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So Russell has once again come to enjoy some holidays... -.- will it be at Coachella this time? Longing at pools, being a chaperone?

yeah, maybe he’ll supervise some elounor dates from a pool floatie in between tweeting about harry styles’ single

Ice Ice Baby

Pairing:  Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,198

Summary: Jensen surprises the reader and their son with a fun family day. 

Requested by: @beckawinchester

“Where are you off to looking all hot with your leather jacket?“ You say drooling over your fine ass husband.

“Well…we are taking Evan and having a family day.”

“I thought you had to shoot later?”

“Nope. I talked to Bob and I get the whole day off from filming.”

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The messenger boy: part 3 | Alfie Solomons

You’d never seen Alfie look surprised. His hand scratched through his beard as he stood on your doorstep. “Well, looks like the entire day worked, din’t it?” You smacked your hand against his shoulder as you walked by him with the close of your front door.

“I’m gonna find myself a nice man tonight at this party. A respectful gentleman.” You told Alfie as he followed behind you toward the car.

“That right?” You nodded as you turned back to him and then opened the passenger door for yourself to climb in. The car creaked as Alfie did the same but then he turned his body toward you.

“Tell me about this bloke then.”

“Well I ain’t found him yet, have I, Alf?”

“I know you ain’t, pet, but I wanna know who we’re lookin’ out for, don’t I?”

“We?” You questioned as you turned toward Alfie, too.

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Deep Thoughts Part Three

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This is a short series that @iwillbeinmynest​ and I are collaborating on! We hope that you guys will love it and enjoy reading it just as much as we have enjoyed writing!! :)

Special shoutout to @iwillbeinmynest for making this part incredible!

Wanda grunted as she pushed her way through the darkness to find another memory. The girl seemed to have a strong effect on his mind so, she would find her again. Wanda felt another memory coming to light and pushed Bucky into it.

Bucky was hurled forward and landed with a thud and an excruciating headache. He grabbed his head and screamed hoping that some how his vocal chords held the key to some relief. Suddenly, there was a light and the world around him began to melt upwards again. The pain in his head began to dull and he was finally able to focus on the memory forming around him.

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Stupid Lyra thing of the day:
We keep discussing how dorky/innocent/cute all of both Orisa and Bastion’s emotes are, and how we could just do A Thing in quickplay by just being them all day and emote together and stuff
Then someone pointed out that sounded like a date and isn’t Orisa a little young to be dating?
So it was decided that Zenyatta will come along as their chaperone
So yeah that’s a stream we’re definitely gonna do at some point this week.

