What I learned from Today's Sats

•Kids like to flip dimes and nickels when they’re bored
• Beavers are cool
• Even Old people can here cars driving by
• the people who created the Sat don’t know that 25 minutes is not enough time for a non calculator section
• People pretend to like you when they really don’t
• National parks are important
• Ceres is better than Neptune and Uranus
• Force people to except your “Dimond” food
• When you have to compete with 18 other companies you can no longer sell AA batteries

Yeah this is totally going to help me in College. Thanks College Board.

For @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx​, who wanted bellarke cuddling. Hope you like it :)

“I hate you.”

“I know.”

“No, like I really hate you. So, so much.”

Bellamy smiles, leans down to drop a kiss to her forehead. “I know,” he says easily, fondly. Indulgently, which grates on Clarke’s nerves even more. “I hate you, too.”

She shakes her head, folding her arms across her chest so that they lay on top of her belly. With only a few weeks to go, it’s large and round and a constant source of discomfort. And with the current heat wave that’s fallen over their settlement, that discomfort doesn’t even fade when she’s lying in bed or folded into Bellamy’s arms. Instead it’s accompanied by the antsy feeling of being hot and bothered and too damn hot. And while she can’t blame Bellamy for the weather, she can certainly blame him for the other part.

“This is all your fault,” she accuses, narrowing her eyes at him. “You and your stupid arms.”

His lips quirk into an amused smile, and she hates how much she loves it because she’s angry goddammit. “My arms?”

“Yes,” she huffs, sending him a glare. “Your arms are big and muscly and I can’t be held accountable for jumping you because of them. And now look at me,” she says, gesturing to herself, sprawled out on their bed in nothing but her underwear, stomach ballooned and brows drawn, with a light sheen of sweat on her skin. “Your. Fault.”

Bellamy laughs, the sound coming out light and delighted. He’s not taking her seriously, she knows, but she probably can’t blame him for that. She sounds ridiculous even to her own ears, petulant and childish, and she knows she looks it just as much.

“Okay,” he says with a grin. “It’s my fault.” He leans down, slow enough that she can pull away if she wants, and presses his lips to hers when she remains in place. “I love you,” he mumbles against her mouth, smiling when she can’t help but kiss him again.

“I love you, too,” she grumbles. “But I also hate you.”

“That’s fair,” he allows, before dropping a kiss to her belly, pressing his cheek to her skin. “And I love you. Be good to your mum and don’t be too active in there, okay?” The baby shifts and Clarke rolls her eyes. “No, not like that,” he chides lightly, grinning at Clarke when she huffs a laugh. “Okay, okay, I’m going. I’ll come back for lunch, okay? There’s ice here, and please call Raven or Monty if you want to go out today. I don’t want to find out you’ve collapsed half way to the hall.”

“I will,” Clarke says with a roll of her eyes, shooing Bellamy away. “Go enjoy your 100 degree work day. The baby and I will be fine.”

“Okay.” He hesitates for a moment before leaning in to kiss Clarke one more time, slow and deep and long. It’s getting harder for him to leave her in the mornings, she knows. With the baby almost here, they’re running out of time for just the two of them, and while they’re both very excited to meet the little one, they know she’s going to take over their lives for a good long while. It makes it all the more frustrating for Clarke, knowing she’s not being the best company right now. But Bellamy doesn’t seem to mind her grumblings or rantings or the fact that she’s half-seriously blaming him for her current predicament. Apparently he knows how to handle her in any situation, even if it is 38 weeks pregnant in the middle of a heat wave. “I love you.”

“I know. I love you, too.”

“Not hate?”

“Only a little.” She can feel his smile on her lips and pushes him in the direction of their door, knowing if he lingers any longer they’re going to want to get carried away before ultimately deciding against it. Better not to go down the path altogether. “Have a good day.”

“You too, babe,” Bellamy says, sending her a smile before finally heading out the door.

Clarke finds herself smiling as well, a hand moving to caress her belly. “Okay baby, what do you want to do today?”

She decides to clean up the cabin first, needing to feel useful after the week she’s been out of action since being ordered off work due to the heat. By the time the place is tidy and Clarke’s sorted through the array of gifts they received at their baby shower a few weeks ago, it’s already uncomfortably hot. Not unbearable, but enough so that Clarke fills up a pitcher of water and wraps some ice in a small towel, and goes back to bed with her sketchpad and pencils.

It’s a hobby she gets to indulge in rarely, with how busy things still are. Despite having lived at their new settlement for over a year, there’s always more to do, more decisions to make and more challenges to face, and while she and Bellamy have both stepped back from any formal political roles, they’re both people others turn to for help. It’s nice, now that the decisions they make aren’t so demanding, but it still takes up a lot of her time.

She finds herself sketching Bellamy’s face, as she normally does. Even if she wasn’t in love with him he’d be an amazing subject to draw, sharp angles and deep eyes and a pattern of freckles on his face she’ll never perfect.

She’s abandoned the task by midday in favour of rubbing ice along her skin. Even with blinds covering all the windows, shading her from the burning sun, the heat is intrusive. Plus, the baby’s decided that now is the perfect time to play gymnastics in her belly, which means that everything is coming together in a perfect combination to make Clarke hot and uncomfortable.

That’s how Bellamy finds her only half an hour later. Clarke’s eyes are closed, but she hears him step into their room, pause as he no doubt watches her with fond eyes.

“How are my two girls?” He asks, soft.

Clarke leans up on her elbows to look at him. He’s flushed and sweaty and dishevelled, and she has to rein in the way it makes her blood pulse hot with want beneath her skin. Watching him strip down to his briefs doesn’t help either, but the way his shoulders sag does. She can see how exhausted he is from a morning’s work under the hot sun.

“We’re okay,” she says, holding up her glass of water for him to take. He downs it greedily before sending her a grateful smile.

“That’s good. I have a surprise for you.”

Clarke raises an eyebrow. “You do? What is it?”

Bellamy laughs, dropping a kiss to her lips. “You do know what surprise means, right?”

Clarke hits him lightly, only prompting him to laugh some more. “Shut up.”

“Just let me wash up and get some food first, and then I’ll show you.”

“Okay,” she agrees slowly, watching him suspiciously as he shoots her another grin and heads back to the main room.

He returns a few minutes later, face clean and fresh, with a plate of food for them to share. It’s simple, just some bread and meat and fruit, but it looks like heaven right about now. And then, tucked under his other arm, is what Clarke’s guessing is his surprise.

She can’t make out what it is, not until Bellamy hands over the food and presents it to her fully. And then Clarke’s jaw is dropping and she’s scrambling to sit upright.

“Is that a fan?” She asks, voice both disbelieving and hopeful.

Bellamy chuckles, eyes crinkling fondly around the edges. “It’s a fan,” he confirms, laughing when she gasps loudly. “I asked Raven to make one for you when the heat wave started. She’s pretty busy at the moment, so had to work on it in her spare time, but yeah, it’s a portable, battery-run fan.”

“Oh, Bell,” Clarke says, shaking her head in awe. “You didn’t have to do this.”

“I know,” Bellamy responds, smiling down at her softly. “But this past month has been hard on you, and I wanted to do something nice.” He frowns, considering, then amends his words. “Or enlist Raven to do something nice.”

“Thank you,” she says, pulling him down for another long kiss, letting him know just how much the gesture means to her.

He sets it up on top of a chair at the end of their bed when they part, explaining the different settings to her as he switches it on. The first wave of cool air hitting her makes Clarke sigh, sagging back against the pile of pillows behind her.

