yeah. never getting tired of this scene

my regrets for the x-men movies

- no gambit/rogue in sight liKE AT ALL


- no kitty/peter, also where was ilyana at for like……six movies??

- there was no pure father-daughter kitty pryde and logan bonding

-fox made kitty look like a complete loser

- there was no pure father-daughter jubilee and logan bonding, either

- also for some reason there was never any of the bromance between kurt and logan that we love so much and I’m afraid I’ll never get to see it onscreen eVER

- do you guys remember how fox tantalized us with storm/logan in a deleted scene bc i sure do

-mariko. yashida.

- they killed my girl sILVERFOX DEAAAAAD *ugly sobbing*

- oh yeah james mangold was doubly heartless and tantalized us with jean/logan in another deleted LOGAN scene and tbh i ship that crap so hard that’s really what i’m salty about

- also seriously what the heck happened to sabertooth and are logan and victor really bros or not?????


Here’s a short fic I wrote a while ago and never posted.

Alex fell down face first on their bed. It was 9pm and she was just getting home from work. A week ago, should would have been coming home to an empty apartment, but now Maggie was officially all moved in.

She officially occupied the right side of the bed.

She officially lived with Alex, and Alex with her.

“Rough day?” Maggie smiled as Alex laid with her head down, buried in the mattress.

Alex nodded and turned her head so Maggie could hear her when she talked. “My body is so sore.” She groaned. “I didn’t sit down all day.”

“Babe,” Maggie sighed. “That not good, what did I tell you about finding time to take a break. Did you eat?”

“It was insane today Mags.” She sighed. Her eyes were closed and she stayed with her body flat against the mattress, her arms stiffly at her side. “I was testing DNA in the lab, then we were running to a scene, then we were back at the lab, then some Thangarian tried to come after J’onn which obviously was a mess. It was never ending.”

“Okay but did you eat?” Maggie asked again.

“Yeah I grabbed a burger on the way home.” Alex smiled a bit because Maggie really cares for her.

“What hurts?” Maggie asked.

“Everything. It all just feels sore.”

Alex could feel Maggie get off the bed but she was too tired to even open her eyes.

Maggie had gotten up to grab the lotion from the bathroom, she dimmed the lights in their room when she came back. “Al can you just move up a little bit, so your head is on your pillow?”

Alex nodded and limpy lifted her body up so her head was resting on the pillow. God, that pillow felt nice. “Good girl.” Maggie said softly and Alex smiled because Maggie knows how much Alex likes being called that in bed.

Alex felt Maggie’s legs straddle her legs and her hands lightly pulled up her shirt. “Oh Mags, I’m so tired, I can’t.” Alex sighed as she opened her eyes and tried to turn her head to look at Maggie, only catching a glimpse of her hair.

“I’m not trying to have sex with you Alex.” Maggie laughed. Alex felt her body relax at the sound. “Can you just take off your shirt?” Alex pulled her shirt over her head and rested back on the bed.

She could feel Maggie gentle hands unclasp her bra. Alex was still confused about what she was up to, but she didn’t question it. She trusted her.

“So I’ve only ever done this one other time, so just let me know if I’m hurting you, or if something feels good.” The next thing Alex knew, her girlfriends fingers were gently kneading into her shoulders. Maggie smoothed the lotion between her hands before finding the tension in Alex’s upper body right away.


Alex hummed at the feel of Maggie’s fingertips against her skin. “That feels good.”

“Okay good.” Maggie smiled. “Any harder?”

“A little.” Alex replied and Maggie pushed a bit harder on Alex’s shoulders. “Perfect.” Alex sighed.

Maggie reveled in the sight of Alex’s naked back. She was so smooth, so soft, and so god damn perfect in every way. She just wanted to worship this woman. This body lying beneath her legs. She moved her fingers to Alex’s neck and felt the knot right away. Alex hissed. “Does that hurt?”

“Yeah, but it’s good.” Alex whispered.

This felt so intimate, to both of them.

From her neck Maggie moved her hands down Alex’s back. She continually lotioned them so they were smooth against her girlfriend’s skin. She used her palms, her fingertips, her knuckles, and her elbows to work out the kinks in Alex’s back.

After staying quiet for a while, with the exception of a few moans and groans, Alex spoke. “Maggie, you’re really good at this.”

Maggie smiled. She loved knowing she was making Alex feel good. “What’s with the surprise? You already knew how talented my fingers are.”

