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Just Hamilton Things

Recently, I’ve been reading Ron Chernow’s ‘Alexander Hamilton’ biography, and there’s a few things in there I find note-worthy. (If you’re as obsessed with Hamilton as I am, I do recommend reading this book. It is, after all, the foundation on which Lin-Manuel Miranda built ‘Hamilton’ and it gets into a lot of depth about Ham’s life. The excessive amount of research done for this book amazes me. I applaud you Ron Chernow.)

  • One time during the war, civilians in Broadway tore down a large statue of King George then melted it down and made 42,088 bullets, a fact which I find, for some reason, utterly savage
  • It’s no wonder people thought Hamilton and Laurens were gay, the letters they wrote to each other, primarily, the letters Hamilton wrote to Laurens… ah, I’ll just leave the examples down below

Hamilton to Laurens: “Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, I wish, my dear Laurens, it might be in my power by action rather than words to convince you that I love you.”

Not enough for you? But wait, the letter goes on to say later:

You should have not taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent.”

Another one from Hamilton to Laurens: “I have written you five or six letters since you left Philadelphia and I should have written you more had you made a proper return,”

Looks like Ham is being clingy. He even admits to it:

“But, like a jealous lover, when I thought you slighted my caresses, my affection was alarmed and my vanity piqued.”

After his engagement to Eliza, he writes to Laurens again saying:

“In spite of Schuyler’s (Eliza’s) black eyes, I have still a part for the public and another for you.”

  • Hamilton made dick jokes. He wrote to Laurens about finding a wife making bawdy references to ‘the size of his nose’.… his dick, guys. He was talking about his dick.
  • Before their famous duel in 1804, Burr was so broke, he asked even Hamilton for help. (Note, they already hated each other at the time.)  Burr came to Hamilton early in the morning and you can imagine the awkwardness of the situation. Like, “Hey bro,  did I wake you? Yeah, sorry about that. Hey, I know we hate each other and stuff, but could you like, help me out here, since you’re so good with money and shizzz?”
    The best part was, Hamilton did help, and managed to raise 10,000 dollars in cash for Burr…… and still Burr shot him. Savage.
  • Hamilton impressed Adams’ cabinet and there was a conversation that went a little something like this
    Adams: Whom shall we appoint Commander-In-Chief?
    Pickering: Hamilton
    Adams: lol no, pick someone else
    Pickering: But sirrrr, Hamilton is fully qualified-
    Adams: NOT HAMILTON.
  • While the Reynolds affair was going on and Eliza was away, Hamilton wrote letters urging her to stay far, far away from home as he was “greatly concerned for her health”. Yeahhhh. Riiiiight. You two-faced little LIAR.
  • To make the above worse, Eliza, despite the affair, did remain wholly devoted to Hamilton. In fact, when she was old, she is supposed to have said, “I am so tired, it is long, I want to see Hamilton.”
  • Okay, last fact to wrap things up. After Burr shot Hamilton in the duel, he showed no remorse for it, he took the entire event with a touch of humor. Burr is supposed to have made facetious references to, “my friend Hamilton, whom I shot.” What a savage.

misakichan274  asked:

Hey Leela:) I'm still shook from all the live content we've been getting from them lately but too busy irl to actually process it. Among the many many memorable moments, I cant remember you discussing at 26:30 (sorry if you have) how unfiltered and sincere Dan comes through when he goes 'Yeah I think so' to blue bringing out Phil's eyes and then 10 seconds later pouting 'I dont know why you're being like this' ahh they were so annoying in their ungodly levels of compatibility and togetherness:'(

yeahhhh i didn’t address those yesterday!!! haha there were so many things i wanted to talk about but after a point i kind of wanted to stop spamming everyone’s dashes with 1345 posts of me yelling so i decided to pull back a bit :) i do think those two moments were incredible though, and in general i loved the distinct difference in dan’s approach to this whole thing as compared to phil’s. it seems like he made a conscious decision to try to be as supportive and positive as possible of phil’s gameplay which, incidentally, also seems to be the mode that comes most naturally to him, even on dapg when they’re meant to be competing (think of all of the ‘why am i helping you?’  moments.) i know phil was like ‘i’m so used to fighting you’ in order to justify why he was bringing the trash talk to this stream (e.g. repeatedly saying ‘rekt’ whenever dan lost), but then we also know that when they actually play mario kart they make it their goal to get a ‘dan and phil 1-2′ (using dan’s words from the last mario kart video) and that they institute a no-attack pact most of the time, wherein they won’t hit each other so that they basically work together to beat everyone else in the round. which is. gross. obviously. but i think it’s why moments like the ones you mentioned felt so incredibly sincere and natural coming from dan. 

