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I can't wait for you to get a gf because I just wanna hear you gush about her on here 24/7

h o n  e s t l y tho, i’m so bad at like,,,, expressing my emotions i’d probably be like yeahhhh she’s uhhhhhh,,,,, she’s real neat

virgil is driven by revenge so he targets the people/cult he believe are responsible for killing him, and everyone involved in helping them (like corrupt politicians, police, etc) IT’S kinda complicated and i havent really got his story figured out yet haha!

they werent originally going to be part of a comic yeahhhh.. they were supposed to just be casual ocs i drew occasionally but then i Caught Feelings and got obsessed w trying to write a story for them (as it usually goes for me). and then a buncha ppl were asking for a comic!! im happy to share their story w anyone whos interested so yeP now theres a comic planned

aw thanks haha!! i hope to get my patreon off the ground sometime soon!

omg yeah he only has one pair of jeans that’s why theyre so nasty and torn up looking!! i can totally picture him having to safety pin em shut tho lol

MMM during the length of their story, henrietta is in jail for possession of hard drugs. it was shit both her and mitch were doing because hey life was awful and they needed some relief….but YEAH she took the blame to protect him from jail time 8(

in their on-going story mitch is actually living with his aunt, henrietta’s sister. she’s….not as lively and fun as henrietta tho 

AU where Bitty ends up as the “Bachelor” on a Bachelor-esque dating reality show. He’s not sure how he gets chosen by the network or how someone talked him into it during a moment of weakness, but nonetheless, he’s stuck doing it.

The hockey team as contestants on the show. The show producers choose the unsurprising usual types of contestants that you see on these reality shows because… well, if the formula ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So, we have:

  • The Free Spirited Writer: Derek Nurse
  • The One Who Gets  Progressively Angrier with Each Episode: William Pointdexter
  • The Shirtless Personal Trainer (Who’s Also Putting Himself Through Law School): Shitty Knight
  • The Macho Bro with a Sensitive Side: Adam Birkholtz
  • The Pretty Boy/Cocky One: Kent Parson
  • The One Who Seems Confident Until They Cut to His “Interview” Scenes and He’s Freaking Out: Justin Oluransi
  • The Smart One Who Uses Too Many Confusing Metaphors and Confuses Everyone: John Johnson
  • The One Who Seems Normal At First But Then Has a “Secret” That He Comes Clean About in a Later Episode Twist: Whiskey
  • The Sweet One That You Know Will Never Work In The End But Audiences Still Cried When He Left: Chris Chow
  • The One Who Tries Really Hard to Stay On Even Though It’s Starting to Get Awkward: Tony Tango

Despite freaking out early on, Bitty comes to really enjoy spending time with these guys. The dates, though awkward with a camera following them around, are genuinely fun. Not only that, the contestants themselves are happily surprised when they find they also get along with each other too.

Just a small problem though.

Bitty isn’t interested in any of these guys. In fact, as the season progresses, he starts to fall for the production manager, Jack Zimmermann.

Their relationship had started out rocky, mostly because Bitty thought Jack was an insufferable grump who yelled all the time and Jack thought Bitty was another one of those shallow guys looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

They move past that. Bitty had found Jack sitting by himself and looking sad. It was a rare moment when Bitty wasn’t being followed with a camera. So, Bitty had sat with him and they ended up having a real conversation. They were both surprised by each other which goes to show that first impressions are misleading. 

They fall in love.

It should be wonderful and romantic, but they have to sneak around when Bitty isn’t filming. They hide their relationship because if it gets out, Jack would get fired and Bitty would be in all sorts of trouble for violating his contract. They’ve had a couple of incidents where they’ve almost been caught, but luckily, Lardo, one of the set directors has been covering for them. She walked in on them in a closet, but because Jack is her friend, she hasn’t said anything.

Meanwhile, Bitty’s still going though all the hoops and motions of “dating” all these contestants. It’s going a little too smoothly, and the network scrambles to throw things at them in order to create more competition and “drama”. There’s the group date that ends in a disaster after Will and Derek end up getting in a heated fight. When that isn’t enough, they bring back Kent Parson who was eliminated 4 episodes again just so he can stir shit up amongst the guys.

As they near the finale, Bitty gets increasingly nervous. He’s supposed to pick one of these guys to with on vacation that the network is paying for. Jack, Bitty can tell, is getting increasingly frustrated by not being able to do anything behind the scenes and having to watch Bitty go on all these dates with other guys.

There are arguments between them. Jack is afraid he’s going to lose Bitty as soon as the show is over. Bitty isn’t sure how much longer he can keep up with the pretense.

Finally, it’s down to the final two: Shitty and Adam. They’re the two fan favourites of this season. Bitty has one final rose to give, and he chooses…

…neither of them.

Bitty’s lawyer found a loophole in the contract so Bitty is able to walk out in the end. The fans are in shock and the ratings/publicity for the show goes way up after what happens so the network isn’t too upset with what he did.

Bitty is still friends with most of the contestants from the show and he keeps in contact with them. Jack quits the reality show finds a new job. Bitty gets an offer to do a cooking show. They move in together and they lived happily ever after.

Also, like a year later, they get an invitation to Adam and Justin’s wedding. Two months after that, there’s a second invite to Will and Derek’s wedding. 

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@futuredescending and I were talking about the what-ifs of Eggsy becoming a Kingsman underneath Arthur in ordinary circumstances, and it inspired this:

Harry finds Eggsy sitting, head bent over the hands draped between his legs. Every hair and every scrap of clothing is in place, except for the glasses, which are clutched very tightly in his left fist. He imagines going up to his protégé, gently sliding his fingers over to pry the glasses from Eggsy’s grip, and putting his arms around him, but only steps forward, calling out his name softly.

