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I was tagged by the sweetheart @bleedinglove4h to do this challenge:
“Why, one direction?. What brought you, what kept you around, why did you choose to place affection towards these boys”
I love this, thank you! I actually did have an ask about this the other night so forgive me for copying and pasting my reply…but I did try to add a bit to it (with pics even!)

I’d been aware of 1D since WMYB and I had their music in my iTunes, but really only knew a handful of songs and I’m pretty sure the only member’s name I knew was Harry. I have a vivid memory of seeing them on TV and wondering why the heck that one kid always wore a bow tie.

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I have two daughters and my oldest was in the 5th grade when 1D became the big thing. She’s autistic and although she likes music, she wasn’t really into much that other kids her age were into, so I was trying to help her along I guess by introducing her to different stuff. So she was aware of them, but not that much.

Fast forward to late 2014, right around the time Four came out. My youngest had just discovered youtube (she’d gotten an iPad) and would watch videos made by other little girls. One of her faves had Up All Night playing in it and she loved it. She would jump on her bed and sing it and I was like oh yeah One Direction, you should listen to more of their songs. Within just a few weeks, she’d decided she liked them and wanted all their CDs for Christmas and a poster (to which I happily obliged).

So in the process of playing their music for my daughter, I realized I really liked them as well. Four had just come out and I found myself listening to it almost incessantly. Which in turn had me on youtube watching videos and interviews. And like almost everyone who starts watching 1D interviews, I fell down the rabbit hole. I particularly recall a certain Chart Show Chat interview where Harry mentioned waking up to “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”, and I love Paul Simon, so I was like okay, this guy is cool. His looks are just a bonus.

So I’d already had a tumblr account. I’d started it in July of 2014, but for a different, much much smaller fandom. Around November/December, I started following a handful of 1D blogs, mostly centered around Harry (and a few Zayn ones I think). One moment that really sealed the deal for me that I was indeed falling for a certain curly boy was when a clip was posted of Harry at a Fleetwood Mac concert (you know the one…our boy is jamming out to Go Your Own Way). I flipped my lid.

Soon after that, I decided to create a side blog just for 1D, but I soon realized this fandom was so massive that a side blog was not really the way to go. So I created a new account and started this blog in February of 2015. Within two months I realized this fandom was way more fun to be a part of that my old one so I ended up deleting my old account and only kept this one.

In the beginning, I was afraid I was too old. I’ve had people mock me before for liking things and usually I just brush it off, but I wasn’t sure how to feel coming into this fandom. So I didn’t give too much info about myself at first. In fact, I went by an alias for the first couple months. But then I decided I wanted to share some fan fiction and I’d started being mutuals with people and I just felt like I couldn’t hide. I’m me. I’m not ashamed. So I revealed myself and I have no regrets. There’s been some nastiness, but I’ve gotten way more support than anything.

It’s been a really wild ride. I’ve made some really great, special friends (and lost some). Even through all the drama, it still amazes me how wonderful and thoughtful people can be, whether I’ve met them in person or not. I get overwhelmed just thinking about the love I’ve received. Like everyone here I have my moments where I think maybe I should just delete, this has gone too far. But I’m still here and I love Harry and I don’t see my love fading any time soon.

Over time I suppose my level of fandom has changed a bit. From the beginning of course Harry has been my favorite, and he’s what pulled me in. I do still love One Direction and listen to their music everyday. But more than anything I’m a Harrie. I’m all about this solo rockstar gone actor. I’m about him first, so I don’t always keep up with what the others are doing. But I will always adore this band. Always.

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(…) And then yeah…  i met him. He was so dope, so nice. Like, you know…very unexpected, ‘cuz like you don’t know how some people are gonna be in the music biz (…) yeah, like they’re massive (One direction) the nicest person, hands down. One of the nicest who i’ve ever met in the music bussiness (…) we were able to meet, he was so nice he texted me at the beggining he was like “thank you so much for doing this” (…) it’s usually not what people would expect, like i would send it to you (the song) and then you’d do your part and then maybe we would facetime one time and then we’d meet each other when we perform it but he is like really dope, nice guy.
—  Bebe Rexha talking about Louis

people are like, ‘aw yeah i kinda liked one direction like i had their songs but i was never obsessed’ and i honestly can’t relate?? like there was a point in time when i had no clue who those crusty ass teenage boys were and then suddenly i was paying rent in their asses and wearing stripes and hiding from spoons like what the fuck

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I'm new to fandom, who was supposed to be the cute one, the sulky one, dangerous one, the funny one and the talented one during the txf era?

