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Gareth’s magickal object

Gareth (Rhys and Gareth are in the room beneath Baz and Simon’s) has a magickal belt buckle. A belt buckle. And he has to literally thrust in order to cast a spell. I fucking love this book.

(Lets be honest right now, if Baz’s magickal object was a belt buckle instead of a wand and he was doing all of that thrusting, Simon would have realized some things much sooner. ;)))))

Bts as things my 10 year old brother's best friend has said

Tae - *Sigh* I’m never gonna be smart enough for girls. *sigh x2*

Jin - sometimes i just lay on the couch and think about myself… and the hot dog i just ate.

Rapmon - there is only one road you can take in life, man.

Yoongi - yeahhhh i don’t know i’m still thinking about that.

Kookie - do you guys know what is? yeah? okay i was just asking because i was gonna show you.

Jimin - do you want the hot stuff? or the hot hot stuff?

Hobi - what is actually going on

AnE Concept

Yukio’s smart but come on, he and his brother are more alike than he’d like to think.

Yukio would do something stupid eventually, something that say, is on a scale of Konekomaru to Suguro, Yukio performs Rin levels of stupidity.

“Yukio Okumura!” A voice shouts and his blood runs cold. That wasn’t Shura or any of his female superiors, it was Shiemi.

He’s so fucking dead.

prince of cats

chapter eight: which mannerly devotion shows in this

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sorry this is late, its been. rough.

maybe dont expect a chapter next week? i should (hopefully) be moving into my dorm on sunday so uhh yeahhhh.

i literally know nothing about apartment hunting. i did some googling on like..what happens if you apartment burns down but i kept it suuuper vague so…sorry about that


Marinette curls up at a chair in Alya and Nino’s kitchen and clicks through emails on her laptop. She needs to be designing, but her bag with her tablet in it is across the room and she doesn’t want to get up right now. She has a cup of tea in front of her and is comfortable with the way she’s sitting.

She’ll be productive later.

She checks her phone for messages, not sure what she’s expecting, but still being strangely disappointed when she doesn’t have any.

“Hey, girl,” Alya says, wandering in from the bedroom. “What’s up?”

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Not that I don’t think he is doing his job, but sometimes I feel like Ignis is more of a shield than Gladio.

On that note, how about bodyguard Ignis and son of the president Noctis? And uh, maybe Noct is in high school and older Ignis, who is obliviously flirting. Or just being nice.

Like, he gives his jacket to Noctis when it’s cold. Or he smoothes a stray lock behind Noctis’ ears and playfully tells him he needs a haircut. Or when Noctis gives him a small gift, he melts into a small smile and says ‘thank you, noct. this means a lot to me’ or something mushy. Or he wraps a protective arm around Noctis when the paparazzi is around.

And Noct being young and inexperienced in relationship makes a big deal out of it and smiles like an idiot in his bed whenever he recalls about it. So uh… ??? I don’t know where I am going anymore lol but you get my point. I think.

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I'd like to know what is legal!nct's dirty talking like. Not what they say in bed, more like what they say to tease you. You can do it in any format (reaction, scenario etc) you want, I don't mind. Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English.

A/N: You’re Eng 110% gud friendo^^
NCT’s dirty talking when teasing you [I guess is what this is, I hope I actually answered it lol]

So, I don’t think he’s an explicit kind of guy, as in I don’t think he’d use vulgar language like ‘cock’ or ‘pussy’. 
I think when using his words to tease you he kind of ‘beats-around-the-bush’, that’s why it’s teasing- Stuff like;
“Ah, you miss me that badly?”
“What would you do to me if I were there?”

He asks a lot of questions, some rhetoric, some not. Basically tho, he tries to play innocent to his teasing, but the smirk on his lips says otherwise. You kind of end up getting yourself riled up tho by answering his questions, further frustrating yourself as you imagine exactly what you would do if he were with you [that scenario is imagining he’s on the phone with you or smthng]
I don’t think out-of-the-blue he’d tease you while dirty talking? But, depending on the situation, maybe he would.
“How rude; you should be punished later for that-”

I’m not sure if this makes sense, but I think he’d be the type to embarrass you a bit. I mean, this is all in private, but your face would heat up and you’d feel embarrassed from him being so direct about it all. I think he keeps it short and concise;
“How horny are you right now?”
I don’t think most of his teasing or jokes are sex-centered, so I don’t think he’d randomly start making suggestive remarks, unless he was in the mood.
“You said the other day you wanted a facial, right?”
“I can give you one”
“I meant at the spa!”

I don’t think he’s one for dirty jokes or teasing. Probably because it would cause him just as much trouble as it would cause you… He’d think things like ‘Oh, that glaze on that cake you’re eating looks like cum’ but I think he’d keep his thoughts to himself.
I think only when he’s aggressively horny he would use vulgar sexual language, but then it usually wouldn’t be teasing it’d be demanding or whiny bc he a switch-

This guy… He’d always be making suggestive remarks and dirty jokes, I just think that’s where his humor is.
He’d make you embarrassed and needy at the same time.
“Why do you keep shifting in your seat? Are your wet panties uncomfortable?”
“Shut up- We’re in public”

I think his voice can drop an octave when the two of you are alone and he’s in the mood, trying to get you to be as well;
“Do you feel how hard you made me?”