“I’m never going to be good enough, aren’t I,” he says dully, once Harry approaches.

Harry sits down beside him on the bench. “Eggsy—” he begins, but doesn’t know what to say. He can’t tell Eggsy they didn’t mean it or it’ll come to an end because none of those are true. No useless platitudes can help, and nor can reassurances of assistance. Ever since James died, Harry had lost not only a friend, but an ally, and Percival, ever since the man’s death, preferred solitude to the company of others. He’d tried to coax him back, but Harry’s people skills had never been particularly renowned, and eventually, he stopped trying.

“You told me that it’ll change my life, Kingsman,” Eggsy continues, voice hushed in the darkness, staring up at the gadgets that line the walls of Fitting Room Three. It was a good memory, showing Eggsy each clever device and watching his face light up in awe and disbelief, but now, in this dark space, with only faint gold glimmers lighting up the room, Harry can’t find himself to muster the usual joy. “And I can’t thank you enough for it: getting Mum and Daisy out of that place, a new flat and a new car and a second chance, all the places I get to see…”

Harry finds the courage to move closer. He can place a hand on Eggsy’s knee or arm, but instead touches the neutral place of his shoulder. He thinks, I recruited you. I wanted this for you.

But now, he looks at the young man, sunk deep in his thoughts in this empty room. He sees a young man who swallows back his accent and tries hard to work of the sounds of home off his tongue, who checks every mirror he comes across for a stray strand of hair or a crooked tie, who takes the most dangerous missions with steely determination. There’s a new hesitance around Eggsy—no, not quite. Eggsy had been uncertain of himself from the first time they met, but he’d strolled into the tailor shop and into the lift at a promise of a new life.

He had gotten it, and Harry wonders if he made the right choice.

Of course he had, he would have said just two months ago, of course. Eggsy was a Kingsman. He’d proved himself, been touched on both shoulders with the polished Excalibur, became a knight of the Round Table.

But it hadn’t been enough, somehow. Harry had dreamed of bringing someone whose relative wasn’t a lord or filthy rich, someone who stood tall not because of a certain bloodline, someone who wasn’t the recycled brand of white and wealthy and male. The candidate process was ridiculously institutional, another old boys’ club, and Harry wanted to change that.

People had tried to propose new blood, but when that had failed, it was just another excuse to reinforce the idea of “the right sort was soft.” Women and other minorities were there in Kingsman, but in the shadows, the background, the backbone as various tech, medical, and administrative positions. Chester and the previous Arthurs had many so-called justifications of them being “too conspicuous” or “too difficult” in the field. And it had made sense, back when the agency was still trying to get its footing, to recruit the wealthy and male and powerful for their connections and steady flow of money. But times had changed. They should change.

How stupid he had been, how impulsive and idealistic, not considering anything beyond a few murmurs of discontent for Eggsy. The training period, with its sneers and shoves, should have warned him. The trip to buy Eggsy a bespoke suit, something he’d never worn in his life, should have given him pause. The down-turned lips of Chester every time Eggsy was mentioned should have made him think.

This—Eggsy sitting alone and beaten down by people he was supposed to trust with his life—is his fault.

Harry can explain this all to Eggsy, but it isn’t the right time. All he can do is say, rather uselessly, “You have every right to be here.”

“I appreciate the thought, Harry, but…I just don’t belong, all right?” Eggsy shakes his head. “The agents hate me. Arthur hates me. The only people who seem okay with me are you and Merlin.”

“Eggsy,” Harry tries, but Eggsy shakes his head again.

“I’m not asking for pity. And I know what you’ve been trying to do.” He looks straight at Harry, chin raised, eyes prideful and guarded. “You can’t defend me forever to them. I can handle this. Okay?”

Harry selfishly wants to take Eggsy into his arms, press him against his chest, have a hand moving through the stiff strands. He wants to be his knight, sword and shield, again. He wants his lips to form the words that will make Eggsy smile and take courage to look the other agents in the eye with no doubt in himself.

But he knows he can’t.

“I know you can,” Harry says, “but don’t let this be a burden solely on your shoulders. I—”

“You can’t do a thing, Harry,” Eggsy replies, and the worst thing is that he doesn’t sound accusing in the least. Just honest. Resigned.

“Eggsy,” he tries, “come to my house this evening. We can have drinks, and I can order some takeaway and pull out my DVD collection. Anything you like. Six o’clock.” He can almost picture it: Eggsy in his old trainers and snapback, face warm and flushed in the soft lighting of the front room, smiling at him. It would be like their twenty-four hours together, if he could persuade Eggsy to stay for breakfast. To just give him some quiet, some acceptance, far away from Kingsman.

Eggsy looks at him, and something dawns in his eyes. “I’d like that,” he finally admits, “but I—”

His glasses then beep, a green light flashing near the corner of the right lens. Eggsy frowns, slipping them back on, and says hurriedly, “Right, right. Yes, of course, I’ll be there.”

He then smiles stiffly, straightens up in his armor, and stands up, spine straight. “If you excuse me, Galahad, I have a mission to prepare for.” His Queen’s accent is flawless.

Harry wordlessly nods.

He remains sitting, hand still outstretched, the feel of fine wool and strained muscle still lingering on his fingertips, as Eggsy walks out the door.

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Hey! If it's not too late I'd like to request Shou from Uta no Prince-sama for the gif request thing, please! ♥

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My FIRST UtaPri request! I couldn’t be any happier todayyyy! 

And it’s never too late to request me something hun, my ask box is always open for you guys to drop by anytime and ask for anything you want