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He’s been through Hell, god knows it was worse than hell. He watched his friends die, he took the burden of being the leader on his shoulders, he protected everyone risking his own life, he did everything to make it better

he’s only seventeen

he made it to Paradise only to find out that the closest person to him was killed by his best friend

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I still think this is the fandom giving this friendship too much attention, pretty much the same thing that happened with the Azoff. The fact that it's so transparent it's because they always loved to show us that Harry's friends are not part of the band, and always pushed him vs the others.

Fair enough, that’s definitely one possible explanation. That also fits with Nick and Cal and Ben and Jeff and so on. The closer Harry appears to be to people who are not his bandmates, the more separate he appears to be – and hanging out with their families definitely makes him look close to them.

At any rate, for whatever it’s worth and however you want to take it, jennfur ate at that restaurant literally /last night/, and she just said:

A new giveaway blog confession blog has sprung up. So, I’d like to make a public appeal.

garchompgiveawayconfessions, I have no doubt you’re aware of current events in the community. While I see you have gathered some support, many of us in the community are still uneasy about a confession blog involving us. We’re aware you have declared that you will deal in only positive confessions, but that does not alleviate our concerns (and perhaps even aggravates other).

I am not making this post to start drama, and would like to avoid unnecessary drama at all costs. I am sure you’re aware the blog before you did not respond lightly to the concerns we raised. They refused to address the situation in a productive or mature manner. I had originally contacted them directly with my concerns and made them public when I received no response. In light of this, I have decided to make my initial correspondence with this new blog entirely public for transparency.

We have multiple concerns, many of which can be found in >this post<. With many of us having experience with confession blogs or similar, we feel these concerns are valid. It is a reasonable and fair to request of you that you address our concerns in a professional manner. We understand you have pledged to create a positive experience, and as some are uneasy with the concept of your blog I feel it is not out of line to have you consider our feelings and fears and make a statement on them. 

We do not intend on depriving people of an experience. However, if it is compulsory that giveaway blogs are to be involved (as we are if the blog is regarding giveaway blogs), we feel it would be fair to us to deal with the issues we have or default us to non-participation unless we elect to opt in. We understand that you may have a different opinion on matters, as we hope you understand the same about us, but we would still like to discuss this situation in a productive and mature manner so that we can find a workable middle ground.


(Once again, to anyone reading this: Please do not send this blog anon hate. Or hate in general. That is never okay. You are allowed to voice dissatisfaction, but do it in a productive and mature manner. Don’t be a dingle.)

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You and dippy fanfic. Diptpy: HEL LO . You: OH MAI GODSH IHI DIPER . DIpTY: LETS GO IN ADVENTURE E YOU: OH MA GEUDH EIYES . DIPEYTY: but promise me there will be no demon summoning. You: okay I promise. You both go on the adventure when suddenly HOLY SHIT YOU SUMMON A DEMON. DIPPERYUET: GOD DAMN IR WHAT THE FUCK IDID I SAY. yoU: I COULDNT HELP MY SELF KM SORRY DIPYLRY. dip: it's okay I forgive you. The end.

I’M LAUGHING SO HARD, HOLY COW! You are a genius, good anon.

I rate this A+++!

pixel version of amazingphil’s bedroom! 👾

MYSTERY INCORPORATED (For the keep out signs always ignored, for the suburban air that rots like the benevolence of Coolsville’s citizens, for exorcising ghouls and unmasking the fakes. ) — a suburban gothic playlist for the meddling kids and their stupid dog.

