's a fake!!! =.=

Fell For You-Jack Avery (Part 1)

Summary: You and Jack Avery were best friends until one year, he randomly decided that you weren’t. It was easy pretending that he didn’t exist and it was even easier ignoring him when he finally decided to come crawling back. Until he made it hard…

♥ ♥ ♥ 

“Oh shoot.” you mutter to yourself as you rummage through your locker for your trigonometry text book, the echo of the tardy bell ringing in your ears. You sigh in defeat, accepting the fact that you’ll be late…again. 

When you finally locate your book, you give your locker a good slam and head upstairs to the math wing. It was the last period of the day, though, and you figure you’ll be granted some leniency. 

After all, all of your teachers love you. “(Y/N) wait up!” a voice behind you calls but you pretend not to hear it as you continue to walk to class. This attempt proves to be a failure when you feel a light tap on your shoulder. 

“Hey (Y/N), can we talk?” a familiar voice asks and you turn around to see Jack Avery, someone who years ago, you called your best friend. “No.” you practically laugh, turning away from him just as fast if not faster than you had turned towards him. 

He lets out a light sigh and for a moment you actually feel bad for him. And then you remember how he severed your friendship the summer before freshman year. 

You and Jack were best friends and suddenly he just ended the friendship. No context no anything, you just went your separate ways. “Just give me a second please.” he begs, and for some reason you stand still. 

“Hurry up. I’m late for trig.” “Well I know we don’t talk anymore but I…” Jack trails off and you tap your foot on the floor loudly, reminding him that you don’t have time for this. 

“I need a science tutor. Badly. I’m failing and if I don’t get my grades up before the end of the semester my parents are gonna kill me.” he explains finally. “Why would I tutor you? We’re not friends and you made that pretty clear.” you hiss. 

Jack runs a hair through his hand before trying the flattery approach. “Please (Y/N), you’re the smartest person I know!” “Not gonna happen.” you repeat and walk away, leaving him alone in the hallway and finally making it to class. 

After a couple minutes of sweet talking your way out of a tardy you take your usual seat by your friend Reese. “You’ll never believe who just stopped me in the hallway.” 


When you finally get home from school, you head to your room and finish up all of your homework before deciding to watch your favorite movie. Hearing your mom’s car pull up, you go downstairs to chat with her. 

“Hey mom. How was work?” you ask, taking a seat on the couch as she takes her shoes off by the door. “It was great. How was school honey?” she smiles and you tell her the highlights of your day at school, leaving out your conversation with Jack.

“I’m glad you had a good day. I’m also glad that Mr. Phillips didn’t give you a tardy.” she says with a laugh. “What can I say? I’m a real charmer.” you joke and she rolls her eyes and makes her way to the kitchen, you following closely.

“What’s for dinner tonight?” you ask, leaning over the counter as your mom looks through the refrigerator. “Hmm, I was thinking spaghetti?” she asks and you nod with a grin.

“My favorite!!” you say and get up to leave. “Okay. Dinner should be ready in half an hour.” she calls after you. “And wear something nice, we have a dinner guest!” she adds. “Yes ma’am!”


Time flew by as you got ready for dinner. You didn’t get too fancy, putting on a pair of dark jeans and a nice shirt, assuming your anonymous dinner guest would just be an annoying friend of your mother’s.

You take one more look at yourself in the mirror and smile at how your outfit, although it was so easily thrown together, looked pretty cute. Just when you think you have time to relax for a minute before the guest arrives, there is a knock at the front door. 

“Mom your friend is here!” you yell, hoping your mom would be the one to answer the door. A minute passes and nothing. The mysterious dinner guest knocks again and you sigh but go to the front door anyway to greet them.

You make your way through the living room and when you reach the front door, you put on your best fake smile before swinging it open. “Jack?” you scoff, your smile instantly disappearing from your face.

“Hey (Y/N).” he smiles and you stare back at him blankly before attempting to close the door again. “Hey wait, aren’t you going to invite me in?” he asks innocently, catching the door with his feet before you get the pleasure of slamming it in his face. 

“Why would I invite you in? You-” you start but your mom cuts you off from behind. “Jack, I’m so glad that you could make it!” she exclaims, walking right in front of you to escort Jack inside. 

“Thank you Mrs. (Y/L/N).” he says, a smug grin on his face as he walks right into the kitchen. “This is our dinner guest? Jack Avery?” you ask in disbelief, not caring whether or not your disgust is evident to your mother at this point.

“Yeah! I ran into him at the gas station on my way home and he mentioned how you two have been hanging out lately so I figured I would invite him over for dinner sometime.” she gushes as she begins setting the table with a smile.

“Oh really? You said that?” you ask Jack through gritted teeth. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, your dad walks through the front door. “Sorry I’m late, the traffic was terrible!” he states as he makes his way to the three of you in the kitchen.

“Tell me about it!” Jack chimes in and you shoot him a glare from the opposite side of the room. “Jack! Its nice to see you. How have you been?” your dad asks after giving your mom a hug and giving you a quick kiss on the top of the head.

“I’ve been good. And you sir?” “Oh we’ve been great. Missed having you around.” your dad gushes and you roll your eyes for what feels like the tenth time in the last five minutes.

