We’ve been together for such a long time, it almost feels…. Surreal.
That’s why I didn’t want to make this a big deal.
You deserve the best and even though Im such mess we’ve stuck together through thick and thin. We’ve raised 5 kids, or should I say hoes? They take after us, I guess that’s the way it goes.
You’re the light to my life, you’re my muse in the night. I don’t think I’d ever get anything done without you lighting my fuse
I hope the message comes through that I can’t live without you….
Will you finally marry me and make our love official? We can do it however you’d like 😘 Kids, let’s plan a nice reception for Jin if he says yes! @therealparkjimin @official-taetae @official-jeonjungkook @official-junghoseok @official-minsuga

Missing my braids hard af lately.
You can keep your racist comments to yourself, haven’t you been told that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery? Bugger off, m8.


Juicy J ft. 2 Chainz & Tha Joker - Zip & A Double Cup


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