i. bela lugosi’s dead  - nouvelle vague, ii. shadow of a shadow - the casket girls, iii. gravedweller  - the wytches, iv. youth knows no pain - lykke li, v. friends - band of skulls, vi. deadbeat - a place to bury strangers, vii. free the skull - moon duo, viii. a question isn’t answered - temples, ix. haunt you - the pack a.d., x. attack of the ghost riders - the raveonettes, xi. wolf like me - tv on the radio

let me just paint a picture for you real quick. luke has you in bed after you had just taken a bath together, neither of you had been able to towel off. luke’s looking down at you underneath him, a few droplets of water from his disheveled blonde hair splashing down against your forehead. closing your eyes, you scrunch up your nose giggling while you whine, “luuuke, you’re getting me wet!” after which you reopen your eyes only to see the faintest smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he says, “don’t i always, baby?” before you even get the chance to tell him to shut up a chill runs down your spine, a quiet gasp escaping your lips as luke’s calloused finger tips gently brush against your shoulders, the simplest touch from him always igniting an indescribable feeling inside you. his hand slid to gently grip the back of your neck lifting your head just a bit as he leaned forward to connect your lips. getting lost in the feeling of kissing luke- tasting his lips, you break away from him letting a rasped moan escape as you feel one of his hands slide between your thighs, gently tracing over your folds before moving to rub that bundle of nerves that sends a euphoric shock throughout your body. luke playfully nips at your bottom lip before pulling back from you to look into your eyes as he asks, “want you to ride me, baby, think you can do that?” and he can feel his cock throb as you bite your lip, squeezing your eyes shut quickly nodding your head, your own craving to feel luke inside of you taking over. as you situated yourself on top of him, one of his hands held on to your side as the other guided his length towards your core as you sank down onto his cock. your fingernails scratched their way from his pecs down to his soft abs, luke tugging on his lip ring as he hissed at the painfully pleasurable sensation. you rocked your hips against him making sure to keep a smooth pace, the feeling like he reached every spot he possibly could inside of you was consuming. luke alternated between rubbing circles against your clit and holding you close as you leaned over him, taking turns capturing each of your nipples in his mouth. he suckled them gently making sure to leave each one red and slightly puffy before moving on to the next. your hair hung down perfectly framing your face as you looked at luke, his blue eyes burning back into yours as he contemplated his next move. coincidentally you both decided to lean in and kiss each other causing your foreheads to bump together harder than intended. your hips came to a halt as you sunk down to your elbows burying your head in the crook of luke’s neck laughing, luke’s own giggle vibrating against the shell of your ear as the two of you found humor in your inability to coordinate. part of what makes making love to luke so incredible, beyond the intimacy and pure pleasure of it all, was the fact that everything could feel so picture perfect only to be turned into fits of laughter as the reality of your clumsiness broke in. “are you okay?” luke asked, lips brushing just against the shell of your ear and as you nodded your head. pressing a gentle kiss to the edge of your jaw, he flipped you over so he was now on top of you. all ruminants of laughter were replaced by shock of his unanticipated position change. he quickly slipped back inside of you, hips immediately rocking against yours as the bubbling feeling in the pit of your stomach built up again. the mood in the room being set back to one of pure desperation, the only sound heard was a melodic mixture of your sweet moans and luke’s determined grunts. his hand moved to press down firmly against your lower abdomen as he asked, “can you feel me, babygirl? feel me deep inside of you??” as if the high pitched moan that ripped from your throat wasn’t indication enough, your shaken answer of “y-yes, luke. fuck, so- so deep!” gave him all the clarification he could need. your legs tightened around his waist as your pussy squeezed down around him, gasps of air being the only sound you could make as your orgasm pulsed throughout your body, pleasure covering every inch of you. luke’s orgasm followed shortly after your own, sloppy, frantic kisses being placed to your lips as quick, stuttered “i love you”’s followed. a sheet of sweat covered each of your bodies in the aftermath, luke keeping his cock tightly buried inside of you even as it began to soften but you made no complaint because you knew you would miss the feeling of being full with him as soon as he pulled out. when he finally did, your hips twitched still sensitive from only minutes prior but you were easily distracted by his lips sucking sweet marks against your collar bone. “i don’t deserve you,” he whispered against your skin, “but i’m so glad i have you.” you let out an exasperated sigh knowing if anyone here was unworthy it surely wasn’t him. rather than fighting him you chose to ignore him, snuggling against his side instead, luke’s arm protectively draping over you as you dozed off to the sound of his heart still racing inside his chest.

This is Night Vale !

Inspired by this famous song ~

Would having your period be worth it if it meant that you could have telekinesis for that period of time?

