Harry ruining all Draco’s complaining by agreeing with him, like Draco is standing in a group of Slytherins going “Harry Potter is so stupid and obnoxious, I hate him so much,” and Harry just slides in and rests his elbow on Draco’s shoulder like, “Yeah, I know right?? He’s super annoying and it’s really pissing me off!!” and Draco just glares while the other Slytherins try really hard not to laugh.

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i HAD NO IDEA GORILLAZ HAD PHASES AND STORYLINES could you try and explain them quickly for us new bbies getting into this fandom??


so the WHOLE ENTIRE STORY of gorillaz is actually extremely ridiculously long and very very complicated and confusing so i am going to try my very hardest to sum everything up as best as i possibly can without missing too much

(also the “phases” don’t really mean much besides marking the different album releases, which is why you may have noticed the band members look different every few years)

phase 1 (celebrity takedown) started around 1999. before phase 1, there was only this guy:

murdoc niccals. on august 15th, 1997 (d-day), he wanted to steal music equipment so he crashed a car into a music store where this guy:

stuart tusspot (then in his young twenties) was working, and he hit stuart in the eye and sent him into a coma. murdoc was arrested, but rather than serving time he had to do a lot of community service and also take care of stuart while he was in his coma. murdoc being murdoc, he crashed his car a second time and sent stuart flying from the backseat, through the windshield and he hit his good eye on the concrete, which woke him from his vegetative state, thus “creating” the stuart you know today:

he was nicknamed 2D because he now has two “dents” in his head (which are actually 8-ball fractures if you wanted to know how this look could be possible). murdoc saw that 2D was really attractive and he could sing, so he made 2D the singer of his band

now, this is russel hobbs:

he was involved in a drive-by shooting when his best friend Del (Deltron 3030 irl):

was shot and killed. del possessed russel, thus turning his eyes completely white and haunting him from time to time when he plays the drums. he also raps in some of the gorillaz songs.

murdoc and 2D needed a drummer so they kidnapped russel and russel for some reason forgave them and agreed to be their drummer.

the guitarist for a short while was 2D’s girlfriend, Paula:

and together the four of them formed the band “GORILLA”:

and the only song they recorded together was “ghost train”. paula was kicked out of the band because russel caught her having sex with murdoc in the bathroom. they needed a new guitarist, so they sent out an ad in the paper. not too long later, this little angel arrived at their front door:

she saw the ad and fed-exed herself from osaka to kong studios:

in essex, england. she was only ten and she only knew one word: noodle. therefore, they named her noodle and they made her the guitarist because she was really really good.

thus, gorillaz was born:

then they made the first album around 2000, titled “gorillaz”. they released a bunch of music, music videos, interviews, merch, a completely interactive website where you could walk around their house, and they even released little shorts that were shown on MTV for a while. you can watch all of their videos and interviews on youtube. they won some awards too, and even performed live using holagrams.

{clint eastwood

rock the house

tomorrow comes today
 (epilepsy warning)
live performance
 (epilepsy warning)
all “bites”
 (shorts shown on MTV)}

around 2002, they got a little tired of one another. lots of different personalities living under one roof. they faught a lot, especially murdoc and 2D (2D is not “all there” and he takes a lot of medication, murdoc is an asshole and abuses 2D CONSTANTLY). so they all left kong studios for a while, but not before releasing some b-sides (g-sides).

at the end of two years, murdoc ended up in a mexican prison, russel excorcised del’s soul from his body (but kept the white eyes), which sent him into a horrible depression, 2D got a job at his father’s amusement park, and noodle went back to osaka, japan to discover more about her past.

while in japan, noodle found out from some old dude that she was actually a part of some kind of organization that turns young children into war-machines (yeah, i know, fucking crazy, right?????). her memory had been erased by the old dude so that she could live a normal life, and when her memory was restored, she remembered everything, including how to speak fluent english. having found herself, she was the first one to go back to kong studios. she wrote most of the second album by herself before the others came back to kong and helped her out.

(btw, that is noodle’s pet monkey, mike. murdoc had a pet crow named cortez, and 2D had a pet dog named Prince, but no one knows what happened to them. keep reading)

this was around 2004 and would start phase 2 (slowboat to hades):

note the drastic style change. this phase was famous for its darker look, and the music became a lot darker in their second album, “demon days”.

dirty harry



feel good inc.

el manana

they released some more teasers (which were “filmed” during their two-year break), more music, more music vidoes, more live performances, and more merch. even some gorillaz games. very cute, very fun (especially if you have a dark sense of humor? there is one game in particular that has the murdoc/2D fans feeling some type of way lol). if you watch the videos and interviews, you can really tell how their personalities shift from phase to phase. also, this is the phase where the windmill island makes its first appearence:

and this is where things get very weird and very very complicated (especially for a cartoon band). in the feel good inc. music video (watch it), noodle is on this island and she is being chased by helicopters from afar.

in the el manana video (watch it now or you might be confused), however, noodle was supposed to get “shot” by the same helicopters before parachuting safely off of the island where she would then flee to the maldive islands to get away for a while (she just wanted a vacation but i guess she didn’t want people to find her). however, in the gorillaz autobiography, murdoc says that something completely different happened.

murdoc was trying to get some guy killed (i forget his name) because murdoc is a horrible guy who holds a lot of grudges. murdoc tricked this guy into hiding inside the windmill to wait for noodle to “die” so he could take her place. noodle did not know about ANY of this. she wasn’t going to get hurt either way because she was given a parachute. so when DIFFERENT helicopters (DIFFERENT PEOPLE THAT WERE NOT HIRED BY MURDOC OR GORILLAZ!) started shooting at her, TRYING to kill her, she freaked out and the windmill ended up crashing into a canal. there is a picture in the autobiography of her parachuting off the island, but no one knows where she went after she hit the ground. everyone searched for her, but no one could find her. at this point, murdoc was confused as well, but everyone assumed she still went to the maldives to mellow out—or that she DIED.

this left 2D, murdoc and russel in deep depression. russel left kong studios first, as it was falling apart due to it being built atop a landfill and infested with zombies. 2D left afterwards to live in beirut, and only murdoc was left in the rubble that was kong.

this was around 2007. the second b-sides album (d-sides) was released and if you went on the interactive website, it was completely abandoned. murdoc tried to sell it but it was gross, run down, shit everywhere, noodle’s room was left bare. BUT. sometime in 2007, noodle sent a message to murdoc via radio telling him to come and save her. she never stated explicitly where she was, but she was in deep, deep trouble. murdoc assumed she was in hell, and, being a satanist in a made-up universe, he somehow made it to hell and searched high and low for noodle, but never found her (THOUGH HE RECENTLY STATED THAT THE ENTIRE HELL TRIP MAY HAVE BEEN A DRUNKEN FEVER-DREAM, SO WE ARE ALL EXTREMELY FED UP AND CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO NOODLE AFTER THE EL MANANA THING. WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, THOUGH THE MURDOC/NOODLE FANS ATE THAT SHIT UP).

after this, murdoc got word that the organization who tried to murder noodle (the black clouds) were now after him. he had no choice but to leave kong studios forever. so he set kong on fire and left. then the autobiography was released (it is implied they started writing the book well before even the middle of phase 2).

and then gorillaz were on hiatus for about four years. not a single word. if you went on the website, nothing changed. shit was cryptic. but the fandom was loyal and WAITING.