Alex laughed a bit and realized it didn’t hurt to laugh like it did when she came home. “This is true.”

When Maggie got to the small of Alex’s back she pressed down a bit harder, feeling the knot that had formed there. “Al, this knot is huge.” Maggie lotioned her hands again.

“Can you work it out?” Alex asked. Her voice had gotten much softer now.

“I think so.” Maggie’s pushed down harder with her knuckles. “It might hurt a little.” Alex nodded. Maggie kissed the back of her girlfriend’s neck as she massaged her lower back. Maggie so badly wanted to give Alex another talk about taking care of herself and making sure she took at least one break during work. But she held back, she didn’t want to stress her out anymore than she already was. Plus Maggie understood getting caught up at work and losing track of time.

When she finally felt like the knot in Alex’s back was gone, or smaller than it was when she started, she ran her hands back up Alex’s back. “Do you want me to do your legs?” She asked. She waited a moment and didn’t get an answer. “Al?” She asked again. Maggie leaned over to see that Alex was fast asleep.

Maggie lifted herself off of Alex and laid back on her side of the bed. She took a moment to watch her sleep. She was so stunning, so soft, so unbelievably perfect. Alex was the last thing Maggie saw before falling asleep.

[P3WM] Beyond The Blue Sky (End) - Translation

A friend was kind enough to show me a recording of the Weird Masquerade’s version of the Rooftop Scene. Since we cannot share it, I tried my best to translate it. My apologies for any inaccuracies!

Spoilers for the ending of the 5th musical, which won’t be released until the end of August. Also, image heavy.

TL;DR The musicals just went from 3 to 20 in the aikoto department faster than I can cope.

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I saw a post in the tag asking for a recommendation list so I figured I’d make one! 

Losing in the Best Way by xspace_queenx…Summary:Boy loves girl. Boy is also a fucking chicken.

They Have Their Days by foxwins… Summary: It’s not that the good times aren’t good- they are, they’re better than good, it’s just that their bad times are really bad. Mostly because bad times involve one or both of them being shot.Or, alternatively: How Eggsy and Roxy Learn How to Hold On

Who’s Gonna Catch You Now by foxwins… Summary:Nothing changes. The banter, they bicker, they work together seamlessly on missions and gripe about it afterwards.(Nothing except for the fact that even though she knew what he looked like naked before, now she knows what he feels like naked and between her legs. Which is unimportant and arbitrary and not worth expending valuable mind space daydreaming about.)

As a Gentleman Should by xspace_queenx… Summary: Her voice didn’t waver. Which was fine, because Eggsy knew seducing Roxy would never be that easy.  

The One Where Eggsy Holds Her Hands by demisms… Summary:“You’ll get down if they start shooting, yeah?” he yells over the scream of the tires and the blaring honk of the truck he just cut off.They’re driving — not backwards, not yet — and ducking through pretty fast moving traffic with four dark cars hot on their tails. It’s like something out of a movie, and the chase scene would be invigoratingly if Roxy would just sit down and buckle her fucking seatbelt.“You’ll get down? Rox! Lancelot!” 

A Dream Not Half as Good as Waking Up by owlvsdove… Summary:Eggsy shows up at Roxy’s place out of the blue.

Behind Closed Doors by xspace_queenx… Summary: The Kingsmen have just found out that Roxy and Eggsy are in a relationship. What do they do with this information? Lay down bets, of course! or The time where fully grown men found themselves creeping outside of closed doors in the name of truth, justice, and expensive alcohol.

Five Cities, Two Idiots by Valhella… Summary:Who else would possibly come close to understanding, Roxy told herself. She didn’t like feeling sheltered or protected, because it came hand in hand with helplessness. Every ex-boyfriend she’s ever had would agree. And Eggsy understood, and that’s how they balance each other out.He’s there to catch her when she (rarely) falls, and that’s a feeling she wouldn’t trade for the world.(or)The globetrotting adventures of Eggsy and Roxy after a Serbian crime lord; and the cuddling, kidnappings, and repercussions in between. 

Honey by thecompanystore… Summary:Eggsy finds his spy niche. It’s not quite what Harry Hart had in mind.

