Yep, another picspam review. I mean, with this episode, how could I not? I was broken for a full two days, so of course it warrants me repeatedly smashing my face into the keyboard… which is pretty much what this entire post is. Face smashes and screencaps. (And boy howdy, do I mean screencaps. There’s a LOT. *rolls around in all of the caps*)

I actually did not have all that much time to get online yesterday, so this time around I don’t believe I’ll be unintentionally quoting any of you guys. \o/

First, I will share this… I get my legal digital copies from Google Play (I have Android everything, including a fucking television that’s running Android… of course I use Google Play and also ‘cuz fuck a whole lot iTunes). Someone at Google knows exactly what they’re doing because THIS is the picture they decided to use as the thumbnail of this episode. And I am DYING because this exact moment is when Cas says, “get out” and Sam is just staring like, “omg mental note do not fuck with Cas right now.”

Yah, that’s perfect. YOCKEY: I am Cas. Get the fuck out, you broke me. I am also Sam. I cannot believe you just did that jesus fuck.

(Side note: that picture is taken with my Android phone of my Android TV.)

That said.

Number of Obligatory Dean Wall Slams: TWOOOOO!!! Yockey, you speak to my heart.

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Lineart by Raimugurin Otaku a.k.a Nico, an fb friend of mine

ahhh… it has been a while since i last use watercolor instead of the usual marker…. i guess i need to practice more in case my marker got dried, in fact, my marker really do dries fast. watercolor coloring is more time consuming but its cheaper.

Sorry Nico, i used ur lineart instead of drawing one myself

this art done mostly because i lose a bet against him. yeah i might rp as uno…. but i totally dont have good luck like he did! so dont ever make a bet with me anymore! ………*sigh* one more drawing to go…also losing bet with another person….. *stare at @madarashin and pouts*

nico, i hope you’re still around even though i know your account has been deactivated again and again. hope you’re satisfied with this coloring.

No Man’s Toy

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while but ive kinda been busy. I do hope to get all the requests done by this weekend but that may not happen. I really have been trying to improve my writing, too. I wrote an imagine the other day so I could get it done but it came out crappy cause I was doing it fast just to get it done and it didn’t turn out well so it will be redone. I hope you guys like this one because I would have to say its my favorite.

Khal Drogo x reader

requested by anonymous

25. “I’d kill a thousand men before I let one make me his slave.”


warning: Cussing, mention of rape, mention of sex

It was a calm, cool day. Not a cloud in the sky, all was peaceful. Well, it should have been. Being the time that it was, families always married their children off to ensure security and freedom. As was the case with Y/n’s family. Her family left Westeros when she was just a little girl at the mere age of four, she could hardly remember what it was like. Now she was 18 and could only remember the place she now called home. She was a fully developed woman and in her mother’s eyes, fit to be married. Her mother always said, “ You know when a woman needs a man when her breasts need a hand to hold them up and fingers to keep her core calm.”

Due to her stubbornness and quiet voice, very few were willing to marry and if so, didn’t afford what the family was looking for. It made things rather tough for Y/n. She wouldn’t get to marry for love but rather wealth in anyway her family saw it. They had just ran out of luck, much to the girl’s delight, when news came the the Dothraki warlord, Khal Drogo, was looking for a wife. This brought much excitement to the family, but very little to the soon to be wife.

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Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 4

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] [Pt 3] | [Pt 5] [Pt 6] [Pt 7] [Pt 8] [Pt 9]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 3,175

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

“Are you alright?” Jungkook asks quietly as you pack your bag, skin much whiter than it had been a minute ago.

“Yeah, sorry,” you say, forcing yourself to smile at him. Jungkook frowns, not looking convinced, but he doesn’t press the subject.

The room then drops into an uncomfortable silence, Namjoon’s appearance having frazzled you into muteness and Jungkook not sure what to say when he doesn’t want to invade your space too much.

“I hope that I was some help,” you say after a minute, smiling at him apologetically. Eyebrows furrowing, he shakes his head and stares at you quizzically, trying to figure out what happened to your previously easy-going attitude. Now you’re tense, fingers fidgeting in your lap, and a part of him wants to help, but…he’s not very good with females.

