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ah. well, on this planet, everyone hears everyone else's thought in an endless stream of info called Noise. i wont go into plot details bc seriously, go read it, but its about this farm kid todd who realizes his entire life was a lie and he has to fucking run and he meets a girl from space named viola who is completely awesome and they kick ass together and all in all its a wonderful story about humanity and morals and loyalty and every single female character is strong and well written and

even the asshole characters either turn more lovable, or are so well written you understand their motives, or do completely unfogivable stuff but theyre still sO FASCINATING you just cant believe it. lord. its my fav series ok

Hell yeah, that seems good! On the other hand I should abort the mission bc I’m a slut for asshole characters who are also lovable like this is my WEAKNESS I can’t stay away form them help :|||