The One Where Roxy Brings Him Snow Globes by demisms… Summary:“Why’d you stay here? Why’d Merl — Arthur not have you on their arses the second you were discharged from the A&E?”“He wanted to,” she tells him gravely, trying to push the cup of orange juice the nurse had left into his hand.“And you…?”Roxy shrugs, and when he sticks her with that I’m not buying your bullshit gaze, she rolls her eyes. “And I was busy calling the doctors all sorts of names. They wouldn’t let me in to visit.”They leave it at that. 

Sick by boxesofflowers… Summary:  Eggsy gets himself sick and refuses to acknowledge that he’s actually sick. Plotless fluff because who doesn’t love some good plotless fluff?

Alright here you have it, a quick and dirty list of some of my personal favorite (sfw) reggsy fics. There are more that I really love but this list just includes fics from AO3 for now. I will absolutely continue to update it.

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I love how everyone is like "I've already reblogged this 15 times, but I just scrolled down my dashboard and I've only seen the bughead gifs like 5 times, so yeah I have to reblog it obviously again" I will probably never get tired of the kitchen scene haha

Hhahahaha same, count on me reblogging that OSCAR DESERVING scene for the rest of our riverdale lives. 

My Happy Ending

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

Words: 755

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: REQUEST! One where (any cast member) left the reader (fem reader) and wants to get back together and the story is based off avril lavignes’s song My Happy Ending and the part “let’s talk this over its not like we’re dead was it something I did, was something you said? Don’t leave me hanging in a city so dead. Held up so high, on such a breakable thread” the cast member says it and the reader says the other parts. Bye and you’re one of the best writers!

A/N: I have 17 other requests after this which I definitely won’t get done all today, but I’ll do a few tonight! (It’s hard running an art blog and a writing blog at the same time by the way) ((And I may or may not have put Karen in because of Karen

Life was great with Lin, you didn’t see anything wrong in the relationship.

Apparently he did.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” He tried to console you, but you pushed him away.

“Just-” You stopped yourself, turning away from him. “I gotta go.”

That was the last time you saw him. You eventually moved on, pursuing a career in theater. You may have moved on, but you never forgot. Every time you went to an audition, you thought of Lin. How he played In The Heights. How happy he was. He loved theater. Before he broke up with you, he had told you about a project he was working on.

You never found out what it was.

You got home late again. You had an audition, that day, so your close friend Karen brought you out for drinks afterwards. It had been your fifth audition, and you had no doubt in your mind you wouldn’t get accepted.

“Thanks.” You laughed, taking the drink from the counter.

“No problem. I mean, it sucks getting rejected from auditions.” Karen sighed, grabbing her drink as well.

“Yeah, no shit.” You took a sip, cursing yourself for letting your mind wander to Lin. It had been nearly 6 years, but you still thought of that day.

6 years and you still tried to convince yourself you were over him.

“Guess who got into the play!” You squealed into the phone, as soon as Karen answered.

“That’s amazing! What’s the play?” You heard her giddy response through the receiver. You giggled for a moment, remembering the plot of the play.

“It’s a rap musical about Alexander Hamilton.”

“Hi, I’m Y/N L/N. I’m playing the part of Eliza Schuyler?” The man in front of you nodded. He looked so familiar, but you couldn’t place your finger on it.

“I know. It’s Chris. Christopher Jackson?” He reminded you. Your eyes lit up, remembering when you first saw In The Heights.

“I didn’t recognize you! It’s been so long!” You laughed, reminiscing in the memories of your old friend.

“So, I hear he cut it off with you a while back?” Your laughter ceased. You suddenly looked at the ground, trying not to think of who he was talking about. Lin.


“What do you think you’d say to him if he were here right now?” Chris asked, causing you to look up, confused.

“Uh, I don’t know… I guess I never thought about what I’d say to-”

“Y/N?” An all too familiar voice asked from behind you. You froze, tensing up.


Slowly, you turned to face the man you hadn’t seen in years. He grew his hair out, and looked considerably more tired.

“Hey.” You whispered. You noticed Chris leaving the scene, saying something about getting ready for the opening performance.

Lin stared for a moment, before he gathered himself. He cleared his throat lightly. He started singing quietly, causing your heart to flutter a bit.

“Let’s talk this over. It’s not like we’re dead. Was it something I did? Was it something you said?”

He looked at you for a moment, as if trying to apologize.

“Don’t leave me hangin’ in a city so dead. Held up so high on such a breakable thread.”

He stopped, looking at you expectantly.

