When you introduced @myetie and me as webcomic for mysme, its like heaven and hell together :))) While @myetie is such a sweet and cute cinnamon roll angel, me being here like a real bitchy and sarcasm devil. Her drawing is like fluffy cloud which loves you tenderly while my stuff got you walking sides to sides and “ah ah I can’t”

You guys need us both ye ye that puts a smile on my face :3


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Mi love @ivyrollins came over to chill with me earlier x

 The ban pretty much started from then so I was limited to snacks and fizzy drinks. She cheered me up a lot though, we got to talk about what was going on in our lives and just vent. I think this should also be a weekly occurrence Aha, don’t you think b?

okay but Painter!Harry + Collector!Draco AU

• Harry Potter is a highly respected name in the world of arts; his renowned abstract paintings are absolutely mesmerizing and gorgeous. Even the Queen of England loves his paintings (and has a wall dedicated to them back at the Buckingham Palace).

• Draco Malfoy is a wealthy collector and lover of anything and everything that has got to do with sophisticated artworks and masterpieces. He is known for choosing only the very best paintings. Draco is extremely in love with Harry’s paintings, of course.

• Draco always bid for Harry’s paintings but due to the high demand of his artworks, he never got them—even with his vast network of connections.

• One day, Draco saw a painting of Harry’s that he really really really loved and he was more than willing to shell out millions of pounds for it.

• The name of the painting was “[Iridescent]”, which was French, reminded him of his Black heritage.

• He went to the auction with his pockets (metaphorically) overflowing with money. He was determined to get what he wanted and Malfoys never lose to anyone.

• What he didn’t expect is to actually see Harry Potter in person! He’s been to quite a handful of auctions but never has the painter actually joined the event.

• And bloody hell, Harry Potter was even more gorgeous in person.

• He was wearing a white shirt splattered with paint and ripped jeans. Although everyone else in the room was wearing formal clothes—including Draco, he didn’t seem to notice at all. He was lounging comfortably on a couch by the stage; he had a sort of goofy smile on his face. His raven black hair was properly messy and his shockingly green eyes lit up his already face attractive face. He looked like someone who didn’t know just how sexy he was, which turned Draco on more than it should’ve.

• God, Harry Potter’s presence sealed the deal. He was going to get the fucking painting if it was the last thing he ever did.

• And Draco did get the painting.

• After the auction, Draco “accidentally"—at least he swore it was accidental—bumped into Harry on his way out of the fancy events place.

• “So sorry,” Draco mumbled, steadying them both by placing his hands on Harry’s shoulders.

• Draco could smell Harry. He smelled just like art would if it had a smell at all—lovely and divine.

• For a few seconds, which seemed like eternity, Draco and Harry stood there.

• Harry broke the silence by coughing awkwardly and letting go.

• “Mr. Draco Malfoy, right?” said Harry politely, blushing. “I’m glad that you’ve taken a liking for my painting.”

• “Please. Call me Draco,” he replied firmly. “And you’re welcome. Everyone has taken a liking for it.”

• Harry smiled a little embarrassedly, running a hand through his hair. “Apparently, yeah. Nice to meet you, Draco.”

• “And I you.”

• A little later that day, after a coffee shop "date”, Draco gave Harry his number strictly for “business” purposes.

• This gave way to their cute and romantic relationship.

• One day, while cuddling in bed naked (and possibly other things), Harry murmurs fondly, “You’re my masterpiece. And you’re much more beautiful than any artwork out there.”