Of course your parents were buying into Jack’s b.s..They’d always loved him and although you would never admit it, Jack was charming in a way you couldn’t even begin to understand.

You watched him silently as he chatted with your father and a million and one questions ran through your mind. Why did Jack always seem to have everyone wrapped around his finger? Why did he always know exactly what to say?

Most importantly, why did he think it was going to be this easy for you to let him back into your life? You didn’t know how long you’d been staring at him but suddenly his eyes met yours and you were the first to look away.

“Should we eat?” you suggest loudly, eager to get tonight over with so you and Jack can go back to what you were. Nothing, if you could even call it that. It was sad really, your lack of interest in rekindling this friendship. 

“Yes, absolutely.” your dad agrees and leads you all to the dining room. Your parents take their usual spots, sitting at opposite ends of the table and you ignore Jack as he just so happens to take the spot directly across from you.

Dinner is awkward at first, everyone exchanging small talk as they pass around the various bowls containing salad, spaghetti and garlic bread, until finally your dad asks the million dollar question.

“So what brings you around again Jack?” he asks and you almost choke on your food. “Well (Y/N) and I have been spending a lot of time together recently and when Mrs. (Y/L/N) invited me over for dinner, I just couldn’t refuse.” he says smoothly and you fight the urge to kick him under the table.

“That’s great!” your dad cheers. “So what have the two of you been up to?” your mom questions and Jack stops you before you can even begin to answer her. “(Y/N) is tutoring me actually.” he says with a smile.

“Oh wow, how nice.” your mother comments and you realize that you’re in too deep. “Yeah its been fun,” you say through a fake smile and it must have been pretty convincing because the rest of dinner goes by smoothly and before you know it your mom is excusing herself to clear off the table.

When the four of you are finished with desert, your mom thanks Jack for a “wonderful” evening and exits once again to get started on the dishes, leaving you alone with Jack and your father.

“How about you walk Jack out. Like you used to, remember?” your dad suggests, sparking up memories of you and Jack as middle-schoolers walking each other home from nights spent watching movies and playing board games.

“Great idea dad.” After stacking your dishes and pushing in your chair, you walk in silence with Jack until you reach the front door. The cool air greets you as you open the front door and walk barefoot onto the porch, Jack right beside you.

“Can we just talk for a minute?” he asks softly. You don’t have the energy to argue with him just yet so you don’t answer, you just look at him. “We’ve just never really talked about it.” he speaks and this time his words set you off.

“By it you mean you ruining our friendship for no apparent reason?” “Okay, I’ll start,” he says, taking a seat on the front steps, patting the vacant spot next to him in an effort to get you to join him.

When you finally do, putting as much space in between the two of you as possible, he begins again. “Freshman year was really hard for me, I-” he starts but you quickly cut him off.

“Yeah me too, I lost my best friend.” you interrupt snarkily. “I’m getting to that.” he sighs and you wonder why he was being so patient with you. Why would he endure all of this if he wasn’t serious about being a part of your life again?

“Anyway,” he continues. “My parents got a divorce that summer, I didn’t make the football team…The only good thing going for me was you.” he admits. “Yeah and you pushed me away. Why?” you ask but the tears threatening to escape your eyes makes it sound more like a plea.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” he says and he’s so sure of himself that you almost don’t ask your next question. “If you told me what?” “That I fell for you.”

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Author’s Note-This imagine was requested by @aubrieporter ! I’m sorry it took so long and I hope you enjoy it! :) THERE WILL BE A PART TWO!!!!!!!!!!

  • neurotypical: why do you never do anything?
  • me: idk i wanna do stuff but--
  • neurotypical: don't you like having fun?
  • me: i do like having fun i ju--
  • neurotypical: ew you hate fun don't? you what the fuck?
  • me: buddy, pal, it's the mental illness okay? is that what you wanted to hear? i have so many mental illnesses that it makes it really hard to do a lot of things
  • neurotypical: .........sounds fake yeah it's fake it's definitely fake
  • me: it's not tho--
  • neurotypical: F A K E
Plus One - AlxSteele - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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What’s this? I new fic! (I told you it was coming, just a liiiiittle late)


When Alec’s invite arrives for his brother’s wedding, he allows his best friend Magnus Bane to convince him to check “plus one”, insisting he’ll find a date by then. Only, he doesn’t. Clearly, the only thing to do is bring Magnus to the wedding as his fake boyfriend. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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Once they end babygate, they can just say Louis is dealing with that and has no time for relationships right now. Or even that they've just been friends and the media made it into something it wasn't. The GP won't care, antis will explain away literally anything, and larries know it's fake.

yeah ending the fake relationships has always been the easiest part of this mess

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Have you had a good look at older Harold's arms?

uh, yeah? it’s really cool make up, but its obviously FAKE. maybe he’s wearing super special sleeves or something!! miss wanda, my magic teacher, says that its impossible for magic to make someone invisible.

i wanted to turn invisible and sneak chocolate into my room. she told me to stop being silly. i’ll prove her wrong.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>jaebum:</b> *uses a pencil to write lyrics*<p/><b>jackson:</b> youre using a pencil which is temporary so that you can erase your mistakes unlike a pen which you cant erase but only cover up<p/><b>jaebum:</b> dude<p/><b>jaebum:</b> i only have a pencil bcs yugyeom stole my pens<p/></p><p/></p>

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Eyeliner. Yeah we all know your eyes don't really look like that. It's fake obv.

