* I will be releasing my own stuff soon like themes and PSD’S - All that, hue ^^

Something to keep me busy and such, Also I coded the theme in the pic ( click to enlarge or clicky the linky, hue ) and worked super hard on it so urgh,

ENJOY! hehe <33