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One for the always lovely, @loonylittlemoony. You asked me to stop attacking you…I have a problem with listening, I think. ;)  Loads of love for you- Sar! x 

(also… I’m not sorry about the cliche title, you’ll see why.) 

You heard it before you recognized  it.

It was a week ago, over morning tea. Harry had been in his usual seat at the island in your kitchen, one hand wrapped around  his cup of tea and the other holding his phone while he swiped through his notifications.  You were standing on the other side, sipping at your cup of coffee and thumbing through a magazine that come earlier that week. 

Mornings were a peacefully quiet affair for the most part with Harry and you. After a good portion of it was spent with him whining and holding you hostage under the covers with him, you two would get up and get ready on your own pace.  Popping in and out of the bathroom and bumping hips, the occasional pat to your bum as he walks by. Yet you always made time to share a cuppa before you were off on your separate ways.

At first you think it’s your imagination, or perhaps just a coincidence. Your eyes pause in their trail across the words for a moment, corner of the page caught between your index finger and thumb as you listen closely. You wait for the noise to sound again, but instead you hear the sole sound of Harry sipping his tea. You bite your lip and go back to the article.

When it happens again, though, twice in succession you look up with a frown. 

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Missin' It


This was written long ago so unfortunately I am still indeed in my writing funk. My brain doesn’t seem to want to co-operate. Enjoy the Dad Harold feels. 

“I miss it.” The phrase was muffled by your chest were Harry had decided to rest his head for the night. His words were accompanied by slow strokes over your stomach, your t-shirt pushed up to bundle around your breasts. There was still a slight bump adorning the soft area, only being a month post-partum. Parenthood was…challenging, to say the least. It was no lie that there was no manual to raising a child, but you were proud of your efforts so far, considering you were first time parents.

“Miss what, baby?” The movements of your hand fiddling with the hair at his nape slowed and your eyebrows furrowed with confusion. You were longing to bring your daughter to join you and Harry on the bed, but seeing as this was only one of the few moments of peace you and Harry have had together since her arrival, you decided she was best off in her crib that accompanied your side of the bed. Harry had complained numerous times, but shut up once you reminded him she could be on his side once he produced the right functions to feed her at 3am.

“The bump, an’ havin’ her close. I mean, I love holdin’ ‘eh, but I feel like she growing too fast. I wish we could just rewind.” Your heart burst with love and gratitude; you silently laughed at the fact he thought she was growing too fast. It had only been a month and she was still tiny, her clothes hanging off her frail body. You were watching her now through the gaps of the bars on her crib. She stirred every now and then and you held your conversation until she settled back down.

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itybitynovak  asked:

Can you please write an imagine where the reader has had just a really bad day and they come home to Harry and just lots of fluff and cuddles please? Thank you, love :)

First, I’m sorry this took so long to get too.. precisely why I’m terrible with requests. Second, I changed the idea just a bit, but it works out all the same, I think. x

Also the cut on this one is at the top  because the photo I used *can* be considered NSFW. So- proceed with caution, lol. 

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Secret Love Song

Hello, everyone! I’m writing again for the first time in about a year and I am so excited. I’ve been playing with this idea for a while but I finally got the motivation over last few weeks. ( i wonder why ;) ) There’s a bit more to it and I was considering posting a Part Two. So let me know if you want to see that!

It was all happening for him. Having a solo career was something Harry had dreamed of since he was a kid – it was what he had showed up for at the X-Factor audition in the first place. He’d been more than happy to have the opportunity to be a part of the band and to experience everything with boys by his side. But now, for the first time in 7 years, his dream had finally become his reality.

The day had come for his debut album to release, one of the most anticipated days in the industry, and you couldn’t find anything suitable to wear to the release party. Some of your dresses were nice enough but nothing screamed important industry party to you.

You throw yourself down on your bed, burying your face deep into your pillow, figuring maybe you wouldn’t go. Between the music executives, press and fans, Harry would be tied up all night anyway. And the fact that the public still didn’t know about the two of you wouldn’t help much. He’d practically begged you to come though but his insistent invitation had a bit of a damper to it when he gently reminded you, you’d be going as his sister’s date. But even so, he swore up and down that he wanted you there, whether you got to be together or not.