Did you think I was pretending my eyeliner was apart of my face? Tf you talking about

About that BlueWhale hoax thing

Yeah its fake, Yeah its fear mongering, Yeah its probably hard to believe

But dont make fun of the people who believed it! Sometimes its hard to discern fact from false, especially for neurodivergent people!

You can spread the word about it being fake without belittling the people that believed it!

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i think some of the idea that self dxing is bad comes from the stereotype that people who self dx aren't /really/ experiencing symptoms of their mental illness/that they're just saying they're mentally ill "for fun" which is just so annoying. yeah, it's true that 1 or 2 people occasionally fake mental illnesses, but the majority of people who self dx actually look into the symptoms and know what they're talking about. like, i got professionally dxed /after/ self dxing- and my self dx was correct


To be honest, I’ve never met someone who was faking their mental illness. I’ve only met mentally ill people who weren’t a living stereotype and got accused of faking because of that.

And truthfully, if a neurotypical wants to pretend to be mentally ill for attention, what’s stopping them from saying they were professionally diagnosed?

I started enjoying Biggie’s music less when I learned how abusive he was to Kim and women in general. Anyway Lil Kim is better than Tupac and Biggie combined and that’s that on that.

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Cas wouldn't give up his free will that's true, because he has fought and bled to have it and valued it so much he wanted his angelic brethren to have it too. But he can stll miss the certainty of a right path, having correct choices. True, pure faith is like... angelic fuel. They are made for it, to have it and inspire it. For Cas it's like a lifeline, angel crack right into his grace when he is despairing and doubting and just wants SOMETHING he can win at. It's all fake, but feels so GOOD.

Yeah, and I think that’s key here to understanding how he succumbed to the nephilim’s influence so quickly.

Folks have been asking Cas FOR YEARS whether he was an angel or a man. Angels tell him they look at him and don’t see an angel, but he still has grace. Humans look at him and believe he’s an angel, yet there’s something so very human about him, too…

He lived as a human long enough (and the long-time headcanon is that when his grace was removed he was left with a human soul), and then had his grace traumatically returned to him, but it didn’t quite eradicate his humanity.

And again, this is getting into major headcanon territory (but it was also a headcanon for years that Jimmy Novak died when Cas was exploded in 4.22, and that’s been proven in canon now, so I honestly don’t think we’re stretching too far in assuming this). But what if Cas, like the nephilim, has both grace AND a human soul?

Talk about a cosmic imbalance here. If the nephilim is an “abomination” and a violation of the natural order, then what is Cas?

But yeah, having the free will and understanding of humanity that comes with having a human soul seems like it would be in direct conflict of a lot of the certainty and blind faith that comes with having angelic grace. I can’t even imagine the sorts of internal conflict that must create.

Having that need for order, for certainty and faith and belief in the mission that comes from being an angel, combined with the freedom and choice and all the desires of humanity– what the nephilim offered, that certainty and the relief of his doubts must’ve (on some level, at least) felt like a blessed relief.

But whatever part of him that has always sided with humanity and been willing to tear up the pages of the grand plan in favor of free will IS STILL IN THERE SOMEWHERE. And it’s probably screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

That’s the bit they need to get through to somehow.

sorry @savvy-it tumblr ate your ask while i was answering it

2.) What/Who do you miss?
• i miss my best fren and my girls from gymnastics but also my parents bc im across the country rn

4.) Favourite place?
• if im traveling, france since there’s just so much to see and do, but if im at home then downtown bc deep dish pizza and it’s the best place to people watch

15.) Are you available?
• yes yes yes come getcha girl

17.) Favourite song?
• DEATHCAMP- tyler the creator, BABYLON- joey bada$$, and the life of oj- jay z

31.) Your closest Tumblr friend?
• i dont chat with ppl on this site very often but i think ive talked to @angstywinston the most

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Theres this like #phanisoverparty idk if its on anything but insta but what happened is someone supposedly dmed adrian asking if phan is real and he said no and that dnp are only in it for the money. Lots of ppl think its fake but im still kinda snervous

ahh yeah i just saw a post about it!! i’m sure it’s fake tbh. it doesn’t make much sense to me that dans own brother would dm a fan back and purposefully diss dan and phil’s career and possible relationship especially considering he’s always stayed out of the spotlight and prefers privacy (which is obviously understandable) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i love it when i tell people i ship zayn malik and niall horan together and i say it’s real and they’re like “isn’t zayn with perrie”

“no, niall and zayn are together, zerrie isn’t real they’re just friends”

*shows picture of niall horan and zayn malik kissing, holding hands and any moment*

“oh my god you’re right”


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I find pronouns to be like clothes, no matter which ones you choose it doesn't change your identity its just about what you are comfortable with

yeah exactly! gender is fake anyway lol