“Yeah, of course you helped—I actually know shit now,” he speaks, smiling back at you, and feels relief surface in his chest when you actually laugh.

“True,” you say, standing, and heft your back over your shoulder. “Thanks for being so easy to work with—I’ll actually let you ask me for help in the future if you need it.”

“How gracious of you,” Jungkook rolls his eyes, and you flash him one last smile before turning to walk away. As soon as you turn your back something in Jungkook jolts him into action, his hand reaching out for you, but just before his fingers skim against the fabric of your shirt he freezes.

What is he doing?

“I’ll see you in class!” you call over your shoulder, waving at him friendlily, and Jungkook waves back somewhat mindlessly, staring after you until your gone, the front door clicking shut and signaling you exit.

You slump against the elevator wall when the doors shut, entire body numb of emotion. You’d been wanting to see Namjoon again for weeks, and yet now that you’d seen him, all you want to do is leave. Too much had happened today—you’d met (and been assaulted by) Jimin, had been somewhat forced into tutoring Jungkook (even though you actually think he’s nice overall), and now there’s Namjoon too.

You kind of want to run away. You want to go home and sleep and then maybe face Namjoon tomorrow if you have to, but he had commanded you to wait, and you feel like you really don’t have a choice in the matter.

So, releasing a sigh as the elevator reaches the ground floor, you step out into the large lobby and glance around. You’re not sure where Namjoon is planning for you to wait, but you need a breath of fresh air, and decide to head outside.

The night is colder than you had anticipated. It’s nearly 11 now, and the city has considerably calmed down, but there are still people roaming here and there.

Breath fanning in front of you face as you sigh, you let your backpack drop from your shoulders, placing it on the ground as you lean back against the cool brick wall.

“Rough day?” a calm voice rings out and you jolt, snapping to look at the man who you hadn’t even realized was standing onto a few feet from you. His smile is wide and friendly, hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans, and with the snapback on his head you can only assume he’s a student around your age.

“Kinda,” you sigh, forcing a small, polite smile onto your lips. He nods, eyes crinkling with sympathy.

“Care to share?”

