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Finn Balor/

All For You 1 2 3 (fluff/smut)

Playtime (smut)

My Girl (smut)

Skype Date (smut)

Hiking (fluff)

Day At The Zoo (fluff)

Balor (smut)

Birthday (smut)

Sami Zayn/

Life (fluff)

Promise (fluff)

Dessert (fluff)

Jack Swagger/

Ketchup (smut)

Kenny Omega/

Our Window (fluff/angst)

Something In Common (fluff)

Birthday (smut)

Winnipeg (smut)


Love That We Stole (Sami/Finn - fluff)

Dough Boys 1 (Sami/Finn AU - fluff)

Parenting fun times

My almost 6 year old vomited in my bed before. Poor little chicken. She had said she’d been feeling a bit yucky this afternoon. But she says stuff like that all the time. It’s coming up to the end of the school term, and all of them are exhausted. I thought she just needed a good sleep. She was in a decent enough mood…

So I let her sleep in my bed. And the next thing, she’s moaning, and then she sat up and hurled everywhere. So gross. Glad I was right there so I could get her and my bed cleaned up straight away. SO glad I had my mattress protector on! She’s fast asleep again. Thank goodness. I laid down a thick towel for her to lie on, so if she does spew again, at least there’s something under her to protect my bed!

Hopefully no one else gets sick…

tbh i love reading ‘about’ pages, i love reading rbyfs and kin pages, i love cool links and navigation pages and selfie tags and learning about ur special interests and getting to know more abt ur likes and dislikes.!! i wish people wouldnt worry about oversharing cause i love knowing abt my mutuals