Fans were one of the many things put on the non-essential list when they had to trek cross country to find a new place to live. They’ve managed reasonably well without them, designing their buildings and cabins strategically and using trees to provide them with shade, but it’s still hard. Their previous summer wasn’t nearly as hot, and Clarke wasn’t eight and a half months pregnant, so even on the warmer days, she could easily walk down to the river to cool off. Now, it’s quite a bit more effort.

So she’s incredibly grateful for this surprise, for Bellamy’s thoughtfulness and for Raven’s genius. Her belly still isn’t the most comfortable thing, but having some relief from the heat makes her feel so much better already.

Bellamy joins her in bed, letting out the same sigh of content Clarke just did, and without it being so hot she lets herself snuggle into his side. They nibble on their food and talk about their mornings and enjoy the cool breeze the fan provides, and soon Clarke’s pushing closer to Bellamy, manoeuvring them both until she’s sitting in the cradle of his legs, back against his chest.

And she’s missed this, just the simple feeling of their skin touching, the way it calms her and excites her and makes her feel at peace. She’s missed so much that she hasn’t been able to pull Bellamy in for a long, warm hug, and that he hasn’t been holding her securely at night, and that neither of them have been letting their kisses get carried away into anything more. This stupid weather has made her miss him, despite having seen him each and every day of it.

“This is nice,” Clarke sighs, letting her head roll to the side to rest on Bellamy’s shoulder. He’s got one arm wrapped around her, on top of her belly, while the other runs along it, just saying hello to their baby. “I’ve missed being able to touch you.”


“Yeah.” She leans up, pressing a kiss to his jaw. “And I’ve missed having you cuddle me.”

Bellamy pulls her in tighter at that, dropping his face to nuzzle into her neck. She can feel the pressure of his lips, the familiar weight of them on her skin, and she closes her eyes, lets her hands find each of his to lay on top of them, wanting to be close at every point.

They stay like that for a long while, Clarke settling into Bellamy’s body comfortably, sleepy and happy and in love. He begins a story, maybe for the baby and maybe for her, and she feels her eyes get heavy and her mind slow, drifting off.

And then, just before she’s out completely, something twinges tight at the base of her stomach and she sits up, alarmed, before registering what it was. A contraction.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

ive had a switch for a few months now and i’m still not over how i can have a game like mario kart 8 or zelda on the go and have it look so good still 

like yeah the battery lasts ten minutes but it’s still pretty amazing considering i grew up with the gameboy color 

man i remember when the psp first came out and i read about portable ops in a magazine and thought it was insane that there were 3D games on a portable 

now look at where we are. 

nyshabrokeit replied to your post: truebloodsims replied to your post: …

If it’s wireless, I guess you’ve tried changing the battery?

Lol, yeah. That’s the first thing I tried 2 days ago when I noticed it isn’t working right. I’m just really hard on the left and scroll buttons and wear them out. I can swap the left/right functions until I get a new one.. it will annoy the crap out of me but it’ll be better than trying to click that one tiny spot that still works.


A/N: Hello! Quick drabble for you guys that I had planned for a long, long, long time and finally remembered to write. Starring Little Nathan, Percy The Dad, and the problem of marrying a daughter of Athena.


Percy was sitting by the kitchen table, trying to wrap his mind around his bloody taxes, when the scuffling of little stockinged feet distracted him. Nathan had woken up from his nap and dragged his still sleepy self to the kitchen. While he watched, his son climbed the chair beside his and stood on it, leaning on the table with his elbows.

“Hey, buddy, what’s up?” Percy greeted him.

“Daddy…” Nathan started, sounding troubled, “Can I ask you some questions?”

“Sure, son. Go ahead.”

“How does a camera work?”

“Oh, it’s really easy, bug, you hold it up, point it to the thing you want in the photo, and press the button!” Percy smiled at him, but Nate shook his head.

“No, daddy, I know how to take a picture. But how does it work? How does the photo get there?” he insisted.

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Hidden - One Shot/Request

Request: Hello, do you do suggestions If you do can you do one where Sam and the reader have a love/hate relationship and you have angry sex ( details ) then you become pregnant and you have to tell sam before Cas and Pease include Charlie as the reader bff mrs-sam-winchester12


Words: 3965


“Seriously, Sam?” you bellowed as you stormed through the bunker.

  You stomped into the library, steam seaming to pour out of your ears and you could feel just how warm and red your face was.  You clutched the keys to your car in your hand, the edges of them digging into your palm but you didn’t seem to notice.

  “Sam, where the hell are you,”  you yelled as anger radiated from you.

  “Right here.  What’s with the yelling?” His act was unconvincing.

  “As if you don’t already know.  Tell me you did not actually steal the battery from my car.  I swear to God,” you glared at him, your teeth clenched and your eyes on fire.  

  His hazel eyes stared back at, his lids lowering and beginning to glower at me.  “I told you I didn’t want you to go on the hunt alone.”  His explanation, while more forthcoming than you had expected, didn’t make you feel any better about the situation.

  “You’ve got to be kidding me!” you yelled as you threw your hands in the air and attempted to restrain yourself from launching yourself violently at him.

  “Shit, Sam.  I’m not some helpless little rookie.  Hell, I’ve been hunting longer than you!  Stop trying to control everything I do! Stop trying to fucking protect me and just let me do my damn job!”  The words tumbled from your mouth angrily.

  “Let you do your job?  You’re joking, right?” he laughed at you.  “If I let you just do your job, you’d be roadkill right now. If I didn’t protect you, you sure as hell wouldn’t protect yourself and you’d be dead.  We’d be burning you in the backyard.  So yeah, I took the battery.  We go together or not at all.”

  Sam’s words pushed every button you had.  You wanted to throttle him.  Strangle him.  Beat the hell out of him.  You were seething and all you could think about was how angry you are.

  “You know,” you said, your voice deceptively calm and disturbingly even.  “Your protective controlling ways may work on your brother.  But they won’t work on me.  You may be some codependent sniveling little worm, but I’m not.  There are other cars in that garage,” you declared.

  “And I’ll disconnect every battery, and sabotage every engine I have to!” His voice rose as he stepped closer to you, his hand gesturing toward the garage.  

  “That’ll be a feat,” you teased, “especially since I plan on leaving now!”  You whipped around and made a break for the garage door.  Grabbing a set of keys that hung on the wall just inside the garage, you set your sites on one of the beat up old cars in the back.  You ran full speed towards it, knowing that Sam never had been able to keep up with you.  Yanking the door open, you jumped into the driver’s seat, turned over the engine, and tore out of the garage as you glanced back at Sam in the rearview mirror, watching him kick the bumper of one of the old station wagons parked next to him.


  Hours had passed since you had left.  Sam knew that your hunt was only about a hundred miles away and he knew you could take care of it.  But your brash actions and your blatant disregard for your own safety was what hit him.  Filled him with a rage and anger that he could never quite get a hold of.  

  Since you had shown up a few months ago, you had stayed with the Winchester’s in their bunker.  More often than not, you went on their hunts with them but every once in a while, you’d get it into your head that taking on a hunt, no matter how dangerous, was safe to do on your own.  And each time, Sam violently disagreed.

  Each time usually ended the same way.  You took off anyway, completely infuriating him, took care of the job, and came back quicker than he thought you would.  But that didn’t stop Sam from his constant worry.  

  “Y/N ditch you again,” Dean asked, a smirk on his face, as he walked out of the kitchen.

  “Guess so,” Sam replied back, his lips tight and his jaw tense.

  Dean laughed at him, shaking his head and making his way over to the table.

  “What’s so funny?” Sam asked him, irritably.

  “You.  The both of you.  I swear…One of these days.”   Dean trailed off, distracting himself with a book he had left on the table.  “Yeah.  One of these days she’s going to get herself killed.”

