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The After Party - Part 2

Hi Guys, Thanks for your kind words for part one of this story, hope you enjoy part 2, part 3 is on its way in a few days after some final adjustments I want to make.

“No Betty you don’t have to do this.” Veronica told her. She knew this was another opportunity that Cheryl was taking to stir up drama.

“Yeah Betty let’s go home.” Archie added, reaching to grab her arm.

“No.” She pulled away from him. “I’m fine.”

“Come on Betty this is obviously one of Cheryl’s stupid games.” She directed the accusation at the smirking redhead casually sipping her drink watching the argument in front of her.

“We are all just playing a game V. You and the Ginger Stallion had your turn, let poor Betty have hers.” Satisfaction was all over her face.

“You shady bitch.” Veronica snarled at her. Jughead just watched on wondering how he had managed to get himself into this.

He had initially only come to see what he could find out about those closest to Jason. The jocks and the cheerleaders. He figured participation in the game would help him to blend in, like that was possible, besides he may have had the opportunity to be in the closest with 7 minutes uninterrupted question time with a key suspect. The chances that it would have been Betty joining him were slim until Cheryl decided to mess with the odds. He had stumbled too far down the rabbit hole this time.

“I can handle this.” Betty continued to argue with Veronica and Archie, while he just watched on. He knew they wouldn’t win, once Betty put her mind to something there was no stopping her. Years of friendship had taught him that. Jughead stood up about to speak feeling that he should have some say at least.

Before he could Betty turned towards him walking over and grabbed him by his flannel shirt, pulling him with her in the direction of the broom closet. Stunned by her rash action he went along. She basically shoved him into the closet before stepping inside herself and slammed the door behind her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she opened them to find a shocked Jughead staring at her as if she had lost her mind. Hadn’t he heard all the Cooper women were crazy.

“I’m so sick of them.” She started pacing within the small space available. “Everyone just decides what is best for me. Like I can’t make a decision on my own.”

“I’m not sure…” He tried to speak before she cut him off.

“My mum, dad and Veronica has been here five minutes and already knows what is best for me.” She was waving her hands frantically as she she continued to pace.

“I think she was trying to help.” She stopped her pacing and shot him a look that cut through him, wrong answer.

“And don’t even get me started on Archie.”

“I think that is probably something we can agree on.” Jughead added bitterly.

“And where have you been anyway?” She pointed an accusatory finger at him.

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean?” He said lying, knowing exactly what she meant. He had distanced himself from her as part of his feud with Archie. He had distanced himself from everyone really, instead concentrating on his writing and the mystery of Jason Blossom. If it hadn’t been for wanting another perspective to add to his novel and furthering the investigation he wouldn’t have been there. He would have been at his usual booth at Pop’s with black coffee and his laptop. A safe haven, not this fresh hell. Not that being in an enclosed space with Betty was necessarily hell but the expectation of what they were doing, what they should be doing weighed heavily on him.

He had almost kissed her once, while they were sitting at Pop’s in their favourite booth. She had smiled at something he said, and her giggle had awakened something in him and in that moment all he wanted was to feel her lips on his. He didn’t think about what would come after, what implications it may have, he just wanted to know what it was like to kiss Betty Cooper. When he had gone to reach over to pull her closer to him, Archie had arrived at the table and her smile wasn’t just for him any more.

“You have been AWOL since I got back. You avoid me at school, you don’t answer my texts and then you turn up to a Cheryl Blossom party?!” She raised her voice.

“Archie and I aren’t talking.”

“Well that’s Archie and you. What did I do to warrant radio silence.” She stated simply.

“Nothing Betts, I just figured you know?” Distancing himself from her had not been easy but it was better than the alternative of her choosing Archie over him. It was less painful this way.

“No I don’t know.”

“That if it came down to it you would choose him.” He admitted to her keeping his eyes locked to the floor.

“Well you could have at least given me the benefit of the doubt. Besides I don’t want to even think about Archie Andrews at the moment.”

“What did he do?” He asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” He knew what Archie had done, or at least he could take a good guess. Betty had had a crush on Archie since he could remember. The way Betty was acting when he arrived she must have told him and then he was in the closet with that new girl. He decided it would be best not to push it.

“I bet they are out there laughing at me.” She sighed. “Another funny joke.”

“Pretty sure you are not the one they will be laughing about.” He smiled at her sympathetically.

“God I just..”

