possibly one of my least favorite things about being a lesbian is that im going to know and be with and love so few people. im going to be so isolated. im not gonna have casual hookups, im not gonna get many chances to explore my sexuality and romanticism, im not gonna really Date, im not gonna have a network of friends and l*vers and etcetera like most people would. there are so few lesbians in the world that im not going to be able to have a social or romantic or sexual life that isnt just grabbing onto whoever and whatever i can get.

Hey y'all, I normally wouldn’t do this but I’ve been working this job for these two weeks (the only weeks I could) to pay rent for the summer in NYC and (hopefully) do an (unpaid) internship (I had my interview yesterday and it went well, the guy seemed ready to give me a position), but it’s not adding up to enough and I’m going to need help. Part of it is I have to pay a deposit ($500) by Thursday, but last week’s paycheck doesn’t come in til Friday. Any help y'all could give me, even reblogging to boost, would be extremely appreciated so I can make this payment. Please venmo to @AbrahamR or, thank y'all so much 💖

with every partnered queer good omens fan I know whose partner I know to be also a fan I’ve had a conversation that runs “so which one of you is aziraphale and which is crowley”

my deductions are
- a) good omens is queer culture
- b) meme: asking straight couples “which one of you is the complacent not-that-angelic angel and which one is the anxious not-that-demonic demon”

judgehangman  asked:

have you got any tips for writing surrealism?

Surrealism as such is an artistic movement created as a response to World War I, where the limits of what is real and is not (not as fantasy) are broken, this means that whatever is on the character’s mind can manifest in the real world, and it makes sense.

I suggest you to find and read Les Champs Magnétiques by André Breton and Philippe Soupault. André Breton is considered the founder of Surrealism, he wrote about two manifests on surrealism.

Surrealism is not the same as magical realism, both of them are responses to different events, and while surrealism is focuses on the individual, magical realism does the same but on a social level.

Blur the lines so the imagination of the characters enters their reality, expand the horizons of the sceneries not in length but in depth. Remember imagery is very important as it adds symbolism, but is not an excuse to create a plotless story,

Here are some links that can help you:

Good luck, L.