I caught up! Finally;u;. Anyways. Uh. Here we go again. No one will see this blah blah blah ya-

Edit; am I the only one who did a yam/sheep-thing for day 8? :0

Day 5?; Shipping.

I can’t draw two people in the same photo, let alone two skeletons

So uh– human versions ;u;

Day 6: draw goth with wings

I tried. I really did. But those wings took hours;-;. I was gonna draw something will more action and stuff but I mainly just drew him looking bored– im running out of ideas

Day 7; draw naj goth

I can’t draw him for my life. So have a picture of a pair of glasses. That’ll do just nicely👌

Day 8: draw goth as an animal

Sheep? Yam? Whatever it has horns now—. This was rushed. Like. Really rushed. So sorry that it’s messy. It was based off of this drawing I did in school

This thing;u;

Day 9: horror? Yandere? Goth

I did yandere goth cuz yeah–

Now I know goth is afriad of knives but he’s gone insane in this so it doesn’t matter anymore–

And yeahhhh. I hope I got them in order. If not then…. Crap;u;

Like I said. I can’t draw for the life of me. But hopefully I’ll improve

Goth belongs to @nekophy as usual

And gothtober belongs to @daily-goth I think– ahh I forgot stuff easily

I’ll put more effort into them now, since I caught up. I was drawing 5 things a day. I normally draw 1 thing a week like- it’s also hard to draw with a finger and a normal-nonart-tablet–

No one will see this ;u;

The Boy Who Left | 01

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You never thought it takes you five years to find those pair of eyes that you were looking for at the aisle on your wedding day. 

◇ genre : angst // ceo au
◇ summary :  As your eyes staring deeply into your possible client-to-be’s eyes, something crossed your mind, it was that pair of eyes that you were looking for when you being abandoned at the aisle on your wedding day. 
◇ pairing : jungkook x reader
◇ words : 4.3k

 next 》(coming soon)

“Next!” The loud voice calling for the next candidate from the room does showed that you are quite nervous on that time by the way you head shot up straight upon hearing the voice, looking at the man, who probably be the one that called for the candidate as only his head appeared from the half-opened door, looking around for the next candidate.

A looks of scared and nervous dart over your face as you let out a sigh, figured out that it is was not you that the man calling for as your turns is quite far back from the current candidate. The continuous tapping of your shoes on the floor, producing a soft sounds that somehow soothes your feelings right now and that action does helped you to ease your stress muscles as well as fidgeting your fingers.

Yet, all you tries to calm your feelings stopped in a halfway when you suddenly felt the warmth crept on your hands, grasping it firmly which makes you to turn your head to meet with your colleague, Rose who is staring at you while placing a genuine smile as she looks so calm despite of this kind of atmosphere that might brush off away all her calmness.

“Relax, we will make it. Trust me.” Her positive vibes radiated from her body towards you as you suddenly felt that the level of your anxiety slowly reducing upon hearing her simple encouraging words. She  amused you for remain despite this hectic times and being a newbie herself as she just graduates and got into your company last month yet she behaving maturely as someone who has being too long in this field.

You just nodded your head as a response to her, feeling too awkward to talk to her because you never had a chance to talk with her before this even you are working in the same place as you being so devoted to your work to even give a care to your surroundings. Supposedly, it was Jennie that will be the one who accompanied you here but she had some matters to be solve so you decided to take Rose with you.

Your eyes began to wander around the area, taking a closer look, trying to make you felt comfortable with it so you can stay calm while delivering your proposal towards the board of directors that might be your audience during the presentation time. You are hoping they will be interested with your proposal and you managed to get it for your company as it been a while since your company got this kind of chance to get a golden opportunity from the big company.

You will be the one that will determine whether your company succeed or not.

“Do you want some coffee? I want to grab one at the coffee machine?” You tilted your head, looking at Rose while waiting for her answer. She pressed her lips into a thin line, shook her head side to side as a response to your question. You understand her body language so that you rises up from your seat, standing straight while adjusting your blouse before once again you turned to face her, asking for help to look after your stuff while you are gone.

It takes you more than fifteen minutes just to find the exact place of the coffee machine that you saw this morning as you entered the building and luckily you finally managed to find the machine which located few metres away from the main door of the building. You leaned your body again the machine as you inserted the coin and waiting for the coffee to be done. While your eyes wildly wandering around, enjoying the view of your surroundings, the beep sounds indicates that your coffee is done, snapping your mind back to your real intention there, to have a coffee.