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At the age of 20.
  • [{ Everyone is living with their lover and the husbands are talking while having a drinks... then their conversation went to their wives.}]
  • Kagami: Lately, I've seen Kuroko studying how to cook and bake.
  • Aomine: Ouu? How nice, Kagami.
  • Kagami: There's sarcasm along those lines.
  • Akashi: But my Kouki hasn't even moved an inch ever since he burned down the house.
  • Aomine & Kagami: Oi! This is the first time I heard such a thing!
  • Midorima: It happened a few months back after they finally settled in a single apartment. Apparently, that chihuahua burned down the house when he tried to cooked for Akashi.
  • Akashi: Ever since that day happened, he never step in to the kitchen.
  • Aomine: Who's the husband again?
  • Kagami: Isn't this great? We're talking about our wives.
  • Midorima: Uh...
  • Aomine: Midorima hasn't even talked about his wife, same goes to you both.
  • Murasakibara: Eh? But I tried to speak. I can't join in.
  • Hyuuga: At least stop munching your snacks for once.
  • Kagami: Oh yeah, capta- I mean, Hyuuga-senpai, you are married to coach, right?
  • Hyuuga: What did I told you about calling us captain and coach? BaKagami, we're already 20 plus and we're done with basketball. Call me Hyuuga and yeah, I'm married with her.
  • Aomine: Is she the girl in the bench back in Seirin?
  • Hyuuga: Yeah, the evil witch you guys been seeing along with us.
  • Murasakibara: Evil witch?
  • Akashi: She has a scary aura than me, Atsushi.
  • Murasakibara: Scary...
  • Kagami: How's things going though? Who's in charge of cooking both lunch and dinner?
  • Hyuuga: Me. I stopped her even before she can step inside of the kitchen.
  • Aomine: Oh, a bad cooker like Satsuki, huh?
  • Hyuuga: I bet she's even worst than Momoi-san. She can make a curry though the taste is unbelievable.
  • Akashi: Unbelievably good?
  • Kagami: No, the worst than good, Akashi. It's like you are going to die once you eaten one of her dish.
  • Aomine: You've tasted it before?
  • Kagami: She used to cook for us in our training camps and she even bought us bento.
  • Hyuuga: The face that Kuroko made when he ate one of her bento.
  • Aomine: She's no good. But Kise is the worst, though. He burned the egg all the time so we don't have a choice but to eat outside or order.
  • Kagami: Saying stuff like that... Kuroko is not the worst yet he can be the worst. You see, that guy only knows how to boil eggs.
  • Akashi: I'm not going to complain about how my Kouki does in the kitchen since you guys knew it already.
  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin is no bad. He can't cook but he can't even bake as well.
  • Midorima: You two will be fat in no time. Takao is nowhere good. He can't even boil water for our miso ramen.
  • Hyuuga: Though, I feel bad for Aomine.
  • Aomine: Right, the both of us aren't that good when it comes to cooking.
  • Kagami: I decided to cook for the both of us but you can't possibly resist how Kuroko look when he wants to cook.
  • Akashi: Same goes to me.
  • Murasakibara: Muro-chin never complains about the food I baked.
  • Midorima: He likes to spoil you too much and love you way too much.
  • Everyone: .... This is the world we chose anyway.
  • ----
  • In another cafe...
  • Kise: You see, Aominecchi decided the both of us to eat outside instead of cooking for each other. Since I have work every single day, he never broke his promise to eat together.
  • Kuroko: Kagami-kun banned me for stepping in the kitchen, though.
  • Furihata: I actually want to learn how to cook properly. Not burning the house down.
  • Takao: Hahaha! I feel so normal with you guys!
  • Himuro: Is this some kind of meeting for our husbands?
  • Everyone: Yes...
  • Himuro: I see. Well, since you guys are complaining about that. More likely, Kise is not complaining, shall we all enter a cooking school?
  • Kuroko: I'm up for that.
  • Furihata: Sei-kun wouldn't be happy about that.
  • Himuro: Why is that?
  • Furihata: He doesn't want to lessen our time together, though.
  • Himuro: You are far too spoiled. Atsushi would surely like this idea, anyway.
  • Everyone: Same goes to you, though.
But seriously ...

so many things make so much more sense - or seem so very different in the new light that they are shed in, now that we know about Yuuri’s little …. cough cough … last year after-gp-final’s gala.

Like … Viktor at the airport …

“A commemorative photo? Sure.”

After this …

… he probably expected a different reaction entirely.

God, Yuuri! You probably ripped the man’s heart out by just turning around and leaving. Look how genuinely happy he is to see you. This isn’t his fake for-the-media-smile. He wants this photo as much for himself as he wants it for you. Probably to hang it on the wall in his appartment (or on his bedside table haha). I bet he would’ve asked for Yuuri’s mobile phone number next lol.

He must’ve been crushed because … why is Yuuri suddenly acting so cold towards him? Why? Has he done something wrong? 

Edit: Damn! I’m sorry, I got it all wrong. This wasn’t the airport - they were still at the venue. Thanks to @a3107 and nonnie to point this out to me lol

And he kinda looks at Yuuri expectantly. Like he’s asking: “Are you happy now? That’s what you wanted, right?” 

Well, yeah, that’d what I think now, haha. Before, he might’ve looked just a teensy-weensy bit arrogant? 

But, unfortunately, Yuuri doesn’t remember. Or fortunately lol. Otherwise he’d probably have died from embarrassment …

“Can you show me what it is soon? Your true eros?”

He’s seen a glimpse of it already. He wants more!!!

Ahh, this annoyed me to no end - and im still not a big Chris-fan and probably will never be – BUT(T) … he probably thought Yuuri and he were on a level of acquaintance that allowed such a … um … specific way of approaching him. And i have to say I understand him a little better now lol


First Crush 

When his father sent him to Gotham Academy, Damian was rather insulted. Why would he need to be in a school with others in order to learn when he is perfectly capable of homeschooling himself? What could he possibly learn and achieve in this environment? But there is one person who makes it bearable enough to stick around and that person is you. 

