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I was in a relationship with a guy for 4 years and so I always thought I was straight. But then when we broke up last year and my best friend (she's gay) brought me to a party, we hooked up and boom I realized that I'm def bi. I'm 19 now, and that same best friend has asked me several times if I'm gay and I keep denying it cause this whole thing is new to me and tbh I'm terrified to tell the truth. So yeah how do you do this I'm fuckin lost

don’t let people slap a label on you. do what feels right and date whom you want. especially if you’re bisexual you’re gonna get people (both hets and gays) trying to make you “pick a side” but just tell ‘em i said to fuck off bc it’s not their place

“All The Little Angels“

All the little angels rise up, rise up

All the little angels rise up high!

How do they rise up, rise up, rise up?

How do they rise up, rise up high?

                                                                          [REG SHOE]

[COMPANY]                                                       Ev’rybody sing!

They rise he-eads up!                                        Hey!

He-eads up!                                                      Wooh!

Heads up high!                                                  Whoa! Ay, let ‘em hear ya!

Yeah!                                                                  Let’s go!

They rise ha-ands up!                                        I said shout it to the rooftops!

Ha-ands up!                                                       Said, to the rooftops!

Hands up high!                                                  Come on!

Yeah!                                                                  Come on, let’s go!


All the little angels rise up!

When you’re living on your knees, you rise up!

Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up!

Tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up!

[COMPANY]                                                           [COMPANY]

When are these city streets gonna rise up?           They rise a-arms up!

When are these city streets gonna rise up?           A-arms up!

When are these city streets gonna rise up?          Arms up high!

When are these city streets gonna rise up?

Rise up!



I imagine Death so much he feels more like a memory.

When’s he gonna get me?

In my sleep? Seven feet ahead of me?

If I see him comin’, do I run or do I let him be?

Is he like a beat without a memory?




yeah but twilight link as captain of zelda’s personal guard and zelda never laughs EVER, not since everything with ganondorf and zant, and one day link tries to make her laugh by telling dumb jokes, but does something stupid like falls on his face on accident instead and she just breaks down and fuckin dies in the middle of the courtyard like “OH MY GODS YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT YOU’RE LUCKY YOU’RE ADORABLE HOW ON EARTH DID YOU SAVE HYRULE WOW FARORE SURE KNOWS HOW TO PICK EM” and she’s just bent over and weak and link’s dazed and confused but all the surrounding guards are snickering quietly like “awwww yeah she likes you a lot bud”

Imagine being with Ope, married and finding out you're having kids.

Guys this is without the background story linked to it, which you can find here. This is my first Opie imagine soooo, be gentle babes, kisses. 

Today it’s been five years since you and Ope got married, six since he had made you his old lady and 23 since you’ve first met. The thought of how you met made you smile, you were only teens but thought you already knew everything. Thinking about how you met made you wonder off to think about your parents, whom want nothing to do with you since you married Opie. They think you’re as disgusting as the MC is.

“Hon? Baby? Y/N!! Yeah hi, could you pass those files next to ya?” Gemma snapped you out of your daydreams and gave you a stern but concerned look. “Er.. Yeah, yeah sure” you passed the files, Gem took em from you. “What’s wrong baby, I can tell when something is wrong with my family so you might as well just tell me now” Gemma always had to convince you to tell her personal stuff, not because you didn’t trust her with it, but because you still didn’t wanted to take advantages of her, or anybody else, because you are with Opie.

“I was thinking about how me and Opie met” Gemma started laughing at the thought of a young y/n crashing her car into a tree just for the trill. “…and my folks” you sorta whispered as you knew Gemma didn’t like the mention of them as she now saw you as her own. “Honey, they’re not worth it, you are so much smarter then they are, so much better than them, walking out on your family like they did to you? They don’t deserve somebody like you to miss them or think about them” she gave you a loving look, stood up from her chair and kissed your forehead. “We’re your family now y/n, how many times do I have to tell you before you realize that?” You laughed under your breath “a couple more times Gem”


“So the good news is that you don’t have any weird illnesses” Tara came from the back door into the tiny room you were waiting for her. She stared at you for a bit then opened her mouth again “you’re pregnant Y/n.” You were in shock, you just sat on the bed looking at Tara in disbelieve, “but.. How.. What… I’m on birth control…” She laughed and sat down next to you on the bed “yeah, sometimes the pill doesn’t do it’s job, but it’s not like this kid is unwanted right?” Tara looked at you now a bit worried. “I honestly don’t know yet Tara, you’re sure right?” “Yep, hundred precent sure”


“Hey baby” Opie walked in the kitchen, placing his kutte very carefully on the chair, “Hey” he placed a kiss on your cheek. “I missed you you know, shit’s been crazy with the club” you turned around now standing to face him. “Hun when isn it” he let out a sigh, he knew you were right, but all the crazy club shit never was a problem for you and sometimes he wondered what he did to deserve an old lady like that. “I love you y/n” he kissed you passionately lifting you up, your legs wrapped around him, he placed you on the kitchen table, your face resting against his chest. You just sat there for a couple of minutes, enjoying the touch of each other.

