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OOOH MAY A HAVE HEADCANONS FOR DAZAI HAVING AN S/O WHO LIKES TO GO ALIEN HUNTING!!! please~~~ (sorry bout the caps btw i just got excited)



Osamu Dazai:

  • At first, he would sort of shrug off the idea of alien hunting - it’s an activity he finds to be foolish and as much of a waste of time as watching the grass grow. That was until he saw his first alien. 
  • Upon seeing something with more than four sets of teeth getting pounded by his S/O whilst he was locked inside a crappy 1996 Toyota Corolla he had no choice but to reconsider his opinion on the matter
  • Would give his S/O a speech on safety before they left for hunting every noon
  • If Dazai made the choice to accompany his S/O on their hunt - he would critique their fighting style at the end of the hunt - much to S/O’s displeasure
  • Would prefer to fight alongside S/O during alien hunts because the shitty car S/O has literally no leg room and this man is all legs 
  • He’s like a more suicidal Onceler when you think about it
  • But like, wtf even was the Universal version of the Lorax???? 
  • Dazai would also be the type of fellow that would wish to learn more about alien technology and culture in order to use it for the benefit of others - many nights would waste away into the dawn with S/O telling Dazai all the knowledge they know over many, many pots of coffee
  • On slow hunts, if Dazai was away for it, he would constantly be texting S/O the most random things to keep them occupied
  • Depending on how slow the hunt is when Dazai’s there, activities that he does with S/O can range between playing a quick game of eye-spy to a verrrrrrrry long make out session
  • In the somewhat near future, Dazai would buy a car for S/O - something better than the phenomenally small 1996 Toyota Corolla

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hello!! can I request a Hamilsquad x reader where maybe they run one of those like charity runs, these could just be headcanons if you'd like yeahhhh thank you!!!! ๐Ÿ’•

oooh, yeah sure! i’d love to! it’s no problem. thank you for sending this in!

Hi guys!

If school has started for any of you, I hope it’s going well!

For me, it hasn’t. Which is the reason I decided I needed to write this post.

I realize I haven’t been as active on here, and I have a lot of messages I still need to answer. 

I’m not ignoring you. I’m not loosing interest in phan. And I’m not leaving.

School for some reason has been 99% more stressful this year than any other…and right now I don’t know why. Even the smallest levels of stress are causing me to crack and my thoughts have been rather dark as of late. 

I’m fine though, I just need to keep my head above water and work towards a better day. I’m hoping that day will be soon (and for anyone feeling the same as myself, it’ll be soon for you as well!)  ^^ 

I just wanted to let you know this is why I’ve been less active recently. I’m hoping that will change once I start feeling better and can get a grip on everything in my life.

Again, I’m not leaving. I’m not even taking a break. I’m just letting you know why I might be a tad bit behind with reblogging/posting/or responding to stuff. (Probably a few reblogs a day and if I have an open day on the weekend I’ll reply to you all ya’ll lovely people cx) 

I hope you stick around and give me your patience while I figure everything out <3

I love every single one of you, and I can’t wait to be back in full swing very soon :)