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Trump and his supporters seem to desperately want to be the villains out of an Orwell book. Except, well, they never learned to read or appreciate books in the first place.  Hence, the problem.

“We are totally going to be like the bad guys from 1984!”

“Yeah, so now I guess we have to, like, read 1984?”


“We can find it. We can just go to, um, a library? Maybe? I dunno.”

“I don’t…I don’t…You know, I’ve never been to one before. Sounds scary.”

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!


Inktober 2016!

Day 13: SCARED
Day 15: RELAX

So yeah, I know this is super late, but here you go! This comic strip is based on a fanfiction by outdoorsymayor which you can find in this link over here.

Digital inking this time since I have no time to really ink the sketches. If any of you guys wanna color these, please go ahead, but do link me to your coloring work. Don’t forget to credit me & outdoorsymayor as well. Thanks a lot for bearing with me!

  • me: *in a crowded mall* oh no i can't find the emos
  • me: *clears throat* PETE WENTZ SUCKS
  • me: found them


danse: there is something secretive and fishy about this guy…i’m gonna find out what it is


danse: if it has to do with synths…


danse: if only i can find out his secret…

deacon: F O L L O W   T H E   F R E E D O M   T R A I L 

danse: he’s obviously hiding something

lumiiinas  asked:

BOi i am back omg i love every scenario u make like no joke,, ur great,, we love you,, hope ur healthy,, buT yeah can i rq a scenario with Aomine, Haizaki, Hanamiya, Kagami and Nebuya where their s/o wakes up a bit later than them and when they come downstairs they're in nothing but their partner's shirt and they're all sleepy and snuggly and clingy to them and they boys find it cute how they're so inimate and pure 🌝

OH god i forgot one person in my ask if yA dont mind can you add Kiyoshi? ThAnk

Of course I can sweetie! And thanks for requesting from me once more! I really enjoy seeing what you guys come up with, so it’s never a dull moment with some of these requests!

Aomine: Usually Aomine was the late sleeper between the two of you.. But upon seeing you still sleeping, hair splayed across the sheets, he didn’t try to disturb you, heading downstairs to make food. 

Again, he was at a loss, since you did all the cooking and preparations for the morning.. But he tried to make sense of things, searching through cookbooks to find a decent enough recipe.

At least until your arms wrapped around him. 

He paused, eyes wide as he turned to look at you, clad in his shirt and hair still in disarray.. There was a soft frown, as if you were upset he’d left you alone, and oh god.. He’s never seen you this.. adorable in his life..

“Dai-chan…” you mumbled, snuggling in the fabric covering his chest, “Come back to bed.. I’m cold…”

He didn’t hesitate, dropping everything and carrying you back to bed, where he was sure to make you so warm, you were forced to strip from his clothing.

Haizaki: He really didn’t want to leave the bed, but his stomach and the cries from his mom urged him to get up, though he was cranky and irritated. He left you under the blanket, unaware you’d woken up after he left, and he went to check around, eyebrows furrowed deeply…

Tch.. he was having a pleasant dream until he was interrupted..

He didn’t hear soft steps, but he almost jumped when you came to hug him, a tiny whine leaving your throat.

“Shogo-kun!! C..Come back to bed..” you paused, noticing the irritation on his face, “….Please…?”

God… he was completely finished.. As much as he hated being asked to do anything, seeing you like this, begging for him to come back to bed.. He really couldn’t deny you… His needs overstepped his wants, and he didn’t bother to say anything, just nodding slowly and let you guide him.

He was determined to erase that innocence from your face.

Hanamiya: Mornings were never his forte… In fact, Hanamiya hated them as much as he hated teams who worked together.. 

But this morning.. It was somehow… different.

He didn’t realize how innocent you were until you’d came to him, in only his shirt, and hugged him from behind with sleep in your eyes. He’d really thought he erased all your innocence away..

This expression, however, was much more… child-like..

As annoyed as he was with mornings, this one didn’t seem as bad when you looked at him, like that . However, those thoughts only lasted for a few minutes, before he clicked his tongue, carrying you back to bed roughly.

You may be cute, but he could be cuter.