Girl Meets the Inevitable - a future GMW script headcanon (part 4)
  • A/N: Sorry this took so long I am the worst omg. Here's the first three parts:
  • (The New York Museum of Modern Art, Cory's entire history class are going through the security line)
  • Cory: Alright, here we are kids!
  • (Everyone looks around all amazed)
  • Smackle: Mr. Matthews, may I ask what we are doing at the Museum of Modern Art if we are supposed to be considering past civilizations? Doesn’t the word modern imply… recent?
  • Topanga, who is chaperoning: Yeah, what is that about, husband?
  • Cory: Baby steps,Topanga, I don’t think these kids are ready for actual Grecian urns quite yet.
  • (camera cuts to Lucas and Zay poking at each other out of boredom in the line to get in, Lucas pokes Zay so hard that he nearly knocks over one of the pillars to those line divider things, Maya catches it.)
  • Maya: Fair point.
  • Cory: Okay kids, listen up, no touching anything, no setting off any alarms, make sure you know where your partner is at all times, and try not to get lost cause if you’re not back here by three o’clock, you’ll have to get a bus home cause we ain’t lookin for ya.
  • Topanga: Correction, we’ll look for you because we are contractually obligated to as teachers and guardians *glares at Cory*
  • Cory: But my show is on at 3:30!
  • Topanga: What show could possibly be on at 3:30? If you say Celebrities Underwater I swear-
  • Cory: Well then I’d better not say.
  • Topanga: *rolls eyes and turns back to the class* Just be smart, kids.
  • (the class heads off in different directions in groups of two)
  • Cory: Yes, be smart! Smart and punctual!
  • (the class dissipates until on Farkle and Riley are left, staring at the ground. There are about 5 seconds of silence.)
  • Farkle: So I guess we should...
  • Riley: Go find some art to contemplate...
  • Farkle: Yeah...And I guess that means we’ll have to-
  • Riley: -actually talk to each other?
  • Farkle: *looks up at her* Yeah...
  • Riley: *looks up at him* Okay then. I’ve been told we should do that.
  • Farkle: So have I.
  • Riley: Hi Farkle.
  • Farkle: Hey Riley.
  • (they stare at eachother for a sec, completely terrified.)
  • Riley: *breaks silence abruptly* So Art!
  • Farkle: Yeah art! Let’s go find some! (they panic walk towards an exhibit)
  • ~meanwhile~
  • (Smackle, Maya, Zay, and Lucas walk together towards the exhibits)
  • Lucas: This place is huge!
  • Zay: Yeah, I feel like I’ve walked a mile and there isn’t even any art yet.
  • Maya: *all excited* You guys don’t even know the half of it, this thing goes on for days.
  • Smackle: You’ve been here before?
  • Maya: Are you kidding? You’re in my house now, Smackle, and this, this is the song of my people *closed eyes, dramatic deep breath, as if she’s about to sing or do some kind of tribal chant*... “ooh look a pretty picture!!” *runs towards said pretty picture, dragging Smackle with her*
  • Smackle: *exasperated* Oh boy.
  • Lucas: *calling after them* Good Luck!
  • Zay: Alright well I guess we should find something to...wait...
  • Lucas: We have partners don’t we?
  • (they both turn around, looking for them)
  • Zay: None that I can see.
  • Lucas: How did we already lose them??
  • Zay: *calling and walking in one direction while Lucas walks in the other* Daaave??
  • Lucas: Sarahhh??
  • (camera cuts kind of abruptly to Farkle doing the same thing with Riley)
  • Farkle: Riley??
  • (camera cuts to Riley, staring, mesmerized in front of a painting the audience can’t see, Farkle enters the room)
  • Farkle: There you are Riley, I thought I'd already lost you. [author’s hint: THAT LINE IS IMPORTANT LOOK AT IT] What are you- (falls silent as he joins her to stare at the painting)...woah.
  • (camera cuts to Topanga approaching the entrance to the exhibit, and then stopping when she sees them standing in front of the painting, Cory approaches excitedly)
  • Cory: Topanga! You gotta come see this, they have Salvador Dali watches, the clocks look like they’re melting! How do they do that? It’s crazy!!
  • Topanga: *waves hand at him without looking and angry whispers* shushhhh!!
  • Cory: *whispers* What is it, darling? *joins her in the doorway to see what she’s looking at*...ohhh...
  • Topanga: *smiley whispers* I think I see why you brought them here now.
  • (camera cuts to reveal Farkle and Riley standing in front of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, then back to Cory and Topanga)
  • Cory: *smiles* Well, would you look at that.
  • ~commercial break~(I realize I haven’t put them anywhere else in this script but this is a good place for one lol)
  • (Camera cuts back to a shot of Riley and Farkle staring at the painting with Topanga and Cory watching them from afar)
  • Topanga: Okay, let’s leave them alone
  • Cory: Leave THAT alone? I don’t think so
  • Topanga: You have to let them have their moment Cory, let’s GO *playfully yanks his arm*
  • Cory: *points dramatically, he's panicing slightly* But that’s the-
  • Topanga: Yep
  • Cory: And they’re gonna-
  • Topanga: Uh-huh
  • Cory: But-
  • Topanga: Do you want a Dali watch or not?
  • Cory: ...Yes m’am.
  • (they leave)
  • Farkle: *looks back and forth between Riley and the painting a few times as she continues to stare* So... this one?
  • Riley: Yep.
  • Farkle: We’re not gonna look at any oth-
  • Riley: -nope.
  • Farkle: Okie dokey then.
  • (they keep staring)
  • Farkle: So what are we supposed to-
  • Riley: *put finger on Farkle's lips while still staring at painting* shhhhhh
  • Farkle: *still trying to talk even with Riley’s finger in the way* We’ve gotta do the assignment.
  • Riley: Yes, but we have 3 hours, and we’re supposed to talk about what we find beautiful about the art. If we’re going to do that, we need to experience the art. Correct?
  • Farkle: I guess…
  • Riley: Alright then, shall we? (quite abruptly sits down criss-cross applesauce on the floor)
  • Farkle: Riley- *starts to protest but then realizes that it won’t do any good, and sits next to her*
  • (more silent staring, this is where I would put a Ferris Beuller-esque art stare-off but I feel like that wouldn’t quite fit in a Girl Meets World episode lol)
  • Farkle: Riley, if this is your way of getting out of talking to me-
  • Riley: (a little sarcastic and a little actually offended, still looking at the painting) I would never!
  • Farkle: Well!
  • Riley: Very well then, Farkle, if you want to talk let’s talk. *Finally turns to look at him and pauses for a sec as her tone softens significantly. Gulp.* What do you find beautiful about the painting?
  • Farkle: *lingers on looking at her for a sec and then turns back to the painting as he answers* Well, it’s Van Gogh, right? He’s pretty important. This is one of his most famous paintings so I’m sure it means something…
