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A/N: I’m so glad that a lot of you liked the first part and I was really happy to see so many of you requesting for a second part. So, here it is :)

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“Maybe I’m just hard to love.”

“Well, would you look at that?” Phoebe told me as I switched my textbooks at my locker.

“What?” I ask without looking at her.

“You have anatomy next.”

I shut my locker and turned to face her. “Yeah, and…?”

She gave me an exasperated sigh. “You see Calum next period.”

“I also saw him this morning, yesterday, and on Friday.” I raised an eyebrow at her as if to say, ‘Your point?

She groaned. “Nevermind. I’ll see you later.”

I gave her a weird look. “Yeah, okay.”

We headed our separate ways for our next class. I walked into my anatomy class and sat at my usual seat towards the back. I surveyed the room and noticed that Calum wasn’t here yet. I shook my head slightly and got my things ready for the class to start.

Get a grip on yourself, Y/N. I scolded myself.

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Summary : You’re on your period and Shawn’s all cute and taking care of you and stuff aw.

PS tell me if ur on your period, tell me we can be period sisters and sync every month whoo! Xx yeah im weird okay enjoy

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You woke up, eyes fluttering to the sudden light. Looking to your left, you saw Shawn still fast asleep softly snoring. Pff and he said he didn’t snore. You chuckled as his nose scrunched up because your hair tickled him. He was so cute, and he was even more adorable when he was sleepy. You watched him sleep, noticing how his mouth hung slightly open, how his eyelashes rested on his eyelids and how he would smile ever so slightly sometimes. Your mouth opened, and suddenly your yawn turned into a groan. A stabbing pain hit you in your abdomen. Ugh Mother Nature. You got up slowly and walked to the bathroom to put a pad on. Glancing at your appearance in the mirror, you walked back to the bed. A few minutes later, you were twisting and writhing around in discomfort. No position alleviated the heavy weight pressed against your uterus. Man, cramps were the worst. Shawn noticed, and woke up.

“Hey kicky.” He said softly, his voice a little deeper than usual because he was tired.

“Mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm shut up.” You moaned, bringing your knees up to your chest. That didn’t help, so you switched position for the hundredth time, lying on your stomach in the star position.

“What’s wrong baby.” He kissed your earlobe.

“Let’s just say I hate being a woman.”

“Aw poor baby.” He said, rubbing your back. This soothed you, and you fell back asleep. A couple moments later, he asked you if you were hungry.

“Um Shawn, I’m on my period. I’m always hungry.”

So he got up, and started cooking in the kitchen. A while later, a delicious smell flew into the room and you decided to get up. Throwing you hair in a messy bun, you put on some sweats and Shawn’s burgundy hoody. Normally you would hate putting loose on loose, but today you didn’t care one bit on how you looked.

You went down the stairs, the cinnamon-y scent getting stronger. You saw Shawn in front of the stove and you went to wrap your arms around him. He liked being hugged from behind like this.

“Aren’t you the best boyfriend ever, cooking for me and everything.”

“You bet.”

He turned around and stared at you.

“I know I look ratchet as fuck.” You said, pointing at your face and your hair.

“I find you’re cute. No seriously, you don’t need makeup to look radiant, and your hair doesn’t need to be super perfect to compliment your beautiful face and you look the best wearing my clothes.” He smiled.

At this you blushed. Shawn always made you feel gorgeous and you loved him for it.

After breakfast, you crawled up together on the couch, turning on another episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (IF YOU WATCH FRIENDS PLZ TELL ME WE CAN BOND TOGETHER)

The whole time, Shawn had one hand around your shoulder and one on your stomach, keeping it warm. The cramps died down, and the random mood swings didn’t even come. Periods weren’t so bad after all, as long as you had a Shawn Mendes.

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Mewberty Part 2 (starcoweek 3 day 2)

“Star, hurry up! We’re gonna be late for school!” Marco anxiously said, knocking on her door. “Staarrrrrr?” As he continued to knock, the door slowly creaked open. He pushed the door open, feeling some sort of resistance from the other side. “Star? You okaa….aaaaaayyyy….”

His eyes widened when he saw piles of familiar purple hearts lying on the floor. A sense of concern, fear, and dread washed over him as he remembered the kind of damage the princess had done the last time this happened. Fortunately no one was hurt, but still.

“S… Star?”

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Alien that has two hearts and regenerates? Yup.

Psychic paper? Sure! 

Time travel? GO FOR IT

Farting aliens? Weird, but yeah okay.


