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When You Tell Kylo Ren You’re A Virgin…

-He’s not entirely sure what that means; he doesn’t know much about sex, due to the age he was brought over to the Dark Side, so he’s confused by the term at first.
-When you explain it to him, he feels as though he’s overstepping boundaries even with simple touches like holding your hand and kissing your cheek, and he begins to ask permission for even the smallest things.
-You gently tell him one day that he doesn’t have to be afraid of you because of it; when you’re ready, you’ll be ready, and he doesn’t have to ask for physical affection as long as he’s sure you won’t have a problem with it.

When You Tell General Hux You’re A Virgin…

-It actually comes up during a post-date kiss with him; you’re alone together and with the way he’s kissing you, you can tell he’s hoping for a little more than just kissing.
-He’s somewhat surprised when you gently push him off, but when you explain you’re not ready and haven’t even had sex before, he keeps his surprise to himself, but looks at you, studying you for a moment.
-He apologizes sincerely; he just assumed that you’d been with someone before, and he realizes he should have asked you himself. You’re touched, and even a little proud that he’s actually admitted his fault to you.

When You Tell Captain Phasma You’re A Virgin…

-She doesn’t push you; Phasma’s soldiers have almost no sexual experience, either, and it’s very likely that she herself is a virgin.
-Phasma doesn’t bring it up again, but not out of apathy toward you. Sexual experience is really a very trivial thing to her.
-She does not tolerate anyone teasing you about being a virgin. She sees absolutely nothing wrong with never having had sex before, and she refuses to let people belittle you for it.


OP Birthdays ~ 2/6

Nico Robin

my bones are bustling with stars
and my soul lies so far away from 
a scattered dream called home

my heart beats alone against
ribs made of candysticks and
magic tricks wrapped up in a bow

my eyes are starlight set in position
upon my face, they flicker and race
across the world to try and believe

my hands are soft and childlike
with the fragile flesh and bone they hold
together my spirit as it leaves

my limbs are soft and sure
constellations concealed and revealed
against the daylight of a blue sky

my hair is smoke, wisps of it
fall against my shoulders and suffocate
me. i cant breathe as the fumes flow by

my heart is music, rhythm, pulsing throughout
the waterfalls of my veins and keeping me alive
not keeping me sane

my soul is not real, you cant see it
cant feel it. made up of dust and hope and
once tarnished by life, ruined it shall remain.

Check out this MAP part that I totally didn’t procrastinate on at all nope not me

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Curious: how does that scene seem OOC to you?


it seems ouf of character for me because of several reasons. (People that don’t know what we’re talking about is the Kili/Tauriel scene where Kili asks Tauriel is she going to search him or not)

First of all, Kili has been born and raised in a community of dwarves that have always openly disliked elves and held very heavy prejudices and grudge against them. This was very common among the dwarves in general. But remember that Kili is from the line of Durin, one of the most important dwarven families in Middle Earth. Kili knows very well how Erebor was lost and how Thranduil handled the whole situation.

Yes, Kili is more open-minded and gentle than Thorin, but he is still a dwarf and Thorin has probably taught him (and Fili) to hate the elves ever since they were little. Especially the Silvan elves, and especially Thranduil’s folk.

So when they stumble into the Silvan elves, Kili seems fascinated by them. Sure - understandable. But the fact that Thranduil’s folk captures the whole company and even directly threaten Thorin’s life (even if very briefly) and imprisons them is a very big deal.

Kili might be kind and a bit naive, but he isn’t stupid. After all, Thorin’s prejucide and hatred has just seemed to become true before his own very eyes: he is being put to a cell, treated like a criminal when he is the blood of kings and Thorin’s heir (even if he’s second in line) but a prince nevertheless.

Even if Thranduil’s folk aren’t exactly cruel towards them, they are not nice or welcoming either. The fact that there is a beautiful Silvan female elf who puts Kili into a cell shouldn’t change the fact that Kili has been captured among the whole company, put into a cell, treated like a common thief, and their whole quest endangered. After all, Kili has very clearly joined the company to prove himself to Thorin and to his own folk that he is a brave dwarf and a true heir of Durin.

I just don’t see Kili starting to flirt and joke around with an elf, no matter who the elf is. Kili seems even a bit pleased to be captured, which just seems unnatural to me. Compare his reaction to Fili’s - Fili is clearly annoyed and wary around the elves - but I hardly could picture him trying to flirt or joke around like his brother.

