Pokemon Go in a nutshell

Shape Of You

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“Which roles are you referring to?” Miyuki asked cheekily. “You want to only pretend to be me, or do you want to try pitching? Or maybe…”

His arms tightened around chris and his voice lowered. “Maybe you mean in bed?” A hand slid under chris shirt, running up his stomach. “Would it be so strange? For me to take you?”

     A shiver ran down Chris’ spine and he could barely hide his body shaking from it in front of the other. There was a pause, one that was broken by another - more obvious - shiver, caused by the simple touch of his bare stomach. They’d never gone that far until now; despite him having mentioned it a few times. But since Miyuki hadn’t been ready, Chris had never pushed it further than that.

     “No, it wouldn’t.” Not strange for him at all. “And I was referring to…” He stopped, suddenly not sure about it when he had been referring to impersonating Miyuki just seconds ago. His own reaction made him smirk. “Well, it probably doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t be able to do your pitches and justice if I’d try to pitch them too. I think I’ll prefer to stay the one catching for you.”


miyuki/nori battery appreciation ☆ヾ(*´▽`)ノ

Customer: I want a new battery.
Me: okay, that’ll be $150.
Customer: I went to another store and they had it for $122.
Me: well we have longer warranty than them.
Customer: well I don’t want longer warranty.
Me: then don’t buy it.
Customer: okay, well can I charge this battery?
Me: yeah, it’s free and-
Customer: *farts really loud and hard*
Customer: *just stares at me*
Me: backs away
Manager: what happened?
Me: this dude just farted.
Customer: my stomach kinda hurts…