the unrealistic thing about high school sport anime is that there isnt a group of like 3 kids standing on the side line avoiding exercise. Because they dont like sports but their parents force them to fit into the idea of this perfect child sooo

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I have a hc going on that if Asriel lives in the pacifist route he would not be happy growing up. Like, his dad's been rejected like a joke and his mom is frolicking with a pun skele. He and Chara did not die for this. Tldr he's pissed.

yeahhhh i doubt asriel’s going to be too happy with the state of his parents’ marriage.

he did have a lot of warning, considering that his existence as flowey was after toriel and asgore had already split, but still. just because he already knew doesn’t mean he’s going to accept it.

his parents’ marriage + his existing emotional problems that came from his time without a soul = Bad.

Cause coordinated outfits are my ultimate weakness. 

may the power couple force be with you. 

Jurassic World / Destiel AUVelociraptor trainer Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak, operations manager of the Jurassic World theme park.


AHHHH GUYS LOOK! Real comics! With my art on the covers!! They’re real! These are the DOCTOR WHO #1’s featuring Ten and Eleven that will be out very, very soon… thank you yet again to Titan Comics and BBC for the amazing project!

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