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anonymous asked:

Harry trying to get you to cum without removing your panties 🤔

“C’mere, love. Sit here for a mo’.” He’d say, spreading his legs and patting his thigh and you just go over, straddling his hips and wrapping your arms around his neck.

The both of you are just lounging around the house, him in his boxers and you wearing only panties and a t-shirt, your hair still messy from sleeping.

“What is it?” You ask, rubbing your thumb against his bottom lip and watching his smile at you as his hands grip your hips and move you until you’re straddling right where he bulges underneath the black fabric of his underwear.

“Yeh look pretty, d’yeh know that?” He asks and your eyebrow quirks but you smile, shaking your head and pinching his nipple through his shirt.

“What do you want?” Your question makes him smirk and raise his eyebrows, fake innocence painting his features as he leans in and brushes his lips against yours.

“Me?” His nose is rubbing against yours and his lips are pressing barely there kisses and then his hand is cupping your center, rubbing against you through the fabric of your knickers, your breath getting caught in your throat as soon as you feel his fingers slide up and down before pressing against where your entrance would be. “Just wanna see yeh cum…”

“It’s t- too early for that, Harry.” You tell him but once he has you pressing down against his covered cock, a breathy sigh leaves your lips and you’re gripping to his shoulders, nails digging on his skin. 

“Never too early to see you wet your panties fo’ me, is it?” He teases, teeth nipping at your bottom lip while his hands guide your hips - rolling forward and rubbing tight against you, your clit getting enough pressure and friction from the fabric of your knickers and the hardness of his cock underneath you. 

“N-no, it’s not.” You can feel your walls getting wetter, your core clenching, missing the way Harry fills you up when he’s between your legs, but this… this feels too good. He’s hard and warm and rubbing against your slit, the head of his cock that’s straining against his boxers bumping your clit each time you roll forward and backwards and you know you won’t need much until you’re crumbling on top of him. “H-Harry, I- fuck, ungh, please!”

“Please what, love? What d’yeh want?” He’s teasing, hands sliding under your shirt and up your stomach to cup your naked breasts, his thumb and index pinching your nipple before he cups it completely and your back arches in response to his touch.

The rubbing and the rolling never stops and you know asking for what you want is not gonna get you anywhere because you’re too far gone to stop now - you want to cum and you will, but still, there’s something else you want more…

“Your cock, p-please, I- I want your cock.” You beg and he pulls you in and down on to him, rubbing harder and quicker, your clit pulsing with the pressure.

“First yeh cum like this… then yeh can have m’ cock. Can yeh do that fo’ me?” Harry asks and your walls clench in response to his words.

You nod almost feverishly, because… “Yes, yes, g-gonna” You gulp, your lungs burning as you hold your breath, your stomach clenching, the coil inside your tummy ready to snap. “Gonna cum, o-oh fuck!”

“That’s it, go on… look a’ that!” Harry exclaims proudly, his breath getting caught in your throat as he watches you shudder on top of him, the wet spot on your knickers getting a little bigger and so wet he can feel it through his boxers. “Look at that, love… did good fo’ me.”

And then he’s kissing you, all tongue and teeth and wandering hands, your own sneaking underneath his boxers to tug at his cock, making a breath get caught in his throat when your thumb swipes across the pre-cum on his sensitive tip. “Can I get your cock now?”

“Yeah, love. ‘Course yeh can.”

Cheeky Bets

“No Harry you cheated!” you shouted, “I totally won!”

“Obviously not love,” he smirked. Harry and you had a bet of who would win at game of mini-golf. You would have beaten him if he hadn’t cheated the entire game. He pushed you when you swung, he moved your ball when he thought you weren’t looking, and didn’t write the correct score down.

 Fighting with him would do no good. He knew he couldn’t beat you fair and square so he had to cheat. Both of you were very competitive and could turn almost anything into a competition. And many times that meant raising the stakes. Normally the stakes weren’t too high; it would be something stupid like what you had for dinner. However the stakes this time were completely different. Whoever won at mini-golf would choose something new to try in the bedroom.

Harry and your sex life was far from boring and yet the two you were always wanting to experiment. The problem was there were so many different things to try and the two of you couldn’t agree on one. One night you’d planned to try something, but instead argued about what to try. By the time the fight was over it was neither of you wanted to even have sex.