You decided that it was now or never, “I have to tell you something Ope..” He didn’t move or speak, curious what you would want to tell him. “.. I went to the hospital today to see Tara today” you lifted your head to look at him. You went silent for a bit to read his face, it was full of worry. “We’re pregnant” his eyes flickered at the word pregnant. “You sure?” “Yep pretty sure” suddenly he twirled you around the kitchen, kissing your neck and face. “I’m gonna be a dad, we have to tell everybody, have a party tonight!” He put you down, kissed you, he looked at you once again now his face was full of love “you make me the happiest man on earth you know that y/n”

“Ope I don’t understand why the fuck I already look like a wale” Opie sat on the couch looking at you standing in front of him with only your bra and panties on, complaining about the size of your belly. “I feel like Tara wasn’t even this big when she was nine months!” He chuckled at you, your hormones have been picking up again. “Yeah but Thom is a really small child babe, I mean have you ever even seen the size of your old man over here?” he waved at you "Yeah yeah you’re a giant” you laughed at him and sat on his lap, kissing him. He bent over to kiss your belly “My little giant boy” “boy? Maybe it’s a girl, I feel like it’s a girl babe?” “Nah he’s gonna be just like his old man” “or she’s gonna be just like her old lady” Opie shook his head and started to tickle you, you tried to wiggle from his lap but he was just to strong.

He finally released you to catch your breath, “he’s a boy babe” you smirked at him, getting up from the couch, “fine fine, i’m taking a shower”

As you got out of the shower you looked at your belly once again, something just wasn’t right. You were only 3 months and you were huge. “What’s going on little one?” You held your tummy and whispered to it. 

Tomorrow you would go and check with Tara.


“Okay guys so everything turned out positive, so there’s nothing wrong with the pregnancy” Opie looked at you smiling hearing the news Tara just gave you. “You see hun, I told you you were overreacting” before you could say something Tara started to speak again. “But there is a reason why you’re so big already, you are having a beautiful baby boy…” You just frowned, that wasn’t an explanation at all.. “… And a beautiful baby girl” “TWINS!?” You were shocked, what the hell, two baby’s, how is that even possible. You looked at Ope to see any reaction but he just smiled like a damn fool, turning to you, he kissed your cheek and whispered “I told you it’s a boy” you laughed “and a girl”

one of many reasons i love my genderqueer wife

when i messaged her and said, “I just had a realization at lunch. Nobody ever singles out agender people and tells them they are cis. Everybody who accepts genderqueer people in general includes agender people in that. So like… if being agender means you’re not cis… Then how the fuck does being asexual mean you’re straight?!?” 

she wrote back, 

“fuck yeah!!!!!!!!

“you cracked the codE!!!!!!!!

“fuck em up!!!!!!!!!”

best comments ever. 


“So how was it out here? Before I came?” Steve asked, leaning back in his chair as his eyes moved from the group of dancing men in the middle of the room and his unusually quiet friend beside him.

“How you would expect it to be in the middle of a war. It wasn’t bad but I sure did appreciate seeing you again,” Bucky replied, laughing a bit as he raised the glass bottle to his lips for another swig.

“Have you heard from Y/N?” Steve asked, noticing how Bucky froze at the sound of your name and shot him a look from the corner of his eye.

“Yeah, they write me a few times a week,” Bucky confessed, taking another swig before he looked to his friend, “I gotta admit, sometimes I can even read the damn things. They’re a doll, always telling me how much they misses me but when it comes to writing back I always feel like shit. I wanna tell ‘em that I miss ‘em, cause I do. I miss them so damn much, but if I write it it’ll be true. And I don’t know how I’ll get through this if all I’m thinking about is how much I miss their smile.”