THEN. OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE, sometime in 2009, murdoc showed up in an interview talking about new gorillaz music. and very slowly, more information was released on the “unofficial gorillaz website”. the fandom was BATSHIT. half of us were butthurt about how ugly murdoc looked, and the other half was excited about NEW GORILLAZ MUSIC, and more importantly, THIS PICTURE:

people were mostly concerned with noodle and the fact that her eye was all fucked up, presumably from either the fall from the island OR from when she was “in hell”. also, peope assumed the whole band was together again, but this was FAR FAR FAR from the case.

murdoc wanted to make new gorillaz music that would “top” their second album (which could never happen, but a pickle can dream). murdoc couldn’t get a hold of russel, and noodle was presumably MIA, so murdoc kidnapped 2D in beirut and shipped the poor guy to plastic beach:

plastic beach is essentially murdoc’s hiding place where he is “safe” from the black clouds, and it is literally an island made out of garbage and spray painted pink. 2D did not want to be there, but murdoc held him captive:

in a bedroom at the southernmost tip of the island, underwater, guarded by a whale (2D has a crippling fear of whales, murdoc is a GIANT ASSHOLE). he made 2D sing, and 2D agreed because he has been agreeing to murdoc for a long time and he knew better than to disobey him.

since gorillaz was lacking a drummer and a guitarist, murdoc had to improvise. to replace russel, murdoc used a drum machine to mimic the way russel plays the drums. to replace noodle, murdoc gathered some of noodle’s DNA from the el manana crash site and built CYBORG NOODLE:

she was just as good on guitar as noodle was and she was also the “war machine” that noodle was “supposed” to be, i.e., murdoc stuffed her with weapons. she even had a gun that fired from her mouth.

thus, this was the “phase three: plastic beach” crew:

they recorded the new album, titled PLASTIC BEACH, and murdoc “kidnapped” all of the artists that gorillaz collaborated with and they just had a grand ol’ time. the album was released in early 2010, followed by a revamped website featuring a full tour of plastic beach, more merch, and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of interviews. some of them are probably no longer findable, but it doesn’t matter because pretty much every single interview was just murdoc hooting and hollering and drinking because IT WAS ESTABLISHED THAT AT THIS POINT HE HAS LITERALLY GONE INSANE.

the music video for stylo was released and did not contribute much to the “main plot”, which disappointed some people because we all wanted to know where noodle and russel were. after a long time, murdoc made a twitter to communicate with the fans who were more interested in the now extremely involved plot line of gorillaz as well as the music.

sometime in 2010, new “idents” were released. 2D’s showed him getting kidnapped and shipped to PB, murdoc’s showed him getting SHOT AT on a boat, probably on his way to plastic beach. then RUSSEL’S ident was released, and it showed him jumping off of a dock into the ocean in an EXTREMELY ANGRY MANNER. lots of people speculated he was mad because he found out what murdoc was doing or he was going to confront murdoc about noodle’s whereabouts or both. cyborg noodle’s ident was released after that, it was nothing special, it was just really creepy (btw you can watch all the idents on youtube!

AND THEN. AND. THEN. noodle’s ident was released and IT WAS THE GREATEST DAY. AFTER FOUR YEARS we finally got to see what happened to noodle, dear, dear noodle:

her ident showed her on a boat (she is around 18-19 at this time), being asked to evacuate because the boat was being attacked by pirates (presumably the black clouds, coming after noodle). being the supreme badass she is, she grabbed a gun and stormed out of the room, and that was all we got. the fandom was in uproar. why the cat mask? was it to cover her eye? why was she on a boat?

shortly before the “on melancholy hill video”, murdoc stated he could see a brown rock moving towards plastic beach (official art told the fans it was russel’s head, as russel had eaten toxic waste and had grown into a giant):

and it was implied from this that russel was going to meet up with noodle sometime in the near future. 

hope you’re still following me. im trying my best lol

in the “on melacholy hill” video, murdoc was now aware that noodle was very much alive and also in some kind of trouble, so he and all of the album’s collaborators went on a giant search for noodle, but never found her. they ended up finding some manatee on top of a rock (random af), while noodle defended her boat from the black clouds, and ended up escaping on a life raft with her guitar. and then this happened:

in both the stylo and OMH videos, a mysterious figure called THE BOOGIEMAN appeared:

he is implied by murdoc to be a symbol of death, as he “murders” both a police officer and the manatee on the rock. not much more is known about him.

after this, not much more happened. there was more official art, more games on the gorillaz website, more merch, a gorillaz live band tour (not featuring the actual memebers of gorillaz, much to murdoc’s frustration), one new single called doncamatic, and a music video released during the tour featuring russel and noodle:

about a year later without any more activity, gorillaz released a fourth album titled “the fall”, composed entirely on an ipad by 2D (note how “gorillaz” = russel, “demon days” = noodle, “plastic beach” = murdoc and “the fall” = 2D). it was not entirely popular, but there were some really good tracks.

the gorillaz hype slowed to an almost-halt as far as plot was concerned. noodle and russel never made it to plastic beach, murdoc was still on the island with 2D, 2D was still a wreck, etc etc etc. the fandom was content, but the plotline was pretty stagnant for another year or so. there were a lot lot LOT of unanswered questions, but the fandom was used to it, as gorillaz was never really “designed” to have such a convoluted plotline to begin with, as you can probably imagine. who would have thought “gorillaz” would evolve into such a CRAZY, INVOLVED STORY?? we were at least content knowing noodle was safe with russel, and they were both happy (russel loves noodle like a daughter btw its adorable af). as far as 2D and murdoc went, a lot of people kind of knew that their relationship, as dysfunctional as it was, was still salvagable as 2D is pretty much infatuated with murdoc, as fucked up as that seems.

in 2011, rhinestone eyes was supposed to get a music video. alas, this never happened because the music video was no longer being funded for (it costs a looooot of money to make gorillaz music videos, and gorillaz lost a good deal of popularity after phase 2, mostly because of the plotline. no one besides the die hard fans knew what the fuck was going on in the music videos).

BUT we were blessed with the rhinestone eyes storyboard, which was pretty much everything we could have asked for. the black clouds were surrounding PB, murdoc was flipping out, the boogieman was cornering him. 2D was about to be eaten by the whale buT THEN OUT OF NO WHERE, FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY RUSSEL GRABBED THE WHALE WITH HIS HUGE YAOI HAND AND SENT IT FLYING ACROSS THE OCEAN, SAVING POOR 2D. MORE DRAMA ENSUES, AND AT THE END OF IT ALL, RUSSEL OPENS HIS GIANT MOUTH TO REVEAL NOODLE HIDING INSIDE. GOD BLESS.

now, even though the music video was never made, it is implied that everything that happened in the storyboard happened irl. but we still had so many questions left unanswered regardless.

in 2012, gorillaz released a music video to go along with their new single DOYATHING feat. ANDRE 3000. the hype for this video was as real as it could get, and the gorillaz fandom was practically pissing their pants after they saw the storyboard.

the doyathing video (which was actually a collaboration with converse shoes) depicts the four members of gorillaz living together in a janky apartment. what a shock, but what happened to plastic beach? 2D seemed a bit more “himself”, and to everyone’s relief and jubilance, he opened the door to noodle’s bedroom to reveal noodle sleeping soundly, and he smiles, and the fandom was finally at ease. to top it off, russel is shown laying on top of the roof of the apartment, sleeping, noticably smaller in size, but still a giant nonetheless. and attached to the apartment, to EVERY SINGLE GORILLAZ FAN’S COMPLETE SHOCK, is the fucking windmill island, albiet in shambles. how they got it up in the sky again is a mystery to us all.

and, according to murdoc a short while after the release of the video (or before, i cannot recall), after russel and noodle arrived on the island, the cyborg attempted to kill murdoc (which was a surprise to no one….). noodle and the cyborg duked it out and the real noodle ended up coming out on top. and they all left plastic beach after the black clouds fled the scene, probably because it was shot to bits.

and that’s it as of right now. that is the gorillaz story, in summary. there are still a plethora of unanswered questions, however, as we have yet to hear ANYTHING from russel and noodle. we still do not know what exactly happened to noodle after el manana. we do not know why russel jumped into the ocean, we don’t know how russel and noodle found the beach, we don’t know what happened to noodle’s eye. we don’t know a lot of things. hopefully some of our questions will be answered in PHASE FOUR! which has officially started as of yesterday.

i hope i have given you a sufficient insight on the wild, wild world of GORILLAZ. they are more than just a band, they are characters with complex backstories and their adventures are pretty fucking crazy if you have the patience to keep up with them

thanks for reading!


