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Real talk though, everyone in Arkham Knight is so freaking extra all the time. First time i went up against AK i honest to god could not take him seriously with that techno batmask. It made him look like a kitten. "We know your move before you do. We know how you THINK." and im like 'Yeah ok whatever Daft Punk.' I love this game way more than i should. %]

Awww don’t tease his helmet!!! He is cool and badass ok (we gotta believe this so he doesn’t cry)


Ok, ok, ok, ok!!!! *huff* GOD BLESS CHERITZ FOR THE X-MAS DLC, OMG!

Haven’t played it, yet…but I saw the picture and that this Unknown Route exists and….and I am already dead even without playing and I could cry because there is so much joy in my heart already and….yeah ok whatever.

I saw this huge ribbon and my first thought: Heh, MC looks like a present :D ….what if….OOOOOH! //////

It’s kinda embarrassing that my first thought is a dirty one after I screamed how fucking cute Unknown is in this picture. Aaaah well~ Merry Christmas everyone!

U not liking Kpop doesn’t make u a bad person at all just like me liking kpop doesn’t make me superior to anyone else but just know that western ppl (esp those that r English speaking) have a certain image in mind about the artists n fans of kpop or other east asian things (shows anime jpop etc) so just know that it is racist and xenophobic to think that kpop is weird just bc its in a diff language… Or bc u think the boy groups are too feminine or that their music videos are too bright or out there. The problem isn’t ppl not being into kpop the problem is that these ppl r being gross about it n passing it off simply as an “opinion” when in reality it has a lot to do with their thoughts just reflecting orientalist views that see the east as inferior in comparison to the west !!

  • some person in Witcher 3 suddenly calling you out: you murdered my son/daughter/husband/wife/mother/father/sister/brother! I will never forgive you!!!
  • me: I have no idea who the fuck you are but they probably deserved it

So the person who recently “hacked” Lou Teasdale has posted on IG that Louis is next:

OK, yeah, whatever 🙄 BUT I did enjoy this comment on the post:

Because I am indeed that petty and bitter. 


Well, baiting me into anger always has been one of your favorite pastimes.  I’ll remind you that I work very hard to keep my rage under wraps as the consequences for the loss of my temper can be rather… cataclysmic.

You assume I don’t know how to swear.  But if you think I didn’t learn a thing or two from Alex ‘fuck off’ Danvers or Eliza ‘bullshit’ Danvers, you haven’t been doing your research.  I’ll kindly remind you that I also speak a half-dozen languages with extraterrestrial origins.  So, check your assumptions, oh great mistress.

So, you never hold back?  You, who can routinely be seen with a highball glass fused to your palm?  Who sabotaged Sandra Bullock’s spin bike rather than just ask her why she left you out of her ‘Powergirls’ weekend?  You deal with everything by confronting it head-on?  Yeah, ok, Cat.  Whatever gets you through your nights. With Susan, presumably.

And while we’re on the subject, by the way, I am just fine at sharing.  Running interference was my job.  Would you rather have fielded needy questions from ‘Danielle in Fitness’ every other day?  In her patterned stretch pants?  In retrospect, maybe you would have.  Need I remind you Susan Vasquez was my idea?  You make me sound like I’m jealous, Miss Grant.  Did you take a bump to your head in your recent incident?  Oh god, did you?  I hope you’re okay.

In any case, I couldn’t care less how many breakfasts you share with your favorite bodyguard.  I’m simply ensuring you are settling into your new normal.

And to prove to you I am perfectly capable of expressing my anger and in the most polite way possible.

Kindly fuck off,

sunggyu on talk shows: i will absolutely NOT stand up i dont even know how to do that. please let me sleep in my chair

sunggyu performing: you want me to pull off some of the most rigorous dance routines in history all the while utilizing perfect vocal technique and never once sounding out of breath? yeah ok whatever just let me nap afterwards

ok so i was rewatchin eps right and im sitting here thinking holy shit just think how different this show would be if eddie wasn’t conveniently unconscious in the first ep when barry takes down the weather wizard

i mean just imagine joe being the one unconscious and eddie finding out barry’s got superspeed

imagine that moment they make eye contact and barry realizes oh shit eddie can see me and panicking and legit bolting leaving eddie just standing there shellshocked bc he has no idea how to process this and he’s pretty sure he had to be hallucinating right

