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Anonymous: Woozi scenario like the bullet thingy and him as a dedicated fanboy? Thanks! 💞💞

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reverse idol au

  • everyone knows not to ask jihoon about your group bc if they do they have to sit down and listen to jihoon talk about you for at least an hour
  • you are his ultimate bias
  • he fell in love with you when he saw a behind the scenes portion of your group
  • your other members were chatting excitedly 
  • but you were sitting there writing peacefully, giggling at their antics
  • when you were asked what you were doing you said you were writing song lyrics
  • BAM
  • you were the one
  • he loves your face
  • your voice
  • your dancing
  • your variety
  • e v e r y t h i n g
  • to him he was blessed to live in the same country as you
  • collects every CD
  • has every song memorized
  • probably runs a fan account where he posts his covers of your songs
  • always sings extra passionately during your solos
  • bc of his famous covers he got offered the chance to meet your group
  • on the day of the event he was a nervous wreck
  • what if he said something stupid?
  • what if you didn’t like him?
  • his hands were shaking when your group walked into the room and you guys introduced yourselves
  • oh god
  • you were even prettier in person!!!!
  • how was that even possible?
  • luckily you weren’t seated directly across from him so he had some chill as he talked to your members
  • your members tease you when he says that you’re his bias
  • you blush bc he was really cute
  • and you might’ve sorta kinda watched all his videos
  • ever
  • finally it was your turn
  • “hi~ i’m (y/n)”
  • “yeahiknow I MEAN my name is jihoon :))))”
  • your members left with mischevious smirks and you got to talk to him one-on-one
  • it actually wasn’t that awkward
  • then your members brought in a guitar
  • “jihoonie-ah, want to sing a duet with our (y/n)-eonni?”
  • jihoon lost his shit as he nodded
  • the two of you sang his favorite song
  • and you guys sounded amazing
  • “wow~ you sound great! how are you not an idol?”
  • holy crap EVERYONE from favorite group INCLUDING HIS ULTIMATE BIAS just complimented him
  • sadly he has to leave soon after
  • but you follow him out
  • and you handed him a piece of paper with your number on it
  • “call me when you’re free. i’d love to see you again”
  • thank god all of those years of training paid off as you smiled like you were chill
  • jihoon nodded, blushing
  • when he got home he put your name in his phone
  • (y/n) <3

jihoon is my son TuT

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