  “Yeah,” Dean said sarcastically, “That’s definitely what you’re so upset about.”  

  Sam looked at his brother, his eyebrows creased as he scrunched them together, confused.

  A few hours later, you pulled into the garage, your hair matted with dirt and blood,  but a smile plastered onto your face.  Parking the car, you swung your legs out of the door, grabbing your duffel and heading into the bunker, whistling as you walked.

  “Heya, Dean,” you said as you walked passed the boys who were pouring over their books at the table.  “Sam,” you said, tension and anger evident in that one word.

  You walked through the hallway and down to your room, throwing your duffel bag of weapons onto your bed as you walked towards the bathroom, desperately looking forward to a shower.  But Sam stopped you in the hallway.

  “Shit, Sam!” you said as you barreled into him, not seeing him as you turned out into the hall. “You know, for a tall guy, you’re surprisingly stealthy.”  

  He crossed his arms and glared at you, his eyes never dropping their focal point from yours.  “What,” you sighed, rolling your eyes and crossing your arms as you mimicked him. “Is this the part where you lecture me about how careless I was and we have some big after-school-special moment and hug it out while I tell you my deepest darkest secrets and cry into your shoulder?”   His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared as you could visibly see you had hit your mark.  “So not happening, Sammy.  I’m a big girl.  I went on my big scary hunt alone, and guess what?  The bad guy died and I didn’t!”  Your words dripped with sarcasm, each syllable taunting him.

   “Damnit, Y/N,” Sam said through clenched teeth, his pupils seeming to dilate as he stared at you, dropping his arms down and grabbing you by the shoulders as he pressed you up against the wall. “I worry about you, okay?  Is that so hard for you to get?  Some times, I swear, you just drive me crazy.”  His words seemed to ignite a fire within you.  Nobody ever worried about you before. You’d never been part of a team before.  But the anger and resentment you held towards being treated like a fragile porcelain doll was indisputable.  

  “Sam, I’m not your responsibility!  It’s not your job to protect me!”  You tried to push him back, to force him to release you, to no avail.  “What’s your problem?” you asked him, your voice stern and threatening.

  “You’re my problem!” he said, his face inching closer to yours, his breath hot against your cheek.  “Then do something about it,” you said, threateningly.  Sam’s eyes grew wide, his jaw clenched and his arms even more rigid as he pressed you deeper against the wall, taking your mouth over with his own.  His hands pinned you to the wall, your shoulders pressed up against the wall as he devoured your lips with his own.  You pushed back against him, catching him off guard and taking the opportunity to shove him back against the door to the bathroom, as it swung open behind him.  

  His feet tripped over yours, sending him falling down to the floor with you crashing down on top of him.  Your lips still connected, you pushed him down to the floor, your hands angrily grasping at his shirt. “Do you always have to be in charge?” he asked between breaths.  

  “No.  But I do need to shower.”  You suddenly released your hold on him, standing up and leaving him laying on the ground, his hands still in the air where they had just been grasping your hips and his jeans pleasantly distressed near his groin.  You stepped past him and towards the shower, feeling his eyes on your back as you slid your jeans down past your hips and left them in a pile along with your panties on the floor.  Slowly, you took off your shirt, lifting it above your head and discarding it in the heap.  You looked over your shoulder and down at Sam who laid mystified on the floor, starring up at you.

  “Are you joining me, or not?”  

  Sam jumped up, pushing himself up by his hands and disrobing faster than you’d imagined he’d be able to.  You giggled to yourself, surprised at his eagerness. The water was already warm as it sprang out of the shower head.  You stepped in, moaning at the intense relaxation you felt as the droplets caressed your back.  Sam’s arms firmly gripped your shoulders, turning you around to face him as he pushed your back up against the wall under the spigot.  His lips found yours once more, powerfully pinning you as his hands trailed down your stomach, past your belly button and below your bikini line. Your breath hitched as he reached down, his long, agile fingers beginning to assault your core.

  “I am in charge now, Y/N,” Sam gritted his teeth and growled at you.

  “Yes,” you moaned.

  “Say it, Y/N.  Say you’ll listen,” his teeth nipped at the sensitive area in the crook of your neck.  “Say I’m in control.”

  His fingers danced between your legs, forcing you to lose all control over your knees.  “Shit, Sam!” you yelled.  “Say the fucking words, Y/N,” he bit back, his fingers ceasing their motions.  

  “Yes, yes!  God! You’re in control, Sam!  You win!”  You begged him as a smile formed on his lips.  He brought one of his hands up to your hair, massaging your scalp as the warm water ran down your back.  “Sam,” you whined as his fingers below returned to their movements, and brought you right to the cusp, seconds away from your release.

  He stopped his onslaught, making you grown, almost painfully coming back down.  “You frustrate the fuck out of me, Y/N,” he said through gritted teeth.  You sighed, overcome by desire and impatient for your release.  Your hand glided down your side and between your legs, touching your clit and beginning to massage it, picking up where he had left off.  You opened your eyes and looked at Sam’s face.  His eyes were wide and you were pretty sure you’d never seen him look so surprised before.  

  “See?” you breathed out.  “I can take care of myself,” you finished, panting as you reached your climax.  Sam’s jaw tensed and you watched him swallow hard.  The growing pressure on your leg from his groin gave him away and told you that the irritation on his face was nothing more than a rouse. You leaned your head back, laughing softly.  Suddenly, Sam’s hands were on your upper arms, holding you against the wall below the shower head again as he abruptly and quickly slammed himself into and against you, making you gasp as you felt how absolutely he filled you.  

  “I can do it better,” he said, thrusting into you as he pressed him lips to yours.  His hand lowered down to your thigh, picking it up and wrapping your calf around him.  You didn’t think it possible, but he was even deeper inside you, rubbing you in all the right places as you felt yourself climbing again.  Your face heated and you could feel your breathing getting shallower.  Doing your best to stifle your screams, you buried your face in his shoulder, biting at his skin to keep from shouting out as you again reached your release.  Harder and more intensely than you ever had before.  

  Sam thrust himself into you until he too reached his climax, groaning as he did so.  You uncoiled your leg from his hip, standing again as he slowly backed away from you and began to wash himself off.  As you regained your breath, your nerves still tingling from the experience, you began to wash your hair, finishing the job that you had originally intended to do.  

  A few silent minutes later, Sam stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and drying himself off.  He looked back at you, a wicked smile on his face.  “See you later,” he teased, wrapping the towel around his waist and heading out the door.  

*   *   *

  “I’m telling you, it came out of nowhere!”  You sat on your bed, your cell phone pressed to your ear.  

  “No way.  You’re full of it!”  Charlie’s high pitched tone shrieked from the other end.

  “Charlie, you’ve seen us together.  There’s no witty banter.  No flirting.  Hell, most of the time there isn’t even civility, just arguing or silence.  But I’m telling you, it happened!”

  “Pics or shens,” she responded, an air of disbelief still in her voice.

  “Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera into the shower with us. What was I thinking?” you mocked her, sarcastically.

  “You guys really did it?  You slept with Sam?  In the bathroom? I really hope you clean that thing before I come over.”  

  You rolled your eyes.  “Charlie,” your tone was chastising.

  “I’m kidding.  But hey, maybe there’s something there.  You never know.  Maybe the big lug has  thing for you.”

  “I’m pretty sure he already showed me his thing,” you retorted under your breath.

  “You’re so dirty,” she paused. “I love it.  Look, I gotta go.  I’ll be there in a few weeks.  But you had better tell me everything that happens between you two!”