On his very first day at his new school, you were the first to befriend him, which baffled him in many ways. It is never that easy to make friends and it is even more hard for a person like Damian to have any in the first place. He prefers his own company and there is only a select few that he allows himself to be around. Those people are usually on the same intellectual level as himself, he is very picky when it comes to people, that’s probably the reason why he doesn’t have many friends. You are the only person in this entire school that he is willing to talk to and hang around with. A lot of the other students think he is weird or that there is something wrong with him, they simply just don’t know Damian Wayne. 

Over the past few months, Damian has grown rather fond of you, it is a fondness he has never felt for another person before, such an alien feeling. Whenever you are around him he can’t help but stare and take in every detail of your face, admiring how soft and perfect your skin is, it has a certain glow to it. One time you accidentally touched his hand and he felt his heart race inside his chest. He doesn’t quite understand why that occurred and why he seems to get so flustered around you sometimes.  This has never happened before and it is difficult for him to comprehend. What is it about you that makes him actually feel something? Is it your kindness, your intelligence, the way you laugh and smile? He just can’t put his finger on it. What is this? 

Lost in thought he starts to pile his books back into his locker as the school day has now reached its end. Another day of learning has been completed. He can’t lie, he is really starting to enjoy the place and even likes some of the teachers here. However, there are some that despise him for being ‘too smart for his own good’ as they put it. Damian prefers the word challenging. He snaps out of his thoughts when he hears your voice, the sound of it alone is enough to make him smile. When he looks to his left side he finds you talking to some boy that he recognises from his chemistry class. For some bizarre reason, he feels his whole body seizing up in anger at the very sight. His hand clenches the locker door tightly as he continues to watch. Why does he feel so… so jealous? Is it because this guy is making you laugh and smile and he isn’t? If only he knew. 

The conversation between the two of you ends and you part ways. You immediately spot Damian at his locker and wave to him excitedly with a huge grin on your face, happy to see him.  

“Hey, Damian.” You are first to speak. 

“Hey, y/n. What was that all about?” He quickly refers to your previous conversation, the curiosity getting the better of him. 

“Oh nothing, Tom was just asking me if I wanted to be his partner for the history project but I told him I already have one.” You provide him with the answer and a sense of relief washes over him. 

“You do?” He then asks wondering who you could possibly be partners with. Alison maybe? Who knows. 

“Yeah you!” You slap his shoulder playfully as if it is the most obvious thing in the world. “That’s if you want to of course.” 

“Of course I do.” Damian is more than happy to be working with you. The fact that you already chose him without asking pleases him greatly. 

“Great! We can arrange to meet up at each other’s houses after school to make a start.” You start to walk side by side out of the school. 

“We can start tomorrow if you’d like at mine? No one’s ever home so we will have peace and quiet to work, we also have our own library so don’t worry about books, we have plenty.” Damian is quick to offer, eager to invite you over. 

“It’s a date!” You nudge him and he nudges back. 

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Under the Red Hood Thoughts

So I was watching Under The Red Hood and let me tell you this: I fucking hated Batman afterwards. Yeah I get that he is against killing, but we have seen him make exceptions to that, and tbh, I bet Jason has too. So why didn’t Batman avenge Jason? Not only does the Joker kill him, he tortures A KID to death and leaves him to die. Killing the Joker quickly would be merciful.

At the end of the movie Jason states that it’s not about him, but more the thought. He pours his heart and feelings out, talking about how if it had been Batman killed, he would have done anything to avenge his best friend. Batman replies that he has wanted do that to avenge all of Joker’s victims. OK, there’s an issue. One. He just completely reduced Jason to one of a million joker victims, like he’s just another random person. Two, he goes on to talk about how it would be too easy to go down that path. That path of what? Killing vicious psychopaths who delight in murder to help keep a city safe?

Batman is so goddamn caught up in his morals and self righteousness he doesn’t realize how much he hurt someone who had been relying on him for safety. Jason had counted on Bruce, and all he had wanted was someone to avenge his death , and he didn’t get it from the one person he counted on to do it, because Batman was busy being as I like to say “a self righteous asshat”

At the end of the movie after Batman throws something into Jason’s gun, causing it to explode, the Joker laughs and praises Batman. I could be reading too far into this, but I feel like even Joker was impressed by how stone cold and uncaring Batman was, and if that isn’t a warning, I don’t know what is.