The whole week Harry had been smirking and making smart ass comments. If you’d been paying attention you may have caught on that he was dropping hints of what was to come, but you just thought he was being his normal self. He was always making cheeky comments so you never would have guessed anything out of the ordinary. The comment that should have alerted you was when Harry came up behind you running his hands all over your ass saying, “Always love this ass. M’gonna put it to good use soon.”

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Didn’t I tell you?

He doesn’t usually take his time getting ready, he doesn’t tend to drag things along and pace around the bedroom unless he’s nervous about something; there’s something running through Harry’s mind as he sits on the bed trying to fix his tie. 

With a heavy huff, his hands drop to his lap, a few muttered words escaping his lips.

“What’s the matter? You’ve been edgy all day.” You softly request, placing your hands to his tie and helping him out. With cold hands, you knot his tie flawlessly, graciously adjusting his shirt as well.

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anonymous asked:

Hey six, what other youtubers do you watch?

I watch a LOT of Jacksepticeye (and of course Wiishu! I have a cactus named Wade and I like to sit with him and watch the Woosh), I love LordMinion777, chuggaconroy (lord I’ve been watching him and TheRunawayGuys for forever), Cr1tikal, Foxtrot44 on twitch, Achievement Hunter (tho not as much bc Ray was my favourite), some Game Grumps, and Geek Remix (love those girls dearly 💕)

As for non gaming, I watch a lot of CinemaSins, SlowMoGuys, Dan and Phil, Fun2draw (love her art), withwendy (her sewing videos are amazing and really easy to follow), and GiovyHobby (he makes figurines and he’s insanely talented, his fnaf figures are so realistic I watch his videos when I can’t sleep).

I’m sure I’m missing a few, but those are my big ones!

After a wild Saturday night with the gang, the one thing that was always part of the schedule was for them to crash at yours and Harry’s place. You were usually the one who didn’t get as wasted as everyone else, so you really didn’t mind having to wake up and make breakfast for the group.

“Mornin’.” You turned your head slightly as you heard the kitchen door swing open, a sleepy smile gracing your features as Harry walked over. 

“Morning!” You chirped, poking at the scrambled eggs before reaching over to turn the stove off. “Is everyone awake already?” Harry nodded in response as his arms wrapped around you from behind, propping his chin up on your shoulder. 

“Mm. They’re in the living room now.. I told you I could’ve woken up early to help make breakfast.” Harry reached over and snatched a slice of crispy bacon from the plate, bringing it to his mouth. 

“You’re already grumpy in the morning. I don’t want a grumpy and hungover person in my kitchen.” You laughed lightly, Harry scowling before finishing off the bacon. “I lost count of how many shots you had downed - You were drunk off your ass!” 

“I was sober enough to remember I made you cum at least four times in an hour.” Harry muttered lowly, beginning to sponge kisses to the side of your neck as his warm hand slid under your shirt. “And I know for sure you’d let me take you across the counter if-” 

“Y/N, we’re gonna watch TV!” Niall called out from the living room, making you and Harry jump apart almost immediately. 

“Yep! Alright, you guys do that.” You cleared your throat, suddenly remembering you were supposed to be making breakfast. “Uh, help yourself to whatever DVDs are on the shelf.” 

“..Who even owns DVDs anymore?” Niall snorted, making you roll your eyes. Sure, anyone could watch anything online nowadays, but you liked keeping a shelf of DVDs in case the wifi ever went out or something. All of a sudden, the sound of moans echoed around the house, making you freeze on the spot. 

“What the- Are you guys seriously watching porn right now? It’s 9 in the morning!” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion before you turned to Harry, who gave you a shrug. 

“You’ll never understand the struggles of mornin’ wood, love.” Harry grinned, before taking note of your unimpressed expression. “I’ll tell them to stop.” And then you heard something else. 

Fuck, Harry..” Huh. What a coincidence that the porn star’s name was Harry. She kinda sounded like you. 

Yeah? Yeh like tha’, don’ yeh?” Harry immediately rushed into the living room, his eyes widening as he stood there in shock, his eyes glued to the screen. A hand clasped over his mouth when he finally realized what exactly the boys had popped into the DVD machine. 

“T’is definitely isn’t Snow White.” 