“So, how did you two actually become friends?” Hercules asked John, and he and Alex snorted.

“I punched him,” John waved in Jefferson’s direction, “in the face, and he gave me a high-five.”

Lafayette snorted. “Honestly, I’m not even surprised.”

Lafayette then winced as the music at the party got even louder than it had already been, and tried to yell over it.

“Specific though. Why did you punch Jefferson in the face? Why was Alex there? Specifics.

John grinned and started to wave his arms. “So, it was my first time at the debate club, right? And I go in expecting it to be like high school, where no one really cared, and half the people were on their phones in the corner, and the people who are debating have the most bored voices,” he laughs at Alex’s face, “Yeah, I know, how naïve, right? Who knew that I’d be in a debate team with you and Jefferson. So, Alex is standing on a table, right?”

Herc giggled, slightly drunker than the rest of the people at the table. “He so does that, he does!”

Lafayette rolled his eyes with a smile on his face. “Go on.”

“Yeah, so he’s standing on a table and yelling so fucking loudly at Jefferson – keep in mind I didn’t know who Jefferson was at the time, for all I knew he was the good guy – and I started to realise that obviously, I was wrong about my first impression of the class. And so for a bit I was just watching, not entirely listening? And then Jefferson makes this really racist comment. Like, terrible.”

Everyone else at the table nodded and motioned for him to go on.

“So, I’m done with his shit, and I just walk up to him calmly, everyone in the room looking at me – and I just deck him. Punched him out.”

Alex nodded enthusiastically. “It was beautiful. Sometimes I see it in my dreams.”

“And Alex just comes up to stand in front of me. Says nothing, but looks so happy he might cry, and just hugs me.

Alex started to blush.

“He won’t let go of me, right, and I’m just here awkwardly patting his back, until he’s like, ‘You are now must best friend, I have claimed you. That was the single most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.’ And I sorta just went with it.”

Laf snorted and nodded. “Sounds like something he would do.”

“And you know, now here we are.”

“That was the cheesiest ending to a story I’ve ever heard.” Alex yelled.

Jack knew something wasn’t right when he woke up. The covers were too hot on him and his head was pounding like he’d been drinking too much the night before. He shifted, trying to get his bearings, but at some point during the night, he must have pulled the covers over his head. He struggled free, enjoying the fresh air, before noticing a pair of paws on the bed. When he moved his arms, the paws moved too. What followed next was a confusing jumble of panic and incoherent screaming that came out as yowls.

He must have passed out again, because when he came to, he was still disoriented and nauseous. He confirmed that, no, it had not been a bad dream. Somehow, he’d grown four legs and a tail overnight.

After the initial panic, he jumped on his bedside table where his phone was, but he was uncoordinated, and ended up knocking the phone to the ground. He batted at it on the floor, but found that the battery had drained itself overnight when he’d forgotten to charge it.

Cursing and swearing to himself, he wandered his apartment on shaky legs. Thankfully, he hadn’t quite turned off the tap in the bathroom and the dripping of the faucet helped to parch his thirst as he tried to think of what try next. He needed to get help soon. Otherwise, he was going to end up starving to death in his own apartment.

In the living room, Jack found a window that he’d left open because it had been too hot last night. He squeezed out onto the fire escape and tried not to look down. It was strange in this body. Jack never had an issue with heights before, but now, a glance downward to the street had his head spinning with vertigo.

Left with no choice, Jack began to climb upward with the dim hope that someone had also left a window open.

He didn’t get too far before the enticing smell of spices and baked dough reminded him how hungry he was. He followed the smell until he staring into a kitchen where someone was bent over, pulling pies from an oven. Jack called out for the guy’s attention, and when he finally glanced in Jack’s direction, he scrambled to open the window.

“Hey, kitty. What are you doing so high up?” he asked. Jack stiffened when the guy picked him up, but he let himself get rescued from the precarious ledge. “Where did you come from?”

Help me! I’m not really a cat! Jack tried to say, but as expected, it came out in a series of pitched meows.

“Hmmm, okay. You hungry?” He set Jack on the floor to rummage around in his fridge. He set out a plate of leftover meatballs which Jack, losing his composure, attacked immediately.

“I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry, little–uh– guy?” He attempted to lift Jack’s tail to check, but Jack had hissed and swiped his claws. “Okay, never mind. We’re not going there,” he said backing off. Satisfied, Jack continued to eat, though with a suspicious eye on the guy who’d now dropped onto his stomach to watch Jack with a bright smile.

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  • Rose: Hey Ladybug and Chat Noir are so cute together
  • Juleka: yeah
  • Alya: I know, right?
  • Mylene: Didn't Ladybug kiss Chat Noir that one time?
  • Chloe: oh yeah, that was cute!
  • Marinette: but... Didn't she just do it to save him? *looking away*
  • Adrien: *smashes through window*
  • Marinette:
  • Marinette: why are you at my house
Unspoken Attraction [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Can I request a shiro x reader soulmate au where they get their first words said to each other on their wrist but shiro doesn’t have one so he grows up thinking he doesn’t have a soulmate but he meets this girl in a diner and says something and she just goes wide eyed and turns out she had those words but she’s mute so that’s why he didn’t have any? And just kinda sad then v v fluffy? Thank you in advance if you choose this 😭💗 -🐞“

A/N: I really love this idea! I’ve been looking forward to writing it!!


Soulmates. Something everyone was supposed to have. Their perfect match, their other half. The person created specifically for them. Something Shiro longed for, but knew he’d never find.

You see, you find your soulmate when their first words said to you match the ones inscribed on your wrist. Everyone had some sort of inscription, whether it a regular phrase or some strange sentence.

It was something Shiro lacked. Born with out a single word delicately written on his wrist in the most beautiful cursive.

Honestly, all of his friends felt terrible about it. Even feeling guilty when they met their own soulmate. Everyone had found theirs: Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Matt, Allura, Coran. Everyone had their soulmate by their side, each a match made in heaven.

You’d think after everything they all sacrificed. Especially Shiro, the universe would cut him a break. They always tried to get him away, trying to keep his mind off it. But it didn’t help that their soulmates always were around, serving as a reminder to Shiro’s blank wrist.

Having taken Shiro out this night, he sat at the bar alone. Of course a lot of people didn’t end up with their soulmates. Some refused to believe in it, or lost them in some unforeseen tragedy. It wasn’t like Shiro didn’t have a chance to meet someone, but it wouldn’t be the same.

And, no one really had heard of a person with no inscription whatsoever.