Not all of those exactly match with the archetypes that were assigned to the members of One Direction. Based on the marketing strategy slideshow that was leaked when Sony was hacked, we know that the “cute” one was supposed to be Niall and the “funny” one was supposed to be Louis. I would say the “sulky” and “dangerous” labels were both assigned to Zayn from the beginning (for example, on the slideshow, he was referred to as “vulnerable” and “a player”).

Though these options weren’t on the list on the Late Late Show, the Sony slideshows told us that Harry was meant to be the cheeky/beautiful one and Liam was meant to be the sensible one (that was obvious before the hack though). From the Late Late Show list, you could probably argue both were intended to be the “talented” ones in the band since they were pushed as the front men at the very beginning (just look at their performances on the X-Factor - those two had the vast majority of the solos).

Anyway, yeah, the members of One Direction and the labels that were assigned to them by 1DHQ from the beginning don’t fit exactly with the ones listed on the Late Late Show, but I think James’ writers just chose five fairly typical boyband labels for the sake of the segment rather than choosing based on the ones specifically assigned to One Direction.

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You're dead right about those cupcakes being prooomooo. Idk how closely you follow Andy, but the Fat Feeder (chick that made the cakes) is his alleged girlfriend's sister. And said girlfriend is good friends with Sophia. So it's all around promo for everyone. And why are there baby cupcakes at a lady-lad bro party anyway? Ugh free Liam from this madness!

I don’t follow Andy closely but no surprise at what he’s doing. I do think Andy is the real deal in terms of 1D friends and he’s laid kinda low and even shaded the official narrative in the recent past. But I think he’s been drafted because using the douche canoe crew (the three dudes Liam started hanging with to help sell Sophiam) is not an option since they were all team Sophia and we’re employed for the purposes of that narrative.

And yes, baby themed cupcakes, randomly appearing over a month after the kid was born isn’t very bro. Why were they there? Who is that slow on the congrats anyway?? Niall?? LMAO! It’s obviously targeted at young, naive, female fans who swoon over this kinda thing without giving the context much thought.

Like I said my earlier tags, it’s a recycled stunt. And recycled stunts are evidence AGAINST a thing being an organic happening. In other words, it’s planned with a particular narrative mission in mind.

Let’s see some of the greatest hits in what I like to call, fakery from the bakery. Look away, Harry. I know you used to be a baker and these are abominations in your eyes.

Of course, Elounor are the OGs of this foolery. Fauxmance and Disney promo? Genius.

That mess wasn’t even the best. Behold the shady af tribute to the mother of modern bearding, Taylor Swift. Why ever would they go there?? Everybody’s in on this joke except 75% of this fandom.

The cake stunts didn’t end with Elounor 1.0. This one isn’t even funny. Because Louis was dealing with the very recent loss of his mother when this happened:

The look on his face says it all. Not ok and no further comment.

But not to be outdone, Liam has done more than his share of cake stuntin’. Cakes everywhere. The Funky Buddha promo cake and the cake Danielle allegedly got him:

Please note this was August 2012 and Payzer 1.0 was probably over at this point. This was post fandom famous Ziam/Payzer Vegas showdown. And as far as we can tell, it looked like Zayn won that battle and ultimately the war. So this explains the need for extra strength cake stuntin’…I mean, I guess by 1DHQ logic.

Cake stunts continued with Sophiam. As always, aided and abetted by friend of Modest, Funky Buddha.

In hindsight, the emphasis on Sophia was obviously promo meant to set her up as an Instamodel post scheduled break-up, which came later that year. I tell ya, all the cake stuff is planned and deliberate.

This brings us to Zayn. We were told to believe Zayn was responsible for this pre-school fantasy for Perrie’s 21st (yes 21st) birthday. Picture credit: ©Little Mix…yeah, exactly.

More Zerrie cake fakes: That one time the garbage press told us this was Zayn’s birthday cake courtesy of Perrie…

…but Zayn’s family showed and proved that this was actually Zayn’s birthday cake:

Zayn was never seen with the Hulk cake. Surprise, surprise. And the cake beat goes on with Gigi and her Zayn stand-in with the photoshopped tattoos.

Now the pastry aided deception includes babies. Sad but true.