“You were all the things I thought I knew.” You continued, smiling. “And I thought we could be-”

“You were everything, everything.” The two of you sang together, standing alone backstage.

“Hey, lovebirds! Get your costumes we’re on soon!” Chris interrupted, running back to his dressing room.

“We’ll continue this later.” You laughed, running off to change.

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Thanks so much for ur post on turns!!! I honestly don't mind the long post bc srsly that level of detail was super helpful like I was watching ur slo-mo gifs while reading each word AND IT SUDDENLY CLICKED AND I GOT IT SO THANK YOU AND UR LONG POSTS 🙌 I love ur commentary btw IT'S SO FUNNY and I end up laughing so hard ("make the judges dizzy with your jump and force them to punish you" 11/10!!). I'm so glad ur into figure skating cos ur so funny and you make awesome gifsets and helpful posts!!

Thank YOU for your kind words :) I was quite uncertain if anyone would even read that post at all due to its monstrous length so I am super happy to know that my excessive wordiness doesn’t bother you. 

Cue the Yuzu-saying-the-cutest-arigatou-in-the-world gif (yeah I’ll never ever get tired of using this scene as reaction)


Originally posted by xothersidexx

Requested by anonymous: one where y/n is dating dylan and when asked about prom somehow she’s like “i never got to go.. i’ve been in the business for years and just couldn’t go” and she sounded kind of sad because she really wanted to go & dylan sets one up (Like a big party) and calls it a prom and invited friends and cast members and they have the whole prom king & queen stuff and its cute and fluffy?


WORDS: 517


A/N: this sucks sorry

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Dylan and Tyler were filming a ‘prom scene’ with Holland and I was waiting hi, so we could go home. It was already late and I noticed how tired Dylan was. I smiled, seeing they film the scene.

Shelley sits next to me.

“I love prom! It’s so fun.”


“What do you think?”

“Uh, I…actually, I’ve never got to go.”


“Yeah, well, I’ve been always working for all these years and it kinda… never happened.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.

“It’s ok.” I smile.

They finish the scene and Dylan hugs me.

“I’m so tired, I need sleep.” He said.

“I’ll get my things.” I said and he nods.

I walk to Dylan’s trailer and grab my things, he was outside with the rest of the cast and they were talking.

“Ready.” I said and they looked at me.

“Ok. Let’s go.” Dylan said. “See you tomorrow, guys.”

“Bye.” They waved at us.

Dylan was really quiet, he usually talks about the scenes or ask how my day was.

“Are you ok, Dyl?”

“Yeah, babe, just really tired.” He kissed my forehead.


I woke up the next day, Dylan was already on set and I should meet him there. I walked to the kitchen and found out an amazingly beautiful dress on my couch, I grabbed the note next to it.

“I’ll be waiting you, use this :) x D “

What? I was really confused but maybe he was planning something, maybe a dinner?

I took a shower and dressed up, I looked at myself in the mirror and I felt like a princess. I was excited to see what Dylan was doing.

So I drove to the set, everyone was different, and I saw Posey.

“Y/N! Thank God you’re here, you’re late!”

“Sorry, the traffic….”

“C’mon, they’re waiting!”

He opened the door and I couldn’t believe on what I was seeing. There were a lot of people dancing, just like a real prom, Dylan looked at me.

“Do you like it?”

“Dylan… what is that?”

“Our prom.” He smiled.

He offered me his hand and I held it.

“I can’t believe you did this to me.”

“You look gorgeous.” He whispered on my ear.

“Thank you.” I blushed.

“Did she like it?” Shelley asked, she was also wearing a dress.”

“I love it, thank you so much.”

“Let’s dance.”

The rest of the cast was there, and a lot of Dylan’s friends too. We were dancing really slowly and I couldn’t be happier to be here.

“How do I look?” Dylan asked.

“Amazing.” I smiled and kissed him.

“Excuse, guys, can I have your attention?” Sprayberry said. “I wanted to announce the king and the queen!”

“Me” Posey yelled and everyone laughed.

“Ok. The king is me! No, just kidding!”” Sprayberry laughed.” The king is Dylan obviously.”

We clapped our hands and Dylan goes to the stage.

“And the queen is…. Y/N!”

He gives me a crown and I smile.

“Thank you, guys, for this amazing night. And thanks to Dyl, for doing this.” I looked at him.

“I love you.” He kissed me.

