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I am running a small, self written 5e campaign for my 15 yo sister (elf rogue) and my 14 yo cousin (human paladin). I gave them inspiration points to teach them how to use them, and they sort of accumulated. The rogue also charmed a bandit they found dying and he joined their ranks.
Me: you see Tony playing with Ash (century foal they just rescued from a necromancer) while you two are dividing up the loot, and you see him freeze for a second, shake his head, then look at you sideways….
Rogue: yeah?
Me: … And then he goes back to playing with Ash.
Rogue: awwwww!
Paladin: I was getting ready to fight, I swear I was
Rogue: I walk up to them and say to Ash, you ready to go home?
Ash: yeah!
Rogue: And you, Tony?
Tony: … yeah. I mean, there isn’t really anything left for me here…. also, you put a spell on me? I just wanna get that out of the way, you did put a spell on me.
Rogue: well I– yeah. I did.
Tony: also, you, uh, you got a little schmutz (blood) there, just, like, you whole general face… area.
Rogue: oh, here? I grab him and kiss him.
Me: oh my god, please remember, I am your sister, I have to do this, please remember I am youR SISTER!
Rogue: i kiss him
Me: …. roll charisma.
Rogue: fails and proceeds to spend all of her inspiration points to kiss the guy she put a spell on.

stark / peter parker x stark!reader (part I)

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“she’s a Stark, dude. what did you expect?”

he sighed lightly before looking up from his phone to see the clock on the stove read 8:34 pm. normally, May would expect him home by midnight, so he still had a while to get back home and catch up on some sleep and finish his homework. 

standing up from the barstool, he pushed it back in, making it squeak against the tile floor, catching Tony’s attention. Tony looked at him as Peter swung his backpack on his shoulders after tugging on his jacket. 

“going home so soon, spider-boy?” he asked. Peter nodded, looking over at Tony.

“yeah, i figured that since we’re not doing anything i can finally catch up on some sleep and finish my homework.” he said to Tony, who nodded in response. 

“i can have a car drive you back to the city-”

“no, no, Mr. Stark, how many times have i refused? you don’t have to do these kinds of things. there’s this thing called public transpiration and it’s not as bad as you’d think.”

which was a lie. it was pretty damn scary at night. especially when you’re surrounded by a bunch of strangers and you have no idea what they can do or not. it’s uneasy at times.

Tony let out a laugh,”okay, Parker. whatever you say.”

Peter gave him a smile,”have a good night, Mr. Stark.”

“you too, Parker. see you tomorrow. travel safe.” he said to the teenage boy before he had walked out of the room and into the large living room where the rest of the team were scattered around.

“you leaving, Parker?” asked Clint and Peter nodded, turning around.

“yeah, just thought i should head out.” he said.

“alright, well be safe, alright?” Rogers spoke up as he walked passed him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“thanks, Cap. i will.” he said before turning to everyone,”have a good night everyone.”

“you too.” everyone said in unison before going back to the tv. Peter turned down the hallway to see her walking towards him. he immediately stiffened as she jogged the rest of the way to him, her long hair flowing over her olive colored =, knit sweater. 

y/n Stark.

“hey, are you leaving?” she asked him, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, displaying her peppered freckles along her tanned skin. a diamond necklace lay under collarbone on her chest, a pair of matching earrings glimmered in the light as they dangled. a silver ring wrapped around her ring finger, diamonds incrusted into it. something her mother had given to her. 

“u-uh, yeah, actually. why? what-what’s up?”

“oh, i was just going to ask you if you could help me with my Physics homework, but if you can’t, it’s okay. i can just google it or something.” she said with a smile. he shook his head.

“no, no. it’s fine. i don’t have to be home until midnight anyway, so i can help you.”

“are you sure?” she asked, giving off a concerned look. he nodded.

“thank you so much, Peter.” she said,”c’mon. follow me.”

he followed her back down the hallway, leading him through the living quarters until they reached 2 large doors. she opened them, revealing a large bedroom. a large wall of complete glass covered on side of the room, the rest of the walls were light grey, matching the duvet on the large bed. all the accent colors were nudes and pale colors, colors she’s always loved.

he walked over to the window, she followed him. 

the window over looked the city. she smiled up at him as he stood there, his breath taken away.