of course the comment about phil’s eyes isn’t really to do with the game, but i think it plays into dan’s overall instinct to just be supportive and complimentary to phil (perhaps especially when he’s under stress) and it was so damn lovely to hear that :) another good moment similar to this, though not regarding phil’s appearance, was when dan turns to the audience and says something like, phil’s been making free content for you for ten years and this is how you repay him??? that instinct to defend him is kind of silly but also completely adorable. it’s also there in the way he reacts to phil doing not-so-well: he admits that phil’s performance was pretty lackluster but repeatedly implies a bunch of times that phil’s only struggling because he’s trying to multitask and bant/respond to the chat while he’s playing, and that if he was just focusing on the game instead he’d be having no issues. it’s like, dan, no one is gonna judge phil by this mario kart performance can u pls chill out lmao. the protectiveness is crazy tbh. 

and then, as you mentioned, the ‘i don’t know why you’re being like this’ said in response to phil yelling ‘i don’t need advice from you, danny lad,’ was also just such a genuine and interesting moment? it’s interesting to think about it from phil’s perspective and wonder if for the purposes of an audience watching them play this he really didn’t want to look like he was leaning at all on dan’s support. but also maybe his whole approach to mario kart as a game is different from dan’s because dan is obviously better than he is, so phil’s competitiveness is actually higher than dan’s for once because he has to try a lot harder to play at the level dan does or even to beat dan, whereas dan doesn’t feel he really has anything to prove. it’s obvious to see from the way he plays that it comes so easy to him. regardless, in this moment it rly felt like dan was saying, i thought it was gonna be us playing as a team and rooting for each other (like we pretty much always do), why are you being this way??? and he seems truly a bit miffed, but still in a good-natured way. super fucking cute. 

another moment along these lines that i really loved was when phil towards the end, as things were getting truly tense, took a page out of dan’s book on dapg and was so emphatic about how dan shouldn’t look at him or breathe near him or talk to him, and dan agrees and tries to focus on the chat. there was one moment (i think around 35:43? but my timestamps might be a bit off i was half asleep when i wrote them down) where phil yells at dan ‘you’re stressing me out’ and dan immediately stops talking and looks away and even blocks his face to read the chat. it’s like his number one instinct is really to help phil win and support him however he can even if it involves trying to stay silent. but of course it lasts all of approximately ten seconds because he actually can’t stop watching phil, so much so that by the end he actually tells people to stop sending superchats because he won’t be reading them, he’s too focused on watching the game and making sure phil wins. and finally, of course, i can’t believe how genuinely fucking excited he got by the end when phil did pull through and win. it was pretty much a throwback to the end of the donkey kong minecart video when dan screams ‘yES!!!’ louder than we’ve possibly ever heard and yells at phil that he’s proud to call him his friend. but at least there they actually were playing together in a co-op game and phil’s success was important to both of them winning as a team. in this live stream, dan had absolutely no stakes in phil winning but he got just as excited as when they’re playing together. he just loves to see phil win, loves to hear people appreciating him, loves sticking up for him even when it’s a dumb and trivial situation w basically no significance objectively,,, maybe he even takes pride in all of it. it was so obvious throughout this stream and all of it was so ridiculously sweet to watch. 


I caught up! Finally;u;. Anyways. Uh. Here we go again. No one will see this blah blah blah ya-

Edit; am I the only one who did a yam/sheep-thing for day 8? :0

Day 5?; Shipping.