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Do you have some tips how to be more precise on discribing the characters faces? x

These lists might help you find some new words and phrases to more accurately describe people’s faces. However, you shouldn’t rely only on adjectives. 

  • If you’re going to describe someone’s face and this character has relevance to the story, their facial features shouldn’t be perceived in one situation only. Show your readers what happens to this character’s face when they get mad, when they are happy…
  • Integrate description when it's convenient.  Describe your character’s face when it’s relevant, in order for the reader to feel like this description is justified and useful. For instance, you can let the reader know this character has blue eyes by saying “His blue eyes were filled with rage”. This is an example of an opportunity to show the readers more about your characters, while making it feel like this description belongs to the plot.
  • The Mirror cliché. There is one particular cliché, used mostly in first-person narratives, that you might want to avoid when it comes to describing character’s faces - the mirror one. Your character walks up to the mirror and proceeds to enunciate all their facial features to the reader without an appropriate reason. Obviously, it might work in some situations - for instance, if your character hates their appearance and are seeing in this mirror everything they hate about themselves. But even this is justified description, which means that there was a reason for the character to go and describe their facial features.
  • Look out for inconsistencies. Specially when we have lots of characters, we often find ourselves mixing up their appearances or forgetting whether our MC had full lips or not. If you’re artsy, draw your characters so you can go back to their portraits when you need to. If you’re not, just list their facial features and make sure you stay true to that list.
  • Don’t mention the same physical trait over and over again. By this, I don’t mean, whatsoever, that you should describe facial features once and never ever mention your character’s appearance again. It’s just that, if you mention your character’s blue eyes every other chapter or every other scene, your readers might get tired and feel like “Yeah, I know that already, why are you telling me this again?” Again, try only to mention these traits when they are relevant and you can find a way to connect them to the plot.

I hope this helped!

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I need a Solangelo detective and thief au where will steals for a good reason and Nico is really rich, but Nico finds him injured and takes him home instead of jail

A blinding light flashed into Will’s eyes, blinding him and causing him to drop his loot. He bolted, trying to get away from the scene as fast as he could, but he had barely gone 5 feet when he tripped and heard a horrible crack in his leg. His leg was broken, he was going to be caught, and he would never get the stolen food to the poor orphaned demigods.

“Aha! So you’re the one who’s been stealing my food!” Will felt his chin being jerked up, and stared defiantly into a pair of tired brown eyes.

“Oh yeah? And so what if I am?”

“You’re going to the police for stealing thousands of dollars worth of food.”

“Not if you can’t catch me.” Will wrenched away from the man’s grip to escape, but he couldn’t ignore the shooting pains in his leg, and he stumbled once again.

The sharp brown eyes softened, and the man knelt down to observe Will’s leg. “Did- did you break it?”

“It’s not like you would care,” Will scoffed, “just send me to jail already.” But the man was already grabbing a first aid kit and googling “broken legs”.

Will grabbed the kit and started splinting his leg. “I’m a fucking nurse, I can do this on my own, Mr-”


“What did you just call me?”

“No, my name. It’s Nico.” for the first time, brown eyes, no, Nico, looked flustered.

“Like I care what your name is. I’m almost done with my leg, so either you call the police or I’m crawling out of this joint.”

Nico’s forehead wrinkled in thought. “If you’re a nurse… why are you stealing food?”

“Yeah, well, a nurse’s salary doesn’t pay for 6 handicapped orphans, so,” his tone was sarcastic, but Nico could see genuine worry in his eyes.

“Listen,” Nico started, “If.. if what you’re saying is true… maybe I could help you guys out?”

“Like what, buy us a house? As if.”

“Actually, I was thinking they could live here,” he suggested softly.

Will’s eyes widened. “You’re not kidding?” Nico shook his head. Will was shaking with excitement, a broad grin replacing his sour expression. “And you won’t report me to the cops either?”

Nico gave a sheepish grin. “What can I say, I’m very giving.”

Will answered with a hug, tears trailing down his face, stuttering his gratitude.

Nico patted his back. “Don’t worry, bud. I’ll help you guys out.”


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Oh yeah no i totally prefer what it's become and it wasn't healthy in the early years; i wasn't speaking on it as a whole, just a couple little moments with noticeable tension that i find suggestive/funny back when dean's physical attraction to cas was new. Though i think maybe either the bathroom scene in Free or Dean seeing cas all cleaned up from purgatory has got to be among my favorite belligerent sexual tension moments. But then there was the car scene before cas's "date" in s9.

