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Classic Rock Fan Problem #1

When someone asks who your crush is and once you answer they reply with “who?” So you tell them to google them and once they do they’re like “ewwwww he’s a raisin”……ya kinda just sigh, take their phone, and type in ‘young’ after their name.

okay so i already made this post about my jaxcon experience, but i wanted to make a separate post just about jensen because there is something about him that i never noticed watching him on film but in real life it was cuckoo bananas all right here we go~

when jensen came out on stage for the concert saturday night, he was not introduced, the song had already started, he didn’t say anything, he just busted through the curtain and grabbed the mic and immediately started singing. when there was a musical break, he left the stage (and took the mic with him, the only indication that he was coming back) and only returned when it was time to sing again, and when the song was over he disappeared and didn’t come back for the rest of the concert. he moved with such confidence and self-assuredness as if he knew that he owned the asses of every single person in the room. it was somewhat shocking because a) that’s definitely not how he used to act about singing in front of a crowd and b) all of the other actors at the convention seemed so approachable and chill and therefore jensen looking like a goddamn rockstar was a very stark contrast.

i didn’t really think much of it, though, until i was waiting in line for my cockles photo op. i was already in the room when jensen came in through the side door, and he just sort of……glided? or maybe it’s more of a stride? he walks with such purpose, like if i passed him on the street i would feel the need to get out of his way. again, let me reiterate: he came into the room like he owned the place. 

now i’ve already explained that meeting misha just felt like meeting a dad, like i didn’t feel like i was meeting a famous person at all. but then i was face-to-face with jensen and i was like “oh shit this is a famous person.” he carries himself in such a way that you know that he knows exactly who he is and what he’s doing.

so this might sound like i think jensen is an arrogant prick, but that’s not what i’m saying at all. it IS intimidating to see such physical confidence, but it’s also enticing and intriguing. i know i’m being extremely cheesy, but i felt myself drawn to his poise and grace. 

to be clear, i’m only talking in the physical sense now. i don’t think there’s a clumsy bone in jensen’s body. i don’t think he’s even aware that he has an unidentifiable physical quality that exclaims “i am an important person” when he walks into a room. 

all of that being said, the second jensen opens his mouth all of the nonsense i’ve just explained disappears and he turns into an embarrassing nerd dad. 

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  • Friend: So I started watching Attack on Titan.
  • Me: OMFG REALLY! Do you like it?
  • Friend: Yeah, I love Marco, he's so kind I really hope he gets together with Jean.
  • Me: ........yeah?
  • Friend : And Reiner is so awesome! I bet he'll be the one to take down the Armoured Titan!
  • Me: ...yeah?
  • Friend: Oh and Bertholdt is soooo sweet, he'd never hurt a fly! And he's soooo tall, if I didn't know any better I'd say he was the Colossal Titan! Lmao.
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: ....why are you crying?

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(hope you're feeing better!) Donna actually compliments the Doctor on a place he's taken her.

I’m actually very sad that we aren’t getting to see the beautiful dysfunctional human disaster clint barton in the mcu. like yeah I bet he would’ve at some point in the future have had a family but it was never that easy for him and skipping over his beginning and his struggles with maintaining close relationships and the metric ton of issues he’s had to go through and going straight for the happy ending leaves him feeling hollow on screen. 

I’d give anything to see the world’s best marksman be the most human of them all and getting beat up and fucking up relationships and waking up alone in his flat and drinking coffee straight from the pot. It is so IMPORTANT and it makes him feel so REAL that he is STRUGGLING not with the weight of the past or the responsibility of being a genius or a god but with being a PERSON. That’s what Clint Barton is all about.


The photos above are my personal reasons that I could not care an ounce that Tom Hardy is “only” 5'9" and has “wonky teeth”…. Happy Birthday Mr. Hardy… September 15, 1977 and also the following…

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~Block B, BTS and Bigbang Reaction~

Hello. Could you do a Block B, BTS and Big Bang reaction when you have a tiger as a pet? (I prefer tigers to be in the wild and all but I think their reactions would be funny)     - Anon.

Block B: 

B Bomb:

You: Minhyuk-ah come meet my pet Tiger! 

B bomb: Uhhh… Tiger? O_O


Oh she wasn’t kidding, huh? “He’s, uh, cool jagi.. I’ll just stay over here thanks but yeah he’s cute…” *stays as far away as he can*


Yeah I bet you think you’re hot shit huh Tiger? I can roar too… *rawr so scary*


*can’t believe you were serious*
“You love the tiger more than me don’t you?… Well he’s not getting any of my food..” 


At first he’d be like: 

Then he’d be like: 

(The dog is the Tiger obvi)


To P.O: That thing is eyeballing me… just… do something cute to distract it… 

P.O: Uh… okay *oblivious aegyo* 


“Okay lil’ tiger… SIT!” *smiles and waits for nothing to happen*



“Uhhh, hi tiger…. bye tiger…” *gets the fuck out of there*


Ahhhhh is she really going to make me pet it?… 


“Wooooooooah, nice!" 


"I thought you said you had a cat…" 


"Oh yeah? Well I have a lion… mine has a belly button…” *^v^*


“I’d love to meet your ‘tiger’– OH IT’S A REAL TIGER.” *o_o*


“But how did you even get one of those?” *baffled*

Bonus: BTS all reacting together lmao… the gif explains itself haha



“Oh you were serious?..” 


*already featuring your pet in his vids*


“Jagiya… why is there a tiger in my bed?…” *too sleepy to care*


“Nope. I’ll stay right behind these bars where I’m safe, thank you…" 


"Huh?!” *giggles* “No wayyyy…"