Samcedes Week: Day Four –> Friends With Benefits

Other Days: 1, 2, 3

Remember when I made this? LOL well it’s relevant again ;)

Title: Stroke game, mean [ LINK]

Characters: Sam E./Mercedes J.

Summary: Sam and Mercedes have been close ever since they were kids but have never dated. For the first time ever, with both of them single (and horny) at the same time, they decide to give a friends with benefits relationship a try. Generally rated T but there’s a little M due to subject matter.

Word Count: 3250

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                     “I Wish that I Could Wake Up with Amnesia”

For Donthavetime4thisthe winner of my prompt contest: AU where Stiles and Lydia switch bodies or are gender bent and have to figure out how to function without freaking the rest of Beacon Hills out? 

Part 5 of 5: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)     

They haven’t talked in several days, not since the switch. If asked, they’d chalk it up to one another needing space, but nobody asks so neither of them have to lie anyway. She can’t say she really even wants to talk to him, considering the fact that he didn’t trust her anyway. So when he pops up at her house that night, she’s not sure whether to be surprised or pissed off.

Even though it’s clear she isn’t interested in talking, once her mom lets him in, he follows her all the way to her room. If she was a wolf, she’d probably be able to smell the persistence on him. It’s sickening.

“Stiles why’d you come over here?” she asks casually. She doesn’t even look at him when she asks.

Because,” his voice sounds unusually firm when he replies, “things have been weird ever since we switched back.” 

She wants to laugh. No shit. “For almost a week I had to pee standing up. So yeah, it’s still a little weird.”

“Okay yeah…but that’s not what I meant.

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Matt Espinosa Imagine for Tessa


You finally arrived at the mountain with the boys. You kept along with Mahogany as everyone grabbed their gear. You and the Magcon crew were all going skiing & snowboarding for the day. “You ready Tessa?” the boys ask you as you put one foot in your board. “Yeah!” you smile as you hold on to your helmet. You let the other boys go in front of you as some of them carried their skiis. You walk up to the line with the crew as you set your weight down on the board.

You notice Matt come up to you. You felt the chills as he did so. You liked Matt for a very long time, but never really wanted to ruin the friendship you had. “Hey, Tessa.” He smiles as he zips up his jacket. “Hey Matt.” You give him a warm smile as you move up in the line. “Snowboarder huh?” he says looking down at your board. “Snowboarding is better than skiing…” you laugh as he holds the skiis in his hands. “Snowboarders are for…” he started to say until you heard Nash in front of you.

“Are for what?” Nash taunts Matt as he puts his hands up in defense. “Awesome people.” Matt covers up. You smirk at him as he shows the smile you loved. “Nah, I’m kidding. I give you credit.” He says as you both finally get to the front of the line.

“Hey, Tessa…your next” The boys call you up. You look at them confused as you looked over to Mahogany. “Hey.” She laughs over at Nash who put his finger up to his mouth. You stepped up to the skii lift platform as you wait for someone to come up next to you.

You didn’t hear much from anyone, just shuffling of someone’s boards. They were Matt. You looked at the guys weirdly who winked at you occasionally. You saw Matt smile to them as you sit onto the chair.

“Have fun, Tessa.” They say as you start to lift off.

“Did they plan this?” you ask Matt immediately. You knew Matt wasn’t that great of a liar. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.” He says as you feel your foot hanging off of the chair. You held closely onto the bar as you scooted over to Matt. He knew you weren’t really much of a fan of heights, so he started talking to you more.

“I haven’t snowboarded in forever.” You bring up as Matt starts to grind his teeth. He looked as if something was bothering him. “I’m probably going to fall on my ass.” He laughs as he starts to kick his feet in the air. “Same.” You agree as you make it halfway on the chairlift. It felt as if it was taking forever.

You look behind you as you see Cameron and Nash in the next seats. “Get it.” They faintly say as you roll your eyes. “They’re so pushy.” Matt complains.

“Yeah, I know.” You agree as you see Matt’s eyes on you. “You know?”

You look at him confused and laugh. “What do you mean?” you giggle. “Oh oh, nothing.” He changes the subject. You look forward as you see Taylor and Carter in front of you. They were shrieking like usual, and making a scene.

“I wish I was one of those skiing Olympians.” Matt laughs. “Don’t we all.” You say as you finally see Carter and Taylor get off. You were next.

You start to position yourself until you hear some screeching noises from the machine. You look up hoping it wouldn’t fall or anything. You felt your heart drop and start to panic. “What’s going on.” You grab onto Matt’s hand.

“Those fuckers.” He says as he looks back over to Cameron and Nash who were laughing.

