Something that just occurred to me RE: Hallucinating Fusions

Hey so, you remember the one major time we saw Garnet threatening to split out of something that wasn’t just both Ruby and Sapphire being sick of each other? 

Yeah that one. Now, remember how fucking horrifying this scene was?

Now consider the fact that while this was happening, not only was Garnet dealing with what was factually happening in that scene (IE being attacked by the mutated, shattered remains of former allies) she was also probably HALLUCINATING WILDLY due to the fact that her fusion was becoming imbalanced.

And considering how intense things got for Steven and Connie, I can only imagine there was some really ~exciting~ imagery going on in Garnet’s head during that scene.

Like, goddamn. SHIT MUSTA GOT REAL.

“You… broke your promise…”
“We meet at last.”
“You’re late…”
“Yeah, my bad…
“Let’s go together.” - Final Dialogue [Ephemera and Player]

I cried at the end. Three years …  it feels like I just made this account yesterday. All the nostalgia is hitting me so hard right now. I remember back when I started in 2013, I expected this game to be mediocre compared to the main installments. Boy, was I wrong. I couldn’t stop myself from crying during this scene. I wish I could replay this over and over, the same way I did with KH1 and KH2. KHUX just can’t compare, the play style, the mechanics, the community – It was unique, something KHUX will never be able to replicate.I want to thank all my past party members and friends that I made over these 3 years.  I just don’t want to let go. 

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What songs do you think would fit Joker and Harley ? After I saw the scene at the club, he gave me several in XD head. What's your playlist for this? Harley dancing for him or them out of the club can be anyone

My dude, you are in luck. I actually have a whole playlist of like 20-30 songs I associate with Joker and Harley. Here are just ten that always remind me of them that I recommend giving a listen to:

-Scars (Boy Epic)

-Young God (Halsey)

-Dangerous Woman (Ariana Grande)

-Queen Of Disaster (Lana Del Rey)

-Carousel (Melanie Martinez)

-Toxic (Britney Spears) {Specifically, the tango-esque cover they did on the fifth season of Glee}

-Strange Love (Halsey)

-My Superman (Santigold)

-Problem (Natalia Kills)

-Ultraviolence (Lana Del Rey)

As for something Harley might dance to, I’ve always imagined the song “Six Inch” by Beyoncé to be playing in the club. And another song that’s really interesting (and is LITERALLY ABOUT THEM) that I recommend is by an artist named Anna Murphy called “Harley Quinn.” You guys should definitely check all of these songs out if you haven’t already!

that episode was so good and I’m crying

It hurts but it heals.  Just like Connie was saying ,really.

Just… yeah.  I know that feel.  Gonna download the song,too - I get the feeling having it on hand might help in the future.

Also please tell me that was a Spirited Away reference ‘cause it sure looked like a Spirited Away reference and I would love that because that’s one of my favorite scenes from my favorite movie

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idk if u saw that 'first look at deepwater horizon'video but, i think Dyl {OUR BDAY BOYYY} has like a major role. Just from the trailer we see his scenes are mainly with Mark Wahlberg. so proud of our boy. and im glad that in the trailer it shows that the actual survivors helped make the movie that makes me feel better about it.

Yeah, his character was the youngest on the rig and he was the one who wouldn’t leave until everybody was safe. That’s why they got someone to play him who has “blockbuster appeal.” He’s a major character; definitely one of THE mains.

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Listen,, that 307 kiss f u c k s me up because literally no one who does kissing scenes, let alone f/f kissing scenes (with the exception of like, hetero sex scenes) kisses open mouthed like that. They literally made out you can see their tongues and even if we couldn't no one kisses that open mouthed if they aren't using tongue, it'd be weird and unnecessary they were so in the zone they just let everything go I can't even believe them,,, legends only

Yeah, I agree. I mean- I’m not saying that they sucked on each other’s tongue, but there’s def some tongue action here.

 LoooOOooOK (x - i should update this post because there’s more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  )

and also (x)

Were they just teasing each other? Maybe, who knows. But still, this is one of the best kiss of tv history and every argument is invalid. 

