dan acknowledged the confusion of sexuality and I can’t even admit that to my two friends yet he willingly ‘admitted’ it to millions of people and that’s something I look up to

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This is a weird ask and I'm sorry to bother you but I'm kinda looking for some advice. My self inserts OCs always start as me but they very quickly stop being me? Like they just become their own character and that's not always a bad thing but I just want a self insert to actually feel like me? I don't know how to either a) make an actually decent version of me because all the ones I've tried to make are trashy bc I'm gross or b) make a self insert OC who kinda still feels like me. Got any tips?


As someone whose self inserts are typically literally herself, I would say to maybe make your self inserts very true to your own physical appearance, and give them an altered version of your own upbringing and backstory that suits the context of the setting you’re inserting into.

And like it’s always fun for me to consider how I, personally, would interact with other characters, given what I know about how I interact with real people! It’s fun to imagine what so and so character would think of this trait about me, or the way I talk, or how I feel about so and so subject. 

One thing I always find really fun is imagining how my personality would influence the environment and characters around me, rather than everything characters influencing me as much. Of course, considering your self insert would likely have grown up in the setting, you do have to adjust some things about yourself to fit the world, but you have impact on the world, too! 

These are just some of the things I think about… if you need more help, let me know! And if you want help with specific stuff, feel free to ask! I like figuring out character stuff so I’d be willing to give some feedback~

860. The reason that Snape's patronus was a doe was because he was obsessed with Lily; he didn't love her. The reason that James' was a stag was because he loved her, and they fit together perfectly. There's a difference between obsession and love, and Snape never figured that out.

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We are just alike. You’re as alone as I am.

Hello, everyone!
I finally managed to finish something, yaay! This is actually not my first version of this drawing, but I went too overboard with details on the first version and decided to settle for this one xD
Anyway, I hope you are all doing great and having an amazing day <3

Also, I’m almost reaching 300 followers, thank you!! ❤❤ Sooo, I’m thinking about opening prompts to celebrate that. What do you guys think? c:

I’d love to hear more from you ❤ See you soon, bye \o

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Ayo Yass. Hmmm I dunno if anyone have made you this question but, since when you do art? You have any really old drawing?

This is the oldest one I could find. I don’t know how old I was when I drew this but I’m pretty sure it was around the time I was still sleeping in my parents’ room. This is glued on the door along with stickers I used to consider cool and would add style to the door.

This is really old, I mean it is in ruins. And brown. Like an old pirate’s map.

I still remember the whole picture though. It’s a farm next to a lake (the lake is obviously not seen anymore) with people swimming there and below it is a whole neighborhood with random car doodles.

I was so young when I started drawing, I don’t even remember when. But I do remember having difficulties drawing Pikachu’s zigzag tail!

As sad as this sounds, I don’t have any drawings I have when I was in young (gradeschool) anymore because I threw them all away (they were drawn in scraps and papers and not on sketchbooks so they were messy). A part of me is upset to have let them go but I like a neat cabinet and I seriously don’t want to spend 3 hours reminiscing every time I do a general cleaning around the house. It was time. In high school, most of what I drew got snatched by my friends because they liked my drawings. They took good care of them and it was heart warming. I even gave a whole sketchbook away and I didn’t seem to mind (odd, present ‘me’ would never do that). I wasn’t so serious with art back then, I guess.

Junkrat would probably hate Hanzo for saying “with every death comes honour. With honour, redemption” cause it’s so easy for him to say. Jamie’s sure Hanzo doesn’t have any idea of what it’s like to starve or what it’s like to walk 30 miles for water or what it’s like to sleep on the sizzling hot desert ground. For Jamie, dying would have been the easy solution, instead he sacrificed his arm and leg, hell even some part of his sanity, just in order to survive. The idea of seeing something poetic in death just sickens Jamie, cause it took so much of him to avoid it.

Okay, so I get why people are disappointed and pissed off over Hallow’s pacing so far. They are going very fast - too fast, in my opinion. But I think I know why. 

DGM Hallow was marketed from the start as the Alma Karma arc, but they only have 13 episodes to squeeze all that content in. They’re rushing to get to the “important” part.

That really sucks for the fans (myself included) who like the Phantom Thief G arc and other arcs preceding Alma Karma. But I’m thinking once they reach the Alma arc, the pace will slow down and things will improve.

Stay positive, everybody. It’s okay to be disappointed and upset, but keep the faith. It ain’t over till it’s over!