Definitely. I mean people started shipping it within hours of 4.01 airing. There had to be SOMETHING there to see. :D

I don’t know if it’s a factor of when I started watching, and that I basically marathonned the first 7 seasons in just a few weeks (and then went right back to the beginning and did it again), but for me watching it that way was like watching a flower bloom in time lapse. Those earlier seasons were great, but I was on to s8 before the rest really had a chance to set it properly. I guess I just imprinted on s8 like a baby duck. :P

But I definitely love the early seasons. Currently watching in the background: 2.13 Houses of the Holy… so. And yeah, I’ll never get tired of the post-Purgatory “how do I look, Dean?” scene. Ooh, or meeting the cupid in 5.14. “Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?” “no, this is their handshake.” “I don’t like it.” “No one likes it.”



So, the issue I see isn’t the declaration of her NOT being a feminist, but rather that David even brought up the word. He started a conversation that didn’t need to happen. WW is inherent in her feminism merely be being herself. Strong, proud, willful, making her own choices, pursuing her destiny, and maintaining a standard with ACCOUNTABILITY. 

Her creator was his own brand of feminist, but gets remembered more for his proclivities. He believed that mankind would advance when the ropes of power were handed over to women, to get us away from the beast we built and set us on a course of peace and better social welfare. Those Amazons were put on that island for the express purpose of building a better world in all areas- medicine, technology, the arts, and expanding mental, physical, and spiritual prowess. Would that be true? Can’t say for sure, but I’d say the gods giving a mandate would be the element that would make it more likely. I’ve worked in settings dominated by both genders and have seen the problems that each grouping created. But, that’s another tangent…

What I see is that now people are upset over a loss that doesn’t need to happen anyway. For me, comics should NOT be straight-up socio-political platforms. Analogies are fine (see: Star Trek) as long as not overtly heavy-handed. But when we insert too much ideology and straight-up punditry via the medium, first we alienate demographics of differing viewpoints.

In the comics-group I run, we have many women. Some are very hard-line neo-feminists who see misogyny in a TON of comics material, yet an equally strong number do not, and often see humor in what the former do not. Right there is the conundrum- feminism is fluid and means different things to different people. Opening the book to being a feminist one would just draw tons of scrutiny from both sides going everywhere from misandry allegations to syntax policing for gaffes and that’s no fun. What kind of feminist are we talking anyway? A Dworkin? A Paglia? A Faludi? A Fluke?

Again, WW kicking ass and promoting general equality and peace in the context of great story/art should satisfy MOST (as much as the comics-reading community is capable). In the ‘70s, there was a bizarre period where in JLA WW became a hard-core feminist often accusing her peers of being chauvinists and complaining virtually every time she spoke. She, to me, was very unlikable in that book and was the least peaceful member of the group. I would HATE to see her become that again. I think her trip down the rabbit hole as the ad nauseam 'warrior’ has already gone far enough recently and that would just get her further from who she is as a core concept. Originally, she fought for peace, championed social reform (Bragging about killing her foes? Never.), and actually had quite a plucky sense of humor. I’d LOVE to see that Diana back on the scene. 

What I NEVER want to see is Di with starry-floss up her ass, in presenting pose. Nope. Or her book become a romance title again (yeah, I want to see her date and stuff, but her being all gaga monthly is a lose). Still, since we should have her making choices, I’d love to see her dive into fun fashion, make up, and things that plenty of feminists do in real life. Stands for her being more relatable, and getting away from the tired Linda Hamilton Terminator cliche’ of what makes a 'strong heroine’. 

Let’s not forget, no one 'owns’ her sum and toto (well, except Warner Brothers), and we need her to appeal to a very broad audience who can appreciate the Wonder and the Sensation.

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Can we just praise LJK and Baekhyun for that finale scene. They both were phenomenal, Eun asking So to end his life and the response on So's face like whoahh that scene even though it crushed my heart has become one of my favorites because both actors were amazing!!!!!

I will never get tired of praising LJK’s acting he deserves all the awards and some huge recognition. Those tears, mad laugh, his eyes, it’s impossible not to believe him, everything feels so real. And yeah, LJK probably was laughing and goofing around between takes of this scene. We’re suffering, he just having some fun :D

And Baekhyun was unexpectedly good,especially his Eun’s last smile, it was absolutely heartbreaking.