So, I’ve been watching the Malec scene a lot, since I’ve been editing Malec videos, and honestly…I’m always taken aback at how much Matthew and Harry put into the kiss. I mean, yeah, I guess we shouldn’t have to praise actors for acting, no matter if they are straight and playing gay/bisexual  characters. But, I mean…wow? If seen a lot of straight actors who play gay/bisexual/lesbian characters kiss on screen, and the tend to be awkward and just smashing of lips, making it look like they are trying to take each other out. But, the kiss between Alec and Magnus? It was open mouth. It was soft, yet passionate. I’m pretty sure there was some tongue involved. Basically, this post is me gushing at how blessed we have two actors that care so much the characters and their relationship. Who have not shyed away at being in close proximity with each other, who showcase a new relationship between two people, and not just two men. It’s wonderful, and we are so fucking blessed. And, for some reason, in the back of my head, I’ve been thinking how the two of them and the rest of the cast and crew know how much impact malec has had, not only to fans of the books, but to people who have never even watched the show, and I honestly think that Harry and Matt are going to head first into scenes with each other. We are going to see more languished eye acting between them, physical contact, and just awesomeness. I don’t know. I’m just really thankful for Harry and Matt.

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i feel like clarke actually wanted to cry when luna said 'you care for her'

yeah, i also got the sense that she was very lost in her own pain when luna mentioned lexa. clarke can be very hard to read at times and throughout the episodes we see her deny herself the time to grieve, but in this moment it honestly felt like as if i could sink my teeth into her sadness, even if it was just for a minute.

what i find most interesting about the scene in itself is the whole spectrum of emotions we touch here.

first, we have this moment in which luna mentions lexa’s death and how it must have been very hard for titus to lose his favorite nightblood child.

the crumbling aspect of this scene is that it hits reality here, like an erosion. it’s this harsh combination between feelings and reason. 

lexa is dead because of titus. and its skin crawling to see luna mention that she was his favorite, because the irony of her death is just… it hurts, but its also real, you know. and the thing is that lexa’s death wasn’t just hard for titus. it’s very hard for clarke as well. she lived through it just as much. felt the physical experience and pain of her death and the emotional loss, and hollowness that came after it. so it’s really interesting how clarke’s face, her reaction, is coupled with luna’s lines. the way she looks at her at first and nods when she mentions lexa and then sort of gets lost in her own world for a moment. she is really pushing in out of focus here.

then we have the moment in which luna realizes how deep clarke’s feelings for lexa go. aside from luna being extremely perceptive, which is just wow, i think the stark reminder that clarke loves lexa is very heavy and genuine here. it’s the reminder that these two love each other. that they were more than just commander and wanheda. and i think, in many ways, clarke really wants to take comfort in those words, but it’s hard when that feeling can’t really stick.

i mean, look at her face. it’s this agonizing moment for her you know. she’s sort of locked in her own mind where she seems to be stumbling over a lot of feelings, because she gets reminded of so many things. lexa’s death, titus being the one who killed her, the fact that she loves lexa. it’s scary how this is all brought up and you realize it’s in the past

but that’s not even the most moving aspect of it. the most moving part of this scene is that clarke really takes her time to get back to business. the way she says ‘yes’ and really means it. how that one word actually shows that she is acknowledging her own feelings, before she pulls herself together and not let emotions override the task at hand.

her feelings are spilling through and they are honest. 

here is the thing though. clarke needs to safe her people.

she loves lexa, and her words are real, even when she says ‘Lexa was special’ (note that the clexa theme plays in the background during this entire sequence), but the denial of grieving and the fact that her people are in danger are very present as well. clarke spins the moment and gets back to politics, because she wants to save her friends. it’s all about getting luna to take the chip, become the commander and fulfill lexa’s legacy again. her desperation is both sad and terrific to say the least.

so I forgot most of this dream I had a while ago but in part of it I was watching Op. MAURICE again eXCEPT it had a longer ‘3 years earlier’ section with (of course) more focus on the Moonbase operatives. And now all I vaguely remember from it is a part where Fanny nervously goes to hug Rachel and it was really cute I woke up and went I’m gonna draw it. 

My version of the Rucas deleted scene

A/N: I decided to write my version of the rucas scene that was cut out from Girl Meets Bear. I’m still upset that they deleted that scene, but I just hope later on they will show us all the Rucas deleted scenes. So anyways, hope you guys like this one shot. 

After coming back to the movies, Riley and Lucas decided to come back to Riley’s room. Lucas feels bad that they couldn’t find Riley’s bear.

“Hey Riles?” He says as they ended up sitting at the bay window. He grabs her hand and gently rubs her fingers.


“Listen, I’m sorry we couldn’t find your bear. I know how much it meant to you.”

Riley softly smiles. “It’s okay Lucas. I mean sure I was upset at first but I realize that the important stuff we hold on to can be replaced with new important things. Important people actually and you know where you are sitting is where Berry the Bear used to sit.”