  • Riley: But what does it mean to YOU? What do you see? Why is it beautiful? *she’s very excited to hear his answer and gets all smiley*
  • Farkle: ...well... the colors are nice I guess. They...blend well..
  • Riley: *unimpressed* They blend well?
  • Farkle: Yeah...good...blues...*looks at Riley and sees how unimpressed she is and giggles nervously* I’m not very good at this.
  • Riley: *chuckles, she thinks it’s cute that he sucks at art talk (for now lol)* I can see that.
  • Farkle: What do you see?
  • Riley: *deep breath* I feel like I’m seeing this little town, this church, the night sky, the way Van Gogh saw them. The stars are swirling with the wind, the mountains are reaching up to touch the moon, the town, the world may feel dark, but they look up and they see lights and they know they’re gonna be okay. I think that’s beautiful.
  • Farkle: *pretending he gets it* yeah... totally...
  • Riley: *doesn’t buy it* What?
  • Farkle: I mean, it’s nothing-
  • Riley: No what is it? I want to know what you think!
  • Farkle: You might not like it.
  • Riley: I can handle it, I promise.
  • Farkle: *sigh* It just doesn’t look an actual night sky. It’s pretty and all but, what is that? Is that supposed to be the moon? Cause I’ve seen the moon and the moon looks nothing like that. And he completely ignored constellational-
  • Riley: He wasn’t exactly going for accuracy here, Farkle.
  • Farkle: Then what was he going for? Because sure, it’s beautiful, but what about “Beauty is Truth and Truth is Beauty” cause this *points at painting* is not telling the truth.
  • Riley: He was showing us HIS truth, HIS reality. The way he experienced the world.
  • Farkle: But there isn’t a “his truth” and “her truth”, there’s just what is real and what people pretend is real to make the world seem prettier.
  • Riley: He just painted what he saw!
  • Farkle: But he didn’t actually see that. Famous painter or not he had two regular human eyeballs and they did not actually witness the stars as huge orbs “swirling with the wind” *laughs a little* cause if he had we’de all be dead by now!
  • Riley: He was an impressionist...
  • Farkle: Well then I guess it’s just not a very good impression. *he’s still pretty nonchalant as he makes this statement, still looking at the painting, Riley doesn’t respond, he turns to look at her, and finds her face in full on rage mode, about to bust, he’s terrified.* Oh boy.
  • (Hard cut to Zay and Lucas crossing paths in the hallway, but not noticing each other, while still searching for their respective partners.)
  • Zay: Daaaavvee??
  • Lucas: Sarahhh??
  • Zay: I have corn chiiipss! *Waves around bag of fritos or something*
  • (They end up entering the same large exhibit room through two different doors and both stay in their doorways to observe Smackle and Maya standing in front of “Christina’s World”. Maya is mesmerized, Smackle is intrigued but perplexed.)
  • Smackle: What do you think she’s doing?
  • Maya, who is deeply affected by this painting: I think...She’s running away. (look up the painting if you aren’t familiar with it, you’ll probably notice that “running away” might be a bit of a stretch but this is how Maya interprets it nonetheless)
  • Farkle, from far away: Come on, Riley, you know I didn’t mean it like that! (the camera stays on Smackle and Maya long enough for us to hear Riley and Farkle’s voices get closer and closer and see Maya and Smackle’s confused reaction as Riley angrily flies into the room through the remaining door followed closely by Farkle, still arguing)
  • Riley: It doesn’t matter what you meant, it matters that you think Van Gogh is a bad artist-
  • Farkle: I never said that!
  • Riley: -just because his painting wasn't exactly scientifically accurate?!
  • Farkle: It just doesn't make sense, it contradicts the assignment!
  • Lucas: So they ARE fighting?
  • Everyone: shhh!
  • Riley: Forget the assignment this isn't about that! This painting is a masterpiece I don't understand how you can't be affected by it
  • Farkle: I can't just forget the assignment, it's why we're here! We haven't even started it yet because you’ve been too busy “experiencing”-
  • Maya: Here we go. *she knows Riley will not like this*
  • Riley: Well the ASSIGNMENT is to understand what we each find beautiful about the art *grabs Smackle's papers out of her hands and shoved it in Farkle's face* and apply it to our OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!
  • Farkle: *takes paper and points to it* and to use that to explain what the Keats quote means, I'm just saying it doesn't match up with the quote!
  • Riley: That's not what the poem is about at all! You’d realize that if you would just get your head out of your microscope for two seconds and let yourself-
  • Farkle: Let myself what?
  • Riley: FEEL something! Be affected!
  • Smackle: Here we go. *she knows Farkle will not like this*
  • Farkle: (this is a sore spot for him, he's mad now) You think I don't know how to feel stuff?
  • Riley: That's not what I meant I just-
  • Farkle: As if I’M the only one who has a hard time communicating how they FEEL
  • Riley: Farkle-
  • Farkle: You know what Riley, I DO have a hard time! Do I have a hard time doing much of anything with what I FEEL when what I FEEL has the potential to destroy the relationship with someone who is arguably the most important person in my life? Yeah, I have a hard time! Especially when that person is so emotional that she can hardly even think straight and she's just as scared as I am so she won't even look at me? Yeah, I have a hard time!
  • (Zay, Maya, Lucas, Smackle, and a few other classmates have been gathering around them, paying more and more attention, and by the end of Farkle’s little explosion here, everyone is completely silent and staring at them. Riley is visibly pissed and hurt.)
  • Riley: Is that really what you think about me Farkle?
  • Farkle: Is what what I-
  • Riley: That I'm too emotional to think straight?
  • Farkle: I didn’t mean to say it like that..
  • Riley: But you meant it. You think I’m naive. Am I too dumb to understand you? Is that it?
  • Farkle: No, Riley, of course not, I just...
  • Riley: *gets all up in his face like she did in GMHS1* You wanna know how I feel Farkle?
  • Zay: *whispers* It’s a trap! *Maya hits him*
  • Farkle: *gulp* Yeah, I think I do. *he’s somehow hoping this is gonna be a good thing*
  • Riley: I feel like I give up. You don’t have to worry about me and my emotional self destroying us anymore because you just did. Congratulations. (She walks out of the room and Maya follows her while Farkle just stands there, totally numb. Everybody looks around awkwardly, Lucas and Zay are looking pretty mad at Farkle)
  • Smackle: *walks up to Farkle and pats him on the back condescendingly as they both stare at the door Riley just left through* You done goofed, buddy.
  • Feel free to let me know what you think and thanks for reading!!💜

