Emma and Hook are dealing with an internal problem. It’s not like we’re going to do a love triangle or break them up, we’re actually showing a real relationship. If Hook finds out, it’s going to be dealt with the way that you would if a significant other lied to you. It’s Emma’s need to try and do things on her own which gets her in trouble. Hook is always battling those walls that she puts up.

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  • 707:ZEN!! What happens to nitrogen when the sun rises?!
  • ZEN:Idk??
  • 707:It becomes daytrogen~ lolololol
  • ZEN:... I'm going to bed
  • 707:Good nitrogen~
  • Yoosung:Sleep tightrogen~
  • Jumin Han:Don't let the bed bugs biterogen~

i wonder if any of their idol friends are really engrossed in the hyyh/wings storyline. like does ken call seokjin up at 12am to be like ‘jIN??? what does boy meet ?? what does it all mean??? ARE YOU ABRAXAS. WHO R U”, or if jackson phones namjoon up like “NAMJOON. NAMJOON ARE U OKAY. DID YOU CALL TAEHYUNG BACK PLS TELL ME YOU DID. IS HE OKAY IS HE ALIVE??? NAMJOON DO YOU HEAR ME”


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The one with the backwards baseball cap for my little cupcake Kris
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One thing that makes me inexplicably happy is that I am a genuinely big fan of my own works. Don’t mistake that for me having an ego about my writing, that’s not it at all. It’s the fact that everything I’ve written- the scenes, plot lines and character interactions- are things that I would love as a reader.

Enjoying your own stories (even if you’re not completely confident in your writing skill) is really nice :)

Man if anyone has doubts about Scanlan being the true leader of Vox Machina and the glue holding the team together, just watch the end of ep 68. Everyone is falling apart and losing their fucking minds and Scanlan gets dead fucking serious and takes charge and gets everyone to pull themselves together and take care of business before they can grieve. Scanlan is a silly character and Sam likes to crack jokes and act like he’s not taking things seriously but when shit gets real you know Scanlan is gonna step up and get the whole team through it.