“Oh! I’m sorry.” He was about to stand up but Riley stopped him by putting her hand on his knee.

She laughs softly. “Lucas don’t worry about it.”

He chuckled. “I know but I didn’t want you to be upset.”

Riley smiled at her adorable boyfriend. “I’m not. But you know when I was a little girl, Berry always protected me when I felt scared but now I have someone new to protect me and make me feel safe.”

“Who?” Lucas asked seem a little confused.

Riley moves closer to Lucas and wraps her arms around Lucas, giving him a big bear hug.

“Ohhh you mean me.” He smiled as he wraps his arms around his girlfriend, protectively.

Riley giggled. “Of course you, silly!”

He pulls away, still having his arms around Riley. “Well I’m glad I can be the one that makes you feel safe.”

He tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. “And no matter what happens Riley. I will always be there for you. I will always protect you.”

Riley sighed dreamy. “I know you will.”

Lucas kissed Riley’s forehead and let her lay her head on his shoulder.

The next day, Riley was sitting on her bed doing her homework until she heard a knock on her window.

She looked up and saw Lucas, waving at her and giving her a cute cheesy smile.

Riley chuckles and got up and went to open her window, letting her boyfriend in.

“Hey.” She noticed Lucas was holding a large bag behind him.

“Hey. So I got you something.” He reveled what was in the bag and Riley gasped. It was a purple teddy bear.

“Aw Lucas.” Riley said as Lucas handed her the bear.

“I still feel bad that we couldn’t find your bear so I wanted to give you this.”

Riley hugs her new bear tight and gives Lucas a kiss on the cheek. “You’re so sweet. Thank you.”

Lucas smiled. “Anything for you.” He grabbed Riley’s hand and they gaze into each other’s eyes, and smiled all goofy at each other like they always do. 

They both turn around when they heard the door open.

“Riley dinners ready…Oh! Lucas you’re here. Would you like to join us for dinner?”

“I’d love to. Thanks Mrs. Matthews.”

“Great!” Topanga said and left the room.

Riley went to put her new bear on her bed. “You know this bear is going to be gold to me and I’m going to treasure it forever.”

Lucas smiled remembering when he told Riley that when the right person gives them something they keep it like its gold.

Riley went to hold Lucas’ hand and they both left the room; hand and hand.

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The 11x23 car scene w/the possible disappointed Cas face seemed similar to the face he had in 11x10 when Dean agreed w/him to have him check for Amara. It's like an "I agree with what you're saying, but I expected more" reaction acting choice.

I just went and re-watched, and you may be right but Dean does almost nearly puke on Cas’s shoes moments before he says that, so that may also be a “pls don’t” look.

But yeah, no, sorry. :P *serious face* it’s another one of those moments where they’re splitting up possibly at great peril to Cas, and in a way they’re both treating it like a last time they might see each other (and it kind of IS because they have no time at the end of the episode with all the running around so it’s meant to be that in the grander scheme, the scene is obviously written to give them a Moment before it all goes to Hell, literally and figuratively) but that would be where Dean says something to Cas except he doesn’t really, just says he’ll go look for Sam some more, and that’s when Cas looks disappointed and turns to go, then there’s another one of those moments where Dean calls his attention again and it COULD be to say something personal that he didn’t the first time, but instead it’s just his advice of What To Do In Case Of Amara

Like… I can’t overstate how many chances Dean blows to say something touchy feely in that short stretch of dialogue. 

I giffed the face you’re hopefully thinking of :3

Cas: We don’t. The fallout doesn’t affect angels. I’ll go in alone.

Dean: Okay, ya, it’s probably better that way. I’ll take a drive and go check on Sam.

Cas: Right. Good. 

[that bit there as Cas talks it through and realises this is their goodbye and that’s all he’s getting]

Dean: [after letting him turn and nearly walk all the way away] Hey Cas? [long pause as Cas turns around again] If it did work and she is dead, bring her body out.

Cas: And if she’s not?

Dean: Run.

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Lucas never said anything after the campfire scene. Accept don't tell my sister referring to Riley. I would rather see Maya with a guy who pays attention to Maya and has actually told Maya he likes her like that. Not someone who while playing the couples game with Maya as his partner pays more attention to Riley. Or when Riley and Maya are both hanging with other guys Lucas is only interested in Riley and Evan. Like I said your just upset there are little to no sings of Lucaya happening.

