yeah...that doesn't look how i wanted it to


character/ship aesthetic meme: silhouettevalentine requested: aqua

“try all you want, but you’ll never defeat a heart filled with light.”

“It’s so funny the way Sebastian changes so quickly. He goes from a Disney prince to a villain just like that!”

Yeah, wow, it’s almost as if a catastrophic event just took place in which all he loved was destroyed and he was powerless to stop it, meanwhile the person responsible is standing right in front of him, and no one is attempting to comfort him.

Who knew nice people had their limits, too?

Chose my prom dress :x

Omg and I just noticed how cool my portal earrings look. You can see the blue one but then in the mirror you can see the orange one lol

  • Me: Albatross makes me Feel So Good. Like, it has so much Power. I just want to Punch somebody. I feel like a total Warrior when I listen to it. Yeah. I mean, it’s like I could be sitting in a Coffee Shop, chilling with my Baby, except for that Shady Lady out there Dancing In The Rain. I mean, she looks like one of those Lovesick types, and you know how they Never Give Up because they're all about Body & Soul, but--
  • Friend: Ana. Please stop.
  • Me: You mean Stop It. I mean, that's Easy--
  • Friend: /leaves KKT
  • Me: Where are you? What are you doing?