I can’t draw two people in the same photo, let alone two skeletons

So uh– human versions ;u;

Day 6: draw goth with wings

I tried. I really did. But those wings took hours;-;. I was gonna draw something will more action and stuff but I mainly just drew him looking bored– im running out of ideas

Day 7; draw naj goth

I can’t draw him for my life. So have a picture of a pair of glasses. That’ll do just nicely👌

Day 8: draw goth as an animal

Sheep? Yam? Whatever it has horns now—. This was rushed. Like. Really rushed. So sorry that it’s messy. It was based off of this drawing I did in school

This thing;u;

Day 9: horror? Yandere? Goth

I did yandere goth cuz yeah–

Now I know goth is afriad of knives but he’s gone insane in this so it doesn’t matter anymore–

And yeahhhh. I hope I got them in order. If not then…. Crap;u;

Like I said. I can’t draw for the life of me. But hopefully I’ll improve

Goth belongs to @nekophy as usual

And gothtober belongs to @daily-goth I think– ahh I forgot stuff easily

I’ll put more effort into them now, since I caught up. I was drawing 5 things a day. I normally draw 1 thing a week like- it’s also hard to draw with a finger and a normal-nonart-tablet–

No one will see this ;u;

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HC of RFA + Minor trio reacting to their children's question "How babies are made?" please! :D

***Bahahaha this is going to be great. For the sake of this ask I’m going to say your child(ren) is very young (around 5 years old and really not at the age to know too much in specifics) and really are only asking because they want a new sibling. ~Let’s Connect! FFC

Character breakdown: Good ending canon characters, Secret ending 02 Saeran, V, my version of Vanderwood as seen in my Vanderwood Backstory Fanfiction***


  • Where is MC when he needs her?
  • “Um…well….” Okay, he’s a man, a dad, and a veterinarian. This should be easier for him than he’s making it.
  • He just fumbles through it with this deer in the headlights look on his face like this is his worst nightmare, but he manages using flowery language.
  • When you come home your little ones come up to you. “Mommy, please make love with daddy we want another sibling.” And your husband’s face is just completely red.


  • OOOOoookay. Seven is red but…he was kind of expecting this to happen just not when you weren’t around.
  • “You know how that one time you walked in on mommy and daddy hugging very loudly? That’s how you make a baby.” He was hoping that would be an easy answer, but it just led to more questions.
  • By the time you got home he’s trying to explain why regular hugging is different and what those sounds are and you have to rescue him from his own mess of innuendo.


  • He hadn’t been expecting this question, but it was simple enough. 
  • “Men and women do something known as sex. Now, the way sex works…”
  • You come home to the most mortified children ever. They got more detail than they wanted to know. At least it was just the specifics of how sex worked from an analytical point of view, but still. Their faces are white as sheets.


  • As soon as your child asks she tries to divert their attention to another topic that’s more appropriate conversation.
  • Eventually when your child says they’ll just look it up she freaks out. Now she has to do something.
  • Educational videos are great. They’re not as awkward as taking care of it yourself either, except now your child keeps asking about the ‘hair that’s going to grow in new places.‘ Maybe a little too informational for your child’s current age.


  • “Why don’t we wait for your mom?” Zen tries to put it off, but your child is insistent.
  • “So, there’s this thing called the beast and um sometimes it gets released.” Yeahhhh your child is not following his type of reasoning.
  • You come home to Zen almost crying “All men are wolves!!!! Woooollvvveess!!!” So, that’s a mess you’re going to have to clean up.


  • “I see…” No you don’t “Why do you want to know?” Instead of telling your child he sits down and has a discussion about what has your child so interested, finding out that your child wants to have a sibling.
  • This is a much more simple way to stall time and also get away with not actually telling your child anything they don’t need to know yet. V is able to keep it vague.
  • Guess you’ll get to have this particular awkward conversation with your child when they’re a little older.


  • Noooo, thank you. He loves your child but he is not interested in this conversation on any level.
  • There’s no escape. Your child continues to follow and pester him until he snaps and yells at your child. “I told you to wait for your mother!” Which just leads to a crying little one.
  • Now, your husband may have his problems with communication and has issues handling stress, but that doesn’t mean he’s doing it intentionally. He feels pretty terrible especially now that your little one is crying.
  • You come home to your child and husband snuggling and talking softly, your husband trying to explain that he’ll have to talk to mommy about another baby.