“What?!” you say. “Sorry, Tessa. They’re a bunch of assholes.” He turns his head to you. “Would you care to explain to me, what’s going on?” you say a little bit annoyed and concerned at the same time.

“Carter and Taylor stopped the skii lift so I can admit my feelings to you.” Matt says really quickly. You took in a deep breath as you process everything in your mind. “And those feelings are?”

“That I like you. A lot. Love, actually.” Matt says as he screws up his words. You felt your eyebrows raise up as you look over to him. “You do?”

“Yeah, don’t think I’m weird okay?” he says as he gets completely distracted. He didn’t want to cause much of a scene to the other tourists who were skiing as well. “GUYS, I DID IT.” Matt screams annoyed over to Taylor and Carter who were smirking. The machine started up again as you hold onto Matt’s hand.

“I like you too.” You whisper back as you both push off from the ground landing on the snow ground.

You see a slight smile from Matt as all of the boys start landing from the chairlift. You watch as Matt gives each and every one of them a dirty look, especially one to Carter and Taylor who snickered down the mountain.

“Good job, bro.” Nash says as he gets on his board flying down with Cameron. You finish clipping your other foot as you start bouncing on the ground. You position yourself as you wait for Matt next to you. “Ready?” you ask him as he smiles to you.

You started going down the mountain with a steady pace as you frequently look over to Matt. He kept pushing his sticks to the ground as you both notice a snowbank. “Ya think I can jump it?” he asks you as he bends his knees. “No Matt don’t.” you start to say until you realize it was too late.

You watched as Matt jumped from the bank landing onto the ground. You felt a chuckle from him as you stop your board infront of him. “Do you need help?” you smirk down at him as you hold out your glove for him. “Told ya I was gonna land on my ass.” Matt quotes himself as he holds onto your hand. You struggle to pull him up as you hear a voice behind you. “WATCH OUT.”

You look over too late noticing Shawn in full speed. He came closer and closer to you accidently pushing his hands off of you. You then felt your balance go closer into Matt’s direction, landing on top of him. You knew Shawn gained his balance as he rode down the hill.

You lay on Matt, inches away from his cold face. You looked in his light brown eyes admiring every part of it. You noticed his cold nose which made you smile to yourself. “What?” he says noticing you smile.

“I really do like you.” You admit as you lean in planting a soft kiss upon his lips. It didn’t last that long as to how you two were sitting in the cold snow. You pull back as you see that genuine smile again from his face. Matt stood up as he finally regained his strength to pull you back up.

“Let’s go.” He says as he takes your hand sliding down the hill, noticing the boys smirking at you.

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ooh you could do an imagine where you go on a really cool and nice vacation with all the boys or one of their families


“Nash!” Yoshi scolds.

“I said fricken” Nash defends himself.

“We’re in a public place” Yoshi points out.

“Like couldn’t we have gone to Hawaii or some place warm…” You hear Johnson mid-sentence.

“Dude I know man, I’m all about the beach.” Gilinsky replies.

“Guys” Sammy joins, “Skii chicks.”

“Ahh…” The Jacks say in unison.

“That’s true” Johnson says

“For sure man” Gilinsky adds.

You all board the plane and you take your seat next to Cam. “You hopin’ to find a girl over there?” You tease him, nudging his shoulder.

He laughs, “yeah I’ll find a girl, if you find a guy” 

“Deal” You shake his hand.

You and Cameron have gone on holidays together before but never with the other guys; you have been friends for years and you have a tradition of having holiday romances everywhere you go together. 

The flight takes off to Switzerland and you both press play to the same movie at the same time - you learnt that tactic a long time ago but people thought were just copying Hazel and Augustus from The Fault In Our Stars. 

“Okay everybody get in the bus” Yoshi directs us all into a big black bus with tinted windows.

“Is this necessary?” You whisper to Cameron who laughs and ushers you on before him. “Ladies first” He says as you climb up the bus stairs and find a place to sit. 

The bus has a table in the middle and mini fridge, with black leather cushioned seats on either side facing inwards. 

You get to the skii resort and find your room that you are sharing with Mahogany.

“This is going to get so wild” Mahogany says as you both unpack your things.

“I know, I don’t know why Yoshi thought this would possibly be a good idea” You reply, you both laugh and quickly get your phones before leaving the room.

“Hey how about him?” Cameron points out a tall muscular blonde guy wearing a beanie holding a snowboard.
You shrug, “he looks like the kinda guy that already has someone”

“You don’t know that!” Cameron nudges you.

“Hey what are you guys talking about?” Matt sits down next to the two of you.

“(y/n) getting it on with that guy” Cameron head nods upwards in the boy’s direction.

