im searching for co-owners for my psd blog.

if you want to be part of it just answer/like this post and i will message you, and if you want to do it by private just message me and i’ll check out your edits.

my blog is: yeahcolorings, it’s like dead cuz’ i don’t update too much for school and stuff

so, that’s all, everyone is welcome:) 

i'm searching for co-owners to my psd blog!!

this is my psd blog: yeahcolorings , im not looking for a particular amount of co-owners,if you want to be part of it please make a psd for this picture:

and submit it here:

i’ll choose the ones i like and i’ll message you, if you want to participate thank you so much! i need to update it because of school and stuff <3

have fun!

i will choose them tomorrow night.


It’s time for choose more members because we want to keep the blog posting psds, requests, etc faster! 


1. Make a psd for THIS picture and SUBMIT the psd download link and the edited picture, or you can submit just the psd download, you choose.

2. Make an icon of THIS picture, size 64x64 and submit it with the psd submission.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! :)

I will choose the winners this monday (01/21)! (There’s not a number specific of how many members I need, everyone can participate!