  • He just kind of holds his hand up to your child telling the little one to hold on for a moment as he gets out his phone and calls you. “MC…I need you to come home.”
  • Unfortunately for him, you’re a little too busy with work and now he has to be the one to deal with this.
  • Vanderwood sighs and sits down in front of your child. “Alright then. Guess I have to be the bad guy as always.” Essentially he tells your child to come back and ask when they’re a little older, prompting the child to say ‘but I want a sibling now’.
  • Well, now that makes a lot more sense. He thought he’d need to beat someone up (most likely Seven) for getting your child interested in the subject so young. Crisis averted.

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voltron season 4 trailer is out

So I’m not TOO smart so I’m just doing a basic analysis. I’ll leave the in depth stuff to the pros. Just hoping someone hasn’t already beat me to this and I look like boo boo the fool over here.

So the trailer is full of surprises, sadly enough I don’t see Matt Holt but that doesn’t mean he won’t be there.
To start off, I just want to mention my boy here, my sweet boy Lance…

Alright. Then in my next screenshot, I noticed some odd vehicles that didn’t look familiar.

These vehicles do look like the coalition vehicles shown throughout the trailer, but I couldn’t help but notice that there were 5 vehicles. There are also 5 paladins. These could indeed be the paladins, but I’ve got no idea where the new vehicles came from. Also shown is an obviously Galra structure. Lotor’s residence? Who knows! Let me know your theories.

Next up we get a glimpse of the paladins with Rolo and Nyma! Yep, they’re back! I didn’t think it was true, but here they are:

So let’s talk about this. Rolo’s got his usual rugged grin of course, but if you look closely at Nyma’s face, she doesn’t appear too happy. This could just be a coincidence of course, but it’s always possible that she’s against whatever Rolo’s plan is. Hunk seems pretty chill but Pidge doesn’t look all that excited about this either.

Now let’s look at this photo of these 3 Galra near a landing ship:

Are they part of the BoM? Are they enemies? Is this a flashback? Could that middle one be Ulaz? Also, where are they, and who’s ship is that?! Those are some interesting-looking structures in the background.

This particular shot confused me the most. Lotor and his lady generals. Something obviously came at him from behind, from the way the ladies are turning with obvious surprise on their faces. Not much shakes these ladies, so what could have been such a shock that they’re so surprised?

Not only that, but even Lotor himself looks a little disturbed. Is this Narti’s doing? Keith’s? Lotor obviously is quite distraught. It might just be from the surprise that someone snuck up behind him, but it could very well be from facing a certain opponent.

Next we get a clip of Pidge battling a Galra, seemingly on her own. My guess is that Matt will come in at some point during this scene in the show, but we’ll have to see.

Obviously, she’s kicking butt and taking names. Go Pidge!

Lastly I just had to include this because I love love LOVE my bisexual son Lance. I think we all remember the uproar in season 3 when Blaytz openly flirted with a male servant, correct? Well, looks like we might have a bit more of that in season 4, only with Lance this time.

This alien speaks up saying that he wants to join the coalition. Immediately, Lance is shown with a huge blush on his face:

Saying “YEAHHHH!” Honestly, if that’s not the cutest thing. This could just be him getting excited, but I’ve only ever seen him blush like that a few times, and it’s almost always when he’s flirting or being flirt with.

Anyway. That’s my take on the whole thing. Add onto it if you will, feel free to add your theories and other things you noticed!

Personal Jesus - REDDIE

songs listened to while writing this (i also suggest you listening to them too to get the vibe please!!!): personal jesus - depeche mode, daddy issues - the neighbourhood, fallingforyou - the 1975, antichrist - the 1975

hey guys! soon i may or may not have definitely cried while writing this (thanks to the music) so i really really hope you all enjoy it. but anyways yeahhhh ok bye

word count - 1.1k

warnings - literally the slightest mention of richie’s parents, uhhh a little bit of making out even tho i don’t really count this, mention of (dry) blood. (some of these you might think are stupid but i know i have some ‘weird’ triggers so i like to write down everything i think of)

DISCLAIMER!!! These boys are aged up to ab 17 in this okay? I know this whole “don’t sexualize these boys!!!!” thing is real B U T, if you’ve read the book and seen the movies, you can clearly see there are plenty of sexual innuendos. PLUS, these kids are smoking and drinking and shit so if you think that writing ab sexual things even AFTER aging them up is bad, just move on. Plus, we’re writing about their characters, not about the real boys. ANYWAYS, happy reading :-)

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Hotel Revenge.

