yeah i really need to work on my colours

(In today’s episode of drawing completely outside of my usual style…)

I wanted to draw something really cute? And was thinking about how adorable a chocolate-strawberry Sylveon would look.

Her name is Sanna. She’s actually a member of my magical girl Pokemon team that I’ve had in-game for a while. I just now today decided that she’s dessert-colored (and covered in hearts) because fav colours on fav Pokemon with fav shape is a Hell Yeah.

I do not know what is going on with me any lipstick/lip colour of any kind.

No matter what brand I try, from high end to cheap drug store options, I cannot find a colour that suits me.

Every one of the literally millions of shades out there looks either too dark or too light - both of which wash me out.

I can occasionally find a tone of lipstick that works. But again, I cannot find one that is the correct light/dark ratio for me.

I have been looking for years. Like, my whole adult life basically. I have had multitudes of make up ladies recommend a multitude of lip sticks etc.

I usually just wear lip gloss which is fine because gloss tends to be sheer colour. But gloss lasts like 15 minutes on me, and I really do not have the time to be checking and reapplying my gloss all the time.

I have bloodless, corpse-coloured lips FYI. So I need to wear something otherwise I actually look like I might die any moment. I am not exaggerating - my lips have no real colour. Which might be why I cannot find a lip colour that works but yeah.

I am seriously and honestly thinking of getting my lips tattooed.

warclam  asked:

No criticism, just curiosity: why draw Blake as black when she's, y'know, factually not? More importantly, why always Blake? Because her name means black? Because she's a member of an oppressed minority so let's double down? Weirds me out a bit. Where's black Weiss? Where's the AU where everybody is black? For the love of god, where's black Nora?!

That’s most of the reason why FNDM draws Blake black, yes. Both because it fits her corresponding colour and because Faunus are the oppressed minority and throughout canon share influences with both black people and Native Americans. But she’s certainly never the only one, just the most common. There’s been black Weiss! If I find those screencaps again I’ll attach them to this post, but they were absolutely gorgeous.

In the end, it’s up to the artist as an individual how they prefer to draw the character for themselves. For example, I like to draw her either black or native, whereas dash draws her japanese, while another artist may draw her middle eastern, it’s whatever you prefer!

For me personally, because I like it. I’ve been so stuck in my years drawing white white white everything and only in the past two figured out I need some diversity and wanted to practice. And drawing RWBY as different races is really fun to work with and can make them so different to look at! I’d never actually drawn dark skinned black people properly before I drew Blake for the Super AU (Like I had the skin colour, sure, but there’s other things like different facial features, palms of the hands are lighter etc)

also yeah where is this au where everyone is black i want to see this thing of beauty.

“la différence invisible” is a french comic book about a young woman who feels different from those around her, and her journey of discovery of having asperger syndrom

It’s good

It’s very, very good. I finally gave in, received it today, and I’ve read it twice already in the past 5 hours since I opened the package.

It’s good because of how real the interactions felt, the thoughts, the sensations. Every couple pages on my first reading, I’d raise my head and excitedly tell Vera that this was true of me too, and that, and look this is exactly how work felt last month. One of these thing was the main character being told by several health professional tht she couldn’t be autistic because she wasn’t avoiding their eyes… Something my current psychiatrist tells me every time I tell him how excited about my upcoming testing.

But also what makes this comic so amazing is the way it depicts things. The use of colour, the speech bubbles, everything really works amazingly to show the mental and emotional state of the character. It’s not often you see a comic that makes such full use of the tools of the medium. It’s a story that could not be told in another medium (maybe film… But the effect would be a little different, so actually maybe not)

So, yeah. Good comic and something I needed I guess.

anonymous asked:

heyy!!! ur art and coloring style are just waayyy too pretty! would like to see work-in-progress pics for your coloring some day maybe? ^^ and if you have advice in general on things to keep in mind when coloring, i would really appreciate that. but ofc, no pressure!

thank you !! hmm for wips/process, my streams are prob the easiest way to show since i’m not v good at explaining. something to keep in mind is… observing real-life pictures! study how the cloth folds, how the body moves, and how light hits the planes. this is something i still need to work on (bc i’m used to just bsing everything lol//) but i noticed that as soon as i started paying more attention to these details, my anatomy and shading has become more… coherent? yeah.