Okay guys I’m sorry if this upsets people, but Joshaya isn’t toxic. It’s not inappropriate. Three years isn’t huge. He’s a senior (yeah the chaperone thing was weird but still) she’s a freshman. I can name several of my friends who have made this age difference work. A three year age difference would only be inappropriate if Josh was being predatory, which he isn’t. The boundaries he’s putting up are really mature and proves that he’s a good guy. I don’t care if you don’t ship it, personally I prefer other ships, but the age difference is not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou ch. 17

- Seventeenth Period: Trash Teacher -

Sideline: “Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou” starts noooooowww!!

Sign: Survey Corps

Hange: Thank you everyone for participating in the recent sports event. I thought everyone put their all into it and played splendidly well……however…
-What is this heart-pounding summer project that Hange proposes?!-

Hange: If you think about it, the First Years picked a fight with the rest of us, so…perhaps we should mutually work on deepening our friendship…And I have devised such project for us.

Hange: We should go on a training camp trip!!
Blackboard: training camp

Reiner: A training camp huh…
Sasha: We’ll cook meals together…
Connie: And talk about our dreams……
Armin: It DOES present a chance for us to bond together!

Reiner: No, wait, guys!

Reiner: About this training camp business…It’s not any kind of leisurely affair… My old man once told me something about this kind of thing…

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