Kagami: He’d never get used to seeing you right when he wakes up. That’s why Kagami had to immediately vacate his room, before he’d chose to listen to his inner voice, telling him to stay with you and re-enact last night’s events.

His cheeks burned just thinking about it, so he shook his head, focusing on the breakfast he was intending on making for the two of you. However, he wasn’t prepared for you to come in, adorning HIS shirt, one eye open as you yawned and hugged him carefully.

“W…Why didn’t you wake me… Tai-chan…?”

He swallowed, looking down at you, which was a mistake, as he’d seen part of your breast, and the marks he’d left on you before. He made a noise, turning around immediately and tried to think of what to say.. Y..yes.. why didn’t he wake you..?

Oh right.. He would’ve fainted and had a nose bleed..

“I.. I thought you could use s…some more… s…sleep!!”

He froze when you hummed, rubbing your nose against his back as you sighed, squeezing him tighter.

“You’re such a good boy, Taiga.. T..Thank you..”

There was a sudden crash, followed by a giant mess in the kitchen.. How you managed to make him destroy his house, Kagami will never know..

Kiyoshi: “___-____-chan…? W…Why aren’t you..?”

Kiyoshi really thought you would’ve still been sleeping, but he was utterly surprised when you followed after him, clinging to him like a child. His shirt didn’t help the matter, being way too big on you, and he found it in him to chuckle, though it sounded a little forced..

“Ah.. I see.. ____-chan wanted to be with me, hm?”

At your flustered cheeks, he knew he hit the mark, and he was quick to turn around, picking you up and holding you against his chest. He lightly kissed your forehead, smiling when you buried your face in his neck, and he massaged your legs.

“Alright then, just give me a few minutes to finish our breakfast and then we can go back to cuddling.. Okay?”

He could never erase that adorable look from your face, especially when you still wore his shirt.

Nebuya: He could tell from the previous night just how exhausted you were. For starters, you didn’t rebel to his suggestion of staying over. You let him put HIS clothing on you, and quite frankly, you’d crashed while studying for an upcoming test. Even when he woke up before you, Nebuya was shocked at how peaceful you were. 

So he’d decided to make breakfast for the two of you. Luckily it was a sunday, meaning there was no practice or classes.. Just a day in.. He heard pattering down the hallway, and as he turned to call your name, his voice stopped, and suddenly, he wasn’t so loud anymore..

You were ridiculously… adorable..

He was blushing when his shirt hung over your body, showing some of your bare legs, and you’d rubbed your eyes softly, yawning before walking towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist.

But what sealed the deal was how you’d lightly whined, cheeks a bit red as you mumbled,

“Ei-chan… Come back to bed…”

He tried not to make a sound, instead wrapped you in his arms and didn’t let go.

Honestly I don’t even know where to fucking start with this one. The shoes? The fucking Mickey Mouse gloves? The weird-ass monoeye? I can’t find a single aspect of this design that doesn’t make me want to projectile vomit across the room. You wanna know the worst part? Apparently this guy is supposed to be a fucking hedgehog. Yeah, you heard that right. Now you might think “Actually now that you mention it, I can sort of see the resemblance to a hedgehog”. Maybe if you’re a fucking idiot. I saw a picture of a hedgehog in a book once and I can tell you that a hedgehog is nothing like this. First of all, they aren’t fucking blue. I may have failed my high school biology class, but I at least fucking know that a hedgehog, a MAMMAL, cannot be fucking blue. Also I’m pretty sure they don’t have fucking cat ears or quills that just look like stupid fucking hair. Even if this design wasn’t completely unrealistic, it’s still shitty garbage. What’s with the smug look? Is he mocking me because he knows how much his existence pains me? Someone needs to take this walking abortion behind a shed and end its misery. 


Imagine the pack ignoring you in order to protect you from the super natural yet you find out.
“wait-so… you guys have like fangs and claws? OMG DO YOU HAVE SUPER SPEED”
“Yes Y/N we do but been supernatural isn’t a toy” Derek said practically lecturing you.
“yeah of course” you said nodding your head. “OMG CAN YOU READ MY MIND!”


Jack: Alright, guys, listen up. It’s that time of the year.

Jack: And I don’t care if Geoff’s not in town, we *are* doing a Christmas Heist.