  “Well then, I guess I’ll talk to you in a few weeks, since nothing is going to happen,” you practically shouted at her.

  Charlie laughed.  “See ya, Y/N.”  The phone disconnected and you laid back down on your bed, closing your eyes and slowly drifting to sleep.  

  You awoke what felt like only seconds later to a fist pounding on the door.

  “Up and at ‘em!” Dean yelled.

  You groaned in response.  “Come on, just give me a break!  I just got home!”  The door creaked open and Dean stepped inside. “Y/N, you got home like hours ago.  I know you-” he paused, smirking at himself, “took a pounding…but you’ve been asleep for nine hours.  We’ve got a case.”

 Dean flicked on the light, illuminating the room and burning your eyes before he walked back out into the hall leaving the door ajar. Right, you thought.  Got a case.

*   *   *

  It’s been three weeks and you haven’t even talked about it? Not even a little? Charlie’s text came through just like the rest of the ones she’d sent.  Her curiosity knew no bounds and she seemed deeply offended that you didn’t have juicier news for her.

  There’s nothing to talk about, C.  It happened.  It was awesome.  We moved on.  You replied back to her.

  I’m not buying it.  Dude’s totally in love with you.

 You looked at your phone, completely caught off guard. I’m sorry,  you replied. Where did you get that between the glares and the blatant disdain?  

  Oh, I don’t know.  Maybe from the constant concern for your well being.  Oh and you know, the completely screwing you into oblivion in the shower.

  You rolled your eyes, ready for an end to the same discussion and argument you and Charlie had been having for the last few weeks.  Her insisting that there was more to your relationship, if you could call it that, with Sam than there actually was.  And you, refuting her every attempt to convince you that you were wrong.

  Sure, Sam was an intensely attractive guy.  But he was also a hunter who just happened to be completely controlling, strong willed, and easily irritated by your mere presence.

  See you in the morning, C.  You sent your last message to Charlie, effectively ending the conversation.  You’d discuss the rest in the morning after she came back.  

  You got up from the desk in your bedroom, pushing your cell phone deep into your pocket and heading out into the map room to see if the boys were ready to head out.  They had caught wind of a Djinn in Mississippi and Dean was especially intent on getting the job done quickly.  “Dean?  Sam? You ready to go?”  You tossed your bag onto the table picking up the news clippings that were still sitting out and glancing through them.  

  Sam peaked around the corner at you from the bookshelf.  “He already left,” Sam told you.

  “Dean?  He went after it solo?”  

  “Yeah.  Headed out about an hour ago.  Said he wanted to take care of it on his own,” Sam explained.

 “And you let him?”  Your voice was skeptical as you looked at him, your eyebrows raised.

  “I’m not my brother’s keeper, you know.  I’m not that big a control freak,” he said, enunciating each word very specifically.

  You laughed, looking down at your feet and crossing your arms. “Could have fooled me,” you whispered off to the side.

  “What was that,” he asked you, already giving away that he had heard exactly what you’d said.

  “I said you could have fooled me.”  

  Sam smiled, walking up towards you again.  “If you want me to take control of you again, all you have to do,” his face was mere inches from you now as he brought his lips to your ear, whispering. “Is ask.”  

  “Aww, Sam,” you teased, moving your lips just as close to his ear.  “You’ll have to beg.”  Backing up, you could see Sam’s pupils begin to dilate as he swallowed, his eyebrow furrowing with an unknown expression.  You turned on your heal, grabbing your bag off the table and headed back towards your bedroom.  

  Sam caught up with you quickly, his hands grasping your hips firmly but pleasurably, and draping his tongue slowly up your neck at to your ear.  “I can do that, too,” he taunted you, as he guided you through your door and laid you back on your bed.

*   *   *

  This has got to be a joke, you thought, shaking the stick in your hand.  

  “Let me see it again,” Charlie said from where she stood, leaning up against the sink.   She grabbed the plastic from your hands, holding it gently by the tips of her index finger and thumb. “Y/N, it’s definitely there.”  

  “That doesn’t make any sense.  It has to be faulty.”  

  “And the three over there with the same thing, they’re faulty too, I guess” her tone was bordering on serious.

  “A bad batch maybe?  We should get some from a different store. Just in case.” 

  You saw Charlie roll her eyes, her frustration evident in her every mannerism.  You felt like you were having a panic attack.  Your chest felt too tight, your entire body was freezing but you were beginning to break out into a cold sweat.  “This isn’t happening,” you kept repeating to yourself as if it were your mantra.

  “Y/N?” Charlie said, concerned as he knelt down in front of you.  You looked up and into her eyes, seeing your terror reflected in them.  “Oh my God,” she said, leaning back.  “Cas, I’m praying to you here buddy.  If you wouldn’t mind, please, coming to the bunker, please and meeting us super quietly in the bathroom? Please?”  Charlie prayed as you attempted, and failed, to regain control of your breathing.  

  With a slight flutter of wind, Castiel stood in front of you, his face etched in an expression of concern, pity, and a hint of annoyance.  “Y/N.  Charlie,” he said, looking back and forth between the two of you before his eyes focused solely on you.  “Y/N. You need to calm down,” he said matter-of-factly as he pressed his two fingers against your forehead.  You instantly felt more calm, your breathing returned to normal and your heart no longer felt like it was going to burst out of your chest from pounding so hard.

  “So it’s true, then.” Your words flowed together, much less nervous and scared now.  “I really am.”

  “Pregnant?  Yes.  Of course,” Castiel confessed. “Have you told him yet?” he asked.

  “Of course not!”

  “You should.  He needs to know.”  Castiel’s deep voice resonated in your head as you began to envision what possible future you might have and what you stood to gain by telling him. Any way you cut it, you couldn’t see one that was happy and full.

  “No,” you declared.  “He doesn’t.”  You broke your eye contact with Castiel and looked back over at Charlie.  “I can leave.  I can run.  Hide.  Do whatever I want but he doesn’t ever have to know.”

  Castiel looked back at you, his face judgmental and angry.  “That isn’t the right decision.”  

  “Maybe not,” you stood up.  “But it’s my decision to make.” Charlie stood, looking back and forth between the two of you, uncharacteristically silent.  

  “Then, you leave me no choice.”  Castiel disappeared instantly and the terror that had been relieved suddenly came back ten fold.  

  “He’s going to tell him,” you realized.

  Charlie looked into your eyes.  “It’s really his, isn’t it? Sam’s?”

  You nodded your ascent as you began walking towards the door, grabbing the handle and opening it in what seemed like slow motion.  

  “Sam!” you screamed, hoping you could get his attention before Castiel did.  

  You ran towards Sam’s bedroom, seeing the door already open and catching the tail end of a khaki colored trench coat.

  “Sam,” you bellowed, nearly falling into the door and shoving Castiel to the side. Sam’s eyes snapped up to you from where he was laying on his bed, a book still in his hands as he lounged, his legs crossed at the ankle.  

  He looked at you expectantly as you could feel Castiel’s eyes boring into your skull at your side.  “I believe Y/N has something she would like to tell you.  Or do I?”  Cas looked at you, his eyebrows raised and eyelids narrowed.  Your eyes locked with Sam’s as he waited for the words you had for him.

  “I’m pregnant.”  You blurted it out as if it were nothing; as if you were ordering your normal meal from a diner.  “It’s your by the way.”  You finished the news, turning to face Castiel.  “Happy now?” you asked him before turning and walking out of Sam’s room and headed back to your won.

  You were halfway through throwing the contents of your top dresser drawer into your bag when Sam’s hand gently grabbed your wrist.  “Are you serious?” he asked, his voice sounding innocent and shy.  

