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“Buffy Anne Summers, you budding lesbian, you can’t just send me a measly text and expect me to be satisfied! I need all the juicy details! Faith’s lips always looked soft– are they soft? Don’t hold out on me.” 


Angel - Theory of a Deadman (Supernatural - Destiel)


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When Sarada was born, Sasuke would leave for a few days (four at most) to do his missions and all of that.

Sakura would often take the little one to bed with her, because Sarada tended to cry a lot more when her papa was away. Sakura would sleep like this, and it helped Sarada sleep as well.

Sasuke would often open the window to their room and sneak in that way, and he’d always check to see if Sakura and Sarada were asleep like that. He’d change clothes and join them, waking up Sakura, in which the two would share a kiss before Sasuke would snuggle in behind her, stroking Sarada’s head and playing with her short hair.

Sakura would fall asleep again, and Sasuke would follow soon after.

Ok, it’s been a few days since I finished my first reading of the Foxhole Court and I have a lot of Thoughts. 

Mostly I have a lot of Thoughts about Andrew Minyard. 

So like. We often see broken people in books a lot. We see a lot of characters who have the same kind of traumatic past as Andrew, a lot of other characters who are harsh on the outside but really do care deep down.

And, the vast majority of the time, these harsh and broken people ultimately learn to be vulnerable, or to be gentle, or to let people in, or they have heartfelt confessions about what they’re truly feeling. Or something. 

But not Andrew Minyard. And I think that’s really important. 

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what if sometimes on very quiet nights in 221b when no ones said a word in a few hours, john finds himself staring at sherlock but waiting just in case he’s quietly busy, until sherlock looks back and they have a silent conversation which leads them to their bedroom where they both take all their clothes off and lie down and hold each other very close, and its not sexual (though they do do that too) they just really forget a lot how lucky they both are to be alive together and when they do remember they need to be as close together as possible and feel each other’s heart beat ;___;

— Why wouldn’t you let anyone close to it?
— ‘Cause I was scared
— Of what? Of me?
— No Amélie, never of you.

Fun Facts

((So I have some blog activity until wednesday))

1. Dennie was originally going to be a character from Pinkan Island, from the Orange Islands. He was going to be my character for BFOI year 2 with a team of Clefable, Leavanny, Gliscor, Seaking, and one of the other two was going to be pinkan. After incidences I decided not to join BFOI and I recycled him for 6XL.

2. It took quite a long time to decide on Dennie’s sexual orientation. Originally was going to be asexual to troll with everyone who thought they had a chance. BUT as it turns out that’s not a very good reasoning for doing such a thing and I actually liked the community enough to open up for potential ships :/

3. I made him a fancy dresser before I knew that that was even allowed. The Moeras information hadn’t been released yet when I designed him so I was hoping I could get away with it. Lucky me.

4. Would have given him a yanmega had I thought I had the ability to draw a yanmega :C wasn’t confident in my character designing abilities when I first started, okay.

5. Until now I have never revealed the name of Dennie’s band (mostly because I hadn’t thought it up yet until about two weeks ago). The band he plays in with Adrian, Paul, Louie, and the occasional Marin/Veronique. The band’s name is… “The Ledian Gentlemen.”