Your heart dropped to your stomach when you finally made your way to the living room. So.. Maybe you and Harry had made a drunk sex tape a while back, and you two decided to get it processed just for the memories, but you hid the disc in one of your Disney movie cases so no one would suspect anything. And whenever people came over, they’d just take advantage of your Netflix, never your DVDs. Of course, you had just told Niall to help himself to the DVDs, so.. 

“O-Okay, we’re not- It’s breakfast time, everyone in the kitchen!” By the time you had finally snapped yourself out of it, the boys looked very much engrossed in what was happening in the video. (Let’s just say Harry had pulled out the handcuffs.) 

H-Harry, gonna cu-” A collective groan was heard when the screen went black, the DVD machine whirring as you pushed the off button. Your cheeks were bright red, your heart pounding in your chest. You clicked the disc back into the case before shoving it into the shelf once again, turning around to see the boys staring ahead in pure shock. Harry, on the other hand, was hiding a huge grin behind his hand. 

“You heard me. Breakfast is waiting.” Your voice wavered, still trying to process the fact that your friends had just seen your sex tape. Your drunk sex tape. 

“..Who even owns DVDs anymore?” 


gif isn’t mine!

The boys discussing TV spoilers (Rajigaze 3/31)

Reita (reading mail): “Please evaluate my Dark Side. I’m the type to read some spoilers before watching a series or reading a novel, but the other day my friend was like, “that’s unbelievable! you won’t [watch/read] if something you don’t like happens? That’s so self-centred!” I thought reading spoilers was a thing so that people could avoid [seeing/reading] something they didn’t like, but do people not actually do that? Is this my Dark Side? Are you guys the type who don’t tolerate spoilers?”

Aoi: A while ago I was talking to someone about Taiga (this historical drama that’s been on TV for like 50 years) like, “oh so-and-so died…” and they got so mad at me, like, “stop spoiling!”

Uruha: (laughing) But it’s Taiga………..

Aoi: Right? Like, it actually happened, what u want me to do…it’s Taiga…

(*the drama is based off of real ppl/events in history so i guess it was no secret this person died) 

Reita and Kai catching on finally: AHH cause it’s historical ahh yeah ok!! Ahh yes (laughing)

Kai: Totally!

Reita: I mean, it’s historical!

Aoi: Yeah.

(Uruha chucklin)

Aoi: Like am I not even allowed to talk about that? 

Reita: Right, like, ur literally just stating a fact?

Aoi: Right right right

Ruki: The “type to read spoilers before watching a series or reading a drama”….what?

Reita: That’s totally not a thing

Kai: That’s not a “type”


Ruki: Hmmm…..they’re not thinking about the writer’s intention at all.

Reita: There’s no surprises!

Aoi: But don’t you sometimes watch a movie even after you’ve read the novel? 

Reita: Ahh yeah if it was good!

Aoi: So it’s kinda like that no?

Ruki: But like, they must go online first and read something that says like “spoiler alert”

Aoi and Reita: Ahhhhh

Reita: Yeah that’s weird…

Ruki: Well yeah that’s why it’s a “Dark Side.” 

Reita: Ah.

Aoi: Right.

Ruki: Like manga, for example, when there’s an original work…like Ushijima and stuff (It’s this manga that they made into a movie???) it’s not like you read a spoiler, it’s like…you know the original work, and you’re seeing how well they were able to reproduce it. 

Aoi: Mmm

Ruki: But this person….they’re just reading spoilers…….this……….IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

(everyone especially reita dying) 

Reita: It’s scary, like, some of us are watching the same foreign dramas, and we’re all at different parts, right?

Ruki: Yeah but like even if someone spoils it we just forget about it and watch anyway

(everyone laughing) 

Uruha: Yeah like if we’re talking about 24, and you’re talking about something that happened around season 2 idk shit

Reita: Cause you literally don’t remember anything? 

Uruha: Yep.

Ruki: Well that would have happened so long ago, it was season 2

Uruha: And if someone’s [talking about it] like, “that was crazy eh!?” I’m just like .. ……. :-)

Kai: (laughing) Even tho u were telling everyone to watch it

Reita: But man I’m so scared of spoilers like, I’m like “stop talking about it stop talking about it” u know?

Aoi: Yeah totally……

Reita: Yeah…espECIALLY to KAI. 

Kai: Me!?

Reita: It’s always you!!!

Kai: It’s YOU!!!

Reita: No the fuck it;S NOT !!!!

Ruki: Also you lie.

