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i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

So Target boy had another date last night!

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I only cursorily glanced at the Wikipedia page for Asmodeus when I was writing my episode review the other day, and noted that he was “the demon of lust and is therefore responsible for twisting people’s sexual desires.” Which is super interesting to me if they decide to go that route (but also makes me nervous considering the history of how some writers approach the subject of sex).

But I glanced over it again last night, and this leapt out at me:

He has also been recorded as the off-spring of the union between Adam and the angel of prostitution, Naamah, conceived while Adam was married to Lilith.

[Disclaimer: That bit is listed as “citation needed,” but considering I did notice that it was likely that Berens used Wikipedia to come up with a throwaway line (9x06, the ‘Adai to Atakapa’ line) I’m not putting it past the writers to use Wikipedia to come up with base mythology for the show.]

Point is, Asmodeus being a nephilim would make total sense considering the season’s mytharc.

Maybe the Princes of Hell are nephilim turned demon. It would also give us an explanation as to why Asmodeus and Ramiel’s sister Dagon had ‘taken an interest’ in Lucifer’s kid when it was Azazel who was the Lucifer ‘fanatic.’

Do you guys care if I continue the fic or not? It has only 19 comments and 170 kudos and in comparison to the hits, 1870 something, it makes me feel like people read it but didn’t like it and, I don’t know I’m not feeling motivated to continue it if no one liked it, cause writing is difficult and it takes up a lot of time…

  • [Yuuri Katsuki, Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Plisetsky are watching a movie together. There is a knock at the door.]:
  • Victor: Yurio, do you mind getting the door? I think Yuuri is asleep and I don't want to disturb him.
  • Yurio: yeah, whatever. *leaves room to open door*
  • Otabek: *begins playing Christmas music.* shhh *holds up card that says "tell them it's carolers"*
  • Victor: who is it?
  • Yurio: carol singers.
  • Victor: oh. Okay.
  • Otabek: *flips card* it reads: with any luck, next year I'll be the Grand Prix champion.
  • *flips card*: you'll be 16
  • *flips card*: and maybe your dads will let you date
  • *flips card*: but for now, let me say
  • *flips card*: without any hopes or agenda
  • *flips card*: because it's Christmas
  • *flips card*: (and on Christmas you tell the truth)
  • *flips card*: to me, you are perfect
  • *flips card*: and I will love you
  • *flips card*: until we both retire
  • *flips card*: merry Christmas.
  • Yurio: *smiles*
  • Otabek: *begins to walk away.*
  • Yurio: wait! *runs after him*
  • Otabek: *stops*
  • Yurio: *kisses his cheek* by the way, we don't celebrate Christmas until after the new year.
  • Otabek: oh.
  • Yurio: also my dads are watching that movie right now so they totally know what's going on.
  • Otabek: right. My bad.
  • Yurio: why don't you come inside?

Filthy Frank TV Lore Masterpost

I just wanted to take some time out (actually i’m bored) to fully explain the whole ~Filthy Frank~ lore, or at least, the “main” characters and how they weave in and out of the show.

Because, let’s be real, George didn’t even know what the hell was going on for the first two years and the Wikia is a mess.

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#we don’t talk about this beautiful boy’s insecurity enough #and we should #because isak valtersen blames himself for things that are out of his control #and he’s so blinded by this misplaced guilt that he can’t see #that bad things don’t necessarily happen because of him #(and that maybe he’s worth a small ounce of regret once in a while) #but he doesn’t need to apologize for something that is not his fault #and this small parallel was so important to me #because it’s just that #just a small little detail #but i was so glad someone finally told him that it’s not his fault #it’s not always his fault #and maybe from here on out #after everything he’s been through #after everything he’s accepted about himself #he’ll finally start loving himself enough to start believing that


Old post in drafts. i JUST KEPT GOING WITH MORE SKetches

More Ageswap AU Mob Psycho 100 - captions on pics