I’m talking total control of it. So like. At least you wouldn’t have to get up out of bed.

Also The worse your cramps are. The stronger your powers are as well. Hell you could be a temporary super hero.

OR would you rather just not deal with periods. Period.

i’m fucking proud of 5sos and how they are growing up musically and mentally

                   draco malfoy was a rich, attractive, pureblood blood supremacist boy who never missed an opportunity to bully harry (making fun of him for being an orphan, losing his godfather, being scared of dementors, etc), make fun of ron and his family for being poor, insulting neville, and constantly calling hermione a ‘mudblood’. he does not have a redemption arc, and is never seen being sorry for any of the horrible things he has done in his life. people excuse his racism because it’s ‘how he was raised’ and talk about how he did the things he did out of outside pressure. he lets death eaters into a school full of children to kill someone. bill is mauled with an injury that affects him for life; dumbledore is murdered. but apparently being unable to murder someone in cold blood counts as ‘redemption’. the only evidence that he changes at all is jk’s handwavy ‘he’s a better person when he’s older’ stuff. there is nothing in canon. he’s a favourite among fans, and people talk about him like he’s a wonderful person who should be praised and let off with everything he’s done. it’s perfect acceptable to have him as a favourite, and to ship him with anyone (even hermione, the main victim of his racist bullying).

                   james potter was a rich, attractive, pureblood boy who never missed an opportunity to bully snape (making fun of him for being ugly, a slytherin, unclean (most definitely a product of his neglect), etc) .he bullies him because ‘he exists, if you know what i mean.’ and because lily and snape are friends, and lily won’t go out with him. he  walks around ‘hexing anyone who annoys [him] just because [he] can.’ and constantly harasses lily. -asking her out, threatening to hurt her, trying to emotionally blackmail her into dating him, etc. he gets away with bullying for years, bases his relationship with lily on a lie (that he’s stopped bullying), and yet people idolise the ground he walks on. they think he’s funny, good looking, charming. that he’d be a feminist. there are countless people who blog cute headcanons about him and his friends without once talking about his bullying. or worse, they claim it didn’t happen. or, even worse, they go full victim-blaming and say snape had it coming. that an eleven year old boy deserved to have his school years made hell because he ‘exists’ and is friends with a girl. the fact that he was a good friend and fought for the light means everything bad he did doesn’t matter. it’s perfectly acceptable to have him as a favourite, and jily is praised as a perfect ship.          