Yeah, Lucas easily referred to Riley as his “sister” after Maya’s take on what that meant + the near kiss AND the boy was struck dumb by Maya after she finally confessed after he’d pushed her and pushed her for an answer which she resisted giving, but he also admitted to liking her several times afterward—which you choose to ignore. Lucas has shown with both word and deed that he’s got feelings for Maya AND Riley. This isn’t even a matter of HOW you watch the show, it’s a matter of paying attention, period. You can’t expect me to take you seriously if you’re going to have a selective Swiss cheese brain about the basic events of the show.

Like most shippers when it comes to GMNY: you focus only on the posturing at Charlie while completely ignoring the active attention Lucas paid to Maya in that episode. During the couple’s game, Lucas barely even LOOKED at Riley herself. His attention was actually on Charlie, primarily. (And he legit doesn’t speak a word to Riley for the entire party, yikes. I’m literally just describing what happened onscreen…the best you got is him leaving with everybody else to head to the roof after Riley drags Farkle away, but even then he doesn’t even look in Riley’s direction even once on the roof until after the blab. That said, the character’s ongoing confusion over the girls is made quite clear when he responds with “I don’t know anymore” when Maya’s questions his “I was savin’ it” Line rather than blindly eating it up the way Riley most likely would’ve.)

Anyway, as for Riley and Evan, I think it’s pretty screwed up that Lucas—who spent the bulk of S2 paying more direct attention to/flirting with AND then nearly kissed Riley’s BFF after five minutes alone AND then made a real effort to date her which caused the whole triangle situation in the first place—had the gall to tell Riley that SHE needed to “explain herself” just for talking to someone else. They even tie the “talking to other guys” issue directly to Lucas’s insecurity issues, which are ultimately more about ego than heart.

Either way though, if you think possessive temper tantrums (and later on acting like Riley needed his okay to to talk to other people) are signs of a heart-based healthy romantic connection, then good for you. But if Lucas pulled that crap with Maya and failed to recognize his error or apologize, I’d get ready to jump ship faster than you can blink. Part of the reason I support Lucas and Maya is because his feelings for her DON’T inspire ridiculous immature machismo BS—and she *immediately* nipped it in the bud when there was the slightest tilt in that direction in SL1.

Like I said, stop telling me what I think/feel because you’re STILL way, WAY off the mark, anon. 😂

JiKook Backhugs

“Jikook is one-sided” my ass

Excuse me, but did Jungkook have to go and hug Jimin? No. He did it himself. And look at Hobi squishing and trapping him.

Jimin looks sly af like “Yeah biotch he’s hugging me on camera”

They’re so adorable together. I love Jikook

JinHope are like “Guys you can’t do that right now!” but JiKook are like lmao try to stop us

I just love this moment

Jungkook just casually slips his arms around Jimin and slowdances with him and Jimin just acts like it’s a natural thing to do

Excuse me Jungkook but did you really need to go on his back to put the headband on him?

Ew why is it so small?
“What scene are we?”
“Back hug scene”

Ok we get it Jungkook, he’s yours

They’re just talking and Jungkook slings his arm over Jimin

And of course Jimin backhugging Jungkook <3


Casually hugging during a broadcast with Seventeen I think???!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks @doodlemin)

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I still get scared during that one episode where Arthur punched DW. like just the tone of his voice in that scene still makes me shiver.

yeah that’s understandable!! it scared me when i was younger, too. it makes sense that he’d be so frustrated, but arthur’s normally a pretty good-natured character so that kinda heel turn can be alarming.

For quite some time after arriving in the new world, Hope would often have nightmares about his life during the Crystal Age - sometimes they would revolve around his mother’s death back then, but mostly they were desolate dreams about a God who had taken and tormented him.

When his relationship with Lightning deepened, the nightmares tapered off, especially when they started spending the night together. It was as though she really was some form of light to chase his mind away from the darkness.

But even so, some slipped through.

Return to me, my vessel…


I will recreate you, pure and untainted…


You and the new Goddess will be mine…

“Hope, hey. Come on, you’re dreaming.”

His eyes flew open with a sharp gasp. It took him a moment to gather his bearings and calm his racing heart. He had the vague sensation that Lightning was curled up against him, her chest against his back and her arm around his waist.

Seconds later, he heard a murmur in his ear, the familiar voice tinged with concern. “Hope? Are you okay?”

He let out a long, shaky breath, letting his eyes fall closed again as he concentrated on the feel of Lightning’s skin against his and the way her fingers automatically tightened in his when he found her hand.

“Yes,” he finally replied, sounding much calmer. “I’m okay now.”