Michael: Fuck yeah!

Ryan: Murder is always in season.

Gavin: Can we steal the giant Santa from the mall? The solid gold one that’s at the central staging area? Pleeeeease Jack it would look perfect in the penthouse

Michael: That would be fucking brilliant holy shit

Ryan: As long as you find a way to get it in and out, I’m all for it.

Jack: I’ve been meaning to try out the new cargobob :D

Jack: There is a dress code though. Dibs on the elf hat.

Ryan: I’ll go Scary Snowman.

Michael: Gavin, you gotta fucking be a christmas tree

Michael: Your nose is the star on top

Gavin: Michael that was rude and uncalled for

Gavin: You can be Frosty because your heart is as cold as ice

Ryan: Children, best not bicker. Santa doesn’t like it.

Interview - Yokoyama Yu’s A-Studio Appearance, Part 2

Okay, finally. Sorry this took a while. This is kind of long too, but I promise it’s worth it. This part focuses on his brother’s trauma and wedding - the first time this has been shared to the public by Yokoyama-kun. Yoko makes this grimace whenever he’s trying to talk without crying and it happens a lot in this interview. You can find part 1 by going to my tag Yokoyama A-Studio Interview. In case you want it, here is the source video.

Tsurubei: So we’ve talked to your younger brother.

Yokoyama: What? Wow.

*A picture of his brother being interviewed (no face shown) is put on the screen. Yoko again looks close to tears*

T: Your brother who’s already married.

Y: Man, I can’t even…

T: [Referring to his brother] This guy is hilarious.

Y: *wipes tears from his eyes* Yeah – Oh gosh I’m in for it. You know, I’m starting to cry more easily these days.

T: Nothing wrong with crying! Cry with your heart! *The latter part is a joke and the audience laughs.* [Again about Yokoyama’s brother] Seriously though, this guy is so funny.

Y: Yes, my little brother. What an rough ride we had with this guy, though he is now married, which is a relief to me. When my mom passed, this guy was shaken up the most. He was the most depressed.

T: He’s six years younger, right? And your third brother is 8 years younger.

Y: That’s right.

T: So with your brother you went to this guy’s house, yeah? And his girlfriend was there. And you were all, “What are you going to do about marriage?” And the girlfriend who was living with him suddenly brought out Zexy [a bridal magazine].

*audience laughs*

Y: That’s correct. And I had always been nudging my little brother to get married. But the girlfriend would say, “It’s fine; I don’t want to,” so my brother would always respond to me saying that he’s fine, he’s not going to do it. But I felt that the girlfriend actually did want to get married. And so when I met his girlfriend for the first time, I asked, “Are you really okay not getting married?”

And she said, “Yes, it’s fine – if we are happy together then that’s enough for me.” So I was like, oh I see, that’s how you feel. But then when I wondered aloud, to no one in particular, “I wonder how much weddings costs?” she ran and pulled out a Zexy.

*audience laughs*

I was like, you really want to do it! And as I watched I saw that with a pink pen she had underlined a lot of it too!”

*audience and Tsurubei-san laugh*

So I was just like, wow, she really wants to do it. And so in front of her, I lectured my brother, like, “Look how much she wants to get married! Do it, like a man!” And I gave quite a scolding to my brother. So he said that he would think about it, then some days later told me, “I’m going to do it. Please, come see it.” I was really happy.

T: And at the time he was being hospitalized, right?

Y: My brother? What? Are you talking about the time my mom passed away?

T: No, the one before the marriage ceremony.

Y: Ah, that one.

T: Wait, which one is there?

Y: Okay, so there’s more than one, and um…*fights back tears again* You know how in what I just told you, my brother was very firm and stable? At that time, my brother, who never showed any tears – bam! he collapsed.

T: When your mother passed away.

Y: Yes, one week after she died. And he gave me a call, saying, “Brother, the doctor here is saying something absurd.” So I said, “What is he saying? What happened, you passed out?” And he said, “All the people around me are saying that Mom died.” And he was saying that kind of thing. So it turned out he had lost his memory.

T: It was that big of a shock.