As for Niall, there was this weirdness a few years ago:

Hahahaha, no. Somebody tried it. This was an insult to Niall and great promo for 1DHQ co-conspirator The Sun. This implied co-sign was meant to tell us to believe 1DHQ’s lies as told by The Sun. Because if you can’t trust Niall, who can you trust? I see what you did there.

So for some try-to-get-inside-the-mind-of-teenaged-girls logic fail, cakes are supposed to = rayl. I guess 1DHQ thinks the kiddies love cake and no one would ever use precious, delicious cake in the interest of faking it because precious delicious. Yeah, ok.

it’s so strange to see people say sott “doesn’t sound like one direction”. of course it doesn’t, because it isn’t one direction. yeah, harry’s a member of it, but the whole point of their hiatus is so they can explore their own personal music styles—just like niall’s and louis’ singles don’t sound like one direction. i think people are taken aback with how much talent they have when you take them out of the mold. which isn’t to say they didn’t have talent, because that’s obviously what drew us to them in the first place, and how they’ve acquired such a large fanbase, but they didn’t get to flourish to their full potential with all those restrictions. the more they’re allowed to write their own songs and control their sound, the more impressive they become. we’re seeing a side of them we never saw before.

Red Coat.


A short and sweet something based on Harry’s glorious red coat from the Kings Of Leon concert a couple of days ago. I woke up to these and my mind has been nothing but naughty thoughts and mental images of Harry in nothing but that red coat since they’ve been posted. 

Not my best smut so I apologise; but, like I said, feedback on my smut is always wonderful because it’s a new topic for me and I need to improve - I know I do! - so your words of improvement will always be great and helpful for me.

** Warning: This includes a little smut and mature language. Nothing too heavy but if you feel uncomfortable then skip this story. **

We could also consider this as some birthday smut in a way because I wrote smut and it was posted on Harry’s birthday … Right? … Yeah? … There is some birthday fluff coming up today though; I promise you. New Daddy Harry fluffy. ;)))

Enjoy. xx

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I know I can’t apologize enough for how long it took me to write this. I know it’s been months and I’m the worst person ever but it’s finally here. If you haven’t read the other chapters or forgot what happened because it’s been ages since you read it they can be found on my masterlist. I apologize for any sloppy parts or any mistakes. Please forgive me for being so

Chapter four

When Harry heard the doorbell ring at 8 o'clock in the morning he couldn’t help but groan and turn around with a annoyed frown on his face. When it rung again he opened his eyes and released a defeated sigh. He knew Gemma wasn’t home, not until tonight because she was visiting a good friend up in Newcastle. Seemed like he had to get up.
He put on a old grey shirt that had tiny holes and ripped spots but it was comfy and he just couldn’t throw it away. He jogged down the stairs, shouting “Coming!” when the person behind the door pressed down on the doorbell again.
He opened the door and his eyes almost fell out of his head when he saw who it was.
“Oh, Harry. Goodness, did I wake you?”
Her voice was panicked, as were her eyes, scanning his half naked body.
“Good morning to you too, love.” he chuckled nervously.
“Good morning.” she breathed with a smile.
“S'okay by the way. It’s actually good that you woke me up, would have slept until noon otherwise.”
“Alright. Uh, well… I’ve got a date with Gemma.”
She was nervous. He noticed it the moment she lied her eyes on him. Her voice was quivering and her eyes were darting around, never finding a place to look at longer than a second.
“Well, Gemma is not here. She is visiting a friend in Newcastle and will be back tonight.“
“Oh. Wait… Today is Sunday, right?”
“Saturday, love.” he smiled softly at her.
“Oh. Oh, goodness I’m so stupid. Sorry, I-I’ll go now. Sorry for waking you. I’m sorry.”
She turned around quicker than Harry could react, walking to her car that was parked in the driveway.
“Wait!” he called before she could open her car door.
She turned around slowly and looked at him with a questioning look.
“Did you already have breakfast?”
She shook her head no. Harry sent her a smile, opened the door and motioned for her to come in.
“Harry, you really don’t have to. I mean-”
“I want to. C'mon now.”
She hesitated a bit before she nodded and stepped into the apartment.
“I’m quickly going to change, yeah? I’ll be right back.”
She was going crazy. And she didn’t know why. But ever since that moment a few days ago something was different.
She was thinking about him. Often. In the most random situations.
She was making coffee and for some reason she thought about him.
She was removing her makeup and then he crossed her mind.
She blamed it on that one moment they had. She found him cute before that but now she found him… appealing?
They connected, she felt it. The fact that he knew how she felt was strange because whenever she told somebody about it they looked at her confused but Harry… he understood.
Ever since that moment she thought about the other things that happened too, like the moment he caught her when she almost fell down. Or the moment when she aimed to kiss his cheek but landed on the corner of his mouth.
She wondered how it would feel to have his lips pressed against-
“Alright, m'ready.”
She looked at him dumbfounded for a moment, her thoughts clearly distracting her. Her eyes wandered from his mesmerizing eyes to his raspberry lips which looked so damn soft and so kissable and-
“You okay, love?” he asked concerned.
“W-What? Oh, yeah. Sorry.” she stammered.
He nodded and made his way through the hallway over to the kitchen, turning around when he didn’t hear her walking behind him.
“You coming?”
“Uhh, yeah.”
She shook her head as if she was trying to shake those thoughts out of her head. It didn’t work.
“Okay, so I thought I’d make some pancakes? With yogurt and fruit on it? How’s that sound for you?”
“Sounds amazing.”


