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Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare


I drew Credence to inaugurate my new sketchbook and ease myself back into watercolors and painting again. I love him. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day 💚💜

It was a Hogwarts reunion, and Harry was standing on his own, away from the crowd with a butterbeer in hand. He hadn’t wanted to come, actually, because Ron and Hermione were still away on their honeymoon and Luna was on her Women’s Rights project tour thing that Harry kept forgetting the name of, and he had trouble recognizing anyone’s faces. (Or he didn’t want to.)

He almost contemplated leaving all-together when he suddenly spotted the last person he wanted to see - Draco Malfoy.

Something twisted in his gut.

He hadn’t seen Draco since their last… date? (Could it be called a date? When all they had done was make out and, well, had sloppy handjobs?) That had been almost two years ago.

Before Harry could drop his beer and run, Draco had turned around, his face turning to one of absolute glee - fuck. He’d been spotted.

“Potter!” Draco called, and he quickly made his way through the crowd. The closer he got the angrier Harry felt, because fuck, Draco hadn’t changed at all, just as tall and smug and frankly, the prettiest guy Harry’d had the misfortune to meet. “Fancy that.”

“Draco,” Harry mumbled, tipping his glass forward in a way of saying, cheers, “fancy that.”

Draco was wearing this tight excuse for a jeans, hugging him in all the right places - or the wrong ones, depending on who’d you ask - and his shirt was almost obscene, so small it made Harry want to rip it off. (With his teeth.)  And, fuck, he was still so tall, almost four inches taller than he was, and it wasn’t fair, it was as if Draco wanted to rub it in his face that he was better, smarter, sexier than Harry could ever dream to be.

“So,” Draco said after a while of uncomfortable silence, “why did you never floo me?”

Harry whipped his head up to look at him. If he didn’t know any better, it seemed as if Draco was nervous. “What?”

“You never floo’d me.” He grinned, his eyes not cooperating. “We had that date, which had gone pretty well, and you said you’d get in contact, but…”

“Oh.” Harry quickly averted his gaze, his heart in his throat. How to explain to Draco, without sounding like a complete embarrassing idiot, why he’d never had the guts to contact him again?

Draco sighed deeply, leaning against the wall behind them, and Harry wanted to drool at the sight of him but dammit Harry now is not the time - “No need to spare my feelings, Potter, it’s fine -”

“No, no!” Harry took a deep breath, averting his gaze again. It was an embarrassing reason, but Draco deserved to know. Right? “I… look,  you were a sex god, alright?”

Draco choked on his laughter, “what?”

“I’m serious.” Harry looked back at him, unable to hide a smile. “You were all legs and smirks and confidence, and - god, it felt thrilling, alright? The date… fuck, Draco,” he shook his head, knowing he was rambling now but he couldn’t help it, not with Draco looking at him like that, “your kiss, it felt like a wet dream come true.”

Draco pushed himself off the wall, his expression unreadable. “Then why didn’t you floo me?”

“Because I..” Harry cleared his throat, averting his eyes again. He wanted to look at Draco, but god, did it hurt. “You looked like that while I’m. Well.” He laughed bitterly, gesturing to himself. “While I look like this. I didn’t understand how you could’ve enjoyed this, other than just to, I don’t know, be able to say that you ‘did it’ with the savior. So I saved myself the trouble of getting my heart broken and -”

Then, suddenly, faster than Harry could call out, Draco