Anastasia (1997) Sentence Starters

Do you really think I’m royalty?”
“You know I do!”
“Then stop bossing me around!”
“Oh, sorry. I thought you were someone el – oh, it’s you. Well, that’s okay, then.”
“Why the change of mind?”
“It was more a change of heart.”
“Men are such babies.”
“And to think that could have been you.”
“If we live through this, remind me to thank you.”
“Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys.”
“No one can save you!”
“Wanna bet?”
“Oh, thank goodness it’s you!”
“Will you please remove him from my sight?”
“What have you done to her?”
“Me? It’s her!”
“Oh! An unspoken attraction!”
“*Attraction*? To that skinny little brat? Have you lost your mind?”
“I was only asking a simple question…”
“Attraction… ridiculous!”
“Stress, it’s a killer.”
“She/he certainly has a mind of her/his own.”
“Yeah. I hate that in a woman/man.”
“It’s a perfect ending.”
“No. It’s a perfect beginning.”
“What? Hey – why are you circling me? What were you, a vulture in another life?”
“It’s just that – you look an awful lot like… never mind.”
“I don’t believe we told her that…”
“Stop this car immediately! STOP THIS CAR!”
“That’s what I hate about this government. Everything’s in red.”
“What do they teach you in those orphanages?”
“What is it with you and homes?”
“All right! I couldn’t have said it better myself!”
“That, uh, that dress looks really good on you.”
“I feel a little… dizzy.”
“You don’t know if it’s a lie. What if it’s true?”
“I remember now how much I loved them.”
“They would not want us to live in the past, not now that we have found each other.”
“This can only end in tears!”
“Uh, the dog stays.”
“I’m allergic to dogs.”
“You’d better go.”
” Stop it! From the very beginning, you lied! And I not only believed you, I actually…”
“Look I think we got off on the wrong foot.”
“I’m telling you we’re walking away too soon!”
“I’m telling you I’ve got it all under control.”
“What do you want then?”
“I am calm. I am heartless. I have no fear whatsoever.”
“I want to wish you good luck, I guess.”
“You’ll stop at nothing, will you?”
“I’m probably about as stubborn as you are.”

Credit to blackvirus24601 on


I was inspired by a song called pretty crushed by Michael Carreon. I like his songs.

Nearly every day, a beautiful brunette comes into the café I work at with her blonde friend. I never spoken to either one of them, but something about the brunette with the brown eyes draws me in. Almost like a moth to a light. I have this insane crush on her that I can’t explain. I don’t even know her name and that’s the crazy part. She only ever gets called honey by her blonde friend. Well that’s all I ever hear her get called.

I see her walk it, her beautiful brown locks bounce with each step that she takes. I hear her laugh at something her friend said, and the butterflies make an uproar in my stomach. What is she doing to me? Why can’t I find the courage to talk to her?

I’ve worked here for almost a year that I have been in college. I needed some money while I’m in college.

I should just say hi, wave, do something. Come on, Lucas, anything. I can’t keep stealing glances at her. I’m pretty sure it looks creepy, but she is just so beautiful.

“Yo, Luke!” I hear my best friend, Zay, shout­­ that snaps me back to reality. 
“Hey. It’s nice of you to finally grace us with your presence. You’re late." 
"Well you see, I had a late night last night. I met this girl-“ I zone out while Zay is telling me about his night. My attention is solely on the brown eyed girl. “Hey man, it isn’t nice to ignore someone.” Zay snaps at me.

“Sorry,” I say with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. “Just get to work.” I turn my back to Zay and starts wiping down the counters.

I go around Topanga’s wiping down the tables. I get closer and closer to where the two girls are sitting. I know I shouldn’t, but my curiosity gets the best of me. I listen in on the brunette and blonde’s conversation.

“So, you and Charlie?” I hear the blonde say to the brunette. She has a boyfriend? She only ever comes in here with the blonde.
“We are just friends. Nothing more,” the brunette says.
Maya scruffs, “I say you give the poor guy a chance.” No, no she shouldn’t. I need to stop being a pansy and talk to her. Ask her out.

