What I love the most about crisscolfer is how they always seem to make each other laugh. You know how do I reconize Chris’ or Darren’s fake smile or when they’re simply unconfortable sometimes? Because one look at crisscolfer photos is enough to see how they act when they are in a great mood, confortable with things happening around. It feels so familiar and normal. If I were hardcore Chris’ stan I would literally be ashamed of hating Darren because, come on, it’s not some official picture from red carpet. That’s how they act when they’re together. We’ve seen it milion times, let me remind you filming TBU in NYC when the scene they were filming was so heartbreaking and Chris got really into this crying mood and Darren was the only person who made him laugh and cheered him up. There’s nothing better than this, go cry over crisscolfer, because the best kind of relationships are built up on such friendship.