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1. Top 3 Bias’: Namjoon, Eunhyuk and currently my third is Joshua

2. Favourite cuisine (what country): Probably Japanese?

3. Do you stan TOPPDOGG? If so what’s yo fav song (lmao tryin to find fellow Topdogg stans): I like them but I’m not really a stan. But I’m a Xero bias (though Hojoon sometimes haha)

4. Are you in school? What grade: No thanks

5. Favourite hobbies/ interests: Errrr reading, writing, skiing, watching ice hockey

6. Do you play any instruments?: yeah I play the guitar, bass, clarinet and recorder the best (who plays the recorder these days ahaha), but I also have played piano, violin and harmonica

7. Top 3 girl groups and Top 3 boy groups: Girls: 2NE1, Sistar, Mamamoo. Boys: BTS, SuJu, SHINee

8. What Nationality are you?: British

9. Something you care about right now: getting all my project work done

10. Favourite food/drink craving: I always crave Mac n Cheese and feel awful after eating it. Ribena is the drink though

11. Write somethin nice idc what about: I’m so glad that ELFs are still strong and still working towards getting people to remember SuJu, its always good to support the boys especially when they all start coming back!

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there’s an echo here, dark and quick
echo of me and it’s too loud to think
to think straight. my thoughts too quiet
thoughts can’t overpower the echo.

the echo has a name and she speaks
speaks in my head, her name is teresa.
she whispers dark and quick, calls scared
dark and quick like death and its victim
but the victim is not her, thank god

the echo knows my name and she calls out
calls out ‘thomas’ like a shiver, like a prayer
shivering apart in my head is this echo
teresa, are you there? i am your echo.
let’s be like death and its victim
whisper quick, whisper dark to me

death and its victim whispered quick and whispered dark
an echo has been taken, shivered apart
teresa, are you there?
my thoughts are too loud on their own.
—  but teresa, my mind was made for two (e.p.)