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Hey Emy, I don't think this is a popular opinion but I sometimes wish that Brian never said "I love you" to Justin because he has always shown his love through actions, which counts more than words. Maybe it could be their own unique way of saying "fuck you" to conventionality, and of celebrating their love for one another? That being said, I still love that scene and the proposal even though I wish they took a different direction with the execution of the final season.

I get it, I do. I think one of the things that makes the Brian/Justin relationship so special is we could feel how much they loved each other, even without saying them saying the words, which isn’t the case for a lot of fictional relationships. Their love for each other shown through in every look, touch, and action, and that’s something really special to get to witness.

But I still think it was important for Brian to say those words, for a couple of reasons. First of all, because it was important to Justin to hear them, which is entirely valid. But also because it’s really about more than just the words themselves. Everybody knows Brian loves Justin, including Justin. Everybody sees it. But so long as Brian doesn’t say the words, he has an escape. If something should happen – if Justin leaves, or if Brian fucks everything up, or their relationship somehow implodes and leads to the type of pain he always said love induces – he can continue to hide behind the “I never loved him” facade. He can pretend Justin never meant anything to him, that he’s entirely unaffected by their relationship, that he’s still the same man he always was. 

But by explicitly telling Justin he loves him, Brian is taking a huge step in his emotional growth. All his fears he’s had about love, all his anxieties about relationships… they don’t matter anymore. Neither does his need to always be the one in control nor his desire to smother any sign of weakness or vulnerability. Brian is completely, utterly, irrevocably in love with Justin, and he’s not allowing fear to force him to keep that emotion hidden any longer.

That’s why I personally think it’s super important Brian ultimately said the words. Not because romantic couples need to say “I love you,” because as we’ve already established, everybody and their mother (literally) knows Brian loves Justin more than anything. But because it showed that the last of Brian’s walls that prevented him from fully opening up to another person. Brian’s entire journey in QAF was about getting to this point, where he can truly drop the Brian Kinney Persona and just be Brian, a man with a huge heart who learns to trust people in ways he never has before and be emotionally vulnerable with them and not care about the consequences. 

I do totally get what you’re saying, even though I respectfully disagree. However, I have no doubt that even though the words have now been exchanged, Brian and Justin will continue showing each other just how very much they love each other every single day for the rest of their lives. <33

People are so quick to say that Cancers are weak crybabies when that is definitely not the case. Cancers are not weak. Cancers are in fact, brave.

Most people tend to run away from their emotions. Earth moons do this and disguise their escape as practicality and responsibility while air moons disguise their escape as logical and smart. Fire moons let their emotions run wild without consequences or fear.

With Scorpio and Pisces coming close, you’re not going to find a sign like Cancer. We tell them they’re weak for showing their emotions, yet we ignore the fact that releasing your emotions is not only healthy, but a brave act to do. Cancer is the sign who will openly make themselves emotionally vulnerable because they know for a fact that it’s the truly right thing to do. While we all hide our emotions, wondering how we could possibly handle our emotional messes while underestimating this sign, Cancer is emotionally nurturing others around them, for it is the most emotionally intelligent and kind sign out there.

You really can’t say Cancers are weak. They openly put themselves out there. They let their emotions out. Most people can’t do that.

I feel like Cancers need to be appreciated for all the hard work they do. Not only do they work hard to emotionally help others, they even make the selfless act of hiding their own emotions because they know the burden of emotional nurturing.

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star
Older Sibling Headcanons

-When their younger sibling feels sick an Omega will build them a nest to nap in, the way their mother always does

-An Alpha trying to make macaroni and cheese for their younger siblings but they burn it and the smoke detector goes off and they end up with a couple of five year olds teaching them how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and saying “even YOU can’t burn that” because five year olds are often unintentionally vicious

-Omegas are very alert by nature but when their younger siblings are involved they become even more watchful, especially when alone in public places, they always make sure to keep a firm grip on the child’s hand and tuck them closer to their side whenever someone passes just a little too close

-A young Alpha holding their baby sibling and trying to croon for it the way their dad does

-Older Alphas trying to teach their younger Alpha siblings to growl and laughing because they sound about as threatening as a kitten

-Teenage Omegas disliking anyone being in or around their nest but happily allowing their younger siblings to crawl in with them if they have trouble sleeping at night

-Two Alpha siblings competing to impress their young Omega sibling by seeing who can make the better block tower and they are super into it while the little Omega honestly isn’t even paying attention

-An Alpha babysitting their younger siblings and they don’t really know how to change a diaper but they try really hard…only to have their slightly younger Omega sibling see it a little later and just being like, “Its inside out…and backwards? How…?”

