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Flustered - Clint Barton x Reader

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Words: 1437
Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Maximoff Twins
Warnings: swearing, drinking, kidnapping/experimenting
Requested by @sexymackstan
There needs to be more Clint Barton imagines, so I am going to request one. You’re a civilian and you work for Fury, you have known Barton for a long time. One night you were drunk with the team and you accidentally let it slip that you liked him, more than a friend to Tony and the rest of the team. They tease for life about it, until Clint makes his move on you. One evening while on a mission for Fury, you were kidnapped by Hydra, Clint finds you and tells you he loves you, you now had powers.
Author’s Note: I love writing for Clint so I’m really happy that this was requested!


“Watch yourself, Barton.” You smirked as Clint walked past you.

“I think I’m good, you should stay out of my way.” Clint smiled back at you.

“Stop messing around.” Fury said to the both of you. “You have a mission.”

“Yeah, but we’re still waiting for Nat to show up.” You shrugged.

“Where is Natasha?” Clint asked.

“Right here.” Natasha said as she walked in. “The rest of the team is waiting at the jets, let’s get going.” She said, and the two of you followed.

This was a mission fit for all the Avengers, which you were a part of. Sure, you weren’t a good shot like Clint, or a mad scientist like Tony, but you like to think that being able to fight as an assassin was pretty cool too.

The mission was to find out Hydra’s future plans. And once the base with the information was found, the Avengers weren’t going to waste a second.

This base was more guarded than any other Hydra base you guys have been to. It was obvious that the stuff inside was important, you had to get inside.

You were getting closer to getting inside, but the agents kept coming, one after another. You had managed to fight enough off to let Pietro and Stark get inside to find a way to get to the important stuff.

The amount of agents was easily getting overwhelming, and one had hit at your feet and caused you to fall to the ground.

You groaned, but quickly got back up on your feet. Only then were you surrounded by more agents, ready to take you down. They clearly saw you as an important threat, and that might have been boosting your ego a bit.

“Need some help?” Clint smiled to you when he lowered himself from the roof into the circle of agents.

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Sorry I’m Late (Part 1/?) (Stark/Barnes/Rogers x reader)


1. Imagine Steve and Tony are at peace. But Tony still doesn’t trust Bucky. Then he finds Tony’s long lost daughter, and he reunites them. the daughter and Steve fall in love

2. one-shot where the reader is tony’s daughter but tony doesn’t know until hydra kidnaps her and sends a video to the avengers telling them they have his 20 year old daughter and they start digging up files to see if its true and they save her and when she’s kidnapped, have hydra experiment on her and make her have powers?

3. imagine the avengers invade a base. And Steve finds this girl, a little over 20, crying in the corner of her cell. She’s really scared and he has to coax her out and it takes awhile. And they bring her back to the tower and she’s really scared & quiet. She only hangs around Steve because that’s who she trusts. Later on Bucky is introduced. They remember each other. they hug because while he was there, he was the only person that was nice to her. He’d sneak her food and stuff? End with fluff?

“It won’t always be this way,” the nice man said.  “One day, I’ll get us out of here.  Both of us.”  He pushed the tray in front of you, but today you had no interest in eating; you were far too tired from the long day of experimentation and testing, so sleep was all that you wanted.  “You need to eat, (Y/N).  Don’t let them win.”

“You say ‘them’ like you aren’t a part of it.  You are one of them, aren’t you?”

The man’s face changed in his expression from an eagerness to help to one of sadness at your words.  He was HYDRA, and he was there to ensure your compliance, but he hadn’t stopped to think that you had seen him as one of the bad guys.  He took it upon himself to care for you; he brought you food and water, even if he was told not too, he brought you new clothes, and snuck pillows and bedding into your cell when you weren’t supposed to have either. He thought he was doing right by you, the best way that he could.

“I am in their service, yes,” the man said quietly, “but I am not them. I…I still…know when a person is mistreated.  And one day, I’ll make good on my promise.  I will free us both.”


It had been almost three months since the team had come back together after being torn apart by Steve and Tony, each of them fighting for their own causes that never came to win. Despite the reunion there was always palpable tension in the tower, though it was lessening with each passing day. Steve and Tony had come to terms that they would always have disagreements and found a way to coexist, but one relationship that was seemingly likely to never work was between Tony and Bucky.  It wasn’t for a lack of trying; Tony gave it effort because Bucky was Steve’s best friend, but with everything that happened and the stories of how Bucky played into his own past, he couldn’t trust him.  Bucky wanted to be a part of the team, but he was trying to find a common ground with Tony for Steve’s sake, and he was at his end with what else to try, until an opportunity all but fell into his lap.