A sigh escaped his lips as he used his metal prosthetic to fiddle with the bottle in front of him. “What’s got you down?” The bartender asked standing in front of him.

Shiro looked up to see a tall woman, “Nothing just hungry, can I get my bill?”

The bartender nodded before getting it from the register. Shiro pulled out enough to pay the bill and a tip before making his leave. Not telling the others who were enjoying themselves.

He shoved his hands in his coat pockets as he walked under the street lamps. The neon lights of an old 80s themed diner catching his attention.

‘Well I am hungry’ he thought before pushing the door open. A bell dinging to alert the workers of his presence. There were a few tables in the diner
but none at the counter. Deciding to sit there since he was on his own.

After sitting he saw a beautiful young woman, around his age, come from in the kitchen. You smiled kindly at him and waved, not uttering a word.

Though he noticed how your eyes land on his arm. He smiled, “Yeah I know, strange prosthetic right?” chuckling as he lifted his arm in the air.

He noticed as your eyes widen and stare at him. Raising an eyebrow he asked, “Is something the matter?” concern laced in his tone.

Quickly shaking your head, you set down your pen and pad before pulling your sleeve up to reveal cursive writing on your wrist, matching the words he just effortlessly spoke. Smiling while showing it to him.

Shiro was awestruck upon reading the beautiful lettering. “I don’t understand, why don’t I have an inscription? If you’re my soulmate then…?” He trailed off, feeling both giddy and confused.

Your smile faded upon the question. You pointed to your throat before shaking your head. Tilting his head in confusion before coming to the realization, “You’re mute?” It being both a question and a statement.

You nodded, a frown on your lips.

“Hey don’t feel bad. I know what it’s like to have a disability” gesturing to his arm once more. Making your feel a bit more comforted.

“Just one question, how do you normally communicate? Sign language?”

You nodded, eagerly sighing ‘Do you know it?’ Hope in your heart.

“I’m sorry I don’t know what you just signed, but I’m willing to learn it. You are my soulmate after all.” He smiled. It was gorgeous, making blood rush to your cheeks.

“I’m Takashi Shirogane, but normally I go by Shiro” he offered you a hand. Shaking it before quickly scribbling down on your notepad.

“Nice to finally meet you, I’m [F/n] [L/n]” it read, he found your handwriting beautiful. Almost like it reflected what your voice would sound like.  

“[F/n], it’s a beautiful name.” Seeing a blush spread across the scar on his nose. You wondered what it could be from. “Well, [F/n], would you like to go get something to eat sometime?” He wore the same gorgeous smile. 

Sheepishly you smiled as well, before looking down to hide your blush. You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear before nodding. Quickly writing down, “I’d love to”

“Can’t sleep?” Sam says. Bucky jumps. It’s dark in the kitchen, dark enough he hadn’t noticed Sam at the table in the corner. He’d just got up for a drink, poured a glass of water and lifted it to his mouth, and then time got weird on him the way it does now. He looks down at the empty glass still in his hand. Puts it down on the draining board. Tries not to work out how long Sam might have been sitting there watching him; it makes the threat assessment in the back of his brain go nuts, even now. Especially now.

“Yeah,” he says. “Something like that.” He doesn’t sleep, really. Not here, not now. Thinks, a little wistful, of the cool silence of cryo. Sam doesn’t say anything else, and Bucky clears his throat, squints at him through the dark. “You too?”

“Something like that,” Sam agrees, rough. “You wanna see what’s on late-night cable?”

“Sure,” Bucky shrugs. Not like it makes much difference, really.

Sam turns on a lamp in the corner of the living room; the light’s low and warm, softening all the edges, and Bucky feels his shoulders begin to drop as they channel surf across old movies and infomercials until Sam finds something he approves of.

“Oh, yeah,” he mutters under his breath. Smirks at Bucky. “You gotta see this one, tin man.”

It’s about a metal assassin with a dumb accent and a bunch of guns. Bucky glares back at Sam, but it’s half-hearted; he’s bone-tired and the movie is better than it should be, drawing him in.

When his head hits the back of the couch, he doesn’t even notice at first. Stretches his legs out in front of him, yawns, rolls his shoulder where he still holds all that phantom metal tension. The terminator shoots some more things. Bucky, unwillingly, smiles.

Sam shifts, yawning, and then his fingers brush against Bucky’s hair, light enough it’s accidental. Bucky freezes. Holds his breath. Sam doesn’t move his hand away. Bucky holds himself very, very still.

“You know,” Sam says, easy and casual, “for a while this guy was the governor of California?” Runs his fingers through Bucky’s hair again, more deliberate. Bucky frowns.

What,” he says, because that’s ridiculous, like— seriously ridiculous. Sam laughs. Rubs his thumb against the side of Bucky’s neck, the soft skin behind his ear.

“Yeah, I know, right. But it’s the truth.”

The future is even weirder than Bucky imagined, he thinks, and sighs long and slow as the governor of California shoots up a police station and Sam gently, gently strokes Bucky’s hair.


Summary: You and your boyfriend break up and you use Bucky to release your pent up frustrations. 

Warnings: Smut (including masturbation and penetration)

Word Count: Almost 3000

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged in any Bucky smuts in the future

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simon imagine - small world

REQUESTED:  ‘Can you do a Simon imagine where you dated before he start YouTube but broke up and were is first everything and the one he wanted to marry. He still in love with you. The other sidemen beside JJ don’t know about and when you guys see each other again you’re dating another sidemen please’


I knocked on the door of the large house. There were three cars parked out the front, almost symmetrical. The house was intimidating - it was clearly home to a few people, assumedly very rich people. The guy I was dating had assured me he didn’t live here - Harry, was his name. He had told me he was a youtube entertainer, and that this house was the home of his friends, that he stayed here before making announcements and filming videos. I agreed nonchalantly whilst he had explained this. But inside, the mention of Youtube made me want to run and hide. I had had experience with a Youtuber before - Simon, my first boyfriend - and the precious website had been the end all of what we had. Ever since I stayed away from it completely. I had been lucky in the sense I was dating Simon before he got too invested, and so I had no idea of where his success had taken him, or if he had been successful at all. This also meant I never received any social media attention at all, and the entire relationship stayed a simple secret. I hoped things with Harry would hopefully go the same way - although, without all the messy break up of course.

When the door opened I came face to face with Harry. Instantly I smiled as he welcomed me in with a warm embrace.

“Y/n, you came!”

“Of course,” I smiled.

“Well, we’re gonna film a bit later but for now we’re just chilling. Come through to the kitchen you can meet the others.”

He took my jacket before taking me through to the kitchen. I smiled politely as I was confronted by four guys, all sitting and standing round a kitchen table. Sat together were two of them, one of them slightly bigger than the rest and the other beholding a distinctive beard. Stood by the fridge was a slightly smaller Indian boy in khaki shorts and a pizza patterned hoodie. Then on the other side of the room, closer to me, stood the last man, a quite muscular and broad black guy wearing a snapback and a gold chain. The one with the beard spoke first.

“Hello, you must be Harry’s girlfriend! I’m Josh.”

He stood up to come and greet me, wrapping me in a formal hug. I smiled appreciatively into his shoulder.

“I’m Y/n.”

Two of the other boys greeted themselves as Ethan and Vik, before alerting me that the guy in the beast shirt, who had left shortly to take a phone call was called JJ. I recognised the rare name. Harry took a seat from around the kitchen table, pulling me down to sit on his lap. I smiled uncomfortably at the PDA.