another thing is if you’re bad @ colour-picking like me, adjustments/correction layers are a godsend LOL. my art tends to come out looking flat/dull so i’ll use level correction to fix the contrast and color balance to make the overall drawing more cool-toned (bluish/purple). i’ll airbrush pinks on a screen layer to warm it up a bit and use white for minor highlights on the skin.

thanks! :^) tbh i’ve always wanted to make comics… i just feel like my art’s still lacking in many ways + i’m not much of a writer so i’ve been trying to improve myself before tackling the medium ;;

aw i’m sorry to hear that ! so far i’ve been doing it on friday evenings (eastern time) but twitch saves my past broadcasts here in case you miss the stream. i don’t do it often just bc i feel like it’s not that interesting to watch hahah

Marauders exam headcanons

James is actually very chilled about exams, he starts revising early and doesn’t do MUCH revision but it adds up and he’s one of those annoying people who does well without trying very much so all the practical spell stuff is easy. He gets annoyed because the quidditch team are all busy revising and he’s like BUT THE LAST MATCH OF THE YEAR IS SOON WE NEED TO PRACTISE

Sirius is good at practical stuff too so he THINKS he’ll be fine but he’s pretty hopeless at theoretical stuff. He probably doesn’t revise at all because he has a short attention span and whenever he attempts to look through his notes he ends up snogging Moony or levitating things or casting ridiculous hexes, and then a few days before the exam Remus is testing them and asks Sirius about Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration and he has NO IDEA and realises he knows fuck all and crams for the next three days (with frequent breaks for snogging obviously)

Remus is very good and does lots of revision and is super organised but hates it so much like he will sit there reading a textbook and every two minutes will be like ‘you know what I fucking hate? POTIONS’ and everyone will sigh because yes Moony you’ve had at least six rants about potions today it’s very hard I know. And with practical stuff he’s good but not as good as James and Sirius. Like, he’ll suggest they practise some really hard charm and they’ll just DO IT with no effort at all and Remus has to sit there for like half an hour trying to focus and get the damn spell to work but Sirius distracts him and he ends up setting things on fire accidentally

Peter starts off really well and makes very neat colour-coded revision timetables for all four of them and gets the books he needs from the library like two entire months before the exam, and every day he’ll get up early like YEAH I’M GONNA BE SO PRODUCTIVE TODAY and by 10am he’s like ‘oh god I hate my life someone give me an excuse not to do work’ and then does fuck all until like late evening when he’s like ‘shit I’ve not done any work’ and then he crams for a couple of hours and collapses into bed

wolfstar prompt (part ½?) (“I always see you in the mall I work at and you always look upset so I made you some cookies now cheer up, Mr. Grumpypants”) with @ladyamina

  • So Sirius works in Lush :)
  • And Remus works in the tea shop across the way
  • And Sirius, with his bubbly personality is often stationed at the entrance to welcome customers and ask if they’d like assistance.
  • When there is no one to greet or assist he finds himself staring across the way into the back of the teashop, where usually sits the cutest and grumpiest boy he’s ever seen
  • At first Sirius thinks he’s just a customer, but after like the ninetieth time he sees him in there he’s behind the register and it occurs to him ‘ohhhhh, that’s why, I just thought he really liked tea' 
  • (turns out Remus really does just like tea and he got the job because he was always in there and the manager needed help one day and she just asked him, because he knew more about their teas than most of the current employees)
  • Being demi, Sirius isn’t used to being attracted to people, but he’s just So Drawn to the grumpy stranger. He finds his mind wandering throughout work and even on his way home and lying in bed at night, fantasizing about making that boy smile, or even just wiping the frown-crease from his eyebrows just for a moment. He comes up with a thousand plans, everything from bringing him flowers to an internet-sensation-style-flashmob. But he kiiiind of figures none of those would work irl
  • It’s Pete who suggests bringing him cookies, and Euphemia who provides the recipe
  • And James who almost calls the fire department when he comes home to a smoke-filled flat

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