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ant*s are like those fucking annoying tantrum throwing children on planes and busses that screams, cries and annoys everyone, even those who aren’t in close proximity to them

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Hey! I'm asking this to all the Adam lovers or hope for adam. I believe Adam can be saved or destroyed by Blake and Blake only. Don't you think if Adam was a female and Blake was the male in this exact way, Adam would be cared for quite differently?

  I don’t think Adam will make it out of this alive and I kinda hope he doesn’t. Whether or not he sees he was wrong when it happens, who knows at this point. As I’ve said before, I really hope there’s a flashback or some explanation as to whether Adam slowly fell into this instability and anger until he lost sight of everything around him or if he was just always like this.  

  If he was “saved” from himself, obviously it would have to be by Blake’s hands and if it ended with his life, I think I’d like to see him realize that, yeah, his ways were wrong but he probably doesn’t really regret all of it. If he did regret anything, it would probably be letting Cinder and his anger cloud things even more and taking it out on Blake. So not so much as any redemption for him so much as admitting he did wrong but can’t really say for sure if he would have done things differently if he had a chance to.

  Blake probably won’t ever fully forgive his actions but will mourn for how things were and could have been different but she will be able to let go enough to move on and not let it burden her any longer.

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ok my daydream is that I can sing and like I'm good at it and pillowtalk was a duet w me in it and I'm in the video w Zayn instead of Gigi's musty ass and I'm all about the music but zayn? Zayn falls in love w me and boop we're seen everywhere together and everyone loves us together


Alec is my child but i’m low key annoyed at him for the whole THE DEMON DECEIVED ME sitch…. jfc

so i tried coming out to one of my friends yesterday and I thought it was gonna be kinda easy but i was about to fucking throw up :)


5 doll done! You can pick it up (and 10 or 11 or 12 or Clara or all of them) as a magnetic paperdoll on mah Etsy shop.

“But why 5??” Because his actor is going to be at ReGen which I will have a booth at and I clearly need this in my inventory. And carrots.

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Favourite Anime: I’m not as big into anime as others are, but as for the ones I’ve watched, Azumanga Daioh is definitely the best one! :D

Favourite Manga: Yotsuba&! (also created by the mangaka of AzuDai :Dc)

Video Games: The Kingdom Hearts series, of course! :D I also like The Path, and recently Undertale has kinda made its way into my heart.

Last Song I Listened To: It was the orchestral/Gold Dust version of ‘Flying Dutchman’ by Tori Amos, if I remember correctly.

First Language: I’d say Filipino, but in all honesty it’s probably English :P

People I tag: @koopardon, @aerialrecovery@laindir, @disneysora, @herondalejamess, @moreaffectionthanyouknow, @skyprince, @mickeyblades, @playingwithloadeddice and @peteyplane! Have fun, guys! :3c

Tyler Joseph // Drown

If the sky falls, if the  world ends, if the sun sets and the rivers turn red. If we got lost in the twilight, I know somehow we’ll be alright. ‘Cause I got you, and you got me, and we got us, yeah we got us, yeah we got us, yeah we got trust.

I either misheard something at work or one member of staff has a wife and a husband. 

I’m sure now I’ve heard them talk about their wife and their husband. Either they married a genderfluid person or I am completely mishearing words. I mean or they are married to two people. 

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I can't listen to Shawn's interview at the moment, but can you tell me please if he's up to it? Thanks!

he is actually!! here is exactly what he said since u can’t listen rn

shawn: niall? yeah i like him i met him in america once uh and he actually reached out to me over twitter and so uh i got to talk to him a little bit um but he seemed really cool, really genuine

int: did he slide on up into your dms

shawn: he did! he actually exactly - he just said “hey whats up give me a text if you ever interested in writing or whatever”

int (also my reaction): WOW

shawn: yeah he’s a really cool guy

int: do you think you guys are gonna get together now and maybe do that cause he’s got time

shawn: yeah! yeah i mean if we can figure out a time and place definitely yeah

int: he can come to one of your shows and then maybe after you can do that

shawn: that’d be great he’d go on stage with me


“This is my world.” She muttered softly as she pulled the other through the temporary portal. The world that lay beyond them was dark. Smoke hung in dark clouds in the sky. The air smelt of burning buildings. Somewhere in the distance the screeches of a siren could be heard. 

“Now you’ve seen what I live in.” She muttered, turning back to push him back through the portal. “Now it’s time for you to go ho-” Her voice caught in her throat as she faced a blank wall.