“How long did you say this would take?” Tony asked Steve, watching him throw gear into the back of the jet.  “I need to report that you’re both leaving in case we get called in for anything.”

Steve let out a huff as he tossed a large duffle bag carelessly, “Just tell them three days. Then tell them to get off my back about it.”

“Hey, we all had to make compromises here, Rogers.  All of us.”

“Yeah, I’m aware. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Bucky moved towards Steve from the front of the jet, leaning in to whisper so that Tony wouldn’t hear, “are you sure we shouldn’t say anything to him?  This is a big thing to keep as a secret, don’t ya think?”

Steve glanced from Bucky to Tony, watching him as he spoke so that Stark wouldn’t hear him, “not until we know if the lead is good or not.  If we’re wrong and we say anything now, it’s only gonna make everything worse. I have Barton on standby if we need him to say anything to Tony before we get back.”  He turned back to his friend and gave a supporting slap to his arm, “don’t worry, Buck.  If this works out, the credit is all yours, I promise.”


Steve and Bucky had been in the air for over an hour before they decided to get their plan ready; a plan to infiltrate a HYDRA base looking for clues and information as to where you were. On a random day, they had received an anonymous tip that a highly valuable hostage was being held somewhere; and that was all.  Somewhere. Two days later they received another notice, a pile of tapes filled with grainy and unfocused images, nearly impossible to make out other than the sounds of voices overlapping each other. Finally, just yesterday, the third and final clue came to them; a gold locket holding two small pictures, one of a young girl that they assumed to be you, the other of a much younger Tony. On the back was inscribed the words, “My Loves”.

“Let’s see if FRIDAY was able to clean up those videos yet,” Steve mumbled, grabbing his tablet and leaning in towards Bucky, both of them now anxiously watching the screen for something or someone that might lead them in the right direction.  “Alright, FRIDAY, do we have anything?”

“Sir, the images were badly damaged and I could salvage almost none of it.”

Bucky’s face dropped and he shook his head, turning away to look out the window as the clouds passed quickly by.  “No, that would be too easy,” he groaned sarcastically.

“Come on, Buck, she said ‘almost’.  So what did you get, FRIDAY?”  Steve asked anxiously, his fingers whitening as he gripped the tablet, not realizing that he was holding his breath.  If this worked, and if you were who they thought you were, then things were finally about to change for the better for everyone.

“I have isolated two images, Captain,” the A.I. replied, bringing up two slightly distorted but much clearer pictures of you than they had seen in any other part of the films. Steve turned the tablet to Bucky, who reluctantly turned back to take it from his hands, but nearly fell out of his chair when he finally looked.  

“Steve, holy shit, I know who that is!”

“Does she have a name?”

Bucky blinked a few times as if he was clearing his vision to be sure that what he was seeing wasn’t his imagination, and that you were really in the picture in front of him. He hadn’t seen you in years after being separated, completely losing track of you once HYDRA discovered that he was helping you to survive.  “(Y/N),” he whispered with a small crack in his deep voice, “oh, (Y/N), I can’t believe it.”  He turned his chair harshly towards Steve, his voice now urgent and near panicked, “we have to find her, Steve.  I promised her…I promised her that I would get us both out one day.”  He jumped up from his seat and moved to the main cabin of the jet, taking inventory of his gear and weapons, hiding most them within his uniform.

“Today has to be that day.”


Once Steve and Bucky had left, Tony decided to get some much needed time in the lab, taking advantage of Bruce’s absence for the weekend while at a conference on biological transmutation.  As he grabbed and tossed instruments around his workstation, he smiled slightly at the thought of the doctor, most likely bored out of his mind by now and taking control of the lecture himself with information that he actually found useful.

Tony sighed loudly when he dropped a rather expensive tool on the ground, bending down to grab it with one hand holding him steady on the table.  His hand accidentally grazed over a control pad, pulling up the same grainy video that Steve and Bucky had watched earlier that day.

“FRIDAY?  What’s this?”

“Apologies, boss.  I don’t believe that you were meant to see that.” The screen went black quickly before he could see any more.

“Why?” Tony asked slowly, restraining himself from a much larger reaction building inside of him.  “Tell me now.”

