yeah yeah they are very platonic tell me about it stud

a little too young


“2015 breakout actress, yeah? That’s a true honor alongside Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. And so young, I reckon no older than 20.”

She blushes a bit at his compliment, because really, she wasn’t used to all the attention yet and she won’t forget her slight obsession with the man standing in front her as a freshman in high school when she was only 14.

“Just turned 17, actually.”


harry seems to like y/n a little too much for how young she is.

note :: i imagine y/n to be about 17 while harry being 21. it’s not smut it’s just a crush type of situation so it’s totally okay alright. i’m 15 (almost 16) and i’m madly in love with a 22 year old man so i mean???


Harry knew he was fucked.

He wouldn’t be in this kind of situation if he could help it, of course.

He feels sick, almost. Isn’t this type of thing illegal? Liking someone four years younger? While that person isn’t even a legal adult yet? That shit has to be illegal.

But he can’t help it.

It’s a mighty crush he had and he has no idea what has come over him. There were plenty of woman his age and older that would throw themselves at him if he dared asking.

The only one he sees is Y/N, however.

The 17 year old scarlet that he ended up meeting at an after party after an award show, he remembers. Doesn’t really recall which one actually, there’s too many shows and interviews to really keep track.

She was cute, funny, and what the hell, Harry thought. What’s the harm in it?

The fact she was underage, that’s the harm. But he didn’t know that yet.

He remembered that conversation so vividly, it’s a bit menacing.

“Y/N, is it? Well, I’m-”

“Harry Styles. Of course I know who you are, Stud. Who doesn’t?”

And he knew then that he loved her personality. So confident and endearing, he reckons if he wasn’t a gentleman she might look mighty dashing sprawled in the silk sheets of his bedroom. He usually wasn’t so forward but seeing her on the stage thanking everyone for the award with a big, beaming smile set him into a daze. A lovesick daze, but he would never admit that.

Maybe. If it weren’t for the next thing she crushed him with.

“2015 breakout actress, yeah? That’s a true honor alongside Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. And so young, I reckon no older than 20.”

She blushes a bit at his compliment, because really, she wasn’t used to all the attention yet and she won’t forget her slight obsession with the man standing in front her as a freshman in high school when she was only 14.

“Just turned 17, actually.”

And he has to suck in a breath and his eyes go wide because, fuck, she’s 17. He tries to rid of all the thoughts he had previously thought up of her because she’s just a kid.

She senses his shock and puts a hand on his chest, patting his shoulder, “Did I disappoint you a bit? I’ll have you know a lot of people call me very mature for my age.”

And Harry can’t even deal with it any longer, she’s a kid but her voice is so smooth and seductive it can’t be okay for him to already like her a lot.

“Thought you’d be at least, I don’t know, … legal.”

But through some type of series of spontaneous events, they ended up friends. And Harry reasons there’s no harm in that.


And friends they were. For about a year now. Y/N was almost 18 and Harry had turned 22 a few months ago.

The media made as many rumors and theories as they wanted. Some of them making Harry out to seem like a pig but the majority thought they were simply adorable.

Harry prefers the latter.

Even if they did describe their relationship as plainly platonic, it wouldn’t hide the fact that Harry thought of Y/N naked in his bed the very first night he met her at barely 17.

Maybe he was a pig after all.

“So, Harry, I gotta ask you about Y/N. Y/F/N?” Harry shakes his head and smiles a bit because he did love talking about her, even if it was a bit annoying how much the rumors of them were brought up in interviews.

“You can’t seriously think we believe the ‘strictly friends’ cover up anymore?!”

Harry wouldn’t be lying if he said him and Y/N were strictly friends because, yeah, that’s true. He doesn’t like lying though, and telling that would be lying to himself (because he obviously wanted to be something more but he can’t really do that, can he?). But he figures that a little white lie won’t hurt his karma; it was a pretty understandable predicament.

“She’s like the little sister I never had, I guess. She’s a lovely girl, yeah.”

Harry smiles at that, because fuck could he tell a lie well, but he soon realized that maybe his lying skills were only award winning to himself.

“Sibling love, huh?”

And with the interviewers words lingering in his head, enough to drive him mad, he gives a curt nod of his head and a mumble of, “Something like that.”

And goodness, does he actually hate lying, in all honesty.

He doesn’t cuddle with Gemma and he doesn’t hold hands with Gemma and he doesn’t swoon over Gemma and he most definitely does not think about Gemma in an intimate way like he does with Y/N.

The thought nearly makes him make a face of disgust as something mean raises in his throat, because - fuck - is that not nasty beyond words. Then he remembers he is still in an interview. An interview about Y/N it seems like.

“So then, Harry, tell us about what happened last Friday night?”

And at that, Harry’s head jerks up because he has no idea what the interviewer is talking about (he can’t recall things very quickly, his memory is extremely below average, to his dismay). Hell, there’s probably hundreds of pictures of Y/N and Harry that look very couple-y. They hug a lot and they kiss each other’s cheek a lot and they hold hands a lot.

He tries to remember what happened last Friday night, remembering something about Y/N being over at his hotel room because she really needed him for something important.

Paparazzi images appear on the screen behind him and he looks at them closely, seeing Y/N with tears in her eyes as she leaves the St. Regis New York hotel, flashing lights of paps everywhere.