He finished breakfast within twenty minutes, serving her the most delicious food someone could imagine. She was amazed how good it all tasted, the pancakes were the best she ever had and the scrambled eggs were absolutely perfect as well.
Their conversation was great too. They were talking about their families, their jobs and they were… getting to know each other.
During all this time both of their hearts were beating faster than normal. It felt like a date. A real, proper date. A amazing date.
“Harry, that was absolutely amazing.” she sighed contently when they both finished eating.
“Yeah? I’m glad you liked it. Gemma always says my scrambled eggs are too salty.”
“No it was absolutely perfect.” she reassured him.
They smiled at each other for a moment before Harry got up and collected the dishes, Y/N quickly getting up and helping him.
“You don’t have to help, love. S'okay.”
“Nope. No way am I going to let you do the dishes alone after you already prepared the most delicious breakfast in my whole life for me.”
Harry chuckled and let her, telling her to put them in the dishwasher.
It felt to be like that with her. It felt like this was a everyday action that they always did together. Like they were together.
In a way they connected even more during the time they spent. There was something between them that they both couldn’t quite pinpoint or describe. They were like two magnets. There was a pull between them.
When they finished putting away the dishes they stood in the middle of Gemmas kitchen, both not really knowing what to say and both not wanting Y/N to leave.
“Well, I guess I’m going to leave now. Disturbed you enough, haven’t I?” she chuckled nervously.
“You haven’t disturbed me at all, love. Was nice to have breakfast with you.” he sent her a gentle smile.
She looked at him for another few seconds before she took a step forward and engulfed him in a tight hug. Harry released a surprised ‘oh’ when her body crashed against his but wrapped his arms around her immediately. When she felt him hugging her back she pulled him even tighter to her, her face nuzzling into his neck and her nose inhaling his scent that was making her feel dizzy. His hands stroked over her back in slow circles, squeezing her tighter towards his chest every few seconds. His face was nuzzled into her neck as well, the scent of her hair mixed with her cologne was almost overwhelming.
After a two way too short minutes she pulled back, very slowly and Harry almost thought she wanted to kiss him when she stopped with her face right before his face and her eyes wandered to his lips. She didn’t though.
She pulled back completely and when she realized what just happened her eyes widened with shock and her cheeks turned pink.
“Oh god, I’m sorry. Shit, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to-. I’ll just leave now. Thank you for the breakfast.”
She left and slammed the door shut before Harry could react. He stood there in the middle of his sisters kitchen completely dumbfounded. He heard her shouting ‘fuck’ from outside, which finally snapped him out of his trance.
Fuck, indeed.
She hugged him.
But it wasn’t a normal ‘thank you for the breakfast, I’ll leave now hug’.
It was a proper squeezing each other and being as close as possible hug.
He still felt the ghost of her arms around him and her lips on his shoulder and how they were pressed to his skin there, not in a kiss but simply squeezed against his skin because she was so close.
Harry knew in that moment he fell for her. He was completely in love with her.
It couldn’t be anything else but love.
He’s never been in love before but he was sure this was what it felt like.
He never felt this way before. Never did he meet a girl that took away his breath the first time he saw her. Never before did he feel butterflies erupting in his stomach when a girl kissed his cheek. Never before did he enjoy talking to a girl as much as he did with Y/N. Never before did he open up to a girl so quickly. And never before did he connect with a girl before.
But with Y/N everything felt different. She was like a breath of fresh air. Like sunshine after years of darkness.
She was the girl he subconsciously wrote every song about. She was the girl he never thought he’d find.
And when she hugged him he felt something change between them. Like something snapped in place.
He knew she felt it too. He saw how she looked at his lips. He felt how tightly she held on to him. And for a moment he allowed himself to think she felt the same when she saw him.