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How They Convinced Lyanna Mormont.
  • Jon & Sansa: *talk about House loyalty and the North and blah blah blah*
  • Lyanna: Borrring.
  • Davos: *Steps up and clears his throat*
  • Davos: Okay, but what about the monsters?
  • Lyanna: M-m-m-monsters? What Monsters?
  • Davos: Big scary ones, my lord. Tell 'em Jon.
  • Jon: Uh, yeah, monsters. Like a bunch of 'em. They're blue and cold and they're like walking skeletons and stuff.
  • Lyanna: *leans over to her advisor* You never said shit about monsters, what the fuck.
  • Davos: All I'm saying is that it's cool if you don't wanna help and all, but when the monsters come during bedtime....
  • Lyanna: Not bedtime!!!
  • Sansa: Yup. Bedtime. That's when little highborn children are the tastiest apparently.
  • Lyanna: Fuck. That. Take my men, take all of them I don't care. No fucking monsters are coming to eat ME at bedtime. *Turns to advisor* Take some men upstairs and double check under my bed and inside my closet for monsters.
My Mermaid

“Ah!” Emily’s breath hitched in pain as she stood up and her fresh tattoo scraped against the DiLaurentis’ table.
“Em, are you ok?” Alison asked, worriedly as she gently took Emily’s arm and helped her sit on the couch.
“Yeah I’m fine, it’s just…” Emily trailed off, not sure if she should reveal her secret to Alison.
“Em, whatever it is you can tell me.” Alison said with her big blue puppy eyes that made Emily melt, they were like truth serum.
“I got a tattoo.” Emily looked into the distance as she said it, she was too nervous to look at Alison.
“Emily fields got a tattoo?” Alison teased, amused.
Emily blushed.
“Can I see it?” Alison asked, innocently.
Emily took a deep breath, she knew it would be nerve wracking to show it to Ali but she was in too deep, there was no turning back now. Emily pulled the top of her jeans down, getting a little close to a certain area. Alison leaned in to inspect the ink on Emily’s soft tan skin. Emily saw Alison’s expression quickly turn from fun and curiosity to one of surprise and awe. Alison gently brushed her finger tips against the tattoo.
“It’s a mermaid.” Alison stated as she looked up, as soon as she saw Emily’s face she knew it meant what she thought it meant.
“In your diary, you wrote a poem about me,” Emily explained.
“It was called my m-”
“mermaid.” Alison finished Emily’s for her. She recalled that poem very well.
Still gazing into Emily’s eyes, Alison slowly lifted her hand up to Emily’s face and pushed a piece of chocolate brown hair behind her ear. Their faces inched closer and Emily rested her soft lips onto Alison’s. Emily pulled her in closer into a passionate, fiery kiss. Alison kept her other hand rested on Emily’s tattoo and thought to herself that she didn’t want to be anywhere else in the universe, there would never be a star or galaxy or moon more beautiful than her mermaid.

Seventeen Reaction #6

Seventeen reacting to you cursing at a drama actor for being mean to the female lead

Seungcheol: *watches you in awe, amazed by how angry you got*


*cheers you from the couch*

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Jeonghan: *amused and casually throws popcorn at the TV while watching you rant about the actor*

“Yeah, you tell ‘em jagi”

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Joshua: “Calm down, Y/N, it’s just a show, it’s all acting”


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Junhui: “That’s right, you tell him off, jagi!”

*joins you and pretends to throw punches at the TV*

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*gets overly emotional while watching the drama*

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Wonwoo: *doesn’t say anything, but agrees with you*

*actually watches the drama by himself in the dark later*

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Jihoon: “Jagi, sit back down before you wake up the neighbors”

“Jihoon, can’t you see that he’s being such an ass to her??”

*tries to pretend he doesn’t know you*

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Seokmin: “Jagi, you should probably calm down a bit- OH HE DID NOT JUST DO THAT WHAT THE HELL”

*flying kicks the TV*

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Mingyu: *has to keep you under control so that you don’t hurl things at the TV or curse at the actor*

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Minghao: *is currently a confused little puppy*

“B-but it’s all acting, isn’t it Y/N??”

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Seungkwan: *tries to calm you down at first, but catches onto the drama*


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Hansol: *has to hold you down and cover your mouth so that you don’t go crazy*

“Chill, he’s probably just being mean cause his Mac isn’t fully loaded”

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Chan: “Umm, are you sure it’s okay to be kicking the TV like that, Y/N?”


*he silently watches you in a corner from afar, avoiding the commotion*

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Because I imagine Maxie would have a lot of downs… 

I mean, lets be honest here. Archie and Maxie aren’t old. They’re middle aged, yeah, but the tiny Maxie model in game makes him look…old when he’s not?? So I always imagine Maxie always feels old and ugly and frowns when he sees a mirror and stuff. 

One day, he has a small episode of “I’m just so old and I’m not nearly as great as I like to think" 

And Archie holding him close and telling him how it’s not true and just giving him compliments. 