“it’s cool because it’s one way glass. i can see out, but no on can see in. it’d be weird if someone knew i was watching them.”

he let out a small giggle as they made their way over to his bed. she light a candle that was sitting on her nightstand before she climbed onto the ed with him.

“so, what did you need my help with?” he asked.

“oh, i actually used that as an excuse to get you back here. i would’ve just asked you, but i could tell that everyone was listening.”

they both laughed before he fell back onto the pillows and duvet.

and when she giggled, he knew he’d be in love with her forever. 


Honestly, the one problem I have with Tony in Spider-Man: Homecoming is the fact that after he get’s mad at Peter for the whole ferry thing (understandable) and takes away his suit (still kinda reasonable), he goes out of his way to get Peter clothes that are going to embarrass him as he goes home to face his aunt.

Like I get that we, as an audience could get a laugh out of the Hello Kitty pants and the ‘I Survived My Trip to NYC’ shirt, but in terms of ‘parenting’?

That wasn’t good, Tony.

You’re a billionaire, you could have literally stopped into any clothing store or convenience store and got a regular shirt and sweatpants for Peter.

You didn’t have to go out of your way to make the kid feel worse than he already did, damn.  You don’t teach kids anything by embarrassing them.

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I dunno if this counts as a print or what but; what if for some reason Tony and Steve have the tower to themselves one day and Tony just says something like "it's too quiet in here" and Steve is trying to be cheeky and says "good thing we know someone who has a lovely laugh to fill up the silence" and then Tony is just like "yeah, you" and Tony just completely wrecks Steve. Just an idea I got stuck in my head. -Kat- (this is my awkward main blog😂😷)

I don’t know why I have a feeling that I saw it somewhere before, but it sounds so cute, I am gonna claim it for myself! 

prompt accepted!

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i'm not saying tony hate is right by any means, but aren't you also posting wanda hate to defend tony? like you could say wanda is partially responsible for ultron etc without trashing her like that post did. Its a bit hypocritical (esp after posting that people who hate characters are evil) to go after other characters and hate on them, while simultaneously posting about how attacked tony stans are. its !both! the antis and the stans causing shit, but no one wants to take responsibility

The person who responded to that post against Tony was simply stating WHY Wanda should be blamed for Ultron and not just Tony, so yeah I reblogged it because I’m sick of people defending Wanda like she did nothing wrong just because of her age and shitting on Tony yet again even though he was literally mind fucked by Wanda, that to me is hypocritical

So I was just thinking about infinity war and imagine Tony yelling “Peter” and both Spiderman and Starlord answer and he’s just like
Now there’s two of them

  • Tony: is the equipment secure?
  • Peter: check.
  • Tony: web fluid loaded?
  • Peter: check.
  • Tony: did you have breakfast?
  • Peter: what? that's not on the checklist.
  • Tony: i added it because i care about you.
  • Peter: no, i didn't have breakfast
  • Tony: unacceptable. look in your backpack.
  • Peter, pulling out breakfast bar: hey, there's chocolate chips in this!
  • Tony: yeah, i'm not an idiot. i know how to trick my son into eating his fiber

[image description: On a white background, Peggy Carter gives Angie Martinelli a piggyback ride. Angie’s arms are thrown out excitedly as she is decked out in rainbow flags, face paint, knee-high socks, and a tshirt reading “LESBIAN THESBIAN” in rainbow letters. Peggy is mid-run and smiling (at her silly goofy girlfriend) with a tshirt reading “BI PRIDE” and corresponding face paint]

Not that I need an excuse for gay on my blog, but I realized it was almost the end of Pride month and I never posted anything. So here’s some gay-as-hell Cartinelli art

Happy June 32nd!


Marvel AU: Peter gets invited to the Avengers Post-Battle Party for the first time, and it’s everything he had imagined and more. 

GoTG Meet Avengers

Peter stares, watching them all a little blankly. By his side, Tony has his head in his hands. He’s been groaning for the past twenty seconds.

“So… you went on a ten-year murder spree where you joined a terror organisation of your own free will in order to kill Tony, who wasn’t even responsible for the death of your parents in the first place- and then decide that just Tony isn’t murderous enough for you, and go for the rest of his team for some reason, too?”