“So Y/n,” Ethan addressed me. “Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do for a living, where are you from?”

“Well, I’m from Watford but living in Stratford. I’m currently training as a probation officer.”

“Oh that sounds interesting, what does that entail?” Josh asked as all the other boys watched with intrigued eyes.

“Well I went to university in Watford and studied criminology for a few years, then eventually graduated and now I’m in first year of probation training. It’s gonna take a while to properly climb through the career but it’s something I’ve always been interested in.”

At this point JJ walked in. He patted my back slightly as he took a seat around the table, as if to make up for the lack of greeting earlier without interrupting my conversation. I appreciated this - although I couldn’t shake the feeling of deja vu I felt in his presence.

“Oh criminology?” The indian boy that I knew to be Vik spoke up. “I’ve heard that’s a lot of essay writing, isn’t that what Simon did before he dropped out?”


Josh, the beard guy seemed to notice my confusion.

“Our friend, Simon. He started out doing a criminology course but didn’t like the coursework content, so he dropped out and began youtube instead. He lives here actually, JJ where’s Simon?”

“I’m here why- Y/n?”

My heart stopped as a new boy entered the kitchen. His face seemed to pale as we made eye contact. Simon. Oh my God.

“Simon? You alright mate?” Josh asked, eyebrows furrowed in subtle confusion. “This is Y/n, Harry’s girlfriend - although it seems you already know her..?”

“We met in a club once,” He interrupted, not taking his eyes off me. “That’s it.”

“Really? She shares a lot of similarities with you actually, she grew up in Watford too.”

“Small world,” he muttered. 


An uncomfortable silence reasoned throughout the room for a second before the rest of the boys continued conversation, excluding me this time. My eyes remained on Simon. He had changed significantly since we had crossed paths for the last time about four years ago. He had grown, massively, now towering over everyone. His hair was a brave shade of red, longer than it was when he was younger. Even his eyes seemed to glow brighter. He was a whole new person. Eventually he broke the eye contact. 

“JJ, can you come up to my room please?”

The guy on my right looked up from his phone.

“Um yeah, sure?”

Both boys left, and I focused my attention to the kitchen island. Holy fucking shit. What a small world.


“Dude, that’s her.” I spoke quickly to JJ as I leant against my bedroom door. “It’s…Y/n.”

“Her? What Harry’s girlfriend, yeah I know she’s hot right?” 

“No, you fucking idiot. It’s Y/n. As in, my Y/n. Only girl I’ve ever loved, Y/n.”

JJ’s eyes widened. He put his phone in the pocket of his tracksuit bottoms, sitting down onto my bed. “Oh…shit, man. Dude, you did well. She’s hot.”

“Fuck off.” I spat at Jide, who held his hands up in defence. “Yeah, shit indeed. How the fuck has this happened? Why would she do this, she must know Harry and I are friends surely? We have a fucking book together.”

“Well, unless she’s been living under a rock, yeah.”

“Fuck, she looks good,” I sighed, sitting down next to Jide on my bed. “Better than before. She looks hotter, healthier…happier. She looks happier.”

“Dude, you have to do something. This can’t happen, Harry can’t just be parading her round here when you love her. It’s not fair.”

“What the fuck can I do? He has no idea, and she’s his now. I have no rights over her, she’s allowed to do whatever she wants. Oh God.”

As my eyes welled up slightly I put my head in my hands. 

“Fuck. Good point.” 

“I love her, JJ. I really fucking love her.”

“I know you do, Simon.” He rubbed my back in encouragement, which only made me want to cry more. “We’re gonna do something okay, we have to. Maybe you should talk to her?”

I shook my head in silence. A tear rolled down my cheek and landed on my carpet, out of Jide’s eyesight. What a fucking mess. I couldn’t get rid of the image in my brain - her tiny hands resting under her chin. The natural waves in her hair. Her glossy eyes looking into mine, the shock on her face. Even the way she sat on top of Harry. That image made my fists tighten.

“Out of all the girls Harry could have chosen…it just has to be her. I never ever mentioned her, never showed anyone any photos, never talked about her in a video. But he still ends up with her.”

“I know man,” JJ sighed, hand still on my back. “It’s a small, small world bro.”

It was known by everyone that Seung Gil Lee didn’t like socializing. 

It was also known by everyone that Phichit Chulanont never missed an opportunity to make a new friend. 

So when Seung Gil and Phichit were spotted together having a conversation before practice, people were both surprised and unsurprised. Well, the conversation was mostly one-sided, with the Thai talking excitedly at the Korean, but still. 

 — And then Victor was standing in front of him, so, so very naked! 

Seung Gil didn’t know why he was sitting on a bench listening to the love story between Yuuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov, but his coach was being very insistent about him talking to other skaters, and Phichit didn’t mind doing all the talking. 

 — Hm. 

 — Yeah, I know right?! — Seung Gil didn’t understand what was the Thai man agreeing to, since he just hummed, but decided to ignore it — Like, it’s so weird and—. 

 — Phichit! It’s your turn! — Celestino’s voice echoed through the rink, startling both of the boys. 

 — Oh, Seung Gil, I have to go!

Right when the Korean turned his head to nod at Phichit, the latter inclined to give Seung Gil a quick peck on the cheek. 

 Well, it definitely wasn’t his cheek that Phichit Chulanont was kissing right now.

 The Thai quickly realized his mistake and stood up, eyes widely open. 

 — O-Oh my god, I-I’m so sorry! Ahn… — the boy stumbled and started heading the rink, still looking at the Korean — We… We can talk later, right? Haha… ahaha. O-Okay then, see ya! 

 Seung Gil stood there, looking at his shoes like they were going to give him any idea of what he should do. 

 Spoiler alert: they didn’t.

@seungchuchuweek ;^)

Happy Birthday, Buck (Barnes/Rogers x reader)

Just a little something I cooked up for our favorite assassin’s 100th.

You didn’t really know much about Bucky Barnes, other than the few details that Steve had given you over the years since you had befriended him after joining the Avengers; you knew that they were best friends when they were younger and you knew about Bucky’s fall, but beyond that, the Captain was pretty tight-lipped.  There were a few moments here and there when certain dates that were significant would pass and Steve would feel particularly emotional, sharing just a bit more in his weakness, or sparks of insight flashed in his eyes when a news report would catch his attention, only to see him grow despondent when it gave him nothing to go on in his search.  When the day came that he found his friend again, it wasn’t exactly a joyous time, with the team fracturing under its own strain, fully broken by the weight of Steve’s unwavering commitment to his fugitive friend.

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paleesky  asked:

HI KEITH! So now it reeeeaallly has been a while since I sent a prompt but you want fluff so I shall send fluff. Okay. So it's their anniversary and Shiro wants to plan something involving the kids. He remembers he used to leave notes for Keith all over the house to make him smile. So he does that and Keith is used to it but it surprises him to find the kids' handwriting in the notes left for him. It's a treasure hunt for Keith and it leads to family fluff. There. Thank you cathreeeeell! 💞💞💞

[The Voltron Family] Keith woke up alone in bed one morning and he suddenly got irritated because he was used to Shiro’s kisses being his alarm clock. He rolled over the bed and just laid, forming a big star. He closed his eyes and felt some paper sticking on Shiro’s pillow. It was a post-it.