Reita: What?

Ruki: You lie about the ending.

Reita: W-what are you talking about (laughing) 

(Idk wtf happens in this movie but it’s some shit called “Blown Away”?? and Reita told Ruki some shit explodes in the end but I guess it didn’t?????) 

Ruki: I was like, “man even though I know how it ends now that’s gonna be so good!” But that’s not what happened at all! Shit did not explode!

Uruha: What were u watching?

Reita: Blown, away, I think. ….Pls watch it.

(everyone giggling) 

Reita: So, anyone watching dramas lately?


Reita: Foreign dramas…Anything….


Kai: I know one of y’all is watching something………

Uruha: Dramas? Well…Walking Dead got boring –

Ruki: Oh good!!!!!!! Then let’s watch [idk what he said but I guess he been tryna get ppl to watch it cause he JUMPED on this opportunity]

Reita: There’s no way we’re watching that

Ruki: No I actually watched a bit during recording recently! About an hour.

Reita: Oh yeah?

Ruki: Yeh…but it’s kinda awkward to show people…cause you can’t tell if they’re enjoying it

anonymous asked:

P!! What happens when you call Harry in the middle of the night, drunk and crying asking him to come pick you up from wherever you are?

P! How cute, haha. My basketball coach called me P because he could never say my name.

I love this, I’ve thought of this a lot more than I would like to admit.

I think he’d squint at your name on his phone through the darkness before answering it. “Love, s’wrong?” And when your response is a meek sob he’s much more awake, sitting up and rubbing at his eyes with his free hand as he sees the alarming time on the clock. 

“Harry, I- I’m sorry, it’s late I just, I need.. can you come get me? Please.” Your voice falls softer at the end of the sentence, and Harry can hear the distinct pounding of music in the background. 

 And he knows well enough from your choked up voice that you’re clearly upset. “Course I can.  Where are yeh? Are yeh okay?” He asks simple, clear questions because he knows if you go out on a tangent he’ll never find out. 

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anonymous asked:

"You need to go"!!!!!

A friendship once based on goofy jokes, random movies, and take out became something a little more than friends, but less than lovers. 

The two of you found yourselves testing the boundaries of your friendship, crossing normal lines and pushing the friendship to its limits. Casual movies on your couch with multiple take out boxes one thing led to another, a simple moment collected on the couch led to an intimate moment, which led to other private moments, ultimately turning a once normal and casual friendship into something that was not entirely labelled. 

There were no public outings, not an ounce of affection at any given time except for when in the comfort of one of your houses.
To everyone’s knowledge, the two of you are merely friends who occasionally go to the bar with groups and socialise.
Little do they know that is when it is close to midnight on a quiet Saturday night that you are fighting the urge to strip each other of innocence and move the sappy movie to a more entertaining atmosphere. 

He’s charming, adoring, hilarious, intelligent, and of course talented, not to mention notably handsome and captivating. He sparked a fire in your soul when you thought there was nothing to spark. 

The only problem is that there is no label on the two of you.

Friends, friends with benefits, romantics?

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Little Love

Another one of my own creations.. I just have the biggest soft spot for Harry with kids, especially Lux. Enjoy and let me know what you thought! x

Originally posted by bubblegvmbitvh

A shrill,  eardrum shattering, screech echoes through the small plane, decipherable even through the buzzing of the aircraft and it causes you to pop your blurry eyes open and blink a few times before you turn across the aisle to blearily glance  in the direction of where it came from. 

You weren’t sleeping, no, that was virtually impossible with the screeching. It didn’t bother you because you couldn’t fall asleep though, it bothered you because it was heart breaking. 

“Lux, baby please, please calm down for mummy.” Lou begs in a pitiful voice as she bounces the sobbing, wailing toddler on her lap. Lux, whose face is red and wet has one little hand pressed against her mothers face and the other tugging at her ear as she takes a momentary pause from the wailing to catch her breath and sniffle. Lou pats her back soothingly.  Her own eyes are shut as she leans forward and presses her forehead against Lux’s gently.

The aircraft is small, holding the bodyguards, the main team members like Lou, the other boys, you,  and Harry as it flies you all to the next leg of the tour. Harry had convinced you to join him now that you were on break from school. (”It’ll be fun yeah, love? Want yeh here with me.”) 