  You dropped your belongings back into the dresser, sighing and turning your head towards him.  As you did your best to hold back tears, you could feel your eyes glaze over.  “Yeah,” you admitted, your voice shaking as you did.  Sam’s face broke into a smile, as he leaned down, cradling your head in his hands as he gently kissed you.  

  Breaking away from the kiss, you looked at him confused.  “But I thought-”

  “Thought what?”  He asked.  

  “That you hated me,” you said without hesitation.

  Sam’s thumb rubbed small circles on your cheeks.  “I’ve been sleeping with you because I hate you?  I am constantly worrying about you because I hate you?  How would that make any sense?”

  You shrugged, letting a smile begin to pull at your lips.

  “Quite the opposite,” he said leaning his forehead against yours.

Normal Monday Morning III

A/N: Hey guys!! So after a lot of procrastination the third part of my story is finally here! YAY! Anyway, this part is slighty longer, I think… haha But, I hope you love it anyway! Again, thank you all so so much for your likes, reblogs and messages. 

Specal thanks to @magicalpostface; @fluraki; @bafy-usy@claudialovesomelia and @omelia-scorsone. I think I’m gonna start answering you all personally haha

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Part I
Part II

“A vodka tonic, please.”  

“Here you go.” She watched as Joe put the glass in front of her. And she just stared at it. It was right there, taunting her. Begging her to take a sip. But she knew if she picked up the glass, it would be more than just a sip. And Amelia also knew she’d regret it deeply. She couldn’t throw her sobriety away like that. Not after she worked so hard. She certainly didn’t want to go through day 1 for the fifth time.

Maybe she was overreacting a bit. Yes, what Owen said had hurt her. After everything they’ve been through alone and together, she thought he’d see her innocence right from the start. Although the more she thought about it she understood his point of view. She might have asked it herself if the situation was reversed. But that didn’t change the fact that his words still hurt. When he said ‘Did you do it?’ all she heard was ‘I don’t trust you’. And it hurt, God it hurt.

Finally, Amelia picked up the glass, held it right under her nose and inhaled deeply. God it smelled heavenly. And it brought back so many memories, memories of her crazy teenage years and the wild parties, of Michelle, of Ryan and Meredith’s attack. Everything came back it a simple smell. Funny how the human brain works.

Suddenly, Amelia realized how deeply disappointed Owen would’ve felt if she drank. She could picture the rough handsome features of his face deepening with shame of her. She could picture the hurt his icy blue eyes would reflect.

Amelia realized she couldn’t take this drink. It would have too many repercussions in her life. Both personally and professionally. So she put down the glass, threw some bills on the counter to pay for it and quickly left the bar.

Back at home Owen was starting to get seriously worried.  Hours kept passing and still no sign of her return. It was starting to get dark outside and the thought of his Amelia wandering around alone and emotionally hurt in the dark streets of Seattle was kind of making him sick to the stomach. He couldn’t even call her because she had left her phone behind.

He kept calling everyone he could think of to see if they had seen her or knew where she was. Meredith, Maggie, Arizona, Callie, Webber… He even called Riggs. All had given him the same answer, ‘no’… He obviously couldn’t call the police, they’d probably laugh, ‘Hey my wife left home after an argument and still hasn’t return…’, pathetic.

So now he is stuck at home waiting for her to return…

Meanwhile at the hospital Bailey got a page from the head of security saying he needed to meet her ASAP.

Basically he told her that an attending from radiology came to them saying there was a nurse in that department who had been acting strange for quite some time and after putting extra surveillance near the pharmacy they quickly caught said nurse red-handed. After an interrogation the nurse confessed to stealing the pills, not for sell but for personal use.

After dealing with the legal actions that needed to be taken, Bailey started contacting the Heads of the different surgical departments one by one letting them know they had caught the person responsible the theft.

After contacting Robbins, Pierce, Grey, Torres and Avery, Bailey proceeded to call Hunt.

“Hunt.” came the strong voice of the red-headed trauma surgeon through the line.

“Hunt, I‘m just calling to let you know that security has caught the person who stole the pills. Apparently it was a junkie nurse from radiology. The guy confessed the whole thing.”

“Okay, that’s great!” he said feeling even more stupid for doubting his wife.

“Anyway, can you tell Shepherd? I’ve tried her phone but it keeps going to voicemail-“

“Uh, yeah her battery died. She is not home right now, but I’ll let her know.”

“Alright, thank you-“ Bailey was getting ready to hung up the call her she heard Hunt’s voice again.

“Does this mean Amelia can get back to work? I mean, she wasn’t very happy with the leave in the first place…”

“Yeah, your wife is my best Neuro attending, I need her back before Nelson kills anyone.”

Owen laughed, and felt pride spreading through his heart at hearing the complement made to his beautiful, brilliant wife. After saying their goodbyes, the call ended. He looked at his watch and saw it was almost midnight. And still no signs of Amelia… Sitting down on the couch, he tried calling Meredith again, maybe Amelia was crashing with her sister-in-law.

“Hey, is Amelia there?”

“Um, no… She isn’t there?” asked the blonde general surgeon, surprised her sister-in-law wasn’t home at this hour of the night. She knew her sister loved to spend cold winter nights like this one cuddling with her husband.

Owen sighed and answered “No…”

“Owen, what is going on? This is the second time you’ve called me today asking for the whereabouts of your wife. And I know you also called Maggie and Callie… Why isn’t she home?”

“I was an idiot-“

“Yeah, I got that!” Said Meredith, interrupting him.

Frowning, Owen continued “We had a fight… I said something I definitely shouldn’t have and I hurt her feelings, and she left. So now it’s midnight and I don’t know where my wife is…”

“Owen, what did you say?”

“I-“ He stopped talking and turned towards around as soon as he heard a sound coming from the front door. “Meredith, I’ve gotta go!” Owen said, hanging up the phone before he could hear the blonde’s response.

The door opened and he saw Amelia walking inside.

Her clothes practically dripping wet from the rain. Owen wanted go to her, strip her clothes and change her into something cozy and warm. But he stayed frozen, unsure of how she would react.

He watched as she made her way to the bathroom without saying a word. The bathroom door closed and a while later he could hear the shower water running. Sighing, and feeling disappointed she didn’t want to talk to him, Owen made his way to the bedroom and started getting ready for bed. He took off his clothes and reached over their bed to pick his well-worn Harvard t-shirt.

“I was gonna wear that.” At hearing her voice Owen turned around and saw her standing by the bathroom door wrapped in a fluffy white towel.

“Here.” He said, quickly handing her the t-shirt he knew she loved. He always found it funny, since they both attended Harvard, they both had a t-shirt from the place, but Amelia always preferred his, saying it was more comfortable. If he was honest with himself, he didn’t mind, she looked absolutely beautiful in it.

“Thanks.” She gave him a gentle smile and quickly put his t-shirt on.  “I’m gonna make tea, do you want some?”

“No, thank you.”

Amelia made her way to the kitchen and ate some cookies while she waited for the kettle to whistle indicating the water had boiled. Once the tea was done, Amelia grabbed the mug and made her to the bedroom where she saw Owen standing awkwardly at exactly the same place he had been when she left to make the tea, the only difference was he was now wearing a t-shirt.

Setting the mug down on her nightstand, Amelia quickly got in the bed, and propped her back against the headboard. “Are you gonna get in?”

“I wasn’t sure you wanted me here tonight…” Owen said truthfully, while looking down.

Amelia gave him a gentle but small smile, pushed the covers back on his side of the bed and gently patted the mattress, silently telling him to get in the bed. He obeyed, honestly quite eager to be near her in any possible way.