After a moment of silence and Tony’s growing impatience, Clint burst through the lab doors after receiving an alert from FRIDAY, hurrying to try to keep his friend calm. “Okay, so this isn’t going to plan,” he huffed, “but Stark, I’m gonna need you to sit down.”

“Just tell me what the hell is going on, Barton.  Now.”

Clint looked around the room nervously, wishing that someone was there with him to do this, cursing Steve and Bucky for putting this responsibility on him.  He hadn’t heard from either of them since departing and had no idea if they had found you yet, or if you were even who they guessed that you were.  Tony was demanding answers, and all Clint had was what he didn’t know.

“Over the past few days, Steve and Bucky were sent…clues…of sorts.  Things that led them to believe…” he paused, rubbing his hand over his forehead and squeezing his eyes shut, preparing for Tony’s reaction, “that they found someone who looks like she’s your daughter.  Maybe.  They think that HYDRA has her, and that’s where they went; to get her and bring her here.”

Stark’s face was immediately pale, his eyes shifting around as if he was searching his own mind for answers and finding none.  “I don’t have a daughter, Barton.  They’re wrong.”

Clint pulled out his phone and texted Steve, now waiting patiently for his reply.  “Tony, you know they wouldn’t chase this lead if they didn’t think it was solid.  But tell me,” he sighed, turning the phone towards him, “who does she look like?”

Tony took the phone in his hand, gently running his finger over the image on the screen, staring at in disbelief.  He took in a shaky breath and held it for a moment before slowly exhaling, feeling a slight wooziness as his body relaxed.  “She looks like her mother.”  He dropped the phone on the table next to him and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his legs and holding his head low until the dizziness passed.  “Why didn’t she tell me?” he mumbled to himself, “I could have saved her.”


“Where are they now?”

Barton took a seat next to him and grabbed his phone, shoving it back into his pocket and putting a hand on Tony’s shoulder.  “They just landed.  If she’s there, they’ll know soon.”


Steve and Bucky worked in tandem, Steve moving forward through the base while Bucky watched their backs.  They had been searching for nearly an hour with no signs of anyone being there.  The hallways were dark and cold, with a heavy moisture in the air that coated their skin as they continued to push forward. Even though they had found no one yet, they kept their alertness at a peak, ready for any surprise that HYDRA could throw at them.

“Maybe it was a bad lead?”

“Nah, I feel like there’s something here, Steve.  I don’t know why, but I feel like we can’t give up yet.”

“Is this about Tony?” Steve whispered, not turning to look at him, his weapon held ready.  “He’ll come around, you know.  You don’t have to do this.”

Bucky stopped abruptly and grabbed Steve’s arm, holding him back.  “I couldn’t care less about Stark right now,” he whispered, tilting his head slightly, listening for something that he thought he might have heard in the distance.  “Did you hear that?”

Steve closed his eyes and pushed the limits of his senses, concentrating on any noise that might be what Buck had heard.  After a moment he shrugged the idea away and began to move forward again.  “Nothing, Buck.  Let’s keep on.”

The Captain pressed forward, not realizing that his friend stayed back and took his own direction until they had separated too far to risk calling out for each other in case they were heard.  Even though he was fully exasperated now and just about ready to give up, he decided to check one final room.  He raised his small flashlight from just behind his shield, illuminating the dark space, sweeping the light from corner to corner.  

“Nothing,” he sighed to himself, pointing to the final corner.  His breath caught in his chest and he dropped his light when the reflection of two large eyes staring back at him caught him off guard.  Keeping his eyes fixed, he slowly knelt down and grabbed his light, sweeping across the corner until he met his target again.  Steve took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, setting his shield to the side and kneeling down cautiously with a hand extended as if he were trying to coax out a scared animal.

“(Y/N)?  Is that you?”

Part 2

Secrets Don’t Stay Secret {Steve Rogers}

Author: Me (alloftheimaginesblog / bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)
Request: Hii:) can you write a one shot about Steve Rogers secretly dating reader but they being caught when natasha, tony, thor, bruce and clint come to steve’s apartment in the morning and reader is there?
Word Count: 506
Warnings: None; fluff mainly.

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(Gif not mine)
Tony x reader 

Word count:1633

Warning: Swearing.


    “Hey Y/n would you like to join us for movie night?” Steve asked as he leaned against the door frame.