Good Morning, Red Bean! Did you know you look so beautiful today even with your bedhead? How do I know this? Because I wrote this while looking at your sleeping face. Keith. Shut up. It’s not creepy if we’re husbands. I’m allowed to stare at you. Now, don’t frown just because I’m not there beside you. Get up and pee. *winks at the bathroom*

Shiro would leave notes to make Keith smile and well, they didn’t really fail. Keith got up and headed to the bathroom to pee. He saw a note on the wall.

I know you’re reading this while you’re peeing. LOL I want you to know that I love that little mole on your neck, the one near your right ear. Yeah, that’s right. I know you’re touching it now. HAHAHA I love kissing that part not because it’s such a perfect place for kissing, but simply because you’re ticklish in that area and I love your adorable laugh the most.

Keith snorted as he unconsciously touched the mole Shiro was talking about. He shook his head, feeling his face heat up. He was about to leave the bedroom when he saw another note on the door.

Aha! Leaving our room now, aren’t you, my pretty one? Remember the first day we moved in into our house? We didn’t even unpack our boxes. We simply just laid in bed all day, talking about how fun our future will be now that we have our own place. You were excited about building your own library, I was excited for curtain shopping. Oh shut it. You know I love my curtains, Keith. We kinda just cuddled all day and napped. I love that. I love napping with you.

Keith couldn’t help himself but “Awww” softly. He loved napping with Shiro, too. He was glad to know it was mutual. He took all the notes with him and he walked over to the stairs and found another one.

Dude. That one time I slipped in this very stairs? It was hilarious for me, and I was the injured one. But you, Keith… my love, you panicked and thought I died. HAHAHAHAHA I was touched by that. Thank you for caring so much. I love how compassionate you are and just an overall kind person.

He was blushing. Keith knew that, and he wanted to punch Shiro for making him feel that way. He made it to the first floor and saw another note by the wall leading to the kitchen.

We had our first kiss here. Well, technically not our “first” but in this house it was. You know what made it so memorable? You called me “A spineless, pale, pathetic lot.” You quoted “Mulan” because I told you to “talk dirty” to me. I started laughing so hard because you’re such a dork. I love your kisses but I love how you’re such a nerd above all else. 

Upon remembering the event, Keith laughed so hard that he had to cover his mouth with his hand to stop himself from being too loud. He passed by the hallway and saw three notes connecting each other.

Daddy Keith, Daddy Shiro told us to write something about you that we love. But we couldn’t fit it all in just one sticky note, so we combined three! We’re so brilliant, right? We will start with your smell. Daddy Shiro is looking at us weirdly. But you smell so nice when you hug us in the morning. Especially when we bury our faces in your neck. Daddy Shiro is nodding, saying he agrees. That’s good, isn’t it? At least you’re not stinky unlike other people! The meals that you prepare for us and the snacks we eat during recess always tastes so good! Lance said to add the chocolate crinkles because it’s his favourite. Pidge said to mention brownies and Hunk (me!) butterscotch. Other mommies and daddies just don’t get it right. Daddy Shiro said because you put love in it and sweat (according to Lance which Daddy Shiro denied. I don’t think you put sweat in it too. That’s just icky. But if you really do, then that’s ok! Because it tastes good!). You’re the best Daddy in the world (Daddy Shiro said it’s ok to put that because he thinks so too) and if you were not the one who adopted us, we will leave the current ones, and look for you. (Pidge said we’re not sure how to do that since we’re only little, but we will. Lance agrees because you kiss his boo boos away with Spider-man band-aids).

Keith started tearing up at the long message of his kids. He sniffled as he wiped his eyes and chuckled to himself, slowly taking the notes with him. God. It was too early to get emotional and yet here he was. He looked around and saw another post-it leading to the backyard.

These past couple of years have been the best years of my life—not to sound too dramatic or anything. Stop rolling your eyes at me, Keith. I know you just cried reading that beautiful letter from our cubs. I can’t believe I just called our children “cubs” but it felt so right lol. I just want you to know that, I would never have asked for a better husband in my life. Dude. You made me gay. I can’t believe it! HAHAH Just kidding. But seriously, Keith. You’re probably thinking “Wow. It’s been 14 years of being together and 6 years of being married and this idiot still wants me?” I do, Keith. I do. And I will want you every day till my dying breath. Wow. So dramatic. HAHAHA That very day you told me you were ace? I think that was one of the best days of my life. Thank you, Keith. For being you and for having me.

Keith was surprised someone wiped his tears that he didn’t know he had. He looked up and saw Shiro smiling at him fondly, hugging him in the process. His tears poured all the more when he saw his kids outside near the pool sitting on the table, waiting for him. His eyes landed on the table. They prepared an English breakfast because Keith loved that. He felt Shiro kiss his forehead and heard him softly say, “Happy Anniversary, love.”

Embarrassed at how red his face had gotten, Keith buried his head in Shiro’s neck and mumbled something incoherently, but somehow Shiro had caught on it and just laughed while saying, “I love you, too.”

From the Dining Table, Pt. 2 (Ethan)

Summary: Ethan finally comes across your letter after many years and begins his journey to find you.

Word Count: 2,181

Warnings: Vomiting, mentions of vomit

Author’s Note: I finally finished part 2! It ended a little differently than I had intended just because I was accumulating a large word count so quickly and I wanted to cut it short before I lost you guys… But, this means a part 3 will ensue! This is written from Ethan’s point of view, and it involves a couple flashbacks, so I hope you guys are able to follow along. Also, “Y/L/N” means “your last name.” Please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy! Requests are open.

Part 1

“Breaking news coming out of Hollywood this morning… Ethan Dolan reportedly calls it quits in the middle of filming his latest movie after having what sources are calling a ‘nervous breakdown.’ The former YouTube sensation-turned-A-list-actor was said to have stormed off of set yesterday unprovoked and has not been seen or heard from by family and friends since. There has been no word on how long production on the movie has been stalled for, or if Dolan will be welcomed back to the cast should he choose to return to the film. We’ll continue to report the latest updates on this story as they come in.”

I shove my headphones into my ears and crank the volume up until the shrill voice of the E! News reporter disappears, disgusted that even in LAX, one of the world’s most famous and populated airports, celebrity gossip matters more than world affairs. Pulling the brim of my baseball cap down farther over my eyes, I shift in my seat and pray that no one is paying enough attention to their surroundings to recognize me. I’m sitting in the terminal completely alone and would like to keep it that way— no security guards, no screaming fans mobbing me, no soccer moms hesitantly walking up to me asking for a picture for their ‘daughter.’ Yeah, right. I know for a fact that some of those moms go out on movie dates with their girlfriends on Friday nights just to oodle over me and it’s absolutely disgusting. Don’t they have husbands waiting for them back home?

I sigh and glance down at my jean pocket holding the piece of paper that brought me to the airport in the first place. Is the E! News reporter incorrect in saying that I stormed off of set of the movie I was contracted to film months ago? No, actually, but she is incorrect in saying that it was ‘unprovoked.’ For the last couple of years, my life has been a whirlwind of traveling, transitioning from YouTube to making movies, red carpets, parties, drugs, alcohol, girls, it never seemed to end. The life I have now is everything I could have ever wanted at eighteen years old, but as I learned over time, it didn’t come without sleepless nights and regret over losing the one person that unapologetically stood by my side since we were kids. The more opportunities I was presented with, the more fame I gained, the farther I pushed her away and for what reason, I don’t remember now. But no matter how hard I tried to rid myself of her, she never left me. She haunted my dreams and called out for me when I would least expect it. I could hear her whispering to me in the wind and I would feel her body up against mine in every bed I slept in. Time didn’t make it better; in fact, it was quite the opposite. I most recently have been plagued with images of her choosing to marry someone else, to carry someone else’s children, and in the middle of one of those visions, I decided I had had enough. That’s when I found the letter, and after spending hours reading it, re-reading it, kicking myself for putting her through so much pain, and bawling at the realization of what I had become, I dashed to the airport knowing exactly where I would find her.