After a few minutes, Amelia finally broke the silence.

“We should talk, uh…”

And Owen knew it was gonna be a long night…

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okay just a s/o to submitters pls guys charge your phones every once in a while, like seriously half of the submissions show some super low battery levels

Yeah it gives Eagle One a lot of anxiety

Hello! I’ve gotten a couple of messages asking me how I got the lights to work, so i’m just gonna go ahead and make a quick tutorial. I didn’t take TOO many shots while doing this, so please forgive me! Half of this is me just…. trying things out and hoping for the best!

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The Cactus Fic

Title: The Cactus Fic

Author(s): undineundead and claraoswin-looks-at-thestars

Genre: smut

Warnings: please do not try any of the acts described in this fic at home - frickle frackle

Disclaimer: please do not repost or steal this work

It was a cold march day and Dan had just woken up. Dan had gotten up extra early this Sunday because he didn’t want to miss the F1 race. Lewis Hamilton is the only person that could get him out of bed at 6 am. Lewis and Phil, of course. He walked into the kitchen to find his boyfriend Phil sitting on the counter, eating cereal. Dan glanced over the kitchen and let out a sigh as he saw that Phil (once again) had left some of the cupboards open. He kept doing that. Every single time Phil did something in the kitchen, it looked like a hurricane had passed by.

“Why do you always leave the kitchen so messy? Is it that hard to close the bloody cupboards?” Dan lectured Phil as he dramatically slammed the cabinet doors closed.

“Huh, what?” said Phil as he looked up at Dan. It was still early and he had been daydreaming.

“Nevermind, it’s fine,” Dan said with a smirk on his face. He could never stay mad at Phil for long. “Why are you up already, by the way?” Dan added. “You’ve decided to start watching F1 too?” he said sarcastically.

“No, I couldn’t sleep.” Said Phil. “I didn’t want to wake you up so I came into the kitchen. I thought I’d play some Mario Kart or something.”

“Well, as long as you’re not playing with your balloons without me, I’m cool with it.” Dan said sassily. He immediately looked away from Phil to hide his red cheeks. Dan had really enjoyed it when Phil had tied him up with his balloons and fucked him so hard he hadn’t been able to sit without feeling his asshole trob.

“What time is it anyway? F1 starts at 7 and I don’t want to miss the beginning,” said Dan and looked up at the clock on the wall above the fridge just to find that the clock hands had stopped moving . “Huh, what? Surely it’s not 3 o’clock. Phil, did you change the batteries of our clock when I asked you to yesterday?”

“Oh… Right, sorry. It slipped out of my mind completely,”Phil apologised.

“Well of course, I should be used to being the only person in this house who gets things done,” Dan teased Phil. “Do we have any batteries?”

“Yeah, there should be some under the sink,” said Phil pointing at the top drawer.

Dan opened the drawer and started digging through the mess to find the batteries.

“OW FUCK!” Dan yelled as he felt something sharp pricking his fingertips.

Phil looked up, shocked by Dan’s sudden outcry.

“What the hell is this!?” Dan asked Phil furiously.

“Uhm.. Thor?” Phil answered.

“What is your fucking cactus doing in the drawer, Phillip!?”

“Sorry… I must have zoned out after watering it last night.”

“Jesus Christ, I’m bleeding!”

“Wait, what, Dan are you okay?” Phil sounded concerned. He jumped off the counter and walked up to Dan to check on him.

“You and your stupid cactusses!” Dan complained. He wanted Phil to feel sorry for him so he’d give him a hug or kiss.

“It’s cacti.” Phil says matter of factly.

“Whatever, it’s like you have some kind of obsession with them or something.”

“Oh, you have no idea.” Phil said as he kissed Dan’s bleeding finger. “Does that make it feel better? Let’s put a band-aid on that, shall we?”

“What do you mean - I have no idea?” Dan asked curiously as he saw Phil looking for a band-aid in one of the drawers.

“Well, like I said before, there are so many things you don’t know about me yet.” Phil winked at Dan while placing a band-aid on his bleeding finger.

“And what does that have to do with your stupid cactus?” Dan asked Phil giving him a puzzled look.

“Well, there are a lot of things one can do with a cactus. And we both know you like it rough,” Phil said with a smirk on his face as he leaned closer to Dan and gave him a soft kiss on his lips. Dan placed his hands around Phil’s neck and pulled him closer. Phil pushed himself onto Dan so that there was no more space between them. He started to kiss Dan’s neck as he was getting aroused. He grabbed Dan’s back and touched him all over, wanting to have touched every single inch of his incredible torso. Dan had been working out a lot more over the last few weeks and Phil could really see the difference. His arms had gotten a lot more muscular and  abs firmer. Phil could also notice that Dan was getting hard. Phil started feeling Dan’s throbbing cock through his sweatpants. He looked straight into Dan’s eyes and softly said:”I can see you’re dying to find out.”

“Let’s get this annoying shirt out of the way, I don’t like it.”

“But phil, you gave it to me..” Dan asked, confused.

“I like the shirt, but in my opinion, it looks better on the floor,” Phil said and winked at Dan while helping him to remove the black T-shirt. He threw it away immediately and reached for the cactus that was still on the countertop. Dan glanced at Phil holding the cactus, not knowing what was about to happen.

“Let me show you one of the things that a cactus can be good for” Phil said with a smirk on his face. “You’re mine, Daniel, and I want everyone to see it.”

Phil guided the cactus along Dan’s soft skin. Dan could feel the needles gently caressing the surface of his arm and making him shiver. He closed his eyes making Phil notice how much he was enjoying that. Phil continued tracing Dan’s biceps with the cactus, each time pressing the needles a little bit deeper into his skin. Just deep enough to create light scratches.

Suddenly Phil lashed out and scratched the cactus across Dan’s chest, leaving a slowly bleeding cut behind.

“What are you doing?!” Dan stammered.

“Keep still.” Phil said sternly and he pushed Dan against the wall, holding him there with one hand on one of Dan’s shoulders. Phil then continued to trace the cactus across Dan’s arms leaving little bleeding cuts behind. He cut Dan’s lower arms as well, he wanted people to be able to notice what he had done to him later. Phil gently ran his fingers across the bleeding cuts, making Dan whimper. Phil looked at Dan’s blood dripping off his finger and then licked it all up.

Dan looked up at Phil slightly worried and bewildered. He didn’t say a word because he was afraid to protest, yet he was curious to know what’s gonna happen next. Somehow all this scratching had gotten Dan all hot and bothered.

“Maybe you should take off your shirt as well, Phil?” Dan asked shyly whilst running his fingers underneath the hem of Phil’s shirt, touching his firm abs and pushing up the shirt ever so slightly.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Phil replied, putting down the cactus and letting go of Dan’s shoulder. “Well, take it off then, you cockslut.”

Dan pulled the shirt over Phils head, uncovering his slightly hairy chest. Phil hadn’t shaved his chest in a while and Dan liked it. Phil pushed his body against Dan’s once again and went straight to kissing his neck and gently sucking on it, so that Dan would have a trail of hickeys across his neck, yet another mark Phil had left on his body. He kept guiding his lips across Dan’s chest, kissing the cuts and licking his nipples. He licked away the trails of blood the cuts had left behind. Dan was moaning, he wanted to get fucked so hard. He’d had enough of the foreplay but Phil always took his time. He never rushed, which was a little frustrating sometimes.

“Don’t be impatient, Dan” Phil put his hand on Dan’s cheek and kissed him passionately letting him taste his own blood that was still on Phil’s lips.

