yeahnialler said: Lol not to rain on your parade but my friends best is over 6 million & she didn’t use the cheat ap lololol
cheat app? and yes you did ‘rain on my parade’

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OMG I KNOW i was like “uh does that mean there’s more? .. there better be more you can’t just leave me hanging like that guys” it was so frustrating but it was so good i like didn’t know how to feel about it omg now i wanna watch them all again askja

asdflkjd you are my new best friend ok? ok.

I have to go sleep now!! D: 

good night! It was lovely talking to you!! :) xx

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i didn’t watch the movie coz i heard AWFUL reviews of if & i didn’t want it to ruin my relationship with the show

oh god no just don’t watch it. 

It was a complete flop if you ask me, HATED IT.

but asdfghjkl the series was so good omg. I was like dying at the end on book 3 because zuko’s all like “WHERE. IS. MY MOTHER.”

I thought that was like a hint of saying there was going to be a Book 4 but it wasn’t!! I wanted to cry so bad  D:

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that show is so flawless when nickelodeon has the marathons i just sit in my room for hours & watch the whole thing aslkfskafa have you seen the movie?

YESSS! hahah I never watch TV but when those marathons come on my brothers barges into my room just to let me know and we sit together to watch all the episodes lolol

And yes I did watch the movie but I wasn’t very happy with it

Like they skipped all the exciting parts and urgh I just didn’t like the movie :(