yeah...pathetic losers

I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;

Because she deserves to get what she wants, right? $$$

Between the betas who send tributes and spoil her with gifts$$$, her sugar daddy- whose in chastity, her real daddy- who feels guilty about the divorce when she was 9, her step daddy who gets hard when he’s around her but can barely talk to her cuz he’s such a dork, she should basically be just about covered for life!

No more working for Princess except for helping her friends with their lingerie business. Now she has plenty of time to enjoy the finer things in life, like shopping, great meals, fine wine, yoga classes, sex with fit and successful black men, fucking handsome Italian studs, and of course teasing and humiliating the new pussyfree generation of losers. What more can a girl ask for? Aside from more money$$$

…He’s really determined to join that scarf club.

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Jeonghan’s talking about 영극(Yonggeuk) which means a play; Wonwoo’s talking about 영국(Yonggook) which means England.


“Hi my name is Warren, remember it, cause you’ll be screaming it all night”
“Yeah from vhat I can see. I most likely von’t. So nice try…Varren.”

Look at Warren using a stupid pick up line for Kurt, oh this is just from that model au I posted so yeah.