A lot of teasing in there too as Archie tries to get him to smile. Lots and lots of playful teasing (that can get a bit rough and might cause Maxie to give him a few small shoves)… 


also no glasses because if you have glasses and you cry, they get nasty… so I’m sure Maxie would take em off right away. 

the signs as lyrics from luhan's lu
  • aries: she wanna ride, she wanna fly so i say where
  • taurus: i'm just tryna get you in the mood
  • gemini: come at me, i'll press you like some juice
  • cancer: yeah i act a fool, got an attitude, but i get excused
  • leo: everywhere i go, they yellin lu, i tell em move move
  • virgo: swerving on you fools, never hitting snooze
  • libra: tell your girl come thru, better get a hold or imma make that flower bloom
  • scorpio: blow it like a flute
  • saggitarius: come inside, i'll change your life, better prepare
  • capricorn: imma make it clear, this ain't for no goons like you
  • aquarius: yeah the deer be everywhere, everybody scared
  • pisces: watch how your girl drool when i pull up in the coupe
Okay so...




Cry For Help had some heavy and emotional points in it, and I could definitely comment on them, though a lot of people vastly more articulate than myself have done that already and summed up the important parts of the episode wonderfully.

So I’m going to ask the first thing that came to my mind when I watched the episode:

….How the fuck did Peridot rebuild the tower??

I mean 

Lookit this-she stacked em at least a couple hundred feet high! ON HER OWN. 

Pearl was shown easily reassembling the tower through the use of the Escape Pod. But Peridot doesn’t have that-so how even did she manage it?? 

Also, all the times the tower has been disassembled the Crystal Gems have used a fusion/ they’re the only ones sizable enough to shift the tower parts with relative ease. 

So yeah, how the hecke-

Are you telling me Peridot dead-lifted them all into place ALONE or something????


(then again she managed to survive being smooshed under one of the Kindergarten Injectors, FROM A GREAT HEIGHT no less, pretty much unscathed, while simultaneously throwing the debris off herself…dayum Peridot-where you keeping them muscles??)


(Yeah I’m sure she probably had some gadgets that helped her out and removed the actual heavy lifting. But her manually lifting and putting it back together and actually being freaky strong is pretty funny to picture)

How to Say I Love You *a scientific guide by dr. leopold fitz and dr. dr. jemma simmons*
  • We’re going to fix this. Together. 
  • You’re more than that. 
  • Maybe there is. 
  • Yeah.

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BTS react to you bitching at someone (they've never seen you doing it before)

Jin: *cheering you on* “YEAH BABE, TELL’EM.”

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Suga/Yoongi: *basically ignores you and lets you continue your bitching in peace*

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Jhope/Hoseok: “Hey jagiya, please just calm down..”

You: *glares intensively*

Him: On second thought, continue.

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: *a bit turned on by your aggressiveness* “That’s my babygirl”

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Jimin: *Silently tries to figure out how so much anger could come from such a tiny girl”

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V/Taehyung: *Makes a mental note to never piss you off*

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Jungkook: “oh man, holy shit”

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Alison loves Emily

And yeah. She was awful to her. She did unforgivable things to her.
My theory will always be that Ali ALWAYS had feelings for Em, and that she never knew how to deal with them.
As for how terrible she was with Paige. She wanted Emily all for herself, but I think she was afraid Emily might go with Paige.

Alison Dilaurentis fucking loves Emily Fields, and lemme tell you that season 7 is going to prove that.

Seriously, though.

It’s really a delight to be a part of this fandom. After the Bioware fandoms I was honestly a bit turned off of fandoms in general, since there’s so much hate and vitriol there and I just can’t even. And yeah, there’s salt in the Fallout fandom but it’s the kind of salt where everyone either shrugs and goes “yeah, so?” or goes “yup you tell ‘em” and basically we all know we’re playing a trash game with trashbin children for characters but we love it anyway because they’re PEOPLE with DEPTH and we don’t see the need to nitpick EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN ASPECT of their characters and I just

It’s so good. Honestly. Everything is positive and I love how people treat each other here. There aren’t giant flame wars in peoples’ tags, there’s just “you are a dirty robot fucker and I’m kinkshaming you” and “yep I’m a dirty robot fucker kinkshame away” which isn’t so much a fight as it is taking the salt and criticism in stride. Because in the end we’re all playing the same gloriously glitchy game that wears cliche like a pretty hat, and we all smile and go “GOTY best game 10/10” when a deathclaw glitches into the ground before ragdolling its ass into its head and rocketing off into the sunset.