Across the room, Wanda bristles. “It wasn’t like-”

“And then your team leader let you on the team you were trying to murder? Almost immediately after the one single fight you helped them with?” Gamora interrupts. Her eyes are cold and dangerous. 

Steve opens his mouth to defend himself, but Drax cuts in. “And you,” he gestures harshly at clint, “you were willing to abandon your family and get yourself arrested, just so you could involve yourself in a matter that did not concern you anyway?”

“You think I wanted to be arrested? That was all Tony-” Clint begins, but Drax roars, and Clint rears back, eyes wide and hand reaching for the bow at his hip.


“Drax, stay calm. These people are breakable,” Gamora warns, although she is staring at them all as if she wants nothing better than to let Drax get himself worked up over them. 

“You know, Tony has only been giving you his view on everything that happened,” Steve counters. He’s looking at Tony like… like he’s disappointed in him, and that’s enough to get Rocket yelling angrily.

“Oh, so you sayin’ you didn’t tear the team he invested his time, his love, his effort into, apart- all so you could save a guy that Tony had offered to rehabilitate in the first place anyway? Or what about the fact you didn’t tell him that your best bud murdered his parents? That a lie too?” He snarls, and on his shoulder, Groot’s arms are slowly growing, pricklier and heavier- he can feel the weight on his shoulders.

“I think everyone needs to calm down, here-” Sam begins, but Gamora silences him, knuckles cracking as she steps forward.

Sam, wisely, takes a step back.

 “You do not get to talk- not when you chose to put your trust in a man you met for three seconds, whilst he was breaking into Tony’s compound, over the actual Avenger and team-mate himself,” she hisses, hands thrown up into the air as she turns to face all of them now.

“You sicken me. I may fight and argue and be frustrated with my team- but at the end of the day, they are still my family. They are still the people I would trust without a second thought,” she shoots a glare at Sam, “who I would always tell the truth to, even if it hurts,” Steve looked at the floor, jaw set in a grim line, “and who I would never, ever ask to be on the same team as a woman who subdued them to their worst fears and tried to kill them. I would rather die.”

She spat on the floor, and then turned away. “I am going back to the ship. You may continue your discussions if you must, but I am finished. I will only kill one of them if this continues.”

“That would be a shame,” Drax says quietly, his voice low and threatening.

Tony, who spent the majority of the conversation absolutely silent, speaks up at that point. “Hey! Drax used sarcasm!”

No one laughs. He goes back to holding his head in his hand.

Peter just looks slightly sick. His hand is wrapped very, very tightly around Tony’s.

“You know that post of text that Tony showed us a few weeks ago? He called it a… a me-me? With the breadsticks and the asshole date?” Rocket pipes up after a few seconds of silence, gun still spinning ominously in his fingers. “I think it’s time for us to shove Tony in our spaceship and say we have to go, right now, immediately.”

Despite everything, Tony lets a huff of laughter escape at that. Peter- seeming to suddenly snap out of his horrified trance- nods his head approvingly, beginning to tug on Tony’s hand. “Yes. I agree. Wonderful though this diplomatic meeting of teams was, I’m afraid we have urgent business to attend to. We have to… show Tony… something awesome.”

“Yes. LOVE, AFFECTION AND VALIDATION!” Drax roars again, curling an arm around Tony’s shoulders and placing the most violent and angry kiss possible on top of his hair.

“Later, losers!” Rocket calls out, sticking his middle finger up behind him and then turning to punch Tony’s thigh gently before scarpering back to the ship.

Groot hops down from Rocket and then latches on to Tony’s forearm, clambering up his arm until he was resting on Tony’s shoulder instead. Tony glances over at him and grins happily. He’s always had a bit of a soft spot for Groot.

“hey,” he whispers, as the tiny tree alien quickly began to grow a few flowers, and then plucked them off his hand and tucked them into Tony’s hair. “I am Groot,” he whispers right back in reply.

Tony smiles, rolling his eyes. “Yeah yeah, I know. Don’t worry about them- I left them behind a long time ago.”

Steve hears that. He looks at tony for a long time, his eyes a little sad and regretful.