Another scream, not as powerful as the previous one echoes from the tired babe and you frown as you distinctly see her face turn a deeper shade of red. “Please, Lux!” Lou snaps, as she pulls her forehead away from the toddler and holds her farther away, ears ringing from the impact of the scream. 

You sit up a bit, digging your elbows into the arm rests as you squirm. Lou’s at the end of her wits, you can tell. She’s usually so calm and bright to be around, especially considering that she has to deal with the boys before each and every show. But the light is gone from her eyes and she’s sighing more and more often, and you know she’s on the brink of tears. 

“Lou, hey. Give her here.” You whisper, swallowing as you outstretch your hands across the aisle towards her. 

Lou looks from Lux to you and frowns through the dim lit area, struggling to keep Lux still in her arms, “No, no Y/N. It’s alright, she’s just begin difficult. Aren’t you, Lux?” She inquires, peering at the toddler who hiccups through a sob in response.

“Lou, you’ve been at it for hours, c’mon hand her over. Go walk around a little, get some sleep in the back.” You insist, unbuckling your belt so it’ll allow you  to lean over more towards her.

“Y/N, I can’t. I mean Harry-she’ll wake him.” Lou mumbles, gesturing to your right. 

You turn over your shoulder and see Harry leaning against the wall of the plane, curly hair messy as it’s pressed against a pillow. He’s insisted on bringing a fluffy blanket on board, and it’s pulled up high and tucked under his chin with one hand fisting it there. The other is resting on your knee, gentle but firm to remind himself, more than you, that you’re still there. It’s a good compromise, considering you two had spent the first few hours of the flight curled up together, until both of you had become squirmish. He’s snoring, softly, his mouth slightly agape. Although he’s not immune to Lux’s screams, he had frowned and huffed and murmured sleepy suggestions to get her to calm down before his hooded green eyes had succumbed to the sleep. His brows are furrowed and the skin between them is creased in worrisome wrinkles, and you know subconsciously he’s still worried. 

You smile a bit and reach down to pat his hand on your knee before you turn back to Lou, “He’s fine, fast asleep. Uncle Knobhead would want Lux to get some sleep too, wouldn’t he?” You reiterate in a softer voice when Lux turns to stare at you. 

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watching how well Krennic’s lines and screen time were used in Rogue One let me see just how much potential Hux can have as a character if they just USE IT PLS, like oh my god pls DO THAT, LET HUX SHINE

anonymous asked:

You know what I've been thinking about for the past few days one great big "i've missed you, welcome home" big fuck with Harry. Where everything is so intense and you're both so worked up that you can feel each others hearts beating so fast. Clothes are frantically coming off, lips are being smashed together causing teeth to be clashed against each other. Hands are getting reacquainted with each other's body, roaming, touching, familiarizing. Hands tangled in hair, pulling. Pt1

Pt2 Your moans his groans the “i’ve missed yeh so fuckin much pet” and the hard kiss that follows the kissing of your jawline and neck and big soft yet rough hands squeezing your breasts and tongue caressing your nipples. Heads being thrown back with so much pleasure “S’ right pet, let me hear yeh, le’ me know how good I make yeh feel” the small yet loud enough “oh fuck” that leaves his pinker that pink full lips when you grind down on him “off Harry get your pants off I want you to fuck me”

Pt3 Detaching himself for just a split second so he can get his pants off and yours too in record time. It’s all thumbs all frantic all just a rush. When you sit down on his cock for the first time in what feels like ages. His head being thrown back “fuck me, if this doesn’t feel good pet”. The panting. The quick movements. The way he grabs you by the hips and pushes you onto him while he tries his best to fuck up into you. The heat. The sweat that glistens both your bodies. It all feels so good

P4 until he grabs you by the hips and lays you on the bed and says “don’t cum yet pet” the confused “WHAT?!” That comes out your mouth “yeh heard me don’t cum, I don’ want yeh to cum” he keeps driving into you but with each stroke he gets slower and slower “Harry I swear to everything that I love that if you stop…” he shuts you up by kissing you and picks up speed and does that thing you like with his hips and his staccato strokes all deliberate. He buries his face in your neck

