“Ohhhhhh, no.”

Ted the Animator: “What? What’s wrong?”

Carl the Animator: “I can’t find any of the closeup cels of Velma’s mouth, and there’s no time to make new ones before the deadline.”

Ted the Animator: “…didn’t you tell me your kitten ripped those up? Like, two days ago?”

Carl the Animator: “…oh. Yeah.”

Ted the Animator: “Methinks this problem just maaaaybe could have been avoided via better planning.”

Carl the Animator: “My bad, my bad.”

Ted the Animator: “So, how’re you going to fix it?”

Carl the Animator: “Uh… well, why not just use Daphne’s mouth for a scene?”

Ted the Animator: “It’s totally different, though. Daphne has lipstick, and a different mouth shape.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, come on, they’re nearly the same.”

Ted the Animator: “…beyond the fact that I don’t think Velma is really the ‘lipstick type,’ won’t it look weird and out-of-place? The viewers are all used to seeing her mouth look that one way for years.”

Carl the Animator: “Got a better idea that we can implement in the next 15 minutes?”

Ted the Animator: “…fine, go for it.”

Ted the Animator: “…yuuuup, that looks every bit as weird as I thought it would.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, relax, it’s-”

Ted the Animator: “The executives are gonna get letters.”

Carl the Animator: “Shh, shh, shh, relax.”

Ted the Animator: “We’ll be in trouble, you know.”

Carl the Animator: “Calm down, calm down… say the mantra.”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “Say it.”

Ted the Animator: “’…the kids won’t notice.’”

Carl the Animator: “Good job.”

Ted the Animator: “The kids won’t notice.”

Carl the Animator: “Feel better?”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah, I guess. So, uh… what deadline was this for, anyway? Sending off footage for the final edit?”

Carl the Animator: “Huh? No, the pizza place closing at 7:30, duh.”

Ted the Animator: “…your work ethic is breathtaking, Carl.”

‘Losing you was the toughest thing I ever had to deal with…

But then I would remember those 3 words mom would always say…

“Heroes Never Die”

and you dad…you are my hero…’

I imagine the dialogue would probably have a lot more, but I am no writer xD

Just a little idea for when Ellie finds out that 76 is actually dear old dad ;o; There is like a whole elaborate scene where there is a fight and one of them comes to save the other and in the midst of the battle, Jack’s mask comes off revealing who he is to Ellie while Mercy has been trying to keep it from her as she thought it would be best she didn’t know he had been alive this whole time.

But yeah xD

Eleanor is a fan character I made as a daughter to 76 and mercy

anonymous asked:

In the picture Troian posted of Torrey, it looks like she's wearing riding pants and boots and my mind automatically went to Mrs. D taking Bethany riding at the stables. Was Melissa there when Bethany and Mrs. D were? We know she used to ride horses, but why else would she be filming a scene wearing riding clothes if it didn't have something to do with that? Hmmm.

Oh my god oh yeah! This is exciting! Bethany might actually have some relevance. I was worried she was just a tool in the Charles story.

I’m trying to do my weekly writing assignment for my class. Here’s part of it.

Now its important to pick a subject excites you. Imagine you were asked to tell this one scene to the love of your life and in telling to show them who you are - then go nuts! 

Reading this makes me realize I’m not particularly excited about anything? I literally can’t think of any one thing that fits this bill because lately I just feel…passionless? About everything? And what love of your life I don’t have one of those and I probably never will because I’m an emotionless robot. 

So yeah. Super cool and fun being reminded that I’m an interior blank. I feel like I used to care more about things.

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Yeah, Seth did that but it felt very OOC.

hmm I just watched the scene and to me personally, I don’t think it was OOC at all!! 

IMO it was a logical decision– And Seth is smart. They needed as many fighters as they could get, and couldn’t afford to keep carrying around an injured Kisa, she was a liability. It wasn’t like, personal feeding time. It’s just like he said: “We’re at war with General Whateverthefuck. Consider it rations.” 

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Yeah I thought de was way too dramatic in their speeches like we get it y'all "love each other" THE.FUCK. Also in that 5x22 crying scene they didnt really do anything for that kind of reaction so it was just like why

I was just like … this is a gag that goes on for too long and Nina legitimately looked like she was overdoing it.

Like when she’s freaking the fuck out over Jeremy, that’s believable:

Like she looks like she’s in pain and those who follow me know that I don’t think Nina is a particularly great actress but she delivers in 4x15 and I feel her pain here. So she knows how to bawl.

But this:

I was like this the ENTIRE time:


in·ti·ma·cy (noun)  

1. close or warm friendship or understanding; personal relationship 2. a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.
In the Rain
  • In the Rain
  • Miraculous Ladybug

first of all, this is not an official transcription, nor is it the official name, but i loved the piece so much and i wanted to try and get it down. i’m completely far from a professional at this sort of stuff and there are most likely tons of errors compared to the actual piece, but i LOVED THIS SCENE and this PIECE so [tosses this at you] HERE 

also yeah not my song, just my attempt at putting it down.

edit: youtube version here and soundcloud here

edit2: get the sheet music here (warning: it is HARD! the piano part isn’t meant to have so many parts in it, but the piece is such that without all those parts it might feel a little empty, given the scene itself. i tried to make it as inclusive as i could without it becoming impossible to play.)


Please tell me I’m not the one who noticed the similarities~

Also here’s a bonus (kind of a stupid comparison but w/e)

So I started reading Game of Thrones and so many characters are introduced so quickly and I’m trying to keep track of them all like

Disney Villains Week Day Two: Favorite Villain Song
↳ Mother Knows Best (Reprise)

No? Oh, I see how it is. Rapunzel knows best! Rapunzel’s so mature now! Such a clever grown up miss. Rapunzel knows best— fine! If you’re so sure now, go ahead and give him this!


Olicity Meme: favorite quote [2]
“You’ll always be my girl.”