Jason: How ya doin, buddy? Because dry ice is something crazy, like, negative a hundred degrees…

Tim: I need you to not talk to me.

Jason: I know, and I know you’re in a lot of pain, so just try to relax…

Tim: Why are you still talk- Ow!

Jason: *pulls out syringe from Tim’s thigh* And say hi to Sister Morphine.

Tim: Morphine?! Dammit, I don’t… need… That actually feels waaaay better.

Jason: Yeah?

Tim: Yeahhhh…

Jason: Good, then get up. You’re sitting on the beer.

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Ok. tell me if this sounds stupid, but about the person who said they wanted Zane to drown people in the mermaid au? what if he was a siren. Because LucariousKlaw is an amazing singer, it would make so much sense. He literally kills sailors with his voice. I dunno, does it make sense? I just think that it could be a cool idea


Monsta X Hearing You Cuss For The 1st Time

A/N: I did one of these for BTS a while ago and people seemed to like it, so here’s Monsta X ver!
I never know if for these things I should say like Wonho or Hoseok…


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He wouldn’t be able to conceal his grin as you let the words slip.
Once you notice his odd grin and deep dimples you’d question what he was grinning at, glancing around suddenly. He’d find your oblivious nature even more charming, letting a short chortle escape him before he tells you.


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*lets you continue as if nothing happened*
He came for the tea, he’s not about to interrupt, because Sara really does sound like a bitch.


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Changkyun wouldn’t interrupt you, but he’d take note of your choice of words, a his lips stretching into a small grin.
He’d make fun of you for it, causing you to become flustered. In all seriousness though he’d wouldn’t condone you for it and would voice that he enjoyed hearing your realest thoughts and choices of words.


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*overreacts* like usual
He’d for sure cause a ruckus, embarrassing you as you scold him to grow up.
He’d act surprised your pretty lips could even utter such vulgar language;kidding aside, it wouldn’t actually be a big deal.


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Kihyun’s reaction would be very similar to Jooheon’s. However, when you ask him why he’s all giggly I don’t think he’d tell you. He’d take fun in letting you wonder about the mystery.
Once you figure it out and nudge him teasingly I think he’d confess how cute he thought it was.


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You’d never even notice the words slipped past your lips and Hoseok wouldn’t bother to tell you either. He’d take note of it and keep it as a little token for himself, bringing up the memory a later day when the two of you are reminiscing about the past.


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*scolds you for using such vulgar language bc he’s a dad*
You’d think he was just teasing, the way he was smiling, but in seriousness I think he’d ‘whine’ and tell you not to use such vulgar language.

ryan reynolds: i want deadpool to have a boyfriend and i want spider man i want andrew garfield

marvel headquarters: yeahhhh we’ll think about it

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters:

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters: hoe dont do it

ryan reynolds: *kisses andrew garfield in front of dozens of cameras at the biggest ceremony of the year*

marvel headquarters: god dammit


Y/N: Ollie, It’s not that big of a de–

Oliver turns his anger towards you in a flash. 

OLIVER: Don’t even try! You both lied to me!

Y/N: Because we knew you would act like this!

BARRY: Oliver, we–

With one glare from the Arrow, Barry snaps his mouth so its closed tight, hiding his face behind his hand.

FELICITY: Honestly, Oliver you are overreacting!

He raises his eyebrows in defiance ready to argue, but Felicity had a special super power: the ability to make Oliver stop and listen.

FELICITY: Y/n could be dating some drug dealer with a wonky eye and probably some daddy issues but she’s dating Barry! He’s basically a small nerdy puppy!

Felicity quickly glances at a mildly offended Barry.

FELICITY: No offense. I just—what I mean is Barry is a good guy and he obviously cares about Y/N. Sooo, before you start shooting people with scary sharp arrows, stop and think.

Nobody has the courage to speak, and even if they did no one would know what to say. It’s a moment before Oliver finally sighs in reluctant defeat. He mutters under his breath.

OLIVER:(to Felicity) I’m not happy about this.

He looks back to you and Barry.

OLIVER: Don’t lie to me again. 

He sulks out of the room, leaving you with Barry and Felicity.

BARRY: So, that was….eventful.

Please give me a game with all the Themis Law Academy brats. ;3;


Finally done ! Took me 3 days ! Yeahhhh !!

In case anyone confused, the one is square bubble is MC’s inner thoughts.
And here she is afraid to move on to Seven’s route after she did Jumin’s because she knew what would happen to V and Jumin after Seven’s route. Also because I think in Jumin’s route is a better true ending– idk maybe I am just bias aaa but poor my bbu seven but butttt //falls into despair

Unable to take the risk, she just keep on living like that, leaving the game incomplete. The hearts on their heads represent the amount of lives they had left. And we all know what happen to V in the end.

I’ll leave the rest of the headcanon to you guys, www
Sorry I will be busy with ACG cons and event this weekend so I might not be able to update much QAQ Sorry my English is not that good so– sorry for any grammar mistakes– aaa 

Hope you guys still bear with me aaaa

Kyungsoo’s Ideal type

So my ideal type is a person who I could really talk with.

 If the other is someone I can be open with, our hearts will naturally meet, 

and I’d hope to listen to them as we get closer. 

Also, it would be the best if their smiling face was wonderful.

I like cooking as well, so I really hope I could cook together with the person who I like too.

Though I don’t think I could do anything special, but I can slice things, and I’ll approach it as seriously as if it was something special. It makes me very happy to hear what I made was delicious.

but jongin is his realistic type js


this is what happens when you stay up too late reading atlantis fics and spotify playlist memes at the same time. 

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If you're still doing the miraculous x hunter word thing maybe the word breath? Also ily you are beautiful and fantastical and an otherworldly author!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH ^////////^ I’m so honored that you think I’m such a great writer and everything you said was so sweet and kind and and and akjfkjfjfkldjklfdjklfdjklJKDKLAJKDFJKLDFKJ THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

This is a GonNoir drabble, since I haven’t written them in a while! Gon and Killua are dating in this one, but Gon doesn’t know Chat’s identity yet ^-^


BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au

Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc & the ao3 series page

Gon froze at the quiet tap-tap sound against his window. He leaped out of bed at the second tap, throwing off the blankets and jumping off his bed’s raised platform.

He shouldn’t have been surprised to see Chat crouching on his balcony when he threw back the window curtains, but he was.

For a few seconds, the pair just stared at each other. Then Chat smiled, sharp teeth glittering in the dark. He nodded towards the window lock.

Gon’s breath caught in his throat. Chat wanted…he wanted to come inside? Now?

Technically, Gon should’ve been fast asleep. But Killua was away with his parents for the weekend and Gon could never sleep with his boyfriend’s warm back pressed into his side, the faint smell of his strawberry shampoo wafting through the air. Killua was his favorite teddy bear and without him, Gon’s bed felt too big and too empty.

He had no idea why Chat was awake though. Or why he was visiting Gon of all people.

Chat’s eyes burned electric blue as he waited patiently for Gon to get over his shock. Having that intense gaze locked on his face made Gon’s breath catch in his throat.

He still admired Chat. He still thought of his partner as amazing and incredible and, well, breathtaking.

But it was Killua who made him feel whole, complete. Chat might take his breath away, but Killua was the one who gave it back to him. It was Killua Gon wished was standing on his balcony right now, not his leather-clad superhero partner.

Gon was lonely, though. And if he couldn’t have one of his best friends to talk to tonight, he would accept the other.

He reached towards the window lock.