Last Thursday was quite the doozy of a shift.

Right off the bat, I came in to a shady-looking couple hassling the new girl. The moment I came in, she said “There’s my supervisor he can help you.” Which I couldnt. They were trying to use someone else’s card with no ID or way for the person on the card to come in and sign. Not even a means to contact them. So all the fraud red flags went, and I refuse to rent to them.

The two leave in a huff. Soon as she leaves, I get slammed with a 20 room wedding block, and a few walk-in road crews checking in at the same time. The crews were guys we’d been housing for months now, so they had everything ready. And the wedding block was easy enough as well.

But then came The ex-cops.. Suffice to say I should have put them on the Do Not Rent List.

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kimmy-h-life  asked:

For the pose thing can you do B3 with Thomas and James I find it really pure and yeahhhh thanks in advance ❣

Hey, thank a lot for your request and have a nice sunday c: I find this pose so pure and lovely too ♥ I hope you like my little drawing @kimmy-h-life

My imbox  is open, (except saturday and sunday), Please send me Hamilton-character and number (you choose here) ♥

And please don’t forget my “THE STORY OF TONIGHT” animatic on Youtube!

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I have a feeling the new influx of fans are going to almost completely disregard Homestuck and just assume Hiveswap is all you need to know. Also, side note, I'm really scared that new fandom elitist will form.

yeahhhh these are 2 big things I’m afraid of

Things I need to try out in TS4
  • Have a household live in Oasis Spring (I’ve literally never had a sim live there, oops)
  • Properly play with toddlers (I’ve only briefly played around with them since I was saving it for my legacy? It’s taking me ages to get to the toddler stage in that, though)
  • Explore the whole alien thing (I’ve made an alien once, played with her for a few hours without doing much and yeah… oops again)
  • Check out the detective career (Still haven’t tried that…)
  • Have a sim travel to Granite Falls (What can I say except oops???)
  • Actually visit the hidden areas (So far I’ve only heard about Sixam and Forgotten Grotto LOL)
  • Have a sim die of old age (Well… yeahhhh)
Gareth’s magickal object

Gareth (Rhys and Gareth are in the room beneath Baz and Simon’s) has a magickal belt buckle. A belt buckle. And he has to literally thrust in order to cast a spell. I fucking love this book.

(Lets be honest right now, if Baz’s magickal object was a belt buckle instead of a wand and he was doing all of that thrusting, Simon would have realized some things much sooner. ;)))))

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hello love! youre my favorite simmer ever and i enjoy all your stories and posts and personality so much. im sure you get asked this a lot, but i was wondering if you would be willing/want to make a tutorial on how you edit on the tattoos and/or how you make them. thanks so much and i love fi so much she is the cutest????

ahhhhhdhfkgd first of all thank you bby ;-; AND I’M GLAD YOU LOVE BABY FI <333 

so ummmmmm all my sims that have tattoos (which i’m pretty sure is just rooney and santi…i’ve been meaning to make gianni’s tatts for literally like 8 months now but i’m too lazy RIP) ANYWAY all my sims with tattoos have them directly on their skin. i don’t actually make in game tattoos because putting it on their skin preserves the quality a bit more (ts4 still sucks with that either way tho lmfao) so like. idk how helpful this will be because that opens a whole other can of worms in the realm of skinblending which i’ve tried and failed to talk about before…but anywayyyyy

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Ok so does someone want to explain exactly how LGBT headcanons are the “worst kind of headcanon”? It’s no wonder why we always say that people in this fandom are homophobic/transphobic or just discriminatory towards LGBT people in general.

This is ridiculous because there is absolutely no way that every single one of the Loud kids is cishet. Come on guys.

