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Do you have any headcanons involving Isshin meeting Yoruochi (after Kisuke saved Masaki)? For some reason I can picture her going all "WHY THE HELL IS THERE A CAPTAIN IN OUR HOUSE!?" And him trying to explain the situation to her before she hits him with his own sword


Yeahhhh, spoiler alert, this actually happens in the ‘present’ segment of the next MNA chapter xD;;;  Still, I’m probably not going to expand upon this at great length (or rather, I’m focusing on other aspects of said event), so here goes, headcanons under the cut!

(stop breaking the 4th wall, you dork ♡ )

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ryan reynolds: i want deadpool to have a boyfriend and i want spider man i want andrew garfield

marvel headquarters: yeahhhh we’ll think about it

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters:

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters: hoe dont do it

ryan reynolds: *kisses andrew garfield in front of dozens of cameras at the biggest ceremony of the year*

marvel headquarters: god dammit


Y/N: Ollie, It’s not that big of a de–

Oliver turns his anger towards you in a flash. 

OLIVER: Don’t even try! You both lied to me!

Y/N: Because we knew you would act like this!

BARRY: Oliver, we–

With one glare from the Arrow, Barry snaps his mouth so its closed tight, hiding his face behind his hand.

FELICITY: Honestly, Oliver you are overreacting!

He raises his eyebrows in defiance ready to argue, but Felicity had a special super power: the ability to make Oliver stop and listen.

FELICITY: Y/n could be dating some drug dealer with a wonky eye and probably some daddy issues but she’s dating Barry! He’s basically a small nerdy puppy!

Felicity quickly glances at a mildly offended Barry.

FELICITY: No offense. I just—what I mean is Barry is a good guy and he obviously cares about Y/N. Sooo, before you start shooting people with scary sharp arrows, stop and think.

Nobody has the courage to speak, and even if they did no one would know what to say. It’s a moment before Oliver finally sighs in reluctant defeat. He mutters under his breath.

OLIVER:(to Felicity) I’m not happy about this.

He looks back to you and Barry.

OLIVER: Don’t lie to me again. 

He sulks out of the room, leaving you with Barry and Felicity.

BARRY: So, that was….eventful.

  • Yosano: We argue too much.
  • Ranpo: We don’t argue. We bicker.
  • Yosano: It’s the same thing.
  • Ranpo: No, it’s not. Bickering is fun and good-natured. Arguing is -
  • Yosano: ...We’re arguing about the way we argue.