“Maya,” so I know the blonde girl’s name, “I’m not going to do that. I don’t feel anything for him. Plus, there is someone.” Of course there is someone. She is gorgeous. I bet she’s an amazing person. Anyone that is this beautiful on the outside, has to have a personality that matches.

“Oh yeah the mystery guy. Who is it? You’re so secretive about him.”

“I don’t know much about him.” I should have made a move when I had a chance. If I ever did have a chance.

“C’mon Riles, you don’t have to lie.” Riles? Is that a nickname or is that her real name?

“Can we help you?” The blonde asks. Shit I must have been staring.

“Oh no. I was wondering if y’all were done, so I can clean up?” I think on my toes.

“Y’all? You some cowboy or something?” The blonde teases.
“Maya! Sorry, she kind of has no filter. It’s okay I can clean up this mess.” Her voice makes my heart flutter.

“Honey, let Huckleberry do his job. Your mom hired him for a reason.”

“M-m-mom?” I stutter out.
“Yeah. Topanga is this little plant’s mom.” Maya says pointing to the brunette. I don’t say anything. How did I not know this? The owner of the café I work at is the beautiful brunette’s mom.

“Well, we better get going Peaches. I’ll get this,” she gestures to the cups on the table. Before she can grab them, I reach down and pick the cups up. Our hands brush against each other, and I can see a hint of red rush to her cheeks. She’s blushing. I made her blush, maybe she is just embarrassed. “Thank you,” she pauses and looks at my name tag, “Lucas.”

“You’re welcome.” She smiles at me and her and the blonde walk out the door.

I watch her walk about the door and I’m memorized by her movement. “It’s impolite to stare.” Zay says from behind me, “so, stop staring at the boss’s daughter.”
“You’re staring at the boss’s daughter.”

“You knew what was her daughter?” He nodded, “How? I just found out. Like literally right now.”

Zay starts laughing, “You know for someone who wants to be a doctor, your pretty stupid.” He continues to laugh, “do you not notice the pictures of her hanging around behind the counters?” I look towards the counter and I’m greeted by a picture of a beautiful smile that belongs to the beautiful brunette. “That’s the girl isn’t it? The one you’re always talking about.” I don’t say anything.

“Do you know her name?” I ask a little hesitantly.

He looks at me a little shocked, “You don’t know her name?” I shake my head no. “How do you have a crush on someone that you don’t even know her name?” I shrugged my shoulders.

I don’t know what it is about the brunette hair girl, but she is something extraordinary. I see the little things that she does why she’s here in the café. She goes out of her way to help anyone around her that needs any help. I don’t know her, but I feel like I do. I just want to have the opportunity to get to know her.

Two weeks go past, and she comes in some days alone and some days with Maya. Yet, I still don’t know her name. We’d still steal glances at each other every day that is comes in. I wish I would have said something. Anything. A simple wave would have sufficed, but no I couldn’t even do that.

I see her walk in by herself. She walks to a booth in the back and sits down. She pulls out a book from her purse and I can see her already getting lost in the book. I must have been distracted staring at her because before I know it I see a sea of blonde hair block my view of the brown eyed girl. I see Maya place two smoothies down on the table and takes a seat across from her.

“Go talk to her.” Zay says nudging me.

“I’ll just make a fool out of myself. You know I’m not good at this whole flirting talking to girls thing.”

I hear him laugh, “Yeah, I know!” I hear sarcasm in his voice. “I remember you always just putting your foot in your mouth.” I roll my eyes and he continues to laugh. “I still think you should go talk to her.” I shrug my shoulders, “Man, grow a pair and just-“ I get distracted by the two girls snickering. I hear the brunette’s giggle and I can’t help but smile. “There you go ignoring me again. Rude.”

“Yeah yeah yeah. Sorry.”

“Go talk to her.” I see him look over my shoulder.

I glare at him, “I’m not going to talk to-“
He cuts me off, “Lucas.”
“And you talk about me being rude.” I scruff. “You just-“
“Turn around man and shut up.”

I turn my body and I see the brunette walking towards me. Is she walking towards me? Oh god there goes my heart. It’s racing. I see Zay walk away. Great. I need to calm down.