-Little Omegas pleading for their Alpha sibling to let them paint his nails and the Alpha has completely run out of ideas to entertain the children so they agree, and end up with their feet and hands completely covered with various shades of nail polish

-Playing a game and the older Alpha sibling allowing their little siblings to win despite how much it’s killing the competitive part of them to lose on purpose

Gas Station-Fluff Friday

Sakura glared at the crack in her rearview mirror and reached for it again, angeling it to see higher into the back of her skeleton rig. She was supposed to be empty, towing nothing, but the back still dragged with an extra weight. She felt it in the drifts, when she turned into the winds and expected to fight the gusts, her backend stayed down like it was filled with fuel, and now she was hearing things from back there.

Marauders from the dunes? She hadn’t stopped since the Avalon Alcove, an oasis colony hidden deep in the earth, but knew that passing through the dunes was to risk an encounter with the sand riders and the sand people. She didn’t doubt some of them were talented enough to sneak up behind her rig and attach themselves to her rear with a little help.

Of all rides to pick up trouble!

Sakura turned hard to the side and then countered to send her back end careening sideways, nearly tipping. If someone was hiding in the back fuel tank they would be sorely tossed. 

Parked, she ripped out the wheel to her rig and latched it onto the back of her belt buckle, clicking it into the komodo dragon armor that moved over her backside like living scales. She slid from the driver’s seat like her armor’s namesake and stalked around her rig like a snake.

She leveled a sawed off double barrel with her left hand and kicked off the latch. The metal came away shirking on hinges until it banged into the side and bounced before settling. A pair of blinking eyes stared up into the light of the afternoon sun, haloed around her hooded face, while a third face turned away entirely.

Sakura had been right about the stowaways, wrong about the sand people theory.

One of the males groaned and shrank further back, hiding his face behind gold shackles. Sakura’s eyes went to what little was left of their clothing and cursed out loud when she recognized the court attire of seraglio boys and the gold ink tattoos.


Sakura kept her gun close to her hand, set across her lap and she reclined against the base of a ruin while the boys ran out to stretch their legs. The blond one had too much energy and, like a mutt, needed to be walked regularly. She called him mutt in her head, even though he had told her his name after their discovery. She hated to admit how quickly she had forgotten it.

Off to the side the one with teased black hair, styled in a way that set him aside from the common, starving boys, crossed his arms at Mutt’s excitement and scowled. Beside him the other dark hair lad smiled in a stiff manner and offered some words of advice? Sakura couldn’t read lips, but even if she could she wouldn’t have cared enough to eavesdrop.

“Sakura!” the blond screamed for her across the dirt. She tensed on reflex and readied her shotgun, eyes roving behind the vizor she hadn’t removed since the day before when she found them.

One of the two boys hit the blond and cursed at him. “You’re going to get shot that way.”

“What?” Sakura gruffly interjected, standing from her crouch under the shade of the ruined wall.

She kept her gun in hand never the less, just in case they decided they could drive her rig without her. Just because she had let them live and agreed to take them where she was going didn’t mean she trusted them to not slit her throat in her sleep. She wished she had Karin with her as a second.

“I’m hungry. When do we get to eat again?” he chirped, sounding more cherry than the other two.

“We just ate.”

“Y-yeah, but that was breakfast. What about lunch?”  His smile seemed to dim as he looked behind him at the other two only to see their blank stares. There was no back up there. “Whhhat?” he whined, dragging out the sound of the word.

“Where do you think the food is coming from, idiot?” the boy with the chicken butt hair hissed.

“B-but I’m hungry.”

The mutt’s blue eyes had the audacity to waste water in emotion.

“You should have thought about that before you decided to joyride in the back of my rig for a jaunt.” Sakura took a half step back adjusting the weight of her body so that it was more evenly distributed and balanced. She could spring any direction in a moment If she needed to.

The blond looked down, rightly chastised. It was enough to make her almost regret her stern tone, so she looked away, off to where she parked her rig. Shielding her eyes through her visor with a hand above her covered brow she muttered under her breath. “I don’t swing by the oasis for weeks. How do you think you’ll get back?”  

“We’re not going back,” the last boy stated, hearing her when she was sure none of them would. His words made the others perk up.