Matt turns and stares for a while, “guys stop making it obvious we’re talking about him” you say.

You get to the top of the mountain with Cameron and Nash, Nash has already taken off but you are taking your time; Cam knows you can’t snowboard to save your life so he holds out his hand.
“It’s fine, I can do this” you say, wobbling in place. You feel yourself slipping forward, so you lean all your weight onto Cam’s arm, he holds you up and you grab more of him to keep your balance. 

“Sorry” you laugh

“It’s cool” Cameron laughs with you as Nash races down the hill.


It’s nearly time to leave and neither you or Cam have found anyone,

“First time leaving without someone to miss huh” Cameron says

“Yeah, weird feeling” You reply.

“OKAY GUYS GET YOUR BAGS AND LETS GO” Yoshi yells as we all make our way to the bus.

Walking to the bus, Cam takes your heaviest bag and carries it for you. 

“Cam?” You say, walking slightly behind him.

“Yeah (y/n)?” He calls over his shoulder.

“That guy from the first day asked for my number” You admit 

“No way, that’s awesome.” You reach the bus and he puts the bags down.

“I didn’t give it to him” You say

“What?” He looks puzzled as he turns to you. “Why?”

You look to the side briefly then back at him quickly before you reach up and kiss him. 

“Oh” He says after pulling away,

You laugh and look to the floor, he grabs your hand and smiles at you as you look back up at him.

The Roommate- Luke Hemmings

Rating: R

Word Count: 1,722

Requested: Yes

“You should do roomate Luke who’s kinda of an asshole but sweet to you and is secretly in love with you and gets super pissy and douchey when you bring a guy over for movie night so he’s kinda force to confess his feelings for you and it ends in “happy time” lol”


“Luke, get down here!” I yelled to my roommate who was on the upper floor of our flat.

There was an audible groan from the top of the stairs and a heavy exhale as he said, “What?”

“Okay, I’m bringing a guy over for movie night tonight so can you promise not to get pissy like last time?” I sighed.

He shoved his hands into his pockets and looked at me hard. “No.”

“Luke, you bring a different girl over here all the time what is wrong with me bringing a guy that I actually happen to like over?” I was getting agitated and he started to fidget around when he noticed. Weird.

“Yeah, okay. I promise. But only because it’s you.” He took a hand out his pocket and ran it through his already disheveled blonde hair. “Do you want me to cook you something?” He asked.

“Uh..sure?” I glanced at the floor, a slight blush rising through to my cheeks.

“What do you want? Can you help me cook some pizza?” He took his lip ring in between his teeth and began to swirl it around with his tongue.

I nodded and walked to the kitchen, pulling out a stool at the bar and taking a seat.

He followed behind me, his bare feet making the smallest pitter-patter on the wooden floor. He pulled the supplies out of the cupboard and the refrigerator, making sure to place them in the order he would need to use them on the counter.

“Okay, so first we need to spread the sauce onto the dough. Can you grab a spoon and come spread it out for me?” He asked.

I walked to the drawer and pulled out a plastic spoon before going to where he was and spreading the sauce around the pizza. He grabbed the cheese from beside me and sprinkled it around the sauce, making sure he covered the pizza thoroughly.

I took the pepperoni from the counter and placed them in circles around the pizza.

“Alright, looks like we’re ready to put this bad boy in the oven,” He said and opened the oven while sliding the pizza in.

“Hey y/n?” He said.

“Yeah Lu-,”I was cut off by sauce flying into my face, “LUKE! Oh, it’s on!” I grabbed the sauce and took a handful before chunking it at him, hitting him dead in the face!

He grabbed the bag of cheese and dumped it out onto my head as I took pepperoni and stuck them to the sauce on his face and hair. He fell to the floor laughing and I followed shortly after.

“We’ve literally made ourselves into pizza!” He laughed.

“You started it!” I giggled back.

We were cut off by the timer on the oven beeping and we both jumped up, startled by the loud noise. I glanced at the clock and realized what time it was.

“Oh, crap! I have to go pick up Nate!” It was nearly time for our movie date and I had totally forgotten. I noticed that as soon as I mentioned Nate, Luke’s mood immediately turned sour again. I see the jerk Luke is back.

“Yeah better go pick up your great new boyfriend,” The statement was absolutely dripping with sarcasm and I knew he didn’t like the idea of me having a new boyfriend, but why? It’s not like he liked me.

“Yeah Luke, I better, so if you could be so kind as to pick out a movie and make the popcorn that would be great.

I grabbed my keys off of the hook and walked out to my car.