“Hey.” Her voice is soft and sweet.

“H-h-hi.” I mumble out.

“Hey.” She laughs a little, “I normally don’t do this, and by your stuttering I can guess that you don’t either.” I laugh a little to try to let out some nerves. “I’m normally not so forward and I’ll probably start rambling. My friend, Maya, “ she gestures to the blonde, “has this ridiculous idea that you might possibly have a thing for. I mean look at you and look at me. There is no way.” Is she serious right now? She is gorgeous. “I usually just brush these type of things off. I’m actually never brave enough to even do this. I’m too scared that I’ll look silly.” She lets out a little laugh. She is actually really cute when she rambles. “But if I didn’t say something I’d probably regret it. So, what I’m trying to if you are busy this Friday?”

“I, uh, I-“

She cuts me off, “This was a stupid idea. I’m sorry. I’ll just go-“

“No, no. I’m not busy Friday.” I see her eyes light up.

“Would you like to maybe go out on a date with me?”

My eyes go wide and I can’t control my mouth, “YES!” She laughs. That was louder than I intended.

“Well, here’s my number.” She hands me a piece of paper. “I wrote it down just in case things ended good. I was a little hopeful,” she laughs. “Just text or call me and we’ll make plans.”

“Okay.” I smile so big it hurts my cheeks.

She turns around to walk away. “Hey wait,” she turns back to me. “I should already know it, but what’s your name?”
Again she giggles, and I think it’s the cutest thing. “It’s Riley.”

“I love it.”

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The thing is, if there was a baby, it would be going exactly as it is now. Blacklisted and such. My friend who is not 1d at all was like "yeah I bet they just don't talk about it" and she thinks it's completely real. The only thing that's weird is how it was announced but 1d has never done anything normally.

Anon, weird things about this baby story:

- the way it was announced

- the timing (2 months-1month in, depending on what version you prefer to follow)

- the fact that it’s been brought up a billion time but up to today, 5 months later, we still don’t have an official rep statement

- the fact that Louis and Liam threw a fake baby away two weeks before the story broke down, inexplicably repeating “it’s not real”

- the shape, position and dimension of the belly

- the complete lack of congratulations and involvement by ANYONE (exception made for Kevin Jonas and Simon Cowell- you see the comic aspect of this, right?)

- the fact that they had a “pregnant” woman stand in the middle of an arena with no one but a 15 yo girl watching out for her for 6 nights in a row

- the fact that the bears do have their own bodyguards 

- her social media being cleaned up months before the alleged flirt started

- her grandmother literally leaked pics of them being close in a club

- we were made to believe that she and her mum went shopping with Louis’s family, but were sadly hidden by a plant

- the date of the birth keeps shifting in accord of what’s more convenient for 1dhq

- everybody looks like they’d rather be watching an episode of Masterchef Morocco than being there while questions about it are made

- the fact that the topic is blacklisted

- Louis, as we know him, is behaving so bad from day 1

- a professional was called to organise their outings (in low profile clubs where many people could see them hang out together) and be sure they were papped for weeks

- Louis went out clubbing, partying, having dinner with Harry for 4 years without no one ever knowing (because that’s what you do when you need privacy)

And this is coming to me with no order, while I’m tired. You could write a book out of the inconsistencies of this ridiculous stunt. You have to concentrate to find out something that ISN’T weird. 

Simon has handled Zayn’s departure very oddly. He’s not been telling a consistent story.

On the James Corden show, he said he wanted to jump off a cliff, which was probably actually the case. Zayn leaving is going to cost him money. It’s going to cost Sony money. It’s going to cost everyone money. So, yeah, I bet he was begging on his hands and knees for Zayn to stay. He goes on to say that Zayn’s been unhappy for a while and has wanted to quit for a while and that when the decision was made, there was nothing he could do. Simon wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try and convince Zayn otherwise if it happened THAT day. I think Zayn decided he wanted out last year, and Simon and their team have done everything they could to get him to stay since then. After that angle was lost, I assume they went into solo career talks. Zayn would have been ripped apart by lawsuits if he left prematurely. Of all the research I’ve done, that’s mostly what suits come down to - artists leaving before their contracts expire. It must have been a litigation nightmare. I bet Simon is telling a version of the truth, but what he condenses into a couple of days probably was a couple of months. Zayn wanted to quit, Simon tried to tell him not to, solo contracts were arranged, Zayn left. Simon’s behavior in this interview is just weird. He keeps scratching his face, which is a sign of deceit. He’s not telling the truth here. And he handled the future of 1D question very, very oddly.