I don’t have any problem with Tauriel, and I love Kili, but that whole scene seemed out of character and irrelevant, even if it’s very short.

Appreciation Post

I’ve decided that sometime soon, I’m going to send each and every one of my followers a text post describing why they mean so much to me. It’s to boost your spirits and morals and whatever, and just to show that I care about you guys even if an entire ocean divides us (which for some, it’s true). 

Just warning you, keep an eye out for them!

“Pretty sure I told you all I’d be back. So I really don’t see how you’re so surprised.” Damon huffed quietly, rolling his eyes and attempting to hide his own happiness at being back in the land of the living. Sure, bringing him and Bonnie back from the dead had been difficult, but Damon saw himself as some form of miracle worker. Which was, evidently, what he’d just performed.

Professor Yoongi! Teaser/preview

I have been writing I swear, so far it’s like two thousand words and the oc/reader and Yoongi have barely communicated and i am also writing the hitman Jimin so i am writing i promise but like life is hard right now

But have another teaser!! again, it’s unedited but yeah, here you go ~ 

There’s drug and alcohol mentions btw

There was something about Min Yoongi that ensnared your attention, something about the way he’d walk into his class, seemingly tired and totally detached, and how sleep still clung to his eyelashes with dark bags hugging under his eyes.

His unconventional for teaching green hair would be fluffed up, bangs covering his forehead and sometimes a few strands at the back would stick up, an obvious sign he hasn’t long woken from slumber.

Most days he looked more student than teacher, his dark jeans ripped, boots that looked like they should belong to Jungkook and some random t-shirt with a dark beanie tugged over his mint locks to keep ears warm.

He looked like a disinterested student late for his first class.

Until, he started teaching. Min Yoongi would always start his class by taking a long sip of black coffee with no sugar - ‘i’m sweet enough, thank you very much’ he’d say if anyone asked - and then a loud exhale would leave his lips, shoulders slumping as he leaned back against his desk, the oak table digging into the back of his thighs.

He placed one hand on top of the desk, other curled around his cup as burnt umber eyes swept over the waiting young adults, his pink tongue would wet his lower lip before he started his lecture.

The way he taught was amazing, he went from bored student to passionate lecturer, pushing himself away from his desk, pacing along the front, his voice thick like he’d just woken up, and each word carefully pronounced.

As the lecture continued, sleep faded from his eyes and a passion for teaching filled the dark depths instead; if something was said that pleased or amused him, his wide gummy smile would break out, making him look even younger.

So, really, you couldn’t help but fall for Min Yoongi, for his looks and passion while teaching and during his class, Jungkook would nudge you harshly, telling you you’re freaking gross because although Min Yoongi wasn’t your teacher, he was a teacher at your college meaning he was out of bounds.


Free periods weren’t spent in the library studying because that’s where everyone went and Jungkook got too intimidated by the prettier girls on campus, especially when they got too close to him.

This meant the two of you had to find somewhere else to study that was still on campus ground, so you would still go to your next lecture. (Because let’s face it, if the pair of you left campus, you wouldn’t return until the following day.)

So, when Min Yoongi, a friend of Jungkook’s brother, and in extension, a new friend of yours and Jungkook, offered that the pair of you could sit in the back of his lecture hall when the pair of you needed somewhere to do your assignments, you agreed.

However, Min Yoongi didn’t know that the two of you would sit at the very back of his class, feet propped up, textbooks scattered around, the two of you sharing earphones and giggling quietly and no studying would be done. At all.

But, Yoongi never complained because the pair of you was quiet, and you would always bring him a black coffee from the college starbucks, sliding it on his desk with a shy smile and gentle bow making the corner of his lips quirk up slightly at your actions.

Whenever Yoongi taught his lectures with you and Jungkook at the back, doing whatever you two were doing, he’d find his eyes would always stray over to yours and if you were laughing or smiling, he couldn’t help but smile softly himself - there was something beautiful about the way you smiled and the way it lit up your face.

Sometimes, your eyes would catch his and you’d give him a shy wave or nod encouragingly at him before turning your attention back to Jungkook, Yoongi’s eyes staying on the side of your head a second longer than needed before shifting back to the board behind them.

But what really amused him, was when the pair of you would leave at the end of his lecture - and the end of your free period - and you would smile, bow to thank Yoongi for letting him use your room while Jungkook would narrow his eyes slightly, and mutter you’re freaking gross because even though you weren’t his student, you were still a student at the college he taught meaning you were out of bounds.