   "No thank you.“ You smiled at him.
   "Are you sure?” He was concerned since you never tended to hang out with them, maybe a one out of ten chances that you would be with them.
   "Yeah I’m fine thank you, I still have some paper work to do.“ You assured him.
   "Alright.” And he walked away.
You were alone around two hours which left you to finish your paperwork and start to clean up, when you heard a knock at the door.
Looking up you noticed it was Tony.
   "Hey Tony,what’s up?“ You smiled at him.
   “Can I come in?” He asked.
   "Yeah of course.“ You made room in your bed.
   "Thanks, well since you didn’t want to see the movie with us, we are going out for dinner and you will be coming next with us and that will not be for option.” He gave you his cute little smile.
   "Alright.“ You got up ” Just give me a second to change.“ You smiled at him.
   "Good.” And he walked out.
Tony’s P.o.v
   "Have you guys noticed that Y/n never goes out with us unless you ask her to come.“ Clint told me.
   "Oh I thought it was just me.” Wanda spoke up.
   "I think she has a thing for you.“ Natalia stated.
“What? No, I’m too old for her.” I turned away from them so they wouldn’t see that I was straight up lying.
“That doesn’t matter Angelina and Brad have like a 12 years difference and Mariah and Nick have a 11 year difference.” Clint spoke up.
We all turned to look at him.
“What? Can’t a man theses things?” He threw his hands in the air and walked over to kitchen.
“Yeah ask her out on a date and I’m sure she’ll say yes.” Steve encouraged me.
“Yeah you deserve to be happy you’re a nice brilliant guy, go for it.” Vision spoke up.
   “Alright I will.” I nodded.
   “Ah here she is.” Bucky announced Y/n as she walked into the room "Looking beautiful as ever.” He commented.
I saw her blush and thank him.
Your P.o.v
“Ah here she is.” Bucky announced as you walked into the room" Looking as beautiful as ever.“
You blushed and thank him.
They all turned to look at you which caused you to turn a bright red once again. After a few seconds you cleared your throat.
“Should we go?” You tried to change the subject.
“Yes let’s go.” Tony spoke up.
You walked with them, they included you in conversations which you kindly answer but you mostly just listened. Once you were in the car you took a window seat, you listened to some music when you felt a shift next to you.
“Hey babe.” Tony smiled at you as he took of his glasses.
“Hey Tony.” You smiled at him.
“So listen up, I see that you are very shy even with us so from now on you will be joining in for our weekly movie night, so clear your schedule from now on.” He placed his arm behind the seat.
“Alright it’s a deal.” You agreed.
“Good, so I was thinking that maybe we co-”
“Move over Stark,we’re here.” Clint pushed him.
"Cool it Barton.” Tony turned and looked at him.
“Yeah, yeah whatever.” Clint waved him off.
Dinner was nice, it was filled with laughter you felt like you really connected with them in a different level. As of right now the car is filled with yelling and laughter from Sam and Bucky bickering with each other.
“Just move over Sam.” Bucky told.
“No, there’s no more space.” Sam turned to him.
“Sam you have the whole other side of the seat.” Bucky yelled.
Sam sighed and moved over the slightest bit.
“Thanks.” Bucky’s voice was filled with sarcasm.
“Thanks for walking me to my room Tony.” You thanked him.
“No problem.” He told you as he leaned against the wall “So I was thinking.”
“Oh no that’s never good.” You teased him.
“Hey I happen to have brilliant ideas.” He defended himself “Anyways I was hoping that you would like to go on a date with me.”
“Yeah, sure.” You grinned at him.
“Good, does Saturday work for you?” He asked.
“Yeah Saturday is good.” You couldn’t stop smiling.
“Great, see you tomorrow.” He waved at you.
You walked into you room and three yourself in the bed.
“I have a date with Tony Stark.” You whispered to yourself in aw.
 That night was a long night, you couldn’t sleep so you started thinking about new designs for all of your outfits and think that could improve. You did some quick but nice sketches and ran to show Tony knowing that he would be in the lab.
 You quickly put some slippers on along with a bra and walked to the lab. Once you were about to step in you heard the two new interns talking.
 "Yeah I know she’s obviously just want him for his money,I mean she only ever talks to him.“ You heard her Madison say.
 "Dude yes, she always seems like she’s stuck up with the rest but once it’s with Mr. Stark she’s all over him.” Ashley agreed with her.
 "I don’t know I think he could do better.“ Madison said again.  
  "Yes him and Pepper where the best thing ever and she was already pretty wealthy so she obviously wasn’t using him.” Ashley commented.
 You didn’t even bother listening to the rest because you took of running to another lab where no one was using at the moment. You sat on the floor crying for a couple of minutes before you headed some foot steps.
 "Hello? Is anybody here?“ You heard Tony’s voice.
 You quickly stopped making sounds.
 "I already heard you I here, might as well come out.” But you stayed still hoping that he would just leave.
 "I’m fine Tony just go away.“ You tried to shoo him off.
 "No your not you crying.” He finally found you since you were hiding behind a lab table “Now tell me why you are crying.” He sat next to you on the floor.
 You sniffed and debate whether or not to tell him, but finally you gave in.
 "I heard some interns talking.“
  "Alright, what else did they say you obviously weren’t crying over that.” He comfort you.
 "They were saying that I only went out on a date with you because you’re rich and that you could do much better, like Pepper.“ You told him letting a few tears fall "Normally I wouldn’t care but that’s not true, you have to believe me I would never do that.”
 "Y/n I know you would never do that to me, you’re such a nice sweet woman ever. I know that you would never use me, you’re different, you’re like a breath of fresh air after been underwater, you’re different but a good different. “ He pulled you close to him "Now tell me who said that.” He demanded.
 "Oh no it’s fine I don’t want to get them in trouble.“ You tried to push them out of you mind.
 "We’re not leaving until you tell me and trust me that’s no challenge I’ve spent days in hear.”
“It was Ashley and Madison.” You mumbled.
 "What was that?“ Tony asked.
 "It was Ashley and Madison.” You spoke up louder.
 "Alright I will have a talk with them.“ He smiled and rested his head on top of you “But right now we are going to talk about what you wanted to see me for.” He whispered.