Phil was still dressed in his cookie monster pyjamas. He was getting hard from all the foreplay and kissing. He felt Dan’s hand move towards his member. Dan’s hand slipped inside Phil’s pants and started rubbing his massive cock. Phil never wore underwear underneath his pyjamas which made his cock easy-access.

“You like that cock?” Phil said smirking. “How about you suck it, you cocksucking slut.”

Phil pushed Dan’s head down towards his crotch area. Dan got on his knees and happily pulled down Phil’s pants to reveal his giant member.

“What are you waiting for? Go on!” Phil raised his voice. He was desperate to have his cock sucked and Dan could do unspeakable things with his tongue. Dan didn’t hesitate to place his lips around the tip of Phil’s member, teasing him. Phil couldn’t handle all the teasing, so he moved his fingers through Dan’s soft hair and clenched his fist, pulling his hair. Dan was about to start sucking his pulsating dick when Phil pulled his head towards his crotch, making Dan deepthroat him. Dan hadn’t seen it coming and Phil’s cock went all the way down the back of his throat. It made his eyes tear up. Phil looked down at Dan who was desperately trying to suppress his gag reflex. He saw a tear running down Dan’s cheek and reached towards his face to gently wipe it away.

“Good boy,” Phil spoke softly as he watched Dan pleasure him. The way Dan moved his tongue around like a pro made Phil come very close to climaxing.

“Hold it there, Daniel, don’t want to cum all over you just yet. I still haven’t shown you all the things you can do with a cactus,” Phil said as he pushed Dan away.

Phil stepped out of his pants which were down to his ankles. It’s not like he would need them any time soon.

“Take off your pants, you little bitch.” Phil said as he picked up the cactus and started pulling the needles out.

“What are you doing with the cactus?” Dan said, confused about what was going on.

“You’ll see. It might come in handy later,” Phil teased.

“Phil, I don’t understand why you’re picking the needles from the cactus..”

“Stop talking, get naked!”

Dan nodded and kept removing his clothes. “And when I get back I want to see you bending over the table, ready for me.” Phil commanded and left the kitchen after he put the cactus on the table.

A few minutes later Phil was back, holding a container of lube in one hand and his phone charger in the other. He walked up to Dan who was already bending over the table as Phil had asked. Phil spanked his smooth asscheeks and caressed them. Pushing against Dan’s feet with his own, Phil made Dan spread his legs wider. Phil took the cable of the phone charger and used it to tie Dan’s wrists together tightly to have more control over him.

“Let’s get you lubed up.” Phil said as he opened the cap of the container and squirted some on his fingers. He rubbed Dan’s hole with his slippery fingers, occasionally sticking one inside. Dan got impatient. “Just fuck me already!” he begged. Dan knew exactly what would happen if he ever tried bossing Phil around when he was in his dominant mood but Dan just couldn’t wait any longer. He was so horny, he was ready to put up with the consequences. Phil penetrated Dan’s tight, unstretched hole, making him cry out. The mix of pain and pleasure was something Dan had always enjoyed and Phil didn’t hesitate to give him exactly what Dan liked. As Phil started thrusting harder, Dan’s moans became louder.

“Are you aware of how loud you are?” Phil asked Dan. “We have neighbours you know! How about I shut you up.” Phil picked up the needleless cactus from the table and forced it into Dan’s mouth. Phil continued banging Dan and started running his nails across Dan’s back. He left slightly visible marks but that wasn’t enough. He stopped, pulled out and moved away from Dan, saying: “Don’t move!”

Dan watched him walk out of the kitchen. He stayed there: bending over the table, tied up and with a cactus in his mouth. This was humiliating already but he was worried about what Phil would do to him next.

Phil walked back in with another cactus in hand and his member still erect. He stood next to Dan and used the cactus to leave bleeding cuts along his back. He kept moving it downwards until he reached Dan’s asscheeks. They were perfectly smooth. He was about to change that. He rubbed the cactus all over Dan’s ass, creating large bleeding cuts. He could hear Dan groaning.

Dan had never had such rough sex before. Phil got kinkier each time and Dan was getting worried about how far Phil would take it. He had to admit he enjoyed it but he didn’t like surprises. Dan was actually afraid this time. He was okay with the balloons last time but a cactus could actually hurt you, he was already bleeding all the way along his back.

Phil kept cutting the skin on Dan’s ass, slowly moving towards his hole. He stopped for a moment because a strange but appealing idea had popped into his mind. He put the cactus on the table and started untying the cable that was keeping Dan from moving his arms.

“Spread your cheeks, you slut!” Phil exclaimed loudly.

Dan didn’t immediately respond.

“NOW!” Phil yelled, spanking Dan’s ass with the cable right on the bleeding cuts.Phil could hear Dan’s muffled screams. Little did Dan knew the worst was still to come. He still followed Phil’s order and used his hands to spread his ass.

Phil picked up the cactus and held it against Dan’s entrance.. and pushed. Dan bit into the cactus, releasing a disgustingly bitter taste into his mouth and jumped forwards. With the table in the way, he had nowhere to go as Phil shoved the cactus up his ass. It was all too much for Dan: the humiliation, the pain of feeling the sharp needles inside of him.

Dan stood up straight, took the cactus out of his mouth and yelled at Phil.

“What the hell!?” Dan was tempted to pull the cactus right out of him but he was afraid it would cause even more pain.

“Admit that you liked it. If you hadn’t enjoyed that, your cock would not be looking as excited as it does right now. Now get back on your knees and make me cum.”

Dan got onto his knees, cactus still sticking out of his ass. He grabbed hold of Phil’s penis and started sucking it. He also grabbed his own erect cock and started pleasuring himself.

Once again Dan used his skills on Phil’s member. He knew how to get him off in seconds. He twirled his tongue around the shaft while looking up at Phil and seeing him shut his eyes with pleasure. It didn’t take Phil very long before he ejaculated all over Dan’s face. Phil stepped back and leaned against the table.

“I want to see you pleasure yourself and cum for me,” Phil said.

Dan got up and did as he was told. There he was, still with a cactus up his ass and cum all over his face, wanking himself off in front of Phil. He also didn’t take very long to finish as his asshole was still throbbing and it kind of excited him, so he came in his hand, creating a sticky mess.

“Very good,” Phil said, approving and walked up to Dan. He grabbed hold of his cum covered hand and started licking away the cum. When Phil was finished, Dan asked, “Can I take this cactus out of my ass now?”


Dan pulled out the cactus. It hurt so much. When he finally got it out, he was relieved to see that the needles were still intact and connected to the cactus. At least he won’t have to spend the whole day pulling needles out of his ass.

Dan glanced at the clock which was still not working. He remembered he had planned to watch the F1 today.


Dan and Phil were sitting on the sofa, cuddling against each other. Phil had helped Dan to clean himself up, get dressed and even helped him get to the lounge as Dan had some trouble walking. Phil knew his aggressive kinks were exhausting for Dan but he really loved him, so he always tried to make him feel better afterwards.

“I don’t think I want to find out about any more of your kinks, Phil.” Dan said as he laid his head on Phil’s shoulder and watched tv.

“I’m sorry, bear.” Phil apologised softly and kissed the top of Dan’s head.

“It’s fine,” Dan smiled. “Well, only if you promise me to help me with walking for the next few days.” he added sarcastically.


Prompt from this list:“you’re in the hotel room next to mine and you let me borrow your cell phone to text someone because mine is dead and charging and your lock screen is a picture from my absolute favorite show and im dying to bring it up” au

Sirius cursed as he threw his phone on the bed. That business trip was the absolute worse, not only did he miss his godson’s birthday (Harry said he understood but still, Sirius wanted to surprised the teen) but now his phone was dead. He debated for five seconds before thinking fuck it and moved of his hotel room. Hopefully his neighbour would be a little more thoughtful than him while packing their things and they’d have a charger with them or at least lend him theirs.

