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Happy Undertale birthday-anniversary dearest Caitlynlou

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Happy Undertale Anniversary to you all! <3 My gift to you will arrive tomorrow, in the form of a video.

I promise.

For realsies.

Like for REAL realsies.

You watch <3

After everything that has happened in the PJO fandom today, I want to end this day on a good note by wishing my favorite couple of all time, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, a happy anniversary. I really do believe that their love gave me hope for finding something like their relationship; the love, care, and respect they have for one another is beautiful. I know I have many ships, but these two will always be my favorite.

okay here’s a few words while it’s still the official anniversary day somewhere in the world!

thank you, yuri!!! on ice, for everything!!♥♥ just thank you. last year was incredibly taxing for me (and many others) and i was feeling really down and on the brink of a burnout, but suddenly there was yoi and i had something amazing and happy to look forward to every single week! i can’t even put to words how much it meant to me, and still does! i’ve never before in my whole life seen such a positive and inspiring show and it just swept me right off my feet in a heartbeat ♥ yoi has truly been an unending chain of happy surprises and i’ve met so many amazing people because of it! i really love you all (even though i’ve been a bit antisocial recently but that’s kind of a thing i do) ♥♥♥ yoi has been an incredibly positive influence in my life, it even made me start drawing again after an art block that lasted waaaay too long!

so thank you yamamoto, kubo, mappa and everyone else, for the life&love you’ve given me by making yuri!!! on ice ♥

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ive been reading your Storm Davekat fic and I just want to say youre amazing! You really capture their personalities well, and everything is so well written! Any future angst points I should be prepared for?

rather than a direct answer i present a series of back to back working chapter titles from the outline i have:

so theres that 

Am I late to the Undertale Anniversary party? I decided to get out my tablet and redraw a VERY old picture, from I think a few months after the game came out? So it’s nearly 2 years old!

Anyway, the original can be found here; it’s on my old Deviantart!!!

         Neal Cassidy/Baelfire Appreciation Week
So. I hella love Neal Cassidy. A lot of you also hella love Neal Cassidy. Let’s have an appreciation week to fill our tags with graphics/edits/meta/fanfic/whatever other lovely things you talented damn precious treasures can come up with!

  • Day 1: Favorite Arc
  • Day 2: Favorite Episode
  • Day 3: Favorite Scene
  • Day 4: Favorite Quote
  • Day 5: Favorite Relationship
  • Day 6: Favorite Happy Moment
  • Day 7: Free Day/AU
The official week will be March 29 - April 4, but if you post things on later/earlier days, or even do the whole week later, no worries, Neal love isn’t limited to a week!  Be sure to use #nealcassidyweek on your posts, so everyone can find them easily! (and, of course, the regular/appropriate neal/bae/ship tags!) If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a message!


- I was afraid I’d lost you.
- As one might lose a pocket watch or some other valuable possession?

Sistar 4th anniversary special "Things they've done to make the fan I am now" ► Push Push era

The covers they did during this time, I remember that they blew me away. Hyorin’s vocal was the first thing that caught my attention. Plus…Bora’s pretty face and the video of her dance was hgjhgjfdhgjfdkh omg. To be really honest, at first I only knew Bora and Hyorin (who looked incredibly alike lol) at the very begining. The first time I heard the cover of “Stand up for love” I started to love Sistar, like really. Because of Soyou’s vocal, I was surprised cause I thought Hyorin only knew how to sing ! Then “Superstar” I was able to hear Dasom’s nice voice, she isn’t the best ,still, she can sing. I also remember how HyoRa were super close lol always paired together (still are  but anyway). I also love “Chronos Soul” that song is still one of my favorite <3