She let out a frustrated groan, there were those damn tears again, welling in her eyes. She didn’t want to be the victim again. ‘Poor Little Betty Cooper’. She pushed it down, she placed all those unhelpful emotions, the pain and shoved it into a box and locked them away. What use were they to her anyway. She had done this before smothered her emotions, shut them off. Revealing something deeper at her core something darker and much more unpredictable.

Story time

So, today I went to the mall with my @smol-babyg , all good and fun, she shopped, I window shopped (ya girl’s a broke bitch). BUT THEN she lost $20 in a dressing room and we could not find it for the life of us. The sales assistant who was helping us look was very optimistic and said “well you lose $20, you’ll probably find $40”. So we shrug and go about our business.

Later on we’re sitting next to the fountain in the mall, kinda bummed because $20 is a lot, and this teenage guy comes up to us and says “hey, follow me on Instagram?” We kinda roll our eyes but say yeah sure whatever to get him to go away. My friend looks over at me and says “maybe that was the $40”.

We joke about it a little and carry on. We go into Yankee candle because I’m looking for a candle for my girlfriend. We smell the candles (as you do) and brag about a specific candle, then move on to looking at candle holders.The sales assistant overhears us talking about a specific candle holder than my friend wants and says “can I help ring you up?” And she explains that she doesn’t have any money because she lost $20 (the candle holder is $10 and she has exactly $10, not enough for tax) and he’s like “well shit, that sucks, I can just ring you up as military.” So we’re like, holy fuCK, this is the $40.

As they’re checking out the cashier says “do you have a candle for this at home” and she says no but it’s okay bc the candle holder is an owl and is just cute to look at". He tells her to grab a mini candle and he’ll cover it, so she grabs a candle, we thank him profusely and leave.

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"too gross for the video but too cute to forget" jack and jeremy getting super annoyed because gavin is in the back of an AHWU working and ryan behind him to give him a kiss and a hug and they had just finished filming a part that they now have to redo because gavin and ryan couldn't hold it together for 20 minutes

Like, fuck, if you’re going to do that shit, at least do it off camera!  We can’t have a video with you two making out in the background!

“But we weren’t making out!”

Yeah, but it was too cute that we can’t include it in the video, it’s just gross.

It is a particularly nice clip to add in a montage, because it just cuts to Jeremy reading something and as he wraps it up, you just hear Jack go ‘Goddammit, guys!  Get a hold of yourselves!’

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I have a need for some headcanons or a scenario about hunk putting his arm around his S/o in a protective way, or like in a jealous 'they're with me' kind of way. Sorry if this didn't make any sense

It makes perfect sense! 

I hope you enjoy~!

- Look, Hunk doesn’t get jealous very much, yeah?

- He’s more like the “I kinda just want everyone to have a cookie and not argue pls” kinda guy.

- But Oh. 

- OH.

- He doesn’t get possessive- He gets protective. 

- Hunk has impeccable timing for these things, okay? 

- It’s like a goddamn spider sense 

- There’s this tingling down his spine and his head snaps around because he’s like “Gotta go be there for Y/n here we go”

- He doesn’t do the Keith thing, where Keith would just glare at the person that might be hitting on you, but Hunk definitely does pull you closer to him and look at you dead in the eyes, waiting for the person to get the hint. 

- If the person doesn’t back off…

- You’ll send flowers to the person’s family for the funeral. 

- Hunk boops heads- it’s his version of kissing- more so than actual kissing, so…uh…

- Whenever he sees someone that just isn’t getting the hint…

- He uh…he might just headbang you?

- Look he was worked up, okay?

- But it’s a bit of a pain in the ass when he’s desperately trying to explain to Lance (who was just an innocent standby) why he just furiously head-butted you in the face. 

- He’ll be secretly apologizing for weeks.

Hunk just sticks to throwing the good ol’ arm around you and an ATTEMPT (it looks more like a passive-aggressive smile) at pulling a Keith look but…

- You’re just really, really glad that he tries, yeah?

@v-reb “Omg I can’t even imagine giant Dylan being scared of a dog 😂”

I know, right? lol. But we had a husky once, for a brief time (he was a runaway) & in just a couple of days he became very protective of us. He was huge & would do the “don’t fuck with me” growl to people who weren’t even remotely going to hurt us. So yeah, it’s funny to picture it because Dylan was a big guy, but I’d say Devon’s dog was really protective of her, & you can tell those dogs are really strong.

I Guess We’re The Same, So Don’t Leave Me Behind

Read Chapter 3 on AO3

Summary: 28-year-old Teruki is depressed, working a dead-end job, and sees life as meaningless and dull. Only when, Shigeo, another esper going through the same troubles as him enters his life he realizes he’s not so alone.