That night was filled with jokes, ideas and coffee, you didn’t even realize that you both fell asleep on a couch that Tony had in his lab. You were woken up by some whispering and shushing.

“You’re going to wake them up Bucky just take the picture.” Nat whispered.

“Why would you let Bucky take the picture? It’s like letting a fish climb a tree.” Clint mumbled.

“Give me that.” Nat spoke up.

You moaned and digged your self into the pillow, only to realize it wasn’t a pillow but chest, you opened your eyes and saw the whole team was staring at you.

“What?” You questioned as you rubbed your eye.

“Have a nice sleep?” Nat raised her eyebrow.

“The best in awhile.” You answered truthfully.

“Wow I wonder why that is?” Wanda commented.

You didn’t know what she was talking about until you saw that you were laying on Tony. Getting up quickly you stuttered to get anything out.

“W-we no we didn’t sleep together, I swear.” You lifted your hands in defence, you turned and looked at him “How is he still sleeping?” You questioned.

“He’s not, he’s pretending he just wanted to hold you longer.” Wanda smirked and crossed her arms.

“You caught me.” Tony stood up from the couch “Breakfast?” He asked as he walked out of lab.

The room was filled with ‘Yes’,‘Yeah’ and ‘God yes I’m hungry’ and they walked over to the door, you stayed behind still confused on what had just happened.

“Coming?” Nat asked.

“Yeah.” You snapped out of it.

“Come on, we could talk about later maybe we could even help you with your date.” Natasha gave you one of her beautiful smile.

 “How do you guys know?” You asked.

“We know everything.” Wanda said.

‘What the hell’ you though and right on cue as if Nat was reading your mind she gave you a short answer.

“Cameras.” And walked to the kitchen.

You laughed and couldn’t help but feel foolish about never really interacting with them.

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Imagine Clint adopting a horde of stray animals.

Okay, this looks bad.

It started with Lucky.  Except Lucky was never a true stray - he was just a guy who didn’t fit in.  After Lucky recovered from his wounds, he and Clint would go on walks through the city, just for a change of pace.  Then, Lucky found a gray kitten hiding inside a wooden pallet behind an old warehouse.  So Miles was added to the family.

On another walk, Lucky pulled a young dog from the gutters of the rain soaked streets.  That dog only responded to commands in Spanish, so Clint called him Jose.

After Stella, Bean, and Miko came to the family, Clint began to wonder why Kate never said anything about it.

Well, now he knew.

Yesterday, he brought home The Baron, a crippled parrot who only spoke commands like ‘get off my lawn’ and 'dumb kids’ and 'move along dummy’.  Today, Kate sat at the counter and stared Clint down while he made coffee.



