yeah yeah there are tons of errors

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Anon screenshot game??

Ah ah ah…! No peeking at the special thing!

I can give you a screenshot of some other sketches I have open though~


“Shiro, we, like, really love each other, ya know?”

“And we love you too”

“Yeah we love you a lot but not as much as we love each other if that makes sense”

“But yeah I love Lance like a LOT like a WHOLE TON”

“And I love Keith EVEN MORE, my statistical parameters say that’s impossible but I don’t really account for human error”

“…Uh yeah, what he said”

Shiro: ??????????? What

sartorialcannibal wrote a little Madancy headcanon several months ago. It’s been going around on my dash and I love it. betterwhenitsraining asked about fic. So this happened. I hope someone enjoys it? :3

Here be Madancy under the cut

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