Y: It was that big of a shock. And about a year later, I think, we went on a trip together, because I felt we had to make a lot of fun memories. So after the accumulation of several trips, his memory returned to him.

T: So for that whole time, he couldn’t remember at all!

Y: About two years, he had lost his memory. So he could only remember the times when Mom was alive. It was a trauma-related incident. So that happened. And then the marriage was decided. And then he was hospitalized again, and I was like whoa, overwhelmed.

T: It’s just one thing after the other for you.

Y: Yes. That sure made me panic.

T: So before his wedding, they went out to eat BBQ together, then on the train ride back home, they had to go get his brother’s appendix removed. So he was hospitalized.

Y: Yes.

T: And so your brother had to escape from the hospital to attend his wedding ceremony, right?

Y: Yes, he did his best to make it to his wedding on the day of the ceremony.

T: And then he returned to the hospital. But at the wedding you played the trumpet, right?

Y: Yes, as a surprised for my brother – ahaha!

*a picture of Yoko playing the trumpet at his brother’s wedding is shown and Yoko laughs*

T: As a surprise, saying, “Let’s become a family!” So he’s playing the trumpet, but since he’s crying, the trumpet goes piiii!

*The audience laughs.*

Y: Oh man, you know, right before that, my brother had just read a letter of gratitude to me, like “I’m so grateful to you.” And he read that I just went waaah.

T: Perfectly natural.

*picture of an emotional Yoko at the wedding ceremony is shown, and Yoko laughs out loud*

Y: That’s embarrassing.

T: So there was a family introduction segment at the wedding right? And your brother introduced you to you.

Y: *laughs* So at the wedding, you know how there’s that thing where the bride and groom do first introductions? Well, my brother had been hospitalized so he couldn’t do any rehearsals for the wedding. So since he had to do it off the cuff, part way through he went up to me and said, “This is my older brother, Yokoyama Kimitaka.”

*The Audience laughs.*

Like dude, that’s me. It was so funny, though.

~ End of Part 2 ~

Please do not take my translation without giving credit.

Hope you enjoyed. Sorry for any typos.

Prove It

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: Dean always flirts with you. ALWAYS. That’s all it is though, right? Just flirting?

Words: 2,028

Pairing/Characters: DeanxReader, Sam

Warning: Slight smut, implied smut, suggestive flirting. Some fluff, some angst.

Author’s Note: I saw the line “Because you know that’s something I could help you with” in the context somewhere but I can’t seem to find the fic. Credit to the original writer whoever they are! As always don’t own anything… Hope you guys like it?

“Yeah, you take that shirt off,” a familiar voice rumbled from the bed. You stumbled, practically falling over the pathetic excuse for a dresser as you tried to whirl around to see him and pull your shirt back on in the same motion.

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My thoughts during AoS 4x06


“Everything will work out fine,” LOL nope.

“Leading expert of Inhumans,” I mean if you’re going to flatter Jemma Simmons, that’s how you do it.

Shit fam the director doesn’t mess around.

Ah yes. The “White Guy Stare Off” 

“Screw you black Kojak,” that’s what he said right? I didn’t hear it right the first few times. 

“Everybody loves Han Solo,” yeah everyone except his own son

Am I the only one who finds it funny that instead of a date so far this episode they’ve just put “Back in the day,’?

Wait…the high school drop out is offering a kid in honors classes with help on his homework?

“Those Inhumans’s can be tricky bastards,” D A M N fitz is SALTY

“That’s British for a huge waste of TIME” lol same

I love the Reyes Brothers. Anyone who disagrees can FIGHT M E.

Gabe screaming “Robbie!” made me tear up man

Family opening up and telling the truth gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

“Don’t you put their blood on me,” uh oh boys lets get along

Shit the director knew he K N E W

as I once said “UH OH SPAGHETTI OHS”

my new ace kink is fitz saying “thats not possible”

the whole “Robbie! Robbie look at me, STOP!” is something straight out a teen fanfiction

tbh fitz worrying about jemma reminds me of the mission Ward and Fitz took all the way back in season 1


“Sounds a little Fox News to me,” SHOTS FIRED S H O T S F I R E D

another ‘back in the day’ i’m finding this really amusing

aye you know shit gets real when the Cavalry get called in

“less hacking more punching” F U C K FITZ REALLY IS SALTY

“You’re the only one I trust,” S A M E




Where??? Did??? They??? Go???