Lady Layton Trailer

Does anyone else find it weird- and a little sad- that there weren’t any cutscenes from Miracle Mask included in the PL games flashback during the start of this trailer? 

We just get Emmy’s intro from Spectre’s Call and then it does that weird static-y TV effect and flicks to the Nest scene from Azran Legacy:

The static-y effect (sorry I don’t have the correct name) makes it look like something was cut out of this scene compilation purposely? Yeah, there aren’t any scenes from Eternal Diva, but that’s the movie that you don’t need to watch when you’re seeing the whole Azran arc unfold in the games. PLvsAA also doesn’t make an appearance, but that’s a crossover and you can argue whether or not that’s canon due to the timelines. 

Why wasn’t Miracle Mask included? Is it because MM wasn’t as popular as the other PL games? Unlikely, considering it was the only game that got an updated version released with MM+ and it had the whole Mysterious Flower music video. Also, it became ‘the best-selling game on the day of the 3DS’s launch with over 117,000 copies sold’ thanks Wikipedia 

Let’s look at the other scenes included: We’ve got Layton’s iconic ‘thinking pose’ and him hugging Flora after he saved her from Curious Village, Vampire Anton confronting Layton and Luke in the ballroom, the introduction of Future Luke, Claire hugging Layton before her goodbye BRB crying my eyes out, Emmy’s intro, Layton calling to Aurora, his fight with Descole from AL, and Layton’s farewell speech to Bronev. That’s a lot of AL scenes- makes sense it’s the last game… All of those moments are iconic, intense or emotional in some way and some are recognisable from previous trailers. And they’re not afraid of showing ending spoilers either. 

I at least expected the MM mask flashback of Randall throwing his arms around Angela and Layton, or maybe something from the ‘dark parade’ opening, or Layton trying to save Randall from falling?  

So… what gives, Level 5? Are you hiding something? Are you intentionally trying to draw attention away from Miracle Mask? Is Layton’s disappearance connected to MM’s plotline or characters in some way? Is this about the strange men who wanted to see him as a teenager? Are you finally going to bring up Angela’s brother again? Will we finally see the point of the friggin’ Infinite Vault of Akbadain? Is Randall or some other MM character going to pop up during Lady Layton?  

Am I looking too deeply into this? Probably.  

I know there are people who don’t like that fact that Thor is white, or we just haven’t talked about him because he’s not that important to the story, but can we just take a moment to look at how in the scene before he and Dizzee kiss, while he was kind of blunt and upfront with his, “My turn,” comment, when they actually start to come face to face, Thor has a moment where he looks so damn nervous!

I’d put in the gif if I could, but I can’t, so. But yeah, it’s when he’s walking up to Dizzee, Noah (I believe the actor’s name is) does such a good job of just /being/ in that moment. I think it’s actually one of my favorite shots between them, because we already know Dizzee is new to this world and is unsure, but in that specific second it’s written all over Thor’s face too. So it kind of dials down what we as viewers may have assumed about Thor, and places him back in the space of being just as young as Dizzee.

It’s a quick shot, so it’s not one that leaves a mark on our memories from the scene, but I do think is seeing it at all adds to why that whole scene has such a good “tense then relief” feel to it. Between it being Dizzee’s first kiss with a boy, and then the music sets the mood, followed by us seeing both guys really wanting it but being super nervous. Anyway. I just think that little Thor moment was well done.

Okay but consider this for the Pokemon League. It’s a business, yes? That’s kind of undeniable.  (The merits and profit of said business is probably super questionable as it is BUT THAT ISNT IMPORTANT), well some people do consider it part of the government, but I do and don’t disagree. I’d see it more of a government subsidized organization (think police, hospitals, ect. Part of but not THE regional government.) And theres of coruse several sides to it.

The buisness and logistics side, aka the side no one sees. Cause people in suits and stuffy rooms typically arent seen by anyone. These are the people who come up with rules, regulations, and have the Champion and Elites come in for consultation from time to time to get a proper feel for things. But for the most part, they affect things from the back end. Financing, media, marketing, all those things are typically ran through them. Theres no ‘head’ of the company, its ran by an elected board from each city that is representing the league, citys not represented can petition for representation as its only fair.

The other side is the face of the league, the champion, e4, and gym leaders. They’re given a lot of slack and more or less can do what they want. The Champion obviously oversees the E4, and the E4 oversees all of the gyms. As per another headcanon that’s floating on the dash, each E4 ‘keeps watch’ of certain leaders and have to evaluate them and their gym at least once a year to make sure it and them are staying up to the leagues code.