“Don’t you think this is getting out of hand?”

“Getting what out of where?”

“The animals, Clint.  Don’t you think keeping four animals in an apartment is kind of overdoing it?”



“The Baron makes seven.”

“Well, Baron needs to stop telling me to move it or lose it.”

The Baron.”

Kate sighed and rested her chin on her hand.  One of the cats twirled around her feet, purring.  "I mean, how do you remember all their names?“

The older Hawkeye shrugged.  "I don’t know, it’s easy.  I don’t have to think about pulling a bow, and I don’t have to think about their names.”

“Don’t you think you should find them good homes?” Kate pleaded.  She loved the animals, and she loved that Clint had something that made him happy.  But the man had a hard enough time keeping himself alive, let alone seven animals.

“All I’m saying,” she said, “Is that there are people, good people, who would love all these animals.  And then, you can keep rescuing them, if you find them all homes.  It would be like…foster care for pets!”

“Move along, pal,” The Baron squawked.  "Get off my lawn.“

"Yeah,” Clint sighed.  "Maybe you’re right.  One condition - we have to give The Baron to Bucky.“

Janet Van Dyne in the MCU

Okay so Marvel couldn’t make a place for Janet Van Dyne in the MCU, in spite of her being a founding member of the Avengers. So I’ve been thinking for a while, how could it have happened?

Like this: (AKA, Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp, hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase I.)

Iron Man  (2008)

Cut Christine Everhart out of the story and throw those Tony-motivating plot points over to Jan. When Tony Stark gets back from Afghanistan, his long-time (and best, other than Rhodey) friend Janet Van Dyne comes over and, after she figures out that Tony isn’t going to fall over dead, they get into a screaming fight and things are said and Jan’s words help Tony along the path of realization and restitution (it’s his journey, really) and then all the stuff happens with Obadiah and Pepper (Jan always disliked Obadiah and now knows why) and they’re just before the press conference at the end of the movie with that cover story Coulson and SHIELD cooked up and while Pepper tidies Tony’s hair (or whatever it was, it’s been a while since I saw the movie), Jan’s sitting on the sofa arm flipping thru the note cards and making disparaging noises. She’ll be watching the press conference, she tells Tony, because someone’s got to keep an eye on him.

So it’s the press conference. Tony’s reading the note cards, and then he looks up and sees Jan standing beside Pepper, and Jan raises one eyebrow. It’s the one Rhodey always calls the “The Eyebrow of Fuck That Bullshit,” and she’s been making that face at Tony for years, and that’s when Tony makes a decision. In this world, he doesn’t spill his secrets because a newspaper reporter challenged him. He makes this call because he’s Tony Stark, and this is his call to make.

“I am Iron Man.”

And Tony can’t hear Jan cracking up at the back of the room over the reporters, but he knows that laughter is there, and it’s comforting.

Then, in the after-scene credits, Tony walks into his house to see a tall black man, who says, “My name is Nick Fury, and I’m here with someone to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.”

The camera pans over to an armchair in the shadows, and the lights go up to show Janet Van Dyne, first of the Avengers, and she’s smiling at Tony.

 end scene

Next movie: The Wasp (2009), Jan’s origin movie, in which we get to know the woman,  a late-thirties single mother who pays the bills as a fashion designer. She’s been friends with Tony Stark since they were both in the early twenties, and Tony was there for Jan to lean on when Jan had to take her little daughter Hope and walk out on her abusive husband. We learn through the movie in flashbacks and snippets how Jan gained her superpowers (and see those superpowers in action!), and how she keeps her life in balance. She got onto SHIELD’s radar when Hope was ten, and then-SHIELD director Peggy Carter  came to Jan with an offer to do something to keep people safe. Jan was the one Nick Fury was talking to about the need for a plan “C”, a team of extraordinary people might just do some good where SHIELD could not.

“Like, the Protectors?” Jan had said, not flinching as Nick glared at her. “Or no, this would be more after the fact. Oh, like we’ll be avenging things! The Avengers!”

And a legend was born.

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clint is a chef and phil is a foodie/food critic

Clint knows that he’s a bit of an odd duck among his fellow chefs. It’s not that he didn’t go to culinary school; these days there are plenty of chefs out there who worked their way up through the kitchens or won some amateur reality TV contest or took some other route to running a restaurant kitchen.