Also, on the doctor strange exclusive sneak peek, those eyes looked like the demon eyes the people saw.

NOVEMBER 29??? WHAT??????/???/?/???//???


VIXX-OTPS has reached its third year and has achieved 20,110+ followers! I hope you all enjoyed the 15-day countdown this year and thank you very much for these 3 years! ♥ I hope we would be able to celebrate again next year~

ok so i’m really surprised that there aren’t more people who’ve read vicious so here are some reasons to read it:

  • this motley crew: Victor Vale, this supervillain-looking motherfucker who wears all black and is actually the protagonist of the book, Mitch, this giant, tattooed, built-like-an-18-wheeler guy who is incredibly skilled at hacking and likes chocolate milk, Sydney, a 12 year old girl who got picked up on the side of the road by Victor and Mitch and just kind of went “yeah i’m with you guys now you can’t get rid of me”, and Dol, a giant black dog who was dead but then wasn’t and Victor let Sydney keep him
  • superpower theories!!!!!!!! victor and eli (the antagonist who was his friend in college) decide to find out where superheroes get their powers from and honestly it makes sense somehow???
  • EVERY SINGLE (main but even then) CHARACTER HAS THEIR OWN MOTIVATIONS AND MORALITY AND BACKSTORY. like i thought i wouldn’t like sydney and her sister at first (i figured they’d just be flat female sidekicks) buT NO. I LOVE THEM I LOVE ALL OF THEM
  • it took a couple chapters to happen but this book GRABS YOU. it does not let go until it ends and even then you won’t stop thinking about it
  • seriously the conflict and action is ridiculously well-done
  • read this book
  • please you won’t regret it

So another assurance that Kirk and Spock are gay: I was fortunate to find out my co-worker is a trekkie so we immediately started chatting about it for hours and just to say he’s the kind of straight guy with bald head and muscles who prefers DS9 and Voyager and so I put hand on his shoulder and was like “So I really your humble opinion…you think Spock and Kirk are gay?”

“Uh..yeah. I think so. I think they are.”

Have a good day (: no one can deny this


Hey, little goth’es! Halloween is almost there and you know what that mean? Yes, a gift

I initially had planned just some Book Shelves recolors and some funirture, but then i was inspired by Midnight Hollow, and i  thought: “Hey, why not made something more specific?”. So i decided to separate this gift in two parts and let you guys happy and ready for halloween! First i made some recolors of basegame objects, and then i made plants and trees recolors inspired by the flora of Midnight Hollow, a dark “goth” city of The Sims 3 who came with Supernatural. Yeah, now you can give more life to your supernatural stories on The Sims 4. Any bug or error, please let me know so i can fix them. Good game, and enjoy!

Originally posted by spikeys-studio

In this pack you’ll find recolors of: 

1 bed, 3 basegame decorative books, 2 book shelves, Get Together’s divider in dark colors, 1 basegame wardrobe and 1 secret door.

Download (SFS)

You know what I love? I was at my local coffee shop in my town and I was watching shadowhunters season 1 to get ready for season 2 in January. You won’t believe the encounter I had. So, these preppy looking guys came in, loud and so fucking obnoxious, but you know when you can feel like people are watching you? Well I felt that. So, I turned around to find two of the guys whispering and pointing at my laptop screen. They all got their coffees, and sat down, except for one guy. He came up to me and introduced himself? Which was weird, because there weren’t a lot of people in the cafe. And then you wouldn’t believe what he said next. 

He pointed at my screen and said, “I love that show. Shadowhunters, right?” and I said, yeah and laughed awkwardly, because that’s exactly me. And I thought he would just leave and go sit down with his buddies, but then he continued and said, “My best friend and I binged watched the show when it was On Demand. It’s so different and I really like all the characters, especially Jace and Alec, they remind me of me and my best friend over there” and he pointed at one of the guys sitting at the table. 

It was such a weird encounter, but something I will never forget, because I guess I’m so used to interacting with girls who watch Shadowhunters, and tend to forget that yes, even guys watch Shadowhunters too.