                    severus snape is a poor, ugly, halfblood boy, who was canonically abused/neglected by a muggle as a child. he has one person in his life who is kind to him. all adults treat him terribly - either condoning his abuse, treating him like he deserves it, or acting like he should thank his abusers. after being neglected/abused his whole life, he goes off to hogwarts (a place that he should finally be able to be himself and feel safe and like he belongs) and within moments of even stepping foot onto the train he’s singled out by sirius and james and a victim. they then spend the next seven years bullying this boy ‘relentlessly’. snape faces huge pressure from outside sources to join the death eaters, but he holds off for years. he’s unable to exist as an island with only one friend, and is forced to spend time with his housemates. he gradually is immersed further into their company, till his morals and self of self are blurred. while being borderline sexually assaulted, he lashes out and calls lily a ‘mudblood’. he’s vilified for this forever. he doesn’t complain about it, or try to threaten her. he doesn’t act the victim and make excuses. he doesn’t say ‘what is it with her?’ like james when lily doesn’t want anything to do with him. he’s genuinely apologetic, and when she asks him to leave her alone, he does. forever. without anyone who cares about him, he loses his reservations and joins the death eaters. he has an unintentional role in lily’s death, and he feels so guilty that he dedicates his life to protecting her son, because he knows how much he means to her, and wants to do right by her. when she dies, his grief and guilt is manipulated by dumbledore to convince him of this. but, since he’s physically unable to just, idk, make himself stop loving lily (which everyone can do, ofc), he’s entirely seen as a creep, unfeminist, a misogynist. never mind that he never once complains about lily not choosing him. never mind that he refers to her as ‘lily potter’ because he recognises that she chose to marry james, and won’t take that away from her (like a misogynist would). he calls neville names, and treats harry unfairly, and occasionally insults hermione. his experiences have shaped him into an unpleasant, bitter, rather cruel person. he’s also one of the few teachers that consistently protects the children in his care, and never intentionally puts them in danger (unlike mcgonagall and hagrid). he puts up with harry and co being shits to him (anyone remember that time they set him on fire) they steal from him, disrespect him, and harry p much constantly assumes he’s the big bad of each book and treats him accordingly. (it’s pretty much everyone saying ‘seriously, harry, it’s not snape.’ with harry replying ‘it’s fucking snape, i know it.’) snape complains to dumbledore, and treats harry worse in retaliation (their relationship is just one big example of escalation). snape is forced (by that person) to kill the only person he trusts (and who doesn’t think he’s evil and irredeemable), he’s forced to go through torture, face the person who murdered the only person who cared about him, forced to lie to everyone he knows, and is never allowed to talk about the things he’s been through because it would break his cover. he’s probably the richest, most complex character in the series, and people ignore his canon experiences and actions and write posts with tens of thousands of notes praising draco and james, and simplifying snape to a ‘friendzoned child abuser blood supremacist who wanted to bang lily evans’. anyone seen talking about snape in a positive light, or god forbid liking him as a character, is immediately attacked. they’re told they ‘condone chid bullying’. they’re treated like shit, because they like the character. nevermind that most people who like snape do so because they identify with him (the person who identifies with him the most, is, funnily enough, harry –but people don’t want to think about that). the exact same things that you use to excuse your faves, you use to demonize snape. People will say ‘I know it doesn’t excuse his actions, but I really think people need to take snape’s childhood and the kind of pressures he would’ve faced with his life and being a half-blood in slytherin at the time.’ and they’ll be accused of making excuses for him. even though that’s the thing that gets most people to forgive draco. there’s no ‘he was 15! everyone’s an idiot when they’re 15!’ boys will be boys BS for snape, just james.

Look. If you’re a james or draco fan that likes them but doesn’t deny/ignore the bad things they’ve done, because despite the bad you can still see the good and can relate to them, then brilliant. I respect you. keep on keeping on. that’s how we feel. this isn’t aimed at you, and sorry I’m being callous about your faves. this is entirely aimed at those people who will idolise draco and james and completely ignore the fact that draco during his Hogwarts years is completely pro blood purity and that james relentlessly bullies a vulnerable, disadvantaged boy for seven years with no punishment. I’m very tired of snape being held to this ridiculous standard and being demonized for things that other characters easily get away with. you want to say that snape being unfair in regards to points with harry and frequently calling him arrogant in class ‘because he hates his father’ makes him an irredeemable child abuser? okay. where are the hundreds of 50k notes posts discussing the time that hagrid’s pissed with Vernon so he decides to physically disfigure his 11 year old son? Dudley is terrified to the point of hysterics at the idea of magic for years because of that. he needs surgery. because hagrid lost his temper and decided to physically hurt the man he was mad at’s son to deal with it. we aren’t going to talk about hagrid making fun of a young child’s weight? really? what about the countless other times teachers have mocked the kids? McGonagall insults neville’s intelligence in front of a large number of the school and his peers twice. she locks him out of Gryffindor when there’s a mass murderer on the loose because he made a genuine mistake. he could very easily have died. where are the posts calling her a vile child abuser? she’s hermione’s boggart. if you claim context isn’t relevant to neville’s boggart, then it isn’t to hermione’s. it’s mcgonagall, and that’s all that apparently matters. I am sick of this.

your opinion on a fictional character does not define you as a person. If you acknowledge that the characters have faults and don’t ignore the bad things they have done, then go ahead and like them all you want. you should not try to force people to have the same opinions on fictional people as you do. stop it.

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Made using MOSTLY 90 and 45° angles (don’t really know how to say it, but you get what I mean hehehe)

well that was fun and challenging, certainly not something I usually do :D

I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist