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*sneaks in* how.. how do you get this big on tumblr.... q.q My art is not horrible but I think I am doing something wrong... q.q

Seriously, where did you get that indication that I’m in anyway big lmao

I stayed on this site since 2012 and build my blog up that’s how i got to where i am now which is not “big” fghghdsh

I was thinking, a few days after that Iconic™ scene when Trini told her family she and a group of kids found a spaceship and she was now a superhero,,, superheroes,,, show up in town,,, to defeat the alien evil,,,, and her family didn’t connected the dots?!??!
Okay, she was being sarcastic and shit, so at the moment her family was like “???” but after the rangers appears,, how they didn’t,, like,, “oh yeah, Trini told us about it”

imma-eat-your-children replied to your post “Shout out to everyone who has ever been abused. Shout out to everyone…”

Don’t use the q-slur as an umbrella term

Okay, sit down and buckle up, because we’re going to get into why ‘queer’ as an umbrella term is not a slur.

First off, do me a favor and read these:

Have you read those? Thank you.

Now let’s piece this apart:

  1. There wouldn’t be entire branches of college curricula titled Queer Theory if ‘queer’ was a slur. That sort of bigotry wouldn’t fly.
  2. If bi people already get shit for not being ‘gay’ enough to fall within the acronym of LGBTQ+, then I can guarantee you that there are a lot of us who would be left out– because surprise, surprise when we only go off the alphabet soup then we get into the oppression olympics and people who need safe spaces don’t get the room to live that they need.
  3. Let’s look at my own identity:

    I’m not a woman, so that automatically discounts me from being lesbian (by the strict definition).

    I’m not a man, so I clearly can’t be gay (if we’re assuming the definition is as narrow as a man who is only attracted to men).

    I’m asexual, so I can’t be bisexual; and likewise I’m aromantic, so I can’t be biromantic. And since I’m not demisexual/romantic or gray-asexual/romantic, that clearly takes bisexual off the table.

    Well then how about trans? Well guess what? I don’t really identify as trans either for a variety of reasons (one being the way it tends to overwhelmingly be used to refer only to trans women and men in the collective imagination, and the other being that through logic-argument definitions in order for an enby to be ‘cis’ then they would have to be some type of intersex– and let’s not get into how damn problematic and wrong that whole concept is), so even though I’m not cis then ‘trans’ wouldn’t fit either.

    Okay then, what about ‘Q’. What do you imagine ‘q’ stands for? If you’re thinking ‘questioning’, then okay– let’s play along with that. I’m not ‘questioning’. I know exactly who I am. So that’s off the table.

    And then there’s the +. Let’s face it, most people forget about the +. So when it gets thrown out the window all we’re left with is LGBTQ. But, if we include the plus, then we’re compartmentalizing a LOT of identities into a narrow little box that doesn’t get spelled out. Pansexual, Polysexual, Intersex, Non-binary, Ceterosexual, Demisexual, Asexual, Aromantic, Panromantic, Biromantic, Heteroromantic, Homoromantic, Polyromantic, Cetero-romantic, etc, etc, etc. When we expand it then it very quickly gets out of hand, but when we just leave it unstated then all of those identities that aren’t made visible by the ‘main’ letters of LGBT tend to be blocked by gate-keepers from having access to the safe spaces we need.

    I am not cis, I am not straight, and I am not alloromantic in any way. But by those gate-keepers’ definitions:
    Not a lesbian woman or gay man = straight.
    Not trans = cis.
    Not homoromantic, biromantic, or panromantic = must be heteroromantic and therefore straight.

    If I’m cishet then sharks shit rainbows and give live birth to unicorns.

  4. By all of that^^^, then the only word that encompasses my identities and the identities of everyone else who doesn’t fit within those narrow definitions is ‘queer’.

So to roughly paraphrase what @bluefall-returns said in the third link I provided, ‘You will not even pry the word “queer” out of my cold, dead hands, because they will put it on my tombstone.’

If you don’t like the word, fine– but that doesn’t mean you can take it from anyone else.


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Spend most of the weekend out of tumblr

And now coming back I feel like


I am happy you all can enjoy my stuff, even more the silly draws I make and now have the guts to post here XD 

So yeah, enjoy the ride ^^

So my last exam of my undergrad is tomorrow and it’s the easiest course I’ve ever taken in my 4 years of university. It’s a first year computer science course and right now my grade is 97 (my highest university grade ever omg) and the exam is worth 40% of my grade, so it’s impossible for me to fail the course, I could just not even show up to the exam and still pass it

I want to talk to my friend group right now but I know that they’re all busy and I really hate to bother them and I don’t really have anything to talk about….

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Hey Owen 😊 was just wondering who you will be voting for in the upcoming election?

I’m probably guaranteed to get some shit lmao but I don’t really get involved with politics?? Like, I don’t vote and all that business…? I hardly know what to do with my own life, let alone vote what should happen with everyone else’s👀

LOL help me I’m caught between 2 guys at school and they’re friends with each other and I like the both of them (I think) someone send help thanks