And that’s how it went. Shared looks, shy smiles, coffee giving and disapproving looks from Jungkook everywhere but nothing ever happened.

Nothing would ever happen, the both of you would say to yourself.


College parties were unnecessarily hyped up in the movies, in your opinion, and they were really no different from any other parties you attended before college.

Bass bounced around the house, walls shaking, brains rattling and chests thump-thump-thumping as a sweaty mass of young adults moved their bodies to the rhythm, embracing the music as the rush of alcohol, drugs and beat consumed them.

Some clutched at their cups and bottles, the contents sacred to them as they chugged it down at random intervals; dark or clear liquids sloshed with every hip sway, with every grind and they would be forgotten as lips attached themselves to breath-hitching areas on necks and shoulders.

Jeon Jungkook hated parties. Surprisingly.

and there is more to come god knows when thank you i hope you like and i hope you’re anticipating the full version!

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gender: male
height: 5′6″
average hours of sleep:Usually 6-8 hours
favourite fictional characters: (not in any order) Fubuki Shirou, Rococo Urupa, Kiyama Hiroto, Midorikawa Ryuuji, Miles Edgeworth, Ushiromiya Lion, Sebastian Debeste, Alvis, Melia, Sugawara Koushi, Tsukishima Kei, Phoenix Wright, Godot, and Kumatora. I’ll leave it at that.
favourite famous person: Chuggaaconroy
favourite books: idk
favourite bands/musicians: I don’t really have any. Most of the music I listen to comes from or is inspired by video games.
dream job: idk, something that I’m good at, and that I can use to help people. That’s really all I want.
what im wearing right now: A jacket and sweatpants.  

ok since we’re talking about love and ships, i feel like telling you guys a story

about love and rejection (tru storee)

So, once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was named Wiz. She went to a Canadian school in Canada. No dur. She had a crush on a guy named Matt who was the brother of worldofdana. Eventually, she got his phone number for some reason. She still doesn’t know why she has it, to be honest. One day, she wanted to admit the feelings of TRU MIDDEL SCHKEWL CURSH to him. Y'know, cuz he was single n shiz. She wanted in on that when they got into High School so that way she could have the talented guy all for herself. Also, he seemed pretty smart and she was (and still is) a Sapiosexual. In general, he seemed like a guy with a future. Drama skills, music skills, singing skills, overall intellect.. Basically everything.

She wanted in on that when they got into High School so that way she could have the talented guy all for herself. Also, he seemed pretty smart and she was (and still is) a Sapiosexual. In general, he seemed like a guy with a future. Drama skills, A chill attitude, music skills, singing skills, overall intellect.. Basically everything. Also he supposedly looked ‘cute’ but she doesn’t really care about how pretty he supposedly looked. She likes guys with futures.

So, one day while she was left alone in the car while her mother was out getting groceries from Sobeys, she texted him. Surprisingly enough, he texted back. 

She asked to talk to him and she needed picture confirmation it was him. He texted back with a picture. She knew what was to be done. It was now or later. 

“Matt, I’ve got a crush on you.”

“oh i’m waiting until high school for relationship

“I understand.”

This conversation was ended after that. She wasn’t asking to be accepted as his god damn girlfriend, she was just admitting a crush. He turned her bitch ass face down via text. Not that she blamed him, she was probably the ugliest girl in school with the smallest boobs.

At the end of that school year, she saw him getting all lovey dovery with some other girl. This girl was probably the hottest one in the school with what she insinuated to be the biggest boobs too. Wiz wasn’t sure if the hot girl and him hugging actually meant they were in a relationship or not, but that’s usually what a guy hugging a girl means.

She decided that she tried. Who cares. She got over it and she doesn’t blame him for the rejection. She grew attached to writing, singing, drawing and acting. She has already begun writing her first book, though it is nowhere near complete. As she writes this now, she wonders. She wonders a single thing.

“Was it his loss or mine?”

i went asexual because i don’t need no man and i’m confused on my sexuality


You’re a really great friend. We were really good friends earlier this year, but during the summer something happened, and we stopped being friends for a few months, but you’re back now. I just want to let you know, that’s all okay. I understand and respect your decision, and I really don’t care about the fact that we weren’t friends during that time, because we’re friends again now, and I’m so happy that I’ve gotten the chance to know you, and you’re just a really great friend. I love you, and I just want to say this. Stay cool.