“That’s what you say,” Sakura groused, stalking off towards her rig. The three started to trail after her. “But I’ve never heard of this Kakashi fellow you’re all looking for and I’ve a living to make. You should have planned better.”

“There will be someone who knows. He is skilled. He will find us.”

Sakura looked back, trying to match the voice with the face. It was hard to tell them apart sometimes even though they looked so different, but she was sure it was the stupid hair boy that said that last part.

“What the hell are your names again?” she asked, hoping she would remember this time.

“Naruto!” the blond cheered before either of his companions could open their mouths. He jumped up and pointed to the other two. “This is Sasuke!”


“And this asshole is Sai.”

“You can call the blonde dickless, he’s still a virgin.”

The blond turned bright red and started to squawk and yell while Sakura rolled her eyes behind her visor and turned back to her rig, not caring how they treated each other. Sasuke was the first to follow her, but Sai and Naruto were close behind, the latter running ahead of them all.

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IU in Flower Crew preview

Day 5: Magnus + hair

“So did anything particularly interesting happen in the nineties?”

Magnus paused in the middle of making the strawberry daiquiri that Alec favored anytime Alec came over. “The nineties,” he repeated without turning around.

Alec hummed.

“Which nineties,” Magnus asked, needing further clarification as his eyes swept the trolley looking for the slice of lime he’d set aside for his garnish. “1690’s? 1790’s? 1890’s? You have to be more specific Alexander.”

“1990’s,” Alec replied.

Magnus paused for a moment and glanced up at the ceiling as he raked his brain, trying to remember if something of any particular importance happened in that particular decade. He shrugged. “Not really,” he muttered and resumed making the daiquiri. When he was done making it, he carefully placed the drink on the shelf by the trolley and set out to making a pisco sour for himself.

“Really,” Alec asked.

The question had him thinking about the decade again. Magnus shrugged. “Unless you count Ragnor’s fascination with early nineties R. Kelly.” Magnus chuckled. “I swear, I never thought I would hear the last of Bump ‘n’ grind.”

“Hmmmm,” Alec hummed again and something in the tone had Magnus spinning around to glance at him, eyebrows raised. He met Alec’s eyes and if the dancing light in their depths hadn’t tipped him off, the old fashion photo album definitely set the alarm bells ringing.

Magnus pointed at it. “Where did you get that?”

Alec smirked. “Raphael.”

Fuck. That bloodsucking betrayer! Magnus was going to dump itching powder on his sheets and make sure Raphael spent the entire day scratching himself.

“He said something about vengeance being a dish best served cold,” Alec added.

Forget itching powder on his sheets. He was going to make sure it was on every one of Raphael’s precious suits.

Magnus hung his head. “What’s the damage?”

Alec looked like he was barely keeping from bursting into laughter, which meant that yeah, the pictures would be as humiliating as he assumed.

Alec patted the space beside him on the couch and Magnus picked up his cocktail and Alec’s, and walked over to the love seat. He sat down and Alec flipped the page open and right there, for present day him to see was the one hair mistake he’d hoped would remain in the past.

His horrified expression was the tipping point for Alec who burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny Alexander,” Magnus grumbled as he sulked.

It just made Alec laugh so hard he whizzed as he pointed at the album. “But… Your hair…”

Magnus winced and stared down at the picture. Yup. Looking away hadn’t changed it. He was still sporting the Kriss-Kross braids that Ragnor had warned him would be a terrible idea. He hadn’t listened then.

Ragnor was right. He should have been agreeable to taking Ragnor’s advice more than once every three hundred years.

What the fuck had he been thinking?

“So, a huge Kriss-Kross fan huh,” Alec asked with a crooked grin.

Magnus sniffed. “Jump is hip hop gold. They don’t do songs like that anymore.” Alec was still grinning so Magnus added. “Besides, it was cute.”

That just set Alec off again and he flipped the page. “Is that the reason for the Tram line haircut as well?”

That was edgy,” Magnus pointed out.

Another page flip.

“Yeah. And the high top fade?” Alec grinned.

Magnus harrumphed and Alec chuckled. “Either way, your hair always looks lovely Magnus,” Alec said as he leaned forward to kiss him, short and sweet.

Magnus hummed as they broke apart and then snapped his finger.

“What was that for, Alec asked.

Magnus shrugged. "Nothing.”

Forget dumping the itching powder on Raphael’s sheets and suits, he was dumping it down his underwear as well.