The next morning he hoped to wake up to Y/N ringing the doorbell again but it didn’t happen. He stood up with a sigh, getting ready in the bathroom and putting his running clothes on. He needed a good run to clear his mind.
He went downstairs, making his way to the kitchen but stopping dead in his tracks when he saw her shoes and her jacket at the front door.
She had a date with Gemma today.
He gulped before he took a deep breath and walked towards the kitchen where he knew she would be.
“Good morning.“ he said when he entered the kitchen.
“Good morning.” they both replied.
He sent Y/N a soft smile, her cheeks turning lightly pink.
He walked over to where his sister was preparing some tee, kissing her cheek when she handed him a mug.Y/N almost melted at the loving gesture.
“You’re going for a frown again?” Gemma asked him with a frown.
“Um, yeah.” he nodded and took a sip from his tea.
“Everything okay?”
He nodded again, not looking at her because he knew that she looked right through him.
Harry usually never went for runs.
Only when he needs distraction.
Most of the time distraction from a girl.
“That girl?”
Y/N almost chocked on the food she had in her mouth. Girl? He had a girl?
Harry glared at her sister before he sighed. There was no point in lying. Gemma would ask him until he would spill everything.
“Yeah.” he admitted.
“Did you meet her again?”
He dared a quick side glance at Y/N but she didn’t seem to care about their conversation at all. But she did.
“Yeah.” he repeated.
“And?” Gemma pressed.
“Gemma.” he breathed annoyed.
“C'mon, tell me. Something must have happened or else you wouldn’t do that thing again and go for a run. I know why you do that, you know. So, tell me.”
“Yes, I met her and yes, something happened. But I don’t want to talk about it.”
She looked at him for a few moments before she nodded.
“You’ve got a moment though, right? Y/N uploaded a new article.”
“Gemma, he really doesn’t have to read it, I mean-”
“It’s fine, love. I want to read it.”
She gave him a nervous smile and nodded. Gemma gave him her phone where Y/N’s article was opened.

Die Liebe geht durch den Magen.
As a german turn of speech says food can make you fall in love with somebody. The exact translation would be ‘love goes through the stomach.’ And it’s true. A man who can cook is incredibly attractive and sexy. I don’t think any girl out there could deny the fact that a cooking man is the sexiest thing ever.

He looked at Y/N and saw her blushing and biting her bottom lip. The article was about him.
He quickly overflew the next few lines until he came across what he was looking for.

A man who can cook can quickly make a girl loose her mind. It can quickly make her feel something she hasn’t felt before. It can quickly make her fall in love with a man. There’s something special about a man cooking for a woman. It’s flattering and amazing and you know that if a man cooks for you, you’re special to him. But a woman should do something for her man too, right? Of course a nice thank you is enough but a bit a physical thank you is great too, right?

He stopped reading after that, looking at Y/N again.
“Yeah, right? I asked her the whole time who that ‘sexy’ and ‘amazing’ man is who cooked for her but she won’t tell me.”
Harry looked from his sister to Y/N and cleared his throat before he placed Gemma’s phone down on the kitchen table.
“I’m going to go now.”
He turned to leave the kitchen but Y/N’s voice stopped him.
“Harry?” she asked and stood up.
“Yes, love?”
“C-Could we maybe talk for a minute?”
“Um, yeah. Of course.”
They left the kitchen to get some privacy and sat down in the living room across from each other.
“I’m very sorry for what happened yesterday. I didn’t mean to be so… affectionate I guess.”
“Everything’s okay, love. There’s nothing to apologize for, yeah? It was actually one of the greatest hugs I ever shared with someone.” he grinned at her.
She chuckled and shook her head.
“Um… I hope your girlfriend isn’t mad.”
“What girlfriend?”
“You said to Gemma there was a girl?”
“Oh. Um… well, that girl isn’t interested.”
“No? How could any girl in her right mind bot be interested in you?”
“Well, I’m not as great as people make me out to be.” he smirked sadly.
Y/N looked at him for a few moments before she reached out and took one of his hands in hers, her thumb gently stroking over his knuckles.
“I think you’re great.”