He’s a real tease.
He usually keeps a teasing tone and your able to brush his remarks off;
“Mmmm~ This pie is really good!”
“Mmmm~” *mimics your moan teasingly*

Ooh I do think he can become quite troublesome when he’s horny tho, using his actions and words;
“Do you remember the last time you sucked me off? Your mascara was smudged and you were on your knees, pretty little lips wrapped around my-”
“You don’t need to paint a picture! What’s gotten into you?”

He uses the cliche jokes.
“Wow, it’s so big…”
“That’s what she said-”

To the point, you’d probably be annoyed with them and elbow him. He can be very childish-
*bounces on a bed at IKEA, springs squeaking* “Oooh yeahhhh~ Mmm-”
“I don’t know him.”

When he’s in the mood I don’t think he’s teasing, because he’s the one who’s needy, so I think he’d just be whiny;
“I want you so badddddlyyy”

Similarly to Taeil, he’s the innocent tease. He’d just speak his mind but would act totally unfazed by his words.
“This looks kind of like that one dildo you have-”
“H-How do you know I have a… dildo?” 

Bitch, watch out tho, when he’s looking to get you hot & bothered he will;
“What are you waiting for?” *pats his own lap*

Tbh, identical to TY I would say.

Get to know me (tag)

Rules: tag 20 people you want to know better.

I tag: @edsrich (I literally only talked to like 5 people on this hellsite help me)

I was tagged by @onlyatrndsttr (They ship the best ship, check them out)

Name: Maddie

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Ariesssss

Height: 5′4″

Sexuality: Pan (sexual and romantic)

Hogwarts House: Slytherin (the best house honestly I mean)

Dream Job: Working as a free lance artist (its not gonna happen but)

Dream Trip: Dubai!!!!

When I Made My Blog: Okay so I made this blog like last march but I’ve used it on and off, what even is consistency??

How Many Followers?: 36 I think

Why I Made Tumblr: My friend told me not to because it was terrible so I was like fuck you I will. I regret it everyday.

Reason for URL: I had a couple before this that were fandom specific but I kept changing interests so I was like hmmm let’s make something poetic and deep and then this happened… I wasted matters-not. But I actually like this so much better.

Number of Blankets You Sleep In: 1. I also have my fan up to high.


Average Hours of Sleep: About 5 and a half to 6. I have superrrr strict parents so.

Favorite Animal: Ughhhhhhhh I honestly don’t know. Maybe like a sloth? Or a pig?

oh yeahhhh..

as much as i know i shouldnt, i am.

boyfriend caved and got some from his buddy’s plug since his cousin is in jail for a while. obviously a quarter from this dude is muuuuch smaller than a quarter from cousin, but hey, this stuff is heckin strong. egads. 3 hits and im already twacked. had plans to go out and do things but nah if im like this, not happening lol. our tolerance is shit so, huzzah lol. 

just a temporary break was nice. i promise i wont smoke a gram in 5 days ever again. 

im sure my heart is gonna randomly explode now. oh wellll lol. and this stuff is so strong, the taste is gross but it’s worth it lol.

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Hello! Do you know how tall is Francesco? He seems so smol in pictures and so short compared to anyone he's standing next to haha

Yeahhhh i do know, he is 176cm. 

Basically a medium italian height. I found this pic in an italian magazine, and then just edited out the other Sanremo artists xD

For me he is still tall as hell since I’m so tiny, 155cm tiny.

Since I’ve been in a very Kinstal-y mood lately, enjoy some young Kinstal and Sarmiha.

(For those who don’t know, I mentioned in Kinstal’s bio that he has a sister. So, this is her in the picture with him)

This was probably taken when Kinstal was in between jobs with his old crew. (Otherwise Sarmiha would already be a Knight)

So yeah, enjoy~

So, I’ve had this idea that won’t quite leave me…

So, it’s been a few years since Holster has graduated from Samwell, and he’s putting his Economics degree to good use as a [insert job that would use his Econ degree. I don’t know.] He’s content, but he doesn’t exactly love his job.

So, then one day, there’s a casting call for background actors for a TV show that Holster particularly likes. He signs up and gets accepted. Holster enjoys the experience so much that he does it a few more times.

He starts to want more so he starts taking evening drama classes and he loves it. He eventually quits his office job, gets himself an agent, and starts auditioning for different roles. It’s a risky move but he’s saved up over the years and it’s enough to keep him afloat while he tries to find work as an actor.

In his first role, Holster plays a businessman who gets murdered in the first two minutes on Law and Order. Afterwards, he gets typecast for the next couple of roles as the dumb jock (first in a soap opera and then in a couple of teen comedies which the team still chirp him about).

He gets a new agent and starts getting a few  bigger roles. He’s played: an asshole cop, a pool boy, the best friend to the main character (several times), and is even the boyfriend to the female lead before the show is sadly canceled after the first season.

He gets his big break when he lands a small super villain role which he totally knocks out of the park. He becomes so popular with the fans that the studio brings him back for two more sequels even though they hadn’t planned on it before. He’s great with his fans and it earns him a reputation as a fun and sweet kind of guy.

Holster goes on to show off the range of his dramatic abilities. In one movie, he plays a dad with a sick kid (some of his best crying work, hands down) which earns him a Golden Globe nomination.

After a while, Holster takes the Broadway stage because it’s always been his dream to perform on there. He does a really great job and everyone loves him. The team totally comes to watch his performance.

Holster continues on like this, winning several awards before he takes up the challenge of directing towards the end of his career.

Just… actor!Holster.