Pt5 and thats when he feels it, you’re beginning to cum “pet don’ cum not yet” “i can’t Harry, it’s been so long I can’t” you whine and he keeps giving you those rough strokes the ones that begin with his tip at your entrance and ends in him being balls deep in you. He can feel you tightening around him your walls are becoming wetter. He thinks he’s seeing stars appearing in his vision with the way he’s fucking into you. His groans and his moans are becoming louder. Both of your breaths are loud

Pt7 “didn’t I tell yeh not to cum? Hmmm?” He grabs you by the hips again and really starts to move, really pounds into you. So much so that if you’re not mistaken you can feels another orgasm coming around but he feels it because he gives a knowing little laugh “being greedy today are we? Having another go? Hmmm, pet?” He manages to pick up his speed and then his fingers are on your clit rubbing “please H” you plead “oh fuck, I’m gonna.. oh.. I’m gonna cum”

Pt8 “yeah darling? Yeh gonna cum all over me cock? Huh?” With that particular “huh” he thrusts so damn hard into you that it makes you gasp he managed to somehow reach into you deeper. You hiss out a “yesssss” and when you look back at him his face is set into this serious/concentrated look and then you feel it. Your nipples harden, you see stars, and there’s this white noise in your ears like hum. And thats his undoing all you hear above that hum is an “Oh shit oh fuuck” and he topples onto you

Pt9? Sweaty back to sweaty front. You can feel him trying to bring fresh air into his lungs and hear his labored breath because quite frankly you’re doing the same. Its when he gives you a kiss to the back of your head and lifts up when you notice that he’s still inside you. When he pulls out of you. You can feel the wetness in you. You shift so you’re on your side and he’s on his as well. Looking at each other’s faces him with a dopey grin and you with a freshly fucked glow.

P10 “christ pet, don’ reckon we’ve ever had such great sex like tha befo’ ” you giggle “yeah maybe you should go away more often” “heyyyy s'not nice now is it?” You can’t stop giggling it’s so infectious that his grin widens and he lets out a giggle of his own “ c'mon now pet lets get clea… well a little bit more dirty first and then very well cleaned up” he gets up from bed and grabs your hand “where are we going?” You ask “T’ shower, reckon we could go for round 2” he says. (Ok i’m done 🙃)

For the IMY sex anon… look at this fresh hell….

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baby P waking up in the middle of the night with colic and H comforting her

Both the missus and Harry would rise up from the mattress, as soon as the first wail filtered through the monitor, filling the bedroom with her colicky cries - sighs escaping their mouths when they’d realise she wasn’t really after anything. As they’d both go to stand up from the bed, he’d inform the missus that he’s got her and that he’ll sit with her and try to calm down her cries whilst she slept peacefully, catching up on a night full of sleep which is something that she’d not had since the baby was born. He’d slide on a thick sweatshirt, blocking his skin from the cold air of the house, before shuffling into the nursery and tending to the cries and the wails that left his daughters mouth.

“Hey now, Poppet. Hey,” he’d coo, “what’s all the tears for, hm? Daddy’s got yeh now, yeah? You’re all good. I’ve got yeh. Beside yeh mum, you’re the only girl I’ll ever wake up early for. Maybe both yeh nannies and Auntie Gem, too,” he’d chuckle, lifting her to his chest and swaying his hips softly. Stepping towards the rocking chair sat in the corner of the room, beside the window, kicking his feet up on the windowsill, “daddy hates it when yeh cry, Poppet. I love you. He’s got you. You’re so cosy and warm.”

He’d kiss her forehead and nudge his nose into her hair, dragging his fingers up her back as her fingers gripped at his sweater.

“You know, these cries made daddy cry when you were born? Right when yeh left mummy, you let out a big ole’ cry. Are you trying to make daddy join in right now, huh?” He’d snicker to himself, “mummy thinks I’m a big crybaby when I cry but, I’m just very happy. That’s all down to yeh mum and you. You both make me the happiest.”

And when her cries would subside, and he’d find no ounce of determination to stand up and put her down, so he’d stay with her as she snoozed against his chest.

“Yeh mum has always loved sleeping on my chest, Poppet. You take after her in that little department. S’always nice to hold my favourite girls, right here,” he’d hum, snuggling down and wiggling his toes to get the circulation rolling again, closing his head softly and resting his cheek against her soft and freshly washed hair, “my heart beats for you and mummy. You make every day worth living and I love you so much. Even when it looks like I don’t, I always will and I never, ever want you to forget that.” xx