Sirius knocked three times on the door 40F, wondering if he should prepare himself to come face to face to an ax murderer or if his clothes (dark blue leggings and a white tunic blouse) were too light for this chilled night when the door opened to revealed the most adorable man Sirius ever saw. He had wild tawny curls, a large nose, a slight overbite, freckles (so many freckles) and a sweet confused look on his face. Sirius was sure his face would split from his grin at this moment.

“Erm…can I help you?” his neighbour asked in a slightly raspy voice that went straight to Sirius’ gut and actually reminding him why he was here in first place.

“Oh…yeah. My battery just died and I was wondering whether I could use your phone? Just for a text? Please?”

“Oh erm yeah.Yes sure come in. I mean I shouldn’t be doing this…you could be an ax murderer for all I know but I’m too tired to give a fuck right now.”

Sirius let out a laugh at that as he got inside and toed his shoes off. The man quirked an amused eyebrow at him. “It’s just I had the exact same thought as I stood outside your door.”

“Oh! Often think of you as an ax murderer,” he said with a chuckle as he picked his phone from his bedside. “Name’s is Remus by the way.”

“Sirius,” he answered as he took the mobile from Remus.“yeah…well..I know it’s not common-”

“NO! I meant my name’s is Sirius-like the star in-”

“Canis Major. The brightest one. Fitting,” the tall man said as his pretty amber eyes raked over Sirius. The black haired man could feel his cheeks heating up.

Ducking his head and giving his attention to the phone to hide his blush, Sirius swiped over the screen. His eyes were glued to the screen. That was the photo of the cast of How to get away with murder. Harry had been the one to show this series to him-he got hooked up almost instantly.He sent a quick text to Harry and his parents saying that he’ll be back sooner than he expected and he hoped to find some cake for him.

“So, HTGAWM? How do you feel about Oliver deleting the letter?” Sirius asked going for his confident smirk.Remus raised an eyebrow as his lips stretched into a smile. “Well Oliver is my fave so I still like him very much. No matter what popular opinion about him is.” “Exactly what I wanted to hear.”

The two men ended up binge-watching the show and agreeing on a date. Who would have believed they both lived in Godric’s Hollow and yet, never saw each other.

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will you post the Michael blurb that made Mickie and Denali cry?

this is really bad oops

okay so you and Michael would’ve been dating for ages now like youd be the power couple that not even the fans would want to break up and you would just be so in love and you’d mumble stupid little inside jokes to each other in the mornings when you woke up next to each other and would share really sweet soft kisses and then probably have morning sex

and then it changed and he was more tired than usual and his drive wasn’t really as well as it was supposed to be and he would complain about his bones aching and he’s wake up with night sweats and nosebleeds and so you’d convince him to go to the hospital and they boys would keep it under wraps bc it was probably nothing

and so the doctor would reassure you that it’s probably nothing and would run some tests just in case and in the mean time MICHAEL would be sleeping a lot more and just not be feeling well but he’d put on a sleepy smile for you and tell you “I’m fine, Mickie”

and then you’d get a call from the doctor asking you both to come in and the boys would tell you it’s probably nothing and you’d wait in the patients room with MICHAEL holding his hand reassuring him that it’s probably nothing

and then the doctor would come in and break the news that it was leukemia and often times there wasn’t a tumor to accompany it and it was stage two and chemo would be the best option if you wanted that treatment

and you would cry and michael would tear up because you’re upset and the doctor would give you a minute alone and MICHAEL would try to calm you down and you’re just crying and he’d kiss you and tell you that it’s nothing and he’d be fine and the doctor would come back and you’d be puffy eyed and MICHAEL would tell him he’ll do the chemo

and the boys would be distressed but wouldn’t let the fans know and MICHAEL would play shows like normal for a while until he got nosebleeds on stage and nearly collapsed from exhaustion from that and the chemo

and then you and MICHAEL decided he should probably stay home even though he hated the idea because he was okay during chemo and yeah it hurt like battery acid in his veins but he put on a brave face for you and would always say that one time where you accidentally used your teeth on his dick hurt more and you’d laugh and try not to cry cause he’s a fucking liar

and then soon enough he would loose weight and his cheeks would look gaunt and his eyes would have bags underneath but he didn’t stop cracking stupid jokes to put you at ease

and then his dumb bright hair would start coming out and that was the most frustrating thing for him and you’d find him sitting in the bathroom trying not to vomit anymore and there’s just little bits of hair everywhere and tears running down his face and he’d notice you and cough and say “I’m fine, Mickie”

and then you’d get to the point where you would admit him to the hospital for more treatment and more intensive care and you’d take up permanent residence in the comfy chair by his bed and get accustom to the heart monitor’s beeps and the slow drip of the IV

and MICHAEL would sleep most of the time but when you were both awake he would hold your hand and make dumb jokes about all the nurses flirting with him and he’d ask you to sneak into one of those outfits and give him his medicine and you’d laugh and try not to cry because what a FUCKJNG idiot

and then one day the doctor would pull you aside and tell you the cancer isn’t responding to the chemo and it’s just adapting and growing more cells and there’s not a lot they can do but try experimental things and you’d be so fierce in telling him that they’re gonna save him no matter what it takes

and by now the fans would know and the boys would have stopped touring to get home and be close to family and to him and his mom would stay with you even though you refused to leave his side and he would probably figure out what’s going on and kiss you a little and tell you “I’m fine,

and you’d eventually get sick of sleeping in the chair and would crawl into the bed with him much to the nurses dismay and they’d get used to coming into the room and seeing michael’s arm wrapped around you and you cuddled into his chest under the sheets

and he would be so uncomfortable and whiney and would beg you to just be okay for a while and go out and have fun and you would just not be having it

and eventually it would get to “that point” and he would know it and the boys would know it and you’d just refuse to acknowledge the fact that he was on his death bed because you love this boy and he’s going to marry you and you’re gonna have a few kids and cook outs and camping and sleepovers with the others kids

and MICHAEL would wake up and nudge you awake really late one night and would be struggling to get anything out and you’d panic and hit the nurse button and be crying and panicking and would be holding Michael’s cheeks in your hands and he’d snake his hand up to your hand on his face and mumble “I’m fine, Mickie,” and you’d sob and kiss him and he’d try to calm you down and mumble really sleepily “I love you”

and he’d breathe out a sigh and the machine would go flat and you’d scream and yell for the nurse and the boys would be outside the room in a heartbeat and you’d hear Luke yelling at the doctors and you’d be crying and the nurses would pull you off

and take you out of the room while they tried to help him and ASHTON would just wrap his arms around you and hold you while you screamed and CRIE d

and then you’d hear Michael’s voice in your ear and feel his nose nuzzling into your neck and he’d kiss your jaw and say “Mickie, wake up.. hey, you had a bad dream”

and you would be sobbing and you’d roll over in bed and cling to him and he’d laugh a little and hold you tight while you tried to explain and he’d kiss your forehead and say “SHH.. calm down, okay..? I’m fine, Mickie.”

Customer: I want a new battery.
Me: okay, that’ll be $150.
Customer: I went to another store and they had it for $122.
Me: well we have longer warranty than them.
Customer: well I don’t want longer warranty.
Me: then don’t buy it.
Customer: okay, well can I charge this battery?
Me: yeah, it’s free and-
Customer: *farts really loud and hard*
Customer: *just stares at me*
Me: backs away
Manager: what happened?
Me: this dude just farted.
Customer: my stomach kinda hurts…