imagine eddie being confused and cautious around barry bc he doesn’t know what he is or what he can do or even if it was barry at all that night bc maybe he was just passed out and dreaming all of it but then reports of the streak start coming in and it all starts coming together

imagine eddie confronting barry in his lab like it really was you that night, you’re the one out there, you’re the streak, but how is that even possible and barry is just so uncomfortable and he doesn’t want to admit anything but eddie is the only one that knows and he can’t risk eddie telling joe or iris so he has to tell him

imagine eddie and barry working more closely together bc eddie’s the one who has to keep barry’s secret and things maybe starting to get a little romantic but neither of them is willing to admit it bc …. department regulations …. but mostly eddie not wanting to get shot

(imagine joe wondering if this is suspicious behavior or if it’s good that barry is making such close friends with his partner

imagine iris being totally oblivious to anything going on between barry and eddie and just being happy her!!! boys!!! are hanging out bc even if she and eddie didn’t work out he’s still important to her and it’s nice to see barry and eddie getting along)

imagine barry introducing eddie to team star labs and all of them being super suspicious of eddie and overprotective of barry and wells just being pass-aggs as all fuck but it’s like wow eddie is super!!! nice!!! and trustworthy!!! excuse u

just imagine this au

(which obviously ends in barry/eddie kisses so imagine those too)

honestly site breaking stuff on here just doesn’t surprise me anymore like

oh i can’t edit my own dang posts from my blog because it’s treating me like i’m not logged in? “follow kikaiz” instead of any useful options like customizing my blog or edits? can’t even reblog something from someone else’s permalinks? yeah sure ok whatever im done i didn’t wanna blog today anyway

raven cycle hp au
  • gansey is ravenclaw, blue is gryffindor, adam is slytherin, and ronan sits there for ten whole minutes as the sorting hat argues with itself before he says something about wanting to be in hufflepuff and the sorting hats just like yeah ok whatever get me off your head
  • honestly you can come and fight me about any of those house decisions i would be happy to kick your ass
  • gansey’s really obsessed with this wrinkly old wizard named glendower because he thinks he saved his life when he was ten and he never got the chance to thank him
  • blue is the seeker for gryffindor and ronan is the beater for hufflepuff and they have this friendly rivalry where ronan doesn’t really care if he wins or not as long as he manages to one-up blue, and blue is hellbent on winning and will shake his hand after the game so hard it nearly comes off
  • gansey and adam cheer from the stands
  • noah’s the friendly ghost that’s always helping them get away with shit
  • blue sucks at divination even though her entire family are masters at it and she wants to fight trelawney 348398 times a day 
  • she never stops complaining about it, and ronan never stops finding it funny
  • when gansey gets onto ronan for not doing his homework/skipping class ronan just deadpans “what hell no i’m not doing any witchcraft i care about my salvation” 
  • both of adam’s parents were muggles and didn’t take the whole “guess what your sons a wizard!” thing all that well. he always comes back from summer/christmas break with bruises
  • his dad hospitalizes him in the sixth year and that’s when ronan and him have it out 
  • he works a lot of odd jobs, both magical and muggle, to pay for his books and broom. some slytherins give him a hard time for his roots, but most of them are pretty chill 
  • ronan and gansey use the invisibility cloak to walk the grounds after curfew bc they both can’t sleep
  • kavinsky is the shittiest gryffindor and blue can’t stand him
  • gansey’s always trying to buy adam’s supplies for him but he still never lets him
  • ronan doesn’t like the tension between the houses and every time dumbledore pulls the “oh well slytherin won but here’s 4839 more pts to gryff for no reason” he gets up on the table and tells dumbledore where he can shove those points 
  • i guess it’d be pretty funny if like, the gang is always getting into trouble but subsequently saving the day and dumbledore doesn’t know where to allot the extra pts bc they’re all in different houses. it basically just inflates the point market 
  • no one is ever in their own common room. they know the password to everyone’s chambers and it’s supposed to be ~taboo~ but they do it like it’s no big deal
  • ronan and adam make out in an abandoned classroom and it’s not until herbology when blue asks adam how long he’s been in hufflepuff that he realizes he put back on the wrong tie
  • blue never lets anyone live this down