Once I got back from getting Nate, I noticed that Luke was trying to do anything possible to get rid of him. He was lying on the couch, taking up the entire thing so that no one else could sit on it, and there was only one other chair in the living room.

“Luke, can you please move?” I asked, giving him as sweet of a smile as I could while trying to keep my anger in.

“Nah,” He breathed. So we were gonna play it this way. I grabbed his feet and moved them off the couch, inviting Nate to sit in the now free seat, but as he was about to sit Luke placed his feet back in the spot, preventing Nate from being able to sit.

Whatever, I thought, I’ll just sit on the couch and move the chair so that Nate is sitting right next to me in it.

I grabbed the chair to move it and finally got it to where I wanted it, inviting Nate to sit in the chair. I went to grab the popcorn and sit on the couch, but as soon as I looked down at it I realised that Luke had burnt it to the point of inedibility.

“Luke, are you serious?” I sighed and a smirk spread across his face. I went to the kitchen to make some more popcorn but upon my return I saw Luke talking to Nate. Not good.

“Okay, are we ready to start the movie?” I asked as I finally sat down next to my date. They both nodded and Luke grabbed the remote.

“Don’t worry, I already put the movie in,” He said.

I sat back and watched in horror as one of Luke’s porn videos began to play on the flatscreen.

“Luke, what the hell are you doing?” I yelled, exasperated.

“Trying to ruin your date,” He said cooly.

“And why is that?” I asked, trying to match my tone to his.

“Yeah, I’m gonna go,” I heard Nate say as the door opened.

“No, Nate!” I said, running to door, but he was already flying down the stairs.

“Sorry,” I heard Luke whisper.

“Why? Why did you sabotage me?” I questioned.

“Because I, uh, well you see, I like you. A lot.” I was shocked when I heard him say it. Of course I had always had a crush on Luke, but I never thought he would like me. But it did help me make sense of why he was being such a dick whenever I brought a guy over and why he was a douche to everyone except me.

“You do?” I said, my voice small.

“I do.” He answered.

“Luke, I like you too.” I said.

His gaze lifted up from it’s fixed position on the floor. I smiled when we made eye contact and he smiled back, walking over to me. Once he had reached me he enveloped me in a hug before lifting up my chin and giving me a gentle kiss.

He pulled away and smiled but I just leaned in again and kissed him more. It was a long kiss, one that we had both waited a long time for. It was full of passion and after a while I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He pushed us against the wall and began to tug at the hem of my shirt. I let him lift it and broke our kiss only for a second as he ripped it off my body and tossed it over his shoulder. He placed his hands on my breasts and began to feel them as he deepened the kiss by forcing his tongue into my mouth and exploring.

He carried me up the stairs and into his bedroom where he carefully laid me on my back and pulled his tight black shirt off of his fit form. I gazed at his body, drinking in every look I had at the beautiful creature that was stood in front of me. He noticed and looked down shyly but I grabbed his chin and pulled it up, giving him kiss and pulling him back on top of me.

He reached behind me and undid the clasp on my bra, pulling it off of my shoulders and laying it on the bed next to me. He kissed and sucked on my neck, leaving hickeys in a trail down my body. He reached my chest and took my left nipple into his mouth, swirling it around with his tongue, and massaged the other one with his right hand. Once he was done our lips collided once again and he reached down to pull at the waistband of my jeans.

He broke our kiss and looked at my pants then at me, asking for permission. I nodded and he yanked them off of my legs, removing them from around my ankles and tossing them aside. I was left only in a red thong and he in his jeans. I sat up and reached over to him, undoing the button his jeans and pulling them off, allowing him to step out of them. He reached down and grabbed the sides of my underwear, slowly pulling them off and throwing them God knows where. He then reached for the waistband of his underwear and tugged them down his legs, leaving them on the floor beneath him. Once his underwear were off, he came back down and kissed me again. I could feel his heartbeat against my chest and I’m sure he could feel mine.

He slowly slid into me, his mouth never leaving mine. As he began to thrust faster, I couldn’t contain my moans and I let them fill the air around us. After a while he began to let the moans escape his lips too. He went faster and deeper than I imagined he would and it felt better than I could have imagined. We were both sweaty and smelt a little off but I couldn’t imagine a better time than this. We had come together in more ways than one and by the time we were finished we were both exhausted.

We were laying on his bed and he pulled me into his arms, kissing my forehead and wrapping me in the duvet that lay beside us. He was the perfect guy and for once, I was glad that Luke Hemmings had ruined my date.

It was silent for a long time as I was about to doze off and I assumed Luke had already fallen asleep, but just as I shut my eyes I heard him whisper, “Y/n, I think I love you.”