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This is not a Zayn Malik friendly blog. I am not going to blog hate about him but I don’t want to see him on my dash either. Just an fyi that I might be unfollowing.

Call me what you will, but he was the one who was being a dick. No one made him say the things he did. He CHOSE to say them.

Ya’ll are like don’t pit the boys against each other, Zayn was the one who opened his mouth.

Zodiacs: What THEY THINK THEY SAY(EXPECTATION)  vs what they say(REALITY)


Expectation: I’m just tempermental sometimes.I hope you understand that. 

Reality: lollll  you wanna fight? get it on! 


Expectation: I love you so much,sweetheart <3 



Expectation: yeah i love one direction. I love whatever music you like because it has you in it. <3 



Expectation: I made dinner for you. come home. we’ll make love and have fun ;) 

Reality: Honestly, nobody helps me! Why everyone is so insensitive to my emotions! you have no heart! LEAVE ME ALONE! OH, OKAY…YOU JUST WALK AWAY FROM ME? YOU REALLY DON’T LOVE ME! ;( 


Expectation: Babe,How do i look in this dress? 

Reality: You better tell me i look fucking sexy cuz, i won’t give it to you tonight if you say otherwise. 


Expectation: I want a clean house. A perfect heart. A good looking person. Is it too much to ask for? 

Reality:  I want a clean house. A perfect heart. A good looking person. Is it too much to ask for?


Expectation: Of course i can live without you. I am independent balanced person. I’m fucking practical 

Reality: *after 10 mins* babe i’m sorry. please let me make it upto you. i beg you babe. i’m sorry. i know i should just keep my big mouth shut. 


Expectation: I wanna make love to you all night. It will be so special you’ll never forget it! 



Expectation: I love adventures. We should go hiking sometime. Maybe tomorrow? 



Expectation: Yes babe. I will come home and make sweet love to you. We’ll go out for dinner. We’ll have fun! I promise. 

Reality: *is still at work* 


Expectation: Life is so beautiful. Not everyone can understand the beauty of life and its meaning.

Reality: *is either hungover or high as fuck* 


Expectation: Do you like pizza and tumblr? OMG ME TOO! 

Reality: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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There now. That’s a little better, isn’t it? 

Love never dies

So my exams are finally over! I’m taking requests of blurbs, one shots and imagines. So send in requests of imagines !!!!
Enjoy !

“So who’s single here ?” Ellen ask asked the boys. Yeah one direction was on Ellen’s show. There was a little feeling of sadness after Ellen’s question. Everyone held there breath. Everyone knew Niall and Harry were gonna raise their hands.

With a little smile Harry raised his hand following by Niall. It was clear how unhappy Harry was to be considered as single.

But he knew. It was him who made this happen. He knew if he didn’t said this words to her then would’ve still his girl. He knew.

Ellen saw how u comfortable Harry was. So she decided to call it a break. She patted Harry’s shoulder and left for touch ups. He received sympathy looks from audience and his band mates.

Harry knew he was at the verge of crying so he got up. Got up and left for toilet to let it all out.

As soon as he got in he locket it and started to sob like a baby. It was getting harder and harder day by day. Everytime he tried to ignore it, it started haunting him more.

Everytime he closes his eyes her imagine was there. All the fights were there. All the tears, screams and anger were there.


Harry's  pov
“Stop Harry stop ! For sake of god stop !” Y/n screamed throwing her hands in air.

It was another fight which was started from a silly argument about who will do the laundry.

I mean I could do tht but I was so tired and at other hand y/n didn’t wanted do that either bc she had to go shopping for her friend’s wedding.

“Why do you have to be Bitchy all
The time?!” I screamed. I didn’t cared about my words. I was so frustrated and angry from all the continuous fights. And the thing was she never accepted her mistakes.

“Maybe if you weren’t being an asshole then I wouldn’t be bitchy” she screamed back and I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t knew why came in me, I took that vas which was standing on the table beside me and threw it at her.

With a loud break the vas hit the wall thankfully instead of her. I still wasn’t in my senses of what I did until I saw my girl sitting breaking down on floor with her hands over her head protecting it. There were scratches on her her from the broken glass which fell when the vas broke.

“Ba-baby? I’m sorry my love ” I rushed to her but she scooted away and stood up.

“ baby I’m-"she cut me off by running upstairs. I followed her and saw her packing her back. Tears were falling on her clothes uncontrollably. Her eyes were red. Scratches on her hand were red.

My heart sank. She was crying because of me. She was hurt because of me. She was leaving because of me.
But I couldn’t let her go. She meant everything to me. She was my home. My world.

"Baby please. Please baby I’m so sorry. I-I’d do anything baby.” I sobbed as I stood beside her not dating to touch her. She looked at me with those innocent eyes which were my weakness. I wanted to hug her, pull her close to my chest. But I couldn’t.

“You’d do anything ?” She asked and I nodded quickly.

“Then do me a favor of letting me go” she said and started walking downstairs but I grabbed her hand.

“That’s the only thing I can’t baby.” I was sobbing bad. So bad that there no tears left to come out.

“Let me go!” She pulled my hand away.

“I don’t even know who you are Harry. My Harry wasn’t like this."she said and with that she walked out of my life.

*end of flashback*•••••••••••••••••••

Everyday from aster that day he cried every hour. Every minute. Every second. Every breath.

He was sitting on floor with his knees to his chest. His sobs were really loud.
But stopped when he heard a knock on the door. It seemed like a girl knocked on it. He stood up and washed his face and then unlocked it.

At first he didn’t saw who it was unless she spoke up. Yes she.

"Harry?” Her soft voice was enough to bring Harry back to his senses. His eyes widened when he saw y/n standing there looking beautiful as ever.

“Baby?” He said and pulled her in for a hug. He started crying I’m her neck. It was first time in 3 months where he felt complete. Her one hug was enough to bring his broken parts back together.

“Shhhh. It’s okay.” She cooed Harry and look him to green room. She sat him down on couch and handed him a glass of cold water. As soon as cold water hit his throat he felt like he was alive again.

Harry took her hand an made her sit beside him.

“What’re you doing here ?” He whispered looking in her eyes.

“Louis called me. He heard your sobs. He told me everything. Everything Harry. What you did was wrong and gave me deep scar on my heart. But I know you didn’t meant it. My condition was just like yours Harry. I can’t say that i can fully trust you now though but I can say that I still love you Harry.” Y/n said as tears pooled in her eyes. It was enough for me too bring her to my chest. She was crying so was I.

“I’m sorry too baby. I-I dunno why came into me. I can’t live without you. You mean everything to me. You’re the reason why I breath everyday. You’re the reason I keep trying. You’re the reason why I keep myself from falling down.” I finished and cupped her cheek.

“You’re the reason I believe in love” I whispered and touched he lips with mine. She quickly responded too with all hunger and passion. My life was complete again and I couldn’t ask for more.

Somebody said right. That true love never dies.

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