Previous Chapters:
| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |

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Hey Dean and Sam, welcome to our crazy fandom. Hope ya not all scared. ^^ I wanna thank you guys and you are wonderful people. I love you guys (mostly Dean, yeah I look to you Dean ;). ) And i would ask, if you finding out, that you had a sister, how would you react? With Love Vile ❤

I think if we found out we had a sister we’d be surprised. There wouldn’t be as much shock as we had with Adam, but I still think it’d take a while to accept it and try to figure out where to go from there. -Dean

Yeah, I think we’d be even more cautious after everything with Adam. After we gathered the facts and sorta, sorted everything out then we’d be more welcoming. I’d just feel bad about dragging someone else into this life. -Sam

Hey you injured him! Or at least his clothes. That counts for something. I think.

Don’t complain if you choose to fight buddy, it makes you look weaker.

The guardian is pouring out raw power, but Jack is doing a good job blocking it. Is he going to tire him out? I doubt it, but maybe Jack thinks he will.

Okay buddy you need to calm down. You don’t just eat a shield because it hit you in the face. You don’t!

Jack admits this guy is the ultimate opponent. Aww yeah, the 1v1 is real and good.


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 




And there’s more!


I believe she is now heading to Russia.



Before the first season, Kubo and Yamamoto traveled to Beijing, Barcelona and Moscow. They clearly weren’t just trips for fun.

Nothing has been officially announced in terms of a second season yet, but guys, it’s happening. Kubo wouldn’t be spending so much money just to go sightseeing.

So yeah, I think it’s fair to say that with this, season 2 of Yuri on Ice is as good as confirmed.

You can open those Champagne bottles. Because it’s happening, guys.

It’s definitely happening.

Lance: no, all you gotta do is go up to the guy and tell him you like him

Keith: okay, so like this: i like you.

Lance: exactly! now just go tell him!

Keith: i like you

Lance: yeah, just like that, now go tell him

Keith: i just did

Lance: but it’s just me here


yoi fanfic rec list

hey guys, i promised to recommend you a few victuuri fanfics and here goes the list!


When He’s Not Even Trying by qwartooty (2,8k words, chapters 1/1)

“Do you have any kinks?”
Viktor looked down at Phichit, surprised. “Excuse me?”
“Fetishes. Turn-ons. Things that make you go, ‘Oooh! Wow! Yeah!’”
“I know what a kink is. Why are you asking me that kind of question?”
“Don’t look so scandalized. It’s for my psychology project. Which I just told you about, but you were too busy drooling over Yuuri to listen,” Phichit said.

One Night to Blow by qwartooty (3k words, chapters 1/1)

Victor’s and Yuri’s bachelor parties (incl. Victor throwing money at pole dancing Yuuri)

Stupidly Happy With You by qwartooty (3k words, chapters 1/1) 

“You have that stupid look on your face again,” Yurio said, skating up to where Viktor was watching Yuuri.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Viktor said, putting on a very deliberate frown.
“Face it- Katsudon is sucking the cool right out of you.“
“He’s not sucking anything out of me.”
“Ohoho?” Phichit glided by them with a gleefully scandalized look on his face.

i’m not upset by bixgchan (2,5k words, chapters 2/2)

Yuuri-is-only-mine-please-back-off (aka possessive! Victor)

Addicted (to the taste of you) by smudgesofink (6k words, chapters 1/1)

post ep. 7 universe, dinner with friends (Phichit, Chris etc.) after the Cup of China: Yuuri can’t focus on anything other than Victor, incl. lots of teasing, lots of making out

From The Moon by ButterBeerBitch (5k words, chapters 1/1)

that one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom

Look & See by icterine (3,5k words, chapters 1/1)

This year, Victor Nikiforov falls in love at the Grand Prix Banquet. He’s so glad he decided to show up.

kairosclerosis by celestialfics (1k words, chapters 1/1)

St Petersburg, domestic Victuuri - this should explain it all :)

Unwritten by kaizuka (34k words, chapters 6/6) - a total classic

Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate.


Patience by martialartist816 (3,5k words, chapters 1/1)

"You said you wanted me to do something that would excite you.” Yuuri’s voice sounded cool and even above him. Victor suspected he wore a small smile. “This is what I thought of.”

Russians Do It Differently by martialartist816 (3k words, chapters 1/1)

Victor doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. Yuuri isn’t complaining.

Appreciation by anonymous (4k words, chapters 1/1)

Victor takes care of Yuuri after the Cup of China