-Mod Lori


But I mean, of course you’d say bad things about LGBTQ headcanons when so much more people can have more of a variety in their headcanons than the plain old boring hetero cis world that is unseasoned as a Loudcestor’s bloodline.

- Mod Leni

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i have those placements (libra sun and scorpio venus) and it’s sO hard for me to get crushes, the last time i actually liked someone was 10 months ago yikes, and the crush lasted two years. when i do end up liking people the crush last for at least 1.5 yrs haha

Yeahhhh that’s a Scorpio Venus thing without a doubt. :^) Scorpio Venuses take commitment and real love so seriously, it’s nice and intense.


A fluffy, non-despair AU, with Yoi/Ruruka, Hinata/Chiaki and Naegi/Kirigiri somehow becoming friends with each other while at Hope’s Peak and ending up being sort of a ‘triple date’ crew. =D 

So…….how it would happen??

-Yoi and Ruruka enter the school first (as they’re the oldest, so duh, obviously), and they continue much the way they’ve been before with each other. They’d be much the same with Seiko as they used to be, but nothing major (i.e that test) has happened yet, so it’s…..not okay as such, but they haven’t started hating each other yet.

-When Hinata and Chiaki enter the school (the way these two meet would be the same as in canon), Yoi and Ruruka would meet Chiaki first. This would be (most likely) be Hiyoko or someone via Teruteru’s having teamed up with Seiko for that Sexy Sexy Soup from Zetsubou EP2 (because I can totally picture Hiyoko wanting to get more to wreak yet more havoc). This would happen BEFORE the test that went so spectacularly wrong in Zetsubou EP4 so the rough scenario I have is while Ruruka has gone to get something from Seiko, Hiyoko also comes to track down the Sexy Sexy Soup, and Chiaki comes after her to stop her, being the responsible class rep and all ((“Saionji-san, you can’t do that…oh, hello!”-literally how she could meet them)). And for reasons, she somehow befriends Ruruka, and since Ruruka does like attention and all, she just sort of goes along with it. (alternate scenario is that they somehow meet because of Mahiru’s reserve course friendship, but that seems more tenuous to me, so yeah).

-Eventually, the fledgling friendship becomes such that one day, Chiaki gets Ruruka and Yoi to meet Hinata. Ruruka is sceptical about being buddy-buddy with a Reserve Student, but gets over it soon enough, and finds she enjoys their company, so they, as a four, begin to regularly meet up every so often.

-Sometimes, Seiko comes along too, and this gives a chance for the Ruruka/Seiko issue to be resolved, because being a class rep has given Chiaki the chance to be more observant about her friends and classmates, and she notices something not right. She doesn’t necessarily figure out what the exact problem is, but she decides to approach it the way she would if these were members of her own class, and pulls them aside and makes them air it out and resolve it, herself as mediator (Yoi and Hinata are banned from listening in, but Yoi hovers on the edge, ready to go all Unlimited Blade Works if it all goes wrong).
It doesn’t magically become better in one day, and it gets a bit awkward for a while (I can imagine Chiaki asking for some advice from Chisa to help her along), but as a result, Ruruka and Seiko manage to find some way of fixing things and moving forwards. And as a result, the expulsion etc never happens, and they can all continue being goofy and happy.

-In return for this, when it becomes obvious that Hinata and Chiaki are starting to develop feelings, it is Ruruka who helps to bring about the confessions and set up their first date. And this is how this group of friends specifically becomes a date group.

-When Naegi and Kirigiri enter the school , Naegi (somehow) meets Hinata and they make friends because of how they consider themselves to be normal in comparison to everyone else. Naegi and Kirigiri never admit they’re a couple properly throughout their time at Hope’s Peak (and are private about it anyway), but when it happens (maybe part way through the first year) it seems obvious to everyone anyway, hence when their links with Hinata lead them to Ruruka, Yoi and Chiaki, they fit right in as pair number 3. And hence, they become a triple-date group.

