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Tell us about ur kiddos, my friendly genies B)

Thundurus: …I suppose your right…

Stanford: It’ll be fine! They all wanna know anyway, Honda.

Thundurus: Wait, what?

Thundurus: Why’s everyone so interested in our kids?!

Stanford: We must give the audience what they want!

Thundurus: I…wow. Sighs. Very well.

Stanford: Their names are Alaraph and VW! Or, Al and Bug. Bug’s four. Al’s off doing her own thing! …maybe we should visit them…both!

Drowzee: W-w-wait what?!

Stanford: I’ve decided!! We’re going to go visit Alaraph and VW!


finally bought a swimsuit after being without one for about 5 years, I kinda feel like this must’ve been the one I was waiting for

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Sorry you had a sucky day! I had 6 hours of rehearsal bc my plays tomorrow and I'm working on hmwk that's four days late! If you want a prompt, how about an AU where either Steve or Tony is involved in theater somehow and that's how they meet?

thanks, hopefully my period will come soon and things will suck less

This is it. This is the moment Tony’s been waiting for for the last three weeks. Ever since he got the part and found out Steve was going to be the one playing opposite him.

But he’s a professional. He can do this. He can totally do this. He can absolutely kiss his co-star and not make it weird. Yeah.

“Okay, guys, let’s do the walk-through, shall we? Steve, you’ve got the first line, why don’t you go ahead?” the director says, and if Tony didn’t know better, he’d say the smile that she aims at Steve is more of a smirk, her eyes glinting, but he’s probably misreading it.

“S-sure,” Steve says and clears his throat.

Tony’s heart starts to race, the blood rushing in his ears so loud he can barely hear the lines as they read them. Then Steve is moving closer and he’s moving closer to Steve. And then…there. That’s the cue.

“And, kiss,” the director commands.

Tony swallows hard and sees Steve do the same, then his eyes are slipping closed and—oh.

Steve’s mouth is soft against his, that lower lip as plush and wonderful as it looked, his hands curving around Tony’s neck, the heel of his palm settling softly against the hinge of his jaw.

He smiles tentatively when Steve backs off, a nervous little crease appearing between his brows. “Was that…?”

“Perfect,” Tony says and immediately feels himself start to blush. “I mean, yeah, this isn’t going to be a hardship.”

He melts a little inside when Steve beams at him, ignoring the snickers of their fellow castmates.

Steve leans in a little and says quietly, “I think we’re going to need a lot of practice.”

That’s when Tony knows he’s a goner.

If you ever feel like you aren't smart don't worry

Because once my entire family (3 generations) spent 10 minutes arguing what a baby lamb is called. It was like 8 people arguing what a baby lamb is called just so my sister could tell her story. We settled on just saying baby lamb. Half way through her story I had a moment of realization and said “a lamb already is a baby, it’s a baby sheep.” We all got really silent after that

This actually works!!1!!! 

Ever get low on phone battery and desperately need a charger? Well this happened to x-tarantism-x and I! We had dead phones and no possible way of charging them back up. But after some experimentation, we found this amazing life hack!!!1! All you need to do is plug your charging chord into an ice plant! It started the phone right up, as you can see, and fully charged its battery!!1! Since then, this has been SUCH a lifesaver. 

oh man so at the testing facility, we had to be ferried into a new room because everyone had finals today I guess

and in this new room, we had to whisper everywhere for some reason, and I am sort of a loud whisperer so the ancient woman was like “see all the people in this room? they’re taking tests you know” and I was like okay, whatevs. so later of course this whole process was stupid because apparently my professor (JANINE) didn’t leave this tiny, old woman any sort of notes on how to administer the online test and she was so fucking boggled, so I had to stand there for like 7 minutes as she figured out how to put in a password. as I’m hanging out there she goes “oh you’re so patient. I can tell you’re going to do well on this test because you’re so patient.”

and then I finished the course with an 86 so GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music and write down the first ten songs, then tag 10 people. I was tagged by flintstonesvitamins 

1) Migraine- Twenty One Pilots

2) R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys

3) Goner- Twenty One Pilots

4) Giving Up The Gun - Vampire Weekend

5) Thrift Shop-Macklemore (lmao well)

6) Thnks Fr Th Mmrs- Fall Out Boy

7) Angel Of Small Death and the Codeine Scene- Hozier

8) Promises, promises - Incubus

9) Booty Man- Tim Wilson (truuuuu)

10) Intro- The XX

ok i tag um-yeah-okay mayorpewey and obsidianchameleon do it


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I have a question for you and its been bugging me for a few weeks. My girlfriend is a dom, yeah? But she doesn't like to be called Mommy, rather she prefers to be called Daddy. I wanted to ask wether it was strange or not because I have talked to my friend and her daddy about it, and they have told me that its weird.


yeah. okay then no that is not strange at all. i have heard of many vagina owners being called ‘daddy’ as the domme. 

it is possible this relate to the common 1950′s social structures that have the father of the family take control of that family. therefore being ‘masculine’ is seen as being dominant. therefore a title which is masculine feels more dominant. 


maybe she has another reason. 

dont stress yourself. 


I’m trying to think of a way to make this work but I can’t come up with a good way to do this. 




  1. 1.(of food) uncooked.“raw eggs"synonyms:uncooked, fresh"raw carrot”

  2. 2.(of a part of the body) red and painful, especially as the result of skin abrasion.“he scrubbed his hands until they were raw"synonyms:sore, red, painful, tender

This is the raw version of me, the sleepy, hair un-brushed, no make-up, feeling icky, getting over an injury, hungry and kinda mad at someone version.

But I have found a part of me that can smile through a bad day and found the courage to show this part of me to the world, cause this is me, this is the part of me that I see most when I look in the mirror. 

And I love her.