Tony just stares right back, and then raises his eyebrows and shrugs, adjusting the beginning of the flower-crown Groot was making for him.

“Call me the next time it gets too much for you guys to handle,” he calls out after them, as Peter and Drax both steer him hurriedly back toward the ship and away from his old team.

Groot giggles on his shoulder, and then places another flower behind his ear. “I am Groot!”

“I agree,” Tony says, just as Peter nods his own approval, gently bumping their shoulders together. “Let’s go and play Space-Tag.”

  • Steve: You're a lying, cheating, piece of shit!
  • Tony: Oh yeah? And you're a liar who thinks that you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!
  • Steve: I'm moving out, and I'M TAKING THE REST OF THE TEAM WITH ME
  • Peter, picking up the monopoly board: I think we're gonna stop playing now.

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Please write a short fic about tony catching peter drinking i would die omg

“Hey, Peter,” 

He froze, eyes widening as he heard the all-too-familiar sound of expensive leather brogues scuffing along the floor a few meters from him, and he turned quickly, brow furrowed into a deep V as he watched Tony wander up to him, all smiles and casual posture, hands buried in the pockets of his grease-stained jeans. He looked like he’d come straight from the workshop, stopping only to throw on a leather jacket along the way.

Why he was here at all, however, made no sense at all.

“T- Mr Stark,” Peter said, trying to communicate with him through eyebrow movements alone. If it turned out that he had to suit up and help out somewhere, he was pretty fucked, considering the fact he’d had a bit to drink at the party he’d been invited to.

Well. He said ‘a bit’. It was possibly more accurate to say ‘a fucking shit-ton’, but whatever.

Tony looked at him blankly, before shooting another smile toward the circle of people who were stood around Peter and staring quite blatantly at the both of them. “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m afraid I have to take Mr Parker away. He’s an intern at Stark Industries, you know how it is. Lots of work, yadda yadda, okay bye,”

And before Peter could even open his mouth, Tony had grabbed him by the arm and snatched the solo cup out of his hand almost angrily, pulling him away from the group of people and through the crowds of rowdy teenagers that littered the huge house.

“Uh, Mr Stark, wha’dd’ya want me for, exactly?” Peter asked, speaking loudly above the blaring music and wincing at how slurred his voice came out.

It had been a weird month, okay. He was just trying it out. 

Tony paused, and Peter saw him purse his lips even tighter before beginning to walk again, guiding Peter through the crowds and holding him tight as he stumbled a little.

“Hey, Parker, leaving so soon?” Flash called out from somewhere to his left, and Peter stopped turning to face him as the other boy wandered toward them. “We haven’t even begun yet, Jesus, are you a pussy or what-”

“Kid,” and suddenly Tony had let go, spinning around and walking up to Flash, who seemed to suddenly recognise who exactly Tony was, because his eyes went hilariously wide and he stumbled backward a few steps. Peter snorted involuntarily, and he saw Tony turn briefly, before shaking his head and looking back to Flash, “it seems like you’re having an absolute ball here, but I’m gonna say something and I’m only going to say it once.”

Tony looked down at Flash, eyes harsh as he drew a little closer. “Leave. Peter. Out of it. Do you understand? He is not here for you to manipulate, not here for you to bully into trying out crazy shit for your amusement-”

“Tony, what the fuck,” Peter blurted, frowning and stepping forward, more than a little put out. He’d only just managed to get accepted by Flash and all the other popular kids, and Tony was just going in, ruining it all, “you’re not my dad- don’t tell me or my friends what I can and can’t do.”

Tony turned, eyebrows raised. “Friends?” He snorted, shaking his head and walking over to Peter once more, taking him by the arm. “You haven’t called in with Aunt May for two days now,” he hissed into Peter’s ear, “she’s worried sick. You are coming with me, right now.”

“No ‘m not,” Peter pushed his hand off, looking over at Tony in anger. “You are fucking….embarrassing me…. in fron’ of my friends-”

“They are not your friends!” Tony snarled, pulling his arm again, “your friends are all currently at home, worrying their asses off because this is not like you, Peter, and they didn’t know what to fucking do, so they ended up calling me. Now you will fucking follow me out of this goddamn place right now, or I am hauling you out.”