-It would mostly be Chiaki (with some help from Ruruka and/or Naegi) who set up their triple-date-outings. Hajime helps too, but is easily ruffled by the arrangements, and isn’t that much help. Yoi and Kirigiri don’t really mind and just go along with it, watching from the sidelines(though Kirigiri sometimes thinks she’d prefer things to be quieter).
In fact, I can imagine Yoi and Kirigiri platonically bonding over the way they’re just standing watching their loved ones get up to all sorts, occasionally exchanging conspiratorial looks((“They never change, do they?”-Yoi during one of these occasions)). They’re both quiet, solid, watchful types after all.

-Each pair have friends they’d sometimes invite along with them once in a while, on these outings. For Ruruka/Yoi it’s Seiko. For Naegi/Kirigiri, I think either Maizono, or Asahina and Sakura, or all three. For Hinata/Chiaki……well this’ll vary each time, as it could be literally anyone from Chiaki’s class. ((“Chiaki-Chan, how do you expect me to remember their names if you keep changing around who gets invited?” Ruruka might ask in annoyance one day))

-They remain friends for life, even after they all have left, and all lead wildly different but very happy lives where they attend each others’ weddings and look after each others’ future children (for those who do have kids) and yeah. It’s all just nice and fluffy and happy.

So…..anyone want to write this/ draw this as a thing?? I’d write it, but I can only imagine this working as a multichapter, and with an Assassination Classroom multichapter fic, two one-shot collections (for Assassination Classroom and ERASED) to complete, and a bunch of other seperate one-shots I want to write (mainly Dangan Ronpa 3 ones), not to mention various real-life things, I really haven’t got the wherewithal to do this myself =P But yeah, whatever. The AU idea’s out there, if anyone wants to use it-I’d like to see how it turns out, if you do :)

donutdog7  asked:

Did someone say Paladins/Lions? That's sound interesting, if you know what I mean.

Yeahhhh. I can’t take credit for such things, as @hardlynotnever and @whumpbby have inspired this latest twist (and, also, everyone should read Sacrificial Lance, the Blue/Lance story @whumpbby is writing, kthanks.) but I will eventually grace the world with my own take. 

…but probably with Green Paladin Matt for reasons that I imagine are obvious. 

trans vlad headcanons

okay so i just saw ghost-chicky’s comic w trans dan and trans vlad and it made me really happy so i thought of a thing

what if one of the reasons vlad became a billionaire was so he could not only pay for his own transitioning but also to help out trans kids who were on there own and help homeless LGBT+ kids who didn’t have any other resources? he probably regularly donates to charities and homeless shelters for LGBT+ youth. ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

anonymous asked:

30-35, 62, 2?

  • 30. Have you ever considered plastic surgery? If so, what would you change about your body?

def not mainly cause i’m broke as hell but also there really isn’t anything i don’t like about me that i couldn’t fix on my own???

  • 31. Have you ever cried over a guy/girl?

oooooh yeah

  • 32. Have you ever experienced unrequited love?
lmao do you see me married to brady skjei or not?? just kidding i honestly have yes
  • 33. Have you ever had sex with a man?
idk do you mean a man or a fuckboy cause ive FUCKIN DONE THAT
  • 34. Have you ever had sex with a woman?
  • 35. Have you ever kissed someone older than you?
  • 62. What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you?
love me and not move across the fuckin country
  • 2. Are relationships ever worth it?
yes i def think so even if im bitter about some stuff

tatlioca  asked:

1, 14, 23, 25, 64

1 Do you ever doubt the existence of others than you?

I don’t understand this question? Is it asking if I doubt my worth to or on others? If so. Yes. It’s a bad side to me, but my existence needs to be known.

14. What is your current desktop picture?

I do not have a computer or laptop. So yeahhhh.

23. What is one unique thing you’re afraid of?

I wouldn’t say it’s unique. But geese are pretty scary. :P

25. You just found $100! How are you going to spend it?

100$ USD or CAD? Either way it’s not much. Probably on food? Lol.

64. What do you think about babies?

Omg. Babies are adorable. They kill me. I have to constantly substitute my need for a child with puppy fever. Like wow to think you can create life through such a simple act, just blows my mind every time. I had wavy/curly hair too before I started balding so I hope that passes down (the hair not the balding) I just imagine mini versions of myself riding Lucia and Lucius into battle and boasting that they’re the alpha. Babies are great. Not sure how I feel about the poop though. Haha.