yeah yeah yeahs sacrilege

In the Nightside of Eden
↳ A Lucifer/Lilith [fanmix]

  1. pj harvey - to bring you my love
  2. h.i.m. - for you
  3. for my pain - dancer in the dark
  4. yeah yeah yeahs - sacrilege
  5. florence + the machine - bedroom hymns
  6. the 69 eyes - next stop paradise
  7. sisters of mercy - temple of love
  8. the 69 eyes - heaven/hell
  9. h.i.m. - in the nightside of eden
  10. florence + the machine - cosmic love
  11. thursday - sugar in the sacrament
  12. siouxsie sioux - love crime

SON OF A PREACHER MAN // a 4-part mix for amc’s preacher

“Pray for me, preacher.” (Jesse)
well the devil she comes to me, says boy do you wanna go out tonight?
she’s got a 40oz hurricane in her left hand and a .45 in her right

time of the preacher - willie nelson // adam raised a cain - bruce springsteen // the rain - sons of bill // drive - the gaslight anthem //  devil in me - jamie n. commons // holy water - astronautalis // gun street girl - tom waits // with a good criminal heart - the world/inferno friendship society // beat the devil’s tattoo - black rebel motorcycle club // the chain - fleetwood mac

“We are who we are, Jesse Custer.” (Tulip)
tough girl is what i had to be

son of a preacher man - dusty springfield // wait - the kills // how a resurrection really feels - the hold steady // hit me like a man - the pretty reckless // gasoline - the dead weather // freedom at 21 - jack white // only anarchists are pretty - the world/inferno friendship society // daddy lessons - beyonce // me and bobby mcgee - janis joplin // chasing twisters - delta rae

“Jesus, what kind of a preacher are you?” (Cassidy)
a legendary hooligan with a thirst for blood and a taste for booze

i fought the law - dead kennedys // if i should fall from grace with god - the pogues // i’m so bored with the u.s.a. - the clash // blood and whiskey - dropkick murphys // new fang - them crooked vultures // holy roller novocaine - kings of leon // sympathy for the devil - the rolling stones // wolf like me - tv on the radio // die by the drop - the dead weather // whistlin’ past the graveyard - tom waits

“This is why I’ve come home.  To save you.”
the darkness and the light are both alike unto you

they die by dawn - the bullitts // down the road - c2c // sacrilege - yeah yeah yeahs // red right hand - nick cave & the bad seeds // seven devils - florence + the machine // death to my hometown - bruce springsteen // keep the car running - arcade fire // rise to the sun - alabama shakes // if you believe your god is dead (try mine) - the swan silvertones // shine a light - the rolling stones

someones looking DESPERATE (a billdip mix)

Melt (ft Kilo Kish) / Chet Faker ⧋ Sacrilege / The Yeah Yeah Yeahs ⧋ Every Other Freckle / Alt-J ⧋ Ulysses / Franz Ferdinand ⧋ Sinister Kid / The Black Keys ⧋ Long Way Down / Robert Delong ⧋ Dangerous (ft Joywave) / Big DataI Can’t Decide / Scissor Sisters ⧋ Run For Your Life / The Beatles Devil’s Flesh and Bone / Eliza Rickman ⧋ Tainted Love / Hannah Peel 

music tag

I was tagged by @semper-femina​ to post 10 songs I have been loving lately. Thank you, petal xx

  1. dua lipa - new rules
  2. yeah yeah yeahs - sacrilege
  3. philip glass - the hours ost (while reading mrs dalloway)
  4. marina satti - koupes
  5. luis fonsi - despacito
  6. lana del rey - hit and run
  7. dj khaled feat. rihanna, bryson tiller - wild thoughts
  8. sean paul feat. dua lipa - no lie
  9. raining pleasure - kemal
  10. the last shadow puppets - the age of the understatement

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this is how we learn to see in the dark | rick/negan [x]

Sasha Siem - See-Through // Jordan Reyne - The Proximity of Death (Blue Eyed Boy) // Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sacrilege // Susanne Sundfør - Delirious // Coldplay - Cemeteries Of London // Ghost Trails - devil’s plaything //
Seinabo Sey - Pistols At Dawn // Meg Myers - Desire // Marika Hackman - Cannibal //  LP - No Witness // Snow Ghosts - Murder Cries // Apollo Sunshine - We Are Born When We Die // Sasha Siem - Crow

beauty is terror; | [listen here]  (they had been so sure, they had known they would get away with it, and get away with it they did. sailed red ribbons through twisted fingers, danced and sang with demeter’s harvest moon, wept for persephone, drank alongside dionysus. but when the time came, and oh did it come, and their god left them, alone, gasping for breathe, did they finally break)

i. fangs - little red lung | ii. two men in love - the irrepresables | iii. voyage voyage - soap&skin | iv. angel of small death - hozier | v. we must be killers - mikky ekko | vi. money power glory - lana del rey | vii. sweater weather - the neighbourhood | viii. hooray for love - sarah jaffe | ix. taro - alt-j | x. sweet dreams - emily browning | xi. sights - london grammar | xii. into the darkness - the phantoms | xiii. no one is here - king dude | xiv. feral love - chelsea wolfe | xv. wild tigers i have known - emily white | xvi. dead can dance - host of seraphim | xvii. heavy in your arms - florence & the machine | xviii. verses - russian circles | xix. dreams - imagine dragons | xx. afraid - the neighbourhood | xxi. death is the road to awe - clint mansell | xxii. sacrilege - yeah yeah yeahs

