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Anna Faris spoke at length about her insecurity and it's so odd to me that Chris would put that photo on a mug to give as a gift. Jen is practically laying on top of Chris and when one looks at a pic like that, it reads as an intimate pose between a man and a woman, not as just friends. It may be an "innocent" pic, but I seriously side eye that.

After thinking it over today, I think the pic really must be of some relevance to the movie, whether it’s from a scene or between takes or whatever, that the cast and crew understand because nothing else really makes sense.

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who would you like to see from the charmed taken up?

I literally want everyone. We need everyone. What we really need isn’t even characters tbh, it’s just activity. And I mean, like not really ‘oh u gotta be on allllll the time’ no more like, sticking around. If it makes sense lol. I’m talking about making a character you absolutely adore and want to play so you’ll stick with them! 

I can help you decide if you cant, but I really feel like if I tell you who to make, or give you ideas of who I wanna see, your muse for that character is just gunna burn out so quickly. 

I will say this though. What I’ve always wanted. Is more bad guys. More characters that can become the ‘bad guy of the season’ and bad guys that are enemies of certain characters. JUST DUDE. I LOVE THOSE. 

But seriously, it doesn’t matter what I want. It doesn’t matter what any charmed rper wants. Just do want you want anon! seriously. I’m telling you, we will all be super excited to see anyone. ( tbh though we’ve seen enough Melinda Halliwell’s. they pop up so much and always vanish They’re the character everyone seems to make and it’s kinda cheapening/ruining the character for me. But seriously, if that’s who you wanna make. Do NOT let my opinions stop you. I’ll still rp with you! I just get a lil weird with mel’s )

iPod tag^^

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Tagging: @huggableyoungjae><
Rules: put your iPod or music on shuffle and answer the first songs to these questions><

1. The same company of that first group/ person in the company you belong to:
Quit Playing-Ukiss (NH Media)

2. The first singer is your bf:
Run-BTS (yeah jungkook^^)

3.location of where you met ( if it’s not a keyword in the song then refer to the mv): Butterfly-BTS (I’m going with a wharf) Lol

4. The last singer of the song trying to come between you two ?
It might be- Jung Jae il ( he’s a solo singer, so a much older man)!lol

5. The third singer/rapper is your bff?: Mr. Taxi- SNSD (Tiffany unnie, yeah!! That girl has style)

6.The song your be BF dedicated to you? Ice Cream Cake- red velvet ( well he loves that song so why not lol)

7. The song you dedicated back?: Miss Right-Teen Top( I’m miss right jungkook) hahaha

8. The number of months/years this group/ person debuted is the number of years you’ve been together?: Baby I miss you-2ne1 (6 years) not bad^^ at all

9. The first song you danced at your wedding?: Good bye Baby-Miss A (is this appropriate for a wedding? Lol)!

10. Number of members signifies the number of children you have?: Man in Love- infinite (7 kids, well not bad I guess hahaha, I hope I can keep track of them)

11. The first rapper name is what you will name your first child?:
To You- Teen Top(CAP) I hope it’s a nickname hahaha come here Cap omg XD ahh I wanted ljoe hahaha

When people draw pictures of themselves with their s.o.’s it’s “cute” and “sweet” but when I draw something of me and my crush it’s “weird” and “creepy” and “oh god what are you doing in my house”. And my all-time favorite, “I have a restraining order!!”

  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *while sitting down on a bed, folds over on self, head resting on my knee* It's been a stressful week... *makes inaudible groans*<p/><b>Qpp:</b> *sitting in front of me* It's okay, I believe in you. *as they mess my hair up and laugh with me as I laugh at them messing up my hair*<p/></p><p/></p>