A couple other people in the terminal begin to shift in their seats and look at their tickets. I rip one headphone out of my ear just in time to hear the airline employee call for the boarding of first class passengers. Grabbing my backpack and ticket, I fly to the front of the line, head down, hoping to create as little of a scene as possible.

“Welcome aboard, Mr. Dolan,” the employee coos as she scans my ticket and checks my I.D. all too slowly. “What business do you have flying to Newark today?”

What business do I have? What business does she have asking that question?

“I… um… I’m paying an overdue visit to an old friend,” I mumble, trying to keep the irritation in my voice at bay.

“Ah, I see. Well, I hope you have a safe and comfortable trip back home.” She flashes a toothy smile as I take off to find my seat in the aircraft. With so much pep in her voice, I wonder how many glasses of wine she drinks at night before being able to dull the aching emptiness in her chest.

Wait, did she just say, ‘back home?’ How the hell would she have known that I… Oh god, she’s a closeted fan, too. Yep, E! News is going to sink their teeth into that headline: “An AWOL Ethan Dolan was spotted by an LAX employee boarding a plane to New Jersey, seemingly desperate to get back to his home state. What could he possibly be trying to run away from in L.A.? Or, could he be running toward something instead?”

I settle into the cushioned seat, my mind trying struggling to remember the last time I flew on a commercial aircraft. I almost forgot how to even book a ticket in the first place; having done it on a computer last, trying to confirm one on my phone on the way here proved to be even more difficult. My brain continues to search, scanning over memories in reverse chronological order until it lands on the right one, forcing up a wave of nostalgia and nausea, too:

“Y/N!” I shouted, hunched over the Mac in the living room of our dingy apartment. “Come here! I want to show you something!”

“What is it, babe?” Her voice cascaded through the air and settled on my skin, giving me goosebumps. God, how I loved her voice.

“I can’t tell you! You’ll have to come see it.”

Her slippers dragged against the carpet as she approached me from her bedroom. I stood up to block the computer screen, not wanting to give the surprise away before I was ready.

“E, sweetheart, this better be super important,” she scolded, entering the room. “I was in the middle of my history mid-term paper and I had a groove going.”

I took in her beauty as she leaned against the door frame, crossing one leg over the other. Her hair was thrown into a ponytail at the top of her head, her reading glasses were falling down her nose, and the skin on her lips was peeling, most likely resulting from the way she constantly chewed on them when she was anxious or deep in thought. She was wearing an old hand-me-down t-shirt that she acquired from her older brother years ago, and because he was over a head taller than her, she was swimming in the fabric. Her legs were bare, but the shirt was so long on her body that she wasn’t revealing much. Her skin glowed in the light and the amused smirk on her face made my head spin.

Wow, I thought to myself in shock. This girl is all mine.

“E? Ethan? What was it you wanted to show me?” Her voice shook me from my thoughts and I broke out in a child-like grin.

“This paper is the last final you have to submit, right?”


“And then you’re not only done for the semester but done with your college career, right?”

“Yes, Ethan, we’ve talked about this.”

“And your commencement ceremony is tomorrow at noon?”

“Ethan, did you get knocked over the head with something? We’ve been discussing my graduation for months now.”

“I know, I know we have. But, what we haven’t talked about is the fact that the ceremony isn’t the only place you—uh—I mean, we, have to be tomorrow.”

Y/N cocked her head to the side and walked over to me. “Ethan… what is going on?”

I took a couple of steps to the right to reveal the hotel reservations and flight confirmation number displayed on the computer screen, barely able to contain my excitement. “We have a 6:30 flight tomorrow from L.A. to Orlando. Happy graduation-slash-early-birthday-present, babe. I’m taking you to Disney World.”

I smile at the memory of Y/N’s disbelief as it melted into shock, the shock then morphing into elation. Disney World, while being one of the most cliché vacations a couple could take together, had always been a top vacation destination for her since she was a child. She was never able to visit when she was young because her parents struggled financially, but I had the ability to make one of her childhood dreams come true, something she never stopped thanking me for. Had I known the flight to Orlando wasn’t just going to be the last time I would fly on a commercial plane, but with Y/N in general, I would have cherished the moment more. She was always my favorite person to travel with. I would have gone anywhere in the world with her.

I begin to gag from vomit trying to force its way up my throat. For some reason, my regret is always paired with puke, but refusing to let it get the best of me, I fish in the front pocket of my backpack for my bottle of pills I was first prescribed after telling my doctor about my visions of Y/N. Opening the cap, I pour out four Ativan and wash them down with a bottle of water I bought after clearing security. I close my eyes and lean back in my seat, letting the medication run through my system and forcing the thought of Y/N away from my mind.

I just need five hours in the air to think about absolutely nothing. I just need five hours of darkness and silence in order to face what I have done.

“Ethan? Ethan Dolan in the flesh and blood?”

I look down at the concrete porch of Y/N’s childhood home, shamefully unable to meet the gaze of her mother standing on the threshold of her front door.

“Hi, Mrs. Y/L/N. Yes, it’s me.”

“Ethan, what business do you have showing up at my door after eight years of not speaking to my family?”

I pop my head up. Eight years? It’s been eight years since seeing Y/N last? I grab the letter out of my pocket and unfold it to see when it was dated, something that I stupidly didn’t think to pay attention to when I first found it.

Oh, my god… Y/N dated the letter six years ago; she waited on me for two and a half years in L.A. before moving back home, and it still took me another six years to find this thing. How despicable.

Disgusted with myself, I suddenly become dizzy and lean over the porch railing to vomit into the grass below. Mrs. Y/L/N steps out onto the porch and places her hand on my back, rubbing it gently until I stop dry heaving long enough to catch my breath.

“You’re being kind to me, Mrs. Y/L/N, even after everything I’ve done,” I observe.

“Holding anger and hatred for someone never does any good, no matter how much they’ve hurt you, Ethan. I see you found Y/N’s note. I’m assuming that’s why you’re here?”

I nod, gripping the piece of paper tighter. “Would you be able to tell me where to find her?”

“I can, but you might not like the answer.”

I raise an eyebrow, another wave of nausea washing over me.

“She bought the house, Ethan. The brick house on the corner of Oak Street, the one that–“

“The one that we talked about buying together since we were fourteen,” I finish for her.

Mrs. Y/L/N shrugs her shoulders. “Once your channel took off and she moved to L.A. with you, she started college out there and I thought maybe that dream became more of a fleeting thought for her. I don’t think she expected to ever come back to New Jersey; I certainly didn’t expect her to, at least because I knew that she would follow you wherever you went and I knew that you wouldn’t end up back here… You were destined for greater things than this town could offer you. But I suppose Y/N never forgot about it, after all.”

I press my lips into a hard line, working to keep my tears at bay. “You’re right, I don’t like that answer.”

“Well, then you should know one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“She doesn’t live there alone, Ethan.”

Fishing the keys of my rental car out of my other pocket, I glance sideways at Mrs. Y/L/N. “What do you mean?”

“I think it’s best that you find out for yourself, but be prepared. What you find might hurt you.” Mrs. Y/L/N places a peck on my cheek. “It was nice to finally see you again, Ethan.”