monster girls; nineteen songs for the deadly girls with cracked, blackened hearts and sharp teeth

i. MONSTER (VERSE) - nicki minaj /// ii. SACRILEGE - yeah yeah yeahs /// iii. BAD GIRLS (BARBARIC MERITS CHAINBANGING REMIX) - m.i.a. /// iv. TEETH - lady gaga /// v. HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN - ashley johnson /// vi. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD - lorde /// vii. GODS & MONSTERS - lana del rey /// viii. HURRICANE - ms mr /// ix. TOXIC - yael naïm /// x. DIE YOUNG (DECONSTRUCTED) - ke$ha /// xi. PROBLEM - natalia kills [feat. angel haze] /// xii. DEMONS - sleigh bells /// xiii. GUN - chvrches /// xiv. BLOODY MARY VS. VALLEY OF THE DOLLS - lady gaga vs. marina & the diamonds /// xv. MY SONG 5 - haim /// xvi. HIT AND RUN - lana del rey /// xvii. BUZZCUT SEASON - lorde /// xviii. SEVEN DEVILS - florence + the machine /// xix. DARK DOO WOP - ms mr


the kids aren’t alright


for coping.

for the kids who are just trying to survive and the one’s who will change the world along the way.

inspired by the amazing fic “world ain’t ready” by idiopathicsmile 


1. Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujah) ~ Portugal. The Man // 2. The Kids Aren’t Alright ~ Fall Out Boy // 3. Hot Dad Calendar ~ Cayetana // 4. Youth Without Youth ~ Metric // 5. For Miles Around (Scratch To Void) ~ People in Planes // 6. This Kids Not Alright ~ AWOLNATION // 7. Get On Your Way ~ Sixgun Radio // 8. Kids ~ Sleigh Bells // 9. That Song ~ The Bouncing Souls // 10. Apple Pie and Police State ~ Choking Victim // 11. .Tragician. ~ Frnkiero And the Cellebration // 12. Black White & Blue ~ Ladyhawke // 13. Sacrilege ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs // 14. Wishing Well ~ The Black Belles // 15. Amongster ~ Polica // 16. Alone and Stoned ~ King Tuff // 17. Young Fathers ~ Typhoon // 18. Transcendental Youth ~ The Mountain Goats

hogwarts ; a set of four mini fanmixes by grangres

gryffindor ; house of the brave 

i. pompeii, bastille. ii. charlie boy, the lumineers. iii. young volcanoes, fall out boy. iv. daniel in the den, bastille. v. lover of the light, mumford & sons. vi. diplomat’s son, vampire weekend. vii. come together, the beatles. viii. explosions, ellie goulding. 


hufflepuff ; house of the loyal

i. concerning hobbits, hobbit soundtrack. ii. woodland, the paper kites. iii. here comes the sun, the beatles. iv. ho hey, the lumineers. v. convergence, thirty seconds to mars. vi. mushaboom, feist. vii. with a little help from my friends, the beatles. viii. cape cod kwassa kwassa, vampire weekend.


ravenclaw ; house of the intelligent

i. poet, bastille. ii. fitzpleasure, alt j. iii. oxford comma, vampire weekend. iv. my same, adele. v. towers, bon iver. vi. dead sea, the lumineers. vii. woman, the 1975. viii. islands, the xx.


sliytherin ; house of the ambitious

i. back to black, beyoncé & andre 3000. ii. closer, kings of leon. iii. falling, haim. iv. rootless, marina & the diamonds. v. icarus, bastille. vi. sacrilege, the yeah yeah yeahs. vii. gold on the ceiling, the black keys. viii. wires, the neighbourhood.


[ download the full set here ; coming soon ]


a supernatural heathers remake playlist inspired by [x].

i. work, iggy azalea

ii. teen idle, marina and the diamonds

iii. crown on the ground, sleigh bells 

iv. sacrilege, yeah yeah yeahs 

v. dressed in black, sia

vi. a little taste, skyler stonestreet

vii. ooh la la, goldfrapp

viii. bad karma, ida maria

ix. heads will roll, yeah yeah yeahs

x. kill of the night, gin wigmore 

xi. murda bizness, iggy azalea

xii. valley of the dolls, marina and the diamonds

xiii. toxic, yael naim

xiv. this little girl, cady groves

xv. monster love, goldfrapp 

I was tagged to do this challenge by @swimswim

Rules: Set your music to shuffle and list the 10 tracks that appear. Then tag 10 people.

1. Uptight Downtown by La Roux
2. What the Water Gave Me by Florence and the Machine
3. Don’t Rain on My Parade by Barbra Streisand
4. Sacrilege by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
5. Alejandro by Lady Gaga
6. The Big Sky by Kate Bush
7. Tears Dry on their Own by Amy Winehouse
8. La Vie En Rose by Grace Jones
9. Sober by Lorde
10. Into the Groove by Madonna

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I made a playlist to listen to while reading my favorite fanfic, For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines by charm0nder​!  The cover art is by the margarita mom herself, elentori-art​!  This is what I’ve become folks.  Making fanfic-specific playlists about a dorito and his gay boy toy.


-Sloppy Seconds Watsky (the definitive FtMaSoDP song)

-Fireflies Chris Garneau

-I Can’t Decide Scissor Sisters (no playlist involving Bill Cipher is complete without this)

-Paris Magic Man

-Overtime Brika

-bad_news Bastille

-Evil Friends Portugal. The Man

-Every Note Mystery Skulls

-Ulysses Franz Ferdinand

-Sacrilege Yeah Yeah Yeahs

-Found You Out Sir Sly