No, Clint is odd because while the food critics are the bane of his colleagues’ existence, Clint loves them.

The thing is, when he started cooking in the circus, the challenge was in cooking for people. Specific people. They had had a communal budget for food and a rotation for who was chow duty, and that had meant a lot of stew and limp or raw vegetables, because none of them knew much about cooking and the budget was intentionally just enough to feed everyone. Clint had started experimenting on his nights just because he couldn’t stand the grimaces when food was dished up, and discovering which experiments made which people smile had been the best part.

As much as he’s happy in his professional kitchen, when you’re cooking for a restaurant, you’re not really cooking for anyone specific. You’re cooking a menu. Sure, you set the menu, but it’s not for anyone. That had taken a lot of the joy out of it for Clint, and it had taken him awhile to figure out a solution.

Food critics were the solution.

They paid attention, they selected their dishes with care, and (most important) they made their preferences and critiques public.

Clint started following professional food critics obsessively, reading reviews all the way back to the beginning of their careers in his quest to discern their personal tastes. He designed dishes meant to please each one of them. Of course, most of them never visited his restaurant, and there was no guarantee that their dish would be on the menu, or be ordered if it was. But whenever a critic chose their intended dish, Clint glowed. Even if the reviews the next day weren’t perfect, it just gave him more direction.

Tonight, it was all Clint could do not to poke his head out of the kitchen to try to catch tonight’s critic’s reaction live and in person. Because tonight Phil Coulson was dining in Clint’s restaurant.

Coulson wasn’t the most famous food critic by any means, but he was Clint’s favorite. He had quirky, off beat tastes, though he tended to downplay that in his reviews, knowing that his audience wasn’t quite as adventurous. His writing was professional but woven through with a thread of nostalgia, working in bits of foodie history and anecdotes from his own past. And when he gave a bad review, he was clear, but oddly gentle. Clint loved his reviews, and the idea that he was out in the dining room, had ordered the food Clint had designed just for him…only years of experience kept Clint’s focus on running his kitchen.


Clint looked up to find Darcy, one of the waiters, poking her head into the kitchen. “Yeah? Problem?”

Darcy frowned. “I’m not sure. Table 18 wants to speak with you.”

Clint’s stomach lurched. Table 18 was Coulson. “Of course,” he said, even as he moved to wash his hands and take off his apron.

Out in the dining room, Clint wove his way among the tables, heedless of curious glances. As he approached Coulson’s table, he could see that the critic had cleaned his plate and was sipping a drink, so the food couldn’t have been that bad.

Clint came to a stop beside Coulson’s table. “Good evening, sir,” he said. Some critics liked to pretend they were anonymous. “I’m Chef Barton.”

Coulson looked up at him and smiled, and oh my God, that was a sweet smile. Clint kind of wanted to take him home and feed him forever. “Chef Barton,” Coulson said. “The dish I had tonight was…unique.” Clint just nodded, because he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Coulson went on. “I confess, I asked Darcy how long it had been on the menu.”

“Eight months,” Clint said automatically, then hesitated. Where was this going?

“So she said.” Coulson hesitated, fussing with his napkin for a moment. “And yet I can’t help but feel that it was made specifically for me. My tastes are somewhat outside the norm, and they don’t tend to sell well. I can’t imagine this entree is in high demand.”

“It isn’t,” Clint admitted. “But you liked it?”

Coulson smiled again, a little ruefully. “Very much. But although my review will be positive, I don’t imagine a description of this dish will bring a stampede to your doors.”

“We don’t need a stampede,” Clint said, “but…why order it, if isn’t going to serve your audience?”

Coulson huffed a laugh and shrugged helplessly. “I couldn’t resist.”

Clint beamed. “That’s all I needed.”

Coulson gave him a long look. “You really did make it for me, didn’t you? You read my reviews, and you made this?” Clint nodded. Coulson’s gaze took on a wistful air. “Thank you. It’s been a long time since someone cooked for me.”

“I could cook for you again?” Clint offered quietly. “Not for the menu,” he added. “Just…for you.”

Coulson’s eyes widened for a moment before warming. “I’d like that.”

5 Time Clint Said No and One Time He Didn't

Rated: M

In my quest to write Clint with all the Avengers, I couldn’t very well pass up Natasha, even if my view is colored by having read the Ultimates series of comics. This story is firmly in the MCU universe; I can only make it work in my head if it’s purely the film characters with none of the comics baggage.

Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think.

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