In the Sugarscape interview, he acts even more agitated. He rarely looks at the interviewer, he keeps fidgeting, scratching at his face, and that’s not the behavior I expect from Simon Cowell. He keeps stressing how talented they are, how Zayn needs a break, and how the other four have got a bright future. He says the other four were “surprised and shocked” but then “got over it” or “got used to it” which I’m not sure how that happened over the course of a few days. You don’t just get used to it when a fifth of your band leaves unexpectedly.

Now on Good Morning Britain, he says there was no warning, nothing.

The boys said on Corden that people on the outside could tell, that Zayn wasn’t happy, that they were angry and disappointed when he made his decision. They all repeat the mantra of it’s fine now. But, they’ve all handled this oddly, especially Simon. I would think he would have a very refined idea of what happened and how to spin it. They seemed to have been sticking to the party line of “he wasn’t happy for a while, we tried to get him to stay, he decided he didn’t want to, he left, they deal with it.” But, now, Simon’s acting like he had no idea and was completely blindsided. The timeline changes with every interview. With James Corden, it sounded like it was maybe over the course of a couple of weeks. With Sugarscape, it was long enough for them to get used to it. With GMB, it was completely sudden. The boys made it seem like they’d known it was going to happen for a while, almost like they expected everyone to have been able to see it for a while. It’s a messy situation, so I’m not surprised that the story has been a little erratic. What surprises me is that Simon keeps going back and forth, and he looks extremely uncomfortable when speaking about it.

Mechanics of Poetry - Ch. 2

Chapter One on Tumblr || the whole thing on AO3

They’re listening to a playlist of 1940s big band music, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, and for reasons Dex doesn’t really understand, Uptown Funk. Nursey’s humming along under his breath, the wind from the open windows ruffling his hair. He’s eaten most of the cookies Granny Poindexter sent them with, and seems to be pretty happy. Dex isn’t sure he’s really seen Nursey happy before. He’s usually too fucking “chill” to emote like a normal human being. Of course, Dex is sort of one to talk.

By the time they reach the border of Massachusetts, the group text is pinging every few seconds. Everyone is coordinating their arrival for Jack’s birthday, and Holster and Ransom have informed the two of them that they’ll be crashing in their attic. Shitty’s driving down from Cambridge and he and Lardo have plans to abscond with their old room – currently occupied by Tango. Jack, being a true gentleman, has offered to sleep on an air mattress in Bitty’s room during the festivities so that Chowder can keep his room.

“But we both know that he’s doing that so that he and Bitty can have birthday sex,” Nursey points out. Since Dex is driving, Nursey’s been reading the group text aloud with editorial comments.

“Yeah, and hopefully Ransom and Holster aren’t actually dating,” Dex says.

“Why?” Nursey asks. “Don’t you want them to be happy?”

“Yeah, I do, but I don’t want to share a room with them when they’re drunk and dating and trying to get handsy,” Dex says.

Nursey looks up from his phone with distant horror. “That’s a really good point.”

“But I brought the air mattress so we can just stick them on that,” Dex says. Nursey nods. He still looks unnerved by the possibility that they might be stuck in the attic with Ransom and Holster while they have sex.

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So "Chapter 32" won't be coming out this week? (If so, WHY ISHIDA WHY.) At least Dork!Arima has seemingly been confirmed. Clearly Haise takes after his papa greatly. Imagine Akira having to put up with that. Also imagine Take having to put up with 7 years of Arima-dorkery.

Doesn’t seem like it… I think we’re only getting ch. 31.5 this issue.


I mean, Arima fighting with an umbrella and falling asleep in battle? Seriously??

And yeah I bet Akira and Take (and Ui too) are so done with Arima.