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Based on this post. ( @clementinecastiel @theironfam here you go!)

Tony was dying.

Okay no, that was dangerous phrasing, he was not dying – not anymore at least – and those kind of thoughts should be shoved into the scarce parts of his brain that didn’t work. But he was absolutely, pissing tired.

Pulling all-nighters of at least 72 hours of no sleep and bare minimum of food was starting to be a bad idea (somewhere in the back of his mind he heard a voice – ‘Starting to?’ – which sounded suspiciously like Pepper) and Tony was hit with the friendly reminder that he was very much human and on the wrong side of forty.

“A few steps to the left, boss. That’s a wall, not the kitchen. To the right. That’s a painting.”

Thanks, Fri. He would’ve said it aloud, but blurry edges on his sight combined with a notoriously LSD-like color burst, dizziness and muffled hearing kind of hindered his ability to speak at the moment. Coffee. God I need coffee, bowls of it – no, bathtubs of it.

With Friday’s aid, Tony stumbled into the common area and headed for the kitchen. He vaguely registered some murmur, indicating some of his team – yeah right, team – was present. Probably catching up with dear ol’ God of Thunder, who had finally decided to show up for the fiasco that was Civil War and its aftermath, and Banner. Who Tony still had yet to talk to, but felt as if he would only turn another team – ha, team – member against him.

You know, for trying to do things right and failing. Again.

“Mr. Stark! That’s the rice cooker. The coffee maker is to the left!”

Peter’s voice sounded a little less farther away than the others, but still muffled. Tony guessed he was on his favorite bar stool wearing the Spider-Man mask. Not unusual, his identity was a secret to everyone but him of all the Avengers. Wonder how Captain Freezerburn would react if he knew he had fought a 15 year old kid, Tony thought, even though he himself was still wary of Peter’s contribution to the superhero troop.

“Bless you, kid,” he mumbled in response, because despite everything, this spider kid was the one good thing in his life. He still didn’t know how the fuck that worked out, but.

He moved, barely catching Peter’s, “Oh careful, that’s—!” as he took in the splotchy eye-to-brain input of something square and metallic, picked it up and placed it out of the way – were he less zombie-like he’d have heard the heavy tinny sound it made – and made it to the coffee machine. He couldn’t help the noise of triumph when he managed to punch the right button and the mug filled halfway, dripping coffee everywhere in his haste to bring it to his mouth.

Sweet, sweet coffee. He could actually feel the world shift around him now that he had the power of caffeine.

“Ah, that’s the stuff, thanks kiddo. By the way, what the hell are you doing here? Don’t you have school? Are you skipping school again? I vividly recall us having this talk, Web-head,” he said, blinking the world back into clear sight. “Or do I have to call Aunt—what? Do I have something on my face?”

Peter’s eyes – well, the animated specs on his mask – were wide in a gobsmacked expression, mouth clearly open behind the mask. Was he impressed by the coffee? Kid was pretty excitable and Tony just downed the whole mug in one go.

But the others in the room were openly staring at him too, most of them with a similar expression of astonishment, and they’d seen him do that twice in a row, so that made no sense. He felt exposed for some reason, uneasy at the now acknowledged presence of Team Cap, Natasha and Thor in the room.



What did I do now?

Barton’s plate of pancakes went tumbling to the floor, shattering into pieces right next to Barnes, but the ex-assassin didn’t even flinch, eyes glued to Tony like he had just discovered the secret behind the creation of their universe on his face.

“Tony…?” Rogers breathed, but Tony obviously wasn’t going to look, not at him, so he just turned to Peter with his best what-the-fuck face.

At clear loss for words, he pointed at his left hand. What? Tony hadn’t even realized he was holding something there. Frowning, he glanced down.




The Mjölnir. Tony had picked up Thor’s hammer. To move it aside. For coffee. Like it was nothing.



Peter: You beat people up and charge money?

Bucky: Yeah.

Tony: Sad, isn’t it?

Peter: How much would you charge to beat up Flash?

Tony: [horrified] What?

Bucky: How much you got?

Peter: Thirty bucks.

[Bucky nods in acceptance]

Tony: That’s good, this conversation is over.