Sketch very much inspired by a post of pokethetriforce’s about sick Fai and Kurogane. I don’t know what I’m doing

Thought I’d let you know I have two other blogs.
This one’s a Marvel one:
This one’s my main one:
(I only just started posting on it, just gonna be stuff I like. Mostly animation & Marvel)

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It is 80 degrees and 80 percent humid where I live. So I was wondering, does wearing the hijab get uncomfortable in the summer because of the heat? Or do you have like, seasonal hijabs made from lighter or heavier cloth depending on the weather? D'you still wear hats in the winter or just warmer cloth? This is something I've wondered about a lot.

Yeah you p much figured it out ahah

The scarves come in all types of lengths and fabrics and patterns, so during summer I usually wear very light and breathable, almost sheer scarves. In winter I’d switch to hijabs of much thicker fabric. If we wear hats in winter it’s usually more for style than actual warmth (like I was wearing a beanie to hold down my scarf sometimes last winter).

So, got a letter from comcast about them upgrading the internet speed they offer and the cable/internet package i have qualifies. Figure “yeah sure whatever, it won’t be that much different.”

That’s like triple the bloody speed. WHATS THE CATCH, YOU’RE NEVER THIS NICE COMCAST!!!

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I think the tweet was about the #ZaynAppreciationDay that zayn fans started on twitter and it was trending. He probably saw it im crying i love him so much he loves us too much i cant <3

yeah i figured! he’s so cute my baby <3

▛ ▏✤┊▸ gemoftheheart​. ▟ 


       no. no, no, no, no, no. ——he can’t be here. he can’t be here AGAIN !! the sea is all danger & dark ;; the pitch black conceals the predators, the crushing pressure won’t let you get away. it’s the place for a TRAP. not for STEVEN. never for steven

                           ❝ —- how’d you get back here again ?! 

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The "bears" quote is from The Simpsons. Homer used it as a rallying cry to get the mayor to do something when a bear was terrorizing the crowd. And as a gay guy, thought it might get a chuckle out of you for being so close to "get used to it!" and the LGBT definition of "bears". But it does make me wonder a little. What kind of guys DO you like, if you don't mind my asking?

Ah yeah I figured it was something pop culture haha we never watched much Simpsons when I was younger but I love the humor regardless.

To be entirely honest, I’m interested in guys, and that’s really as much as I like to limit myself. But I guess I swing a little more towards the twink/cub type.

ghetsexy said: I figured that much out. But yeah. Actually I think while looking through the robomas tag is how I found it the first time. Shit it was. WHY DID I REMEMBER THAT (*squeaks quietly*)





yamineftis replied to your postso i just found my new favorite website if you…

it’s an event xD much like the Marine Au one that happened a while ago -with various OP characters- Koreans tend to do these often, they’re truly a blessing ;v;

ff yeah i figured as much, i’d been seeing it around twitter and aahhh i’m so so pleased, it’s excelleeeeent //THANKS THEM FROM AFAR

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It probably goes unsaid, but just incase it doesn't, your wedding invite has been retracted. Don't come on Saturday. - Melanie

Yeah I figured that much. Congratulations anyway.