You lowered your body to the level where you can take your coffee from the machine before going away from there to the waiting area but before you can even stepped away from there, the crack sounds coming from the lower part of your body managed to catch your attention as you felt something like a bump under your feet and it seems you have stepped on it and probably ruining the things.

You slowly crouched down to the floor, moving away your feet to see what you have stepped on and it is a toy, a car toy to be exact. While your other hand grasping the coffee firmly, your left hand slowly take the half-ruined car from the floor towards you so you can take a proper look at it, observing the current condition of the car. As you observing the car, your mind began to drift away, to reminisce the almost same incident that happened during your childhood. The moment where it started, the moment of you and him.

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Y/N: Ollie, It’s not that big of a de–

Oliver turns his anger towards you in a flash. 

OLIVER: Don’t even try! You both lied to me!

Y/N: Because we knew you would act like this!

BARRY: Oliver, we–

With one glare from the Arrow, Barry snaps his mouth so its closed tight, hiding his face behind his hand.

FELICITY: Honestly, Oliver you are overreacting!

He raises his eyebrows in defiance ready to argue, but Felicity had a special super power: the ability to make Oliver stop and listen.

FELICITY: Y/n could be dating some drug dealer with a wonky eye and probably some daddy issues but she’s dating Barry! He’s basically a small nerdy puppy!

Felicity quickly glances at a mildly offended Barry.

FELICITY: No offense. I just—what I mean is Barry is a good guy and he obviously cares about Y/N. Sooo, before you start shooting people with scary sharp arrows, stop and think.

Nobody has the courage to speak, and even if they did no one would know what to say. It’s a moment before Oliver finally sighs in reluctant defeat. He mutters under his breath.

OLIVER:(to Felicity) I’m not happy about this.

He looks back to you and Barry.

OLIVER: Don’t lie to me again. 

He sulks out of the room, leaving you with Barry and Felicity.

BARRY: So, that was….eventful.

Monsta X Hearing You Cuss For The 1st Time

A/N: I did one of these for BTS a while ago and people seemed to like it, so here’s Monsta X ver!
I never know if for these things I should say like Wonho or Hoseok…


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He wouldn’t be able to conceal his grin as you let the words slip.
Once you notice his odd grin and deep dimples you’d question what he was grinning at, glancing around suddenly. He’d find your oblivious nature even more charming, letting a short chortle escape him before he tells you.


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*lets you continue as if nothing happened*
He came for the tea, he’s not about to interrupt, because Sara really does sound like a bitch.


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Changkyun wouldn’t interrupt you, but he’d take note of your choice of words, a his lips stretching into a small grin.
He’d make fun of you for it, causing you to become flustered. In all seriousness though he’d wouldn’t condone you for it and would voice that he enjoyed hearing your realest thoughts and choices of words.


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*overreacts* like usual
He’d for sure cause a ruckus, embarrassing you as you scold him to grow up.
He’d act surprised your pretty lips could even utter such vulgar language;kidding aside, it wouldn’t actually be a big deal.


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Kihyun’s reaction would be very similar to Jooheon’s. However, when you ask him why he’s all giggly I don’t think he’d tell you. He’d take fun in letting you wonder about the mystery.
Once you figure it out and nudge him teasingly I think he’d confess how cute he thought it was.


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You’d never even notice the words slipped past your lips and Hoseok wouldn’t bother to tell you either. He’d take note of it and keep it as a little token for himself, bringing up the memory a later day when the two of you are reminiscing about the past.


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*scolds you for using such vulgar language bc he’s a dad*
You’d think he was just teasing, the way he was smiling, but in seriousness I think he’d ‘whine’ and tell you not to use such vulgar language.

Please give me a game with all the Themis Law Academy brats. ;3;

Kyungsoo’s Ideal type

So my ideal type is a person who I could really talk with.

 If the other is someone I can be open with, our hearts will naturally meet, 

and I’d hope to listen to them as we get closer. 

Also, it would be the best if their smiling face was wonderful.

I like cooking as well, so I really hope I could cook together with the person who I like too.

Though I don’t think I could do anything special, but I can slice things, and I’ll approach it as seriously as if it was something special. It makes me very happy to hear what I made was delicious.

but jongin is his realistic type js