Harry’s fists lock and his jaw clenches because he fucking hates paps with all he has in him. They treat celebrities like animals and act like them themselves. He feels so apologetic that Y/N had to go through that on one of the worst nights of her life.

It was a stormy night, Harry was in New York for a fashion show and Y/N was there because her dad was in the hospital. Harry remembers Y/N explaining that her mother put her father in a hospital in New York because Doctor Martin was the best of the best for lung cancer.

And on that night, Y/N had called him crying her eyes out over the news that her father was not getting better. She came over to his hotel room searching for some type of comfort and Harry could punch himself for having her deal with all the flashing lights during such a hard time in someone’s life (the paps knew he was staying at the St. Regis so they followed him and had been camping out till Y/N got there, obviously finding this peculiar). She fled away after her mom gave her a call that her father was doing very bad and had asked Y/N to stop by the hospital.

Harry offered to accompany her but it was all too much and Y/N wanted to talk to her father alone. Harry respected that.

Now, it’s a week later and her father is doing much better than he was but the pap pictures from that night have all the attention pointing towards Harry and Y/N in a hotel room together - like that’s the most scandalous thing the media could come up with.

He remembers the headlines:

STAR : Harry Styles and Y/F/N spending a night together in New York with Y/N leaving in tears? It looks like Harry just broke another heart!

OK! : Y/F/N leaves Harry Styles’ hotel room in tears! Looks like the late night meet up did not go as planned!

HELLO : Did Harry Styles just make an underaged girl cry her eyes out as she was leaving his hotel at 3 in the morning? The womanizer is back!

And believe it when someone says Harry was not a hating type. He was very loving and warm hearted. But when he saw those headlines the next morning he was ready to file a lawsuit against every media outlook that published a story about the absurd story.

He called Y/N and apologized like his life depended on it, she told him it was fine, that her dad was much better, and that he shouldn’t apologize for the media’s crazy rumors.

Harry loved how calm and collected Y/N was with these types of things.

He looks back at the interviewer who had a smug smile on his face that Harry quite definitely wanted to slap off, “It’s sorta personal-”

“Personal my ass! Come on, tell us what went down.”

Harry really could slap the interviewer.

“Wasn’t finished,” he grumbles, “A family matter, it was. Y/N just wanted a bit of comforting and I was the only close friend in New York and that’s that. The rumors are far from true.”

Harry remembers that he had asked Y/N if he should post a picture of the two of them to Instagram or somethin’ so that people wouldn’t think the rumors were true but she told him that he didn’t have to prove anything. He greatly appreciated Y/N for that.

“So then, you two are fine now?”

Harry nods his head in certainty, “Always were.”


It’s when Harry gets home that he reflects on the interview he just had. He makes note to never let that magazine interview him again because they didn’t ask him one question about his music or acting, it was all rumor patrol. He also realizes he might’ve said a bit too much on the matter but he couldn’t just let those awful rumors float around like that. He loves Y/N too much for people to believe he broke her heart.

And then the next thing he’s doing is answering his front door because he heard the doorbell ring 3 times and a knock 3 times and there’s only one person who does that.

Y/N stands outside the mahogany door, a beaming smile on her face and Harry could melt if he was able. She’s so dang cute.

“Harold, fancy meeting you here.” She giggles and Harry rolls his eyes.

“This is my house.”

“Of course!” and with that, Y/N walks in like she owns the place, something Harry had become very accustomed to, “Anyway- I was just texting my manager and she said that there might be a new movie opportunity and I was so excited but then she said that the main character was played by Angelina Jolie and, I mean, you know how I feel about her..”

Harry chuckles at her babbling, knowing Y/N didn’t particularly love Angelina’s attitude, claiming that she was “completely rude to the waitress at the Golden Globes!” and he can’t really defend Angelina because he actually hasn’t met her himself but Y/N was apparently sitting with Kate Winslet one table away because Kate loves Y/N and Y/N did have to observe Brad Britt telling his wife to “calm the hell down and stop being dramatic, the fillet is not poisoned.”

But he supposes that Y/N was dramatic because that’s just her character. He reckons that’s also why she was such a good actress but he then remembers her telling him that she was in fact a better actor than him and so Harry keeps the compliment to himself because of that very reason.

“Love, any movie with Angelina Jolie is big, don’t miss up on that!”

She grumbles, slouching down and practically falling into Harry for an exasperated hug as she nuzzles her face into his chest.

“Yeah yeah, that’s what Marly (Y/N’s manager’s name, if Harry remembers correctly) said too but, like, I don’t know she said that both Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley would be going up for the same role and I’m sure I would lose to them.”

Harry smiles and she huffs as he tilts her head up to meet his eyes, “Can’t be thinking like that, Moppet. Gotta be willing to fail because you’ll never learn anything if ya don’t.”

She breathes and rests her head back on his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist even tighter than before and Harry just really loves her hugs, “I don’t know what I’d do without you, Harry.”

And Harry thinks he doesn’t know what he’d do without her either.

Even if this friendship was strictly platonic.

For now.



i’m thinking a part two bc i like the character development n shit :))

if you couldn’t tell, i rly wanna work in the movie industry! mainly as a director or cinematographer but acting is also very fun too (:

but y'all harry is too cute and i feel like imma be in love with him for my whole life !!!

i miss him and i’ve never even seen him in person???

- amanda :’)