I close my eyes, desperately afraid that my visions of Y/N weren’t just visions after all.

“Thanks. You too. I just hope Y/N feels the same way.”

anonymous asked:

Part3!! it's so good

Okay, here’s part three! I’m glad you guys like it! Shout out to @juggiecooperr for the idea of where to take this!

Also, A/N: I have absolutely no idea how Doctor’s Office pregnancy tests work, so, I hope this makes sense.

Teenage Pregnancy (Part Three)

Betty was lying on her bed, eyes closed but not sleeping. She couldn’t get the past couple days out of her head.

She heard a light tap on her window. Her eyes opened, but Jughead was already climbing inside.

“Don’t get up,” He murmured. He padded quietly to the bed, laying next to Betty. “How’s my favorite girl?” He rubbed a flattened palm across Betty’s abdomen.

“I’m okay, Juggie. No morning sickness since I took the test.” She rested her hand over top of Jughead’s.

“When are you going to tell your parents?” He murmured, rubbing a thumb across her belly.

“I don’t know if I should. I mean, we have the appointment tomorrow. Maybe we should wait until after the Doctor confirms everything?”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Jughead murmured.

“Plus, we need to figure out… what we’re going to do.”

Jughead dropped his hand. “Yeah, I know. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Jug.” She gave him a light kiss. “We’re 16, though. We need to be smart about this.”

Jughead nodded and rolled onto his stomach, looking at Betty. “So what do you think we should do?”

“As much as I would love to keep it… I don’t think we can.”

“We could make it work, Betty. Think of it - a little boy or a little girl with your hair and your smarts and your wit and charm? The perfect child in the world.”

Betty shook her head. “They would have to have your eyes and your wit and charm to even have a chance in this world. Plus your drive and heart.”

“So we’re going to think about… about keeping him or her?”

Betty bit her lip and reached for Jughead’s hand. “Jughead you live with Archie Andrews. I don’t think Fred would appreciate a baby there. My parents are going to kill me when they find out. I just… I don’t think we can.”

Jughead nodded slowly. “We can’t afford to move out right now. I haven’t found another job yet. You can’t start working now,” He said, resting a hand back on Betty’s stomach.

Betty laughed sadly. “I’m pregnant, Jug, not broken. I could work for a couple months.”

“Oh no,” Jughead said seriously. “My babies will not be put to work. I don’t even like you carrying your textbooks, Bets.”

Betty rolled her eyes. “So, what, adoption?”

“I guess so,” Jughead sighed. “We can give our perfect baby to a couple who deserves one.”

“I just hate the thought of giving our baby - after feeling him or her grow for nine months, kicking me, talking to it, y’know? - giving our baby to a stranger.”

“Ar-are you thinking about an abortion, then?” Jughead said, his hand becoming still over her abdomen once more.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I could do that, either. I can’t deal with any of these options.” Betty felt the tears welling in her eyes.

“It’s okay, baby. we’ll figure it out, okay?” Jughead said, moving his hand from Betty’s abdomen to her cheek.

A tear slipped out, rolling over Jughead’s fingers.

“It’ll be okay,” He whispered, kissing her.

Jughead had borrowed Fred Andrews’ truck, driving to the next town’s clinic. 

Betty held onto Jughead’s arm for dear life. She stood up and collected pamphlets for Adoption, Abortion, Teenage Pregnancy and Baby’s First Year, just in case.

She sat down, folding the pamphlets in her hand, waiting for her name to be called.

A few moments later, the nurse popped out from behind the divider. “Cooper?” She called cheerily.

Betty grabbed Jughead’s hand, pulling him down the hall with her.

The nurse closed the door behind her, leaving Betty to sit on the crinkly paper.

A moment later, the Doctor came in, Betty’s chart in her hand. She handed her a cup, explaining how they would test her urine, and pointed her in the direction of a bathroom.

Betty did as she was told, and returned with a half-filled cup. She handed it to the doctor, who told Betty it would take a day to get the results back. 

“We’ll call and let you know,” The Doctor smiled. “If you’re pregnant, we’ll book you in for an ultrasound as soon as possible.”

Betty thanked the Doctor, her nerves not at all eased.

Betty shot up in bed at the sound of her phone ringing the next morning.

“Hello?” She said sleepily.

“Elizabeth Cooper?” The woman on the other end asked.


“This is Candace from Dr. Grisham’s office. We have your test results - you’re pregnant. We can fit you in for an ultrasound this afternoon, if you’re available. I also have slots open Friday the -”

“No, I’m available today.” Betty murmured.

“I’ll write you in for two o’clock. Thank you, Ms. Cooper.”

“Thanks,” Betty said, hanging up.

Betty texted Jughead, letting him know what time they had to go to the Doctor.

Betty sat back on the crinkle paper once more, Jughead’s hand in hers. The Doctor squeezed gel on Betty’s stomach, moving it around with the ultrasound wand.

Dr. Grisham moved the wand back and forth across Betty’s stomach, slowly at first, then faster. A look of concern crossed her face.

“What’s wrong?” Betty murmured.

The Doctor took a deep breath. “I can’t find the heartbeat.”

It registered to Jughead before Betty realized what that meant.

“Oh,” was all she could muster.

Dr. Grisham wiped Betty’s belly clean. “I’m sorry, Elizabeth. When the miscarriage happens a few days before you take a pregnancy test, the hCG levels in your body can still cause a positive result. You may have miscarried a few days after the positive home-test as well.”

Betty sat up and stared at the Doctor. She couldn’t make herself talk.

“Our estimate was that you were about 8 weeks along or slightly less. This means you don’t have to go to the hospital. The expelled tissue will look no different from heavy menstrual bleeding.You may or may not see tissue that looks like an embryo or fetus.”

“You mean it’s just going to… come out of me at home?” Betty said, dumbfounded.

“I’m afraid so, Ms. Cooper.”

Betty nodded. “Okay. Thank you.” She murmured, hopping off the bed.

She grabbed Jughead’s hand and exited the room, wanting to leave before the tears fell.

In Fred’s truck, the tears fell from Betty’s eyes freely.

Jughead squeezed her hand tightly, biting his lip so he wouldn’t cry, too.

“It’s going to be okay, Bets. We’ll get through this together.”

Betty nodded sadly. “I know we will. I was just starting to picture our little family - that blonde haired, blue eyed replica of us. I know we couldn’t have that right now, but I just kept picturing our baby, Jughead.”

Jughead hugged her as best he could in the cabin of the truck. “I know, baby, I did too. We’ll have that one day, I promise. It just wasn’t meant to be right now.”

Betty nodded. He was right - she knew he was right. But it still hurt.

“As many as you want. They’ll be perfect. They’ll be ours, and we’ll be ready for them, and so excited.”

“I love you, Jug.” Betty murmured, placing a light kiss on his lips, then rested her head on his shoulder.

“I love you, too.”

Fictional Shmictional

Originally posted by admo36

Sequel to “The French Mispeight

Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Words: 1300+

Beta reader: @unsink-the-titanic

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Having your favourite fictional character as a roommate was both amazing and terrifying at the same time.

You loved Gabriel dearly, but something felt off. He wasn’t from your world, and it showed. Maybe in the way energy seemed to radiate off of him, maybe it was something else that you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

Either way, Gabriel just escaped the devil himself. You half expected a Mark Pellegrino clone to show up at your door, and that one wouldn’t be signing autographs.

But nobody came. About a week passed and it seemed that the world, the Supernatural world, truly believed Gabriel was dead.

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