yeah one direction

sooooo i found out that in the original version of A Link to the Past, Link has pink hair??? 

also my gf said that link is a nonbinary icon so thats just true

people are like, ‘aw yeah i kinda liked one direction like i had their songs but i was never obsessed’ and i honestly can’t relate?? like there was a point in time when i had no clue who those crusty ass teenage boys were and then suddenly i was paying rent in their asses and wearing stripes and hiding from spoons like what the fuck

Smokin’ Hot - Louis in Harry’s clothes 1/?

I had a bunch of requests yesterday to draw Louis in Harry’s clothes. So…here’s Louis wearing Harry’s gold Gucci pants from his Troubadour show with the white ruffled Burberry blouse from Harry’s Two Ghosts performance on Late Late. 

Harry and Arlo.

just a lil something.. single dad Harry is just too adorbs!!

Harry and Arlo.

“No monkey, please don’t do that.”

Harry placed Arlo in her den. He was tired, he was thirsty and a little peckish but Arlo’s needs came first, his current issues were not so important.

“Dada, naa na?

“I know you want a na na, bug, but daddy really needs for a wee.” Harry spoke so gently to Arlo, although he knew that didn’t understand half the things he muffled on about. But Harry still carried on.

“I’ll be 5 seconds.” He told her and rushed to the toilet. Jogging back, Harry soon found a den with an open gate and no Arlo inside. His eyes darted around the room.

She’s so tiny, she could be anywhere, she’s always beating me at hide and seek.

Harry sighed softly and tried to think rationally, where would his 13 month old daughter be?

“Arlo, monkey.. bug..” he started, leaving a pause in each nickname Arlo has. 

“It’s not funny to be hiding from Daddy.” Harry said his voice a little stretched but nowhere near abrupt. 

He walked around the living room filled with every toy you could think of. Harry looked under the sofas, in the toy boxes. “Monkey.” Harry said every now and then. “Bug, please, daddy really doesn’t like this game anymore.” Harry tried to calm down, but he hated the fact that his precious baby girl, was out of his sight.

Ten minutes.

Harry couldn’t hear anything, alarm bells ringing in his head, giving him a slight nauseous feeling and possible migraine, he needed to sit down.

“Arlo, daddy doesn’t want to play anymore, he’s feeling kinda icky and needs a big cuddle from his love bug.”

The little patter of footsteps and muffles of laughter became louder and louder, turning his head to the door of his bedroom he saw her, running towards him chewing those chubby little fingers that he loves to hold whenever he can.

“Da da.”

Her long golden-y brown locks bouncing slightly in the air. Her piercing blue eyes looking him dead on.

 Arlo was hers. Harry knew it, and so did she.

“Yeah well, things are a little ‘tough right now, s’tryna find the uh, perfect outfit for Arlo’s birthday, and s’yeah I know… - s’this just means the albums gonna be on a… ‘spose the word is ‘pause’ for ‘the uh, uh time being.” Harry said into the phone, he was warming up Arlo’s milk in the microwave. He looked back to his laptop screen and continued to scroll through various items, occasionally looking at his emails.

The other end shrieks down the phone, Harry moves it away from his ear. “S’well if ya gon’ s’talk to me like ‘at, I’m s’not gonna listen, s’look… It’s ‘meh daughter’s birthday, and I’m taking time off, to be with her, simple as that, s’this just uh s’not as uh im- important anymore, she is, Arlo is.” Harry put down the phone and just sighed.

He bent down and picked the toddler that was sitting at his feet, up, and kissed her. 

“S’just you and me, bug.” 


I’m sick.

Just a quick one for you guys. Dedicated to @mizpahes. As promised. 

A good cuddle session was in order. You weren’t feeling too well and had become quite needy and clingy towards Harry. He’s clearly noticed it, so when he’s asked you to be on the couch and wait for him, you were quite expectant. He’s gotten back with a nice fluffy blanket for the two of you to share and he’s given you full control on whichever to watch. He promised he wouldn’t complain no matter what it is (because he usually does demand a good rom com, and you really don’t mind).

So the two of you settled in - with you pressing your back against his front and your head resting comfortably on his shoulder, and him wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you as close as he can - the movie had started playing. He’d absentmindedly run his fingers through your skin and it soothed you immensely well. You’d feel him press kisses on your hair and pulled you in closer (every time you slide away whenever you move) as he releases a sigh. Wasn’t too long until you felt your eyes slowly closing, feeling the tiredness run up through your body as his touches felt like an unspoken lullaby. 

His chuckle has sent vibrations through your body as you felt him shift, carrying you towards the bed, leaving the movie softly playing in the living room. When you were softly laid down the mattress, he’s soon gotten in as well, pulling the covers over your shoulders. Harry’s arm was quick to find its rightful place wrapped securely around your waist. As he leaned in close, pressing a soft kiss on your cheek and slowly drifting to sleep as well, he said, “Love doing this with you.”

Imagine: Louis hearing Two Ghosts
  • Harry: So my album is out.
  • Louis: I know, I just bought it. Should we go listen together?
  • Harry: You go ahead. I'm just gonna watch you.
  • Louis: Now that doesn't sound creepy at all, Haz.
  • Harry: *laughs* Oh c'mon Lou! Just listen please?
  • Louis: Yeah okay. Uhm so let's go with Two Ghosts 'cause I heard rumors that it was about a certain someone. Who might that be?
  • Harry: You know who. *giggles*
  • Louis: Taylor Swift?
  • Harry: OH fuck no! Louis!
  • Louis: *laughs* Chill babe. I love you.
  • Harry: I love you too. Now listen.
  • ... after the song. Harry hands him tissue.
  • Louis: I'm so sorry that we're in a shitty management. I love you so much. I'm sorry you have to suffer and that it's so hard for us. We have each other and I'll always help you remember how it feels to have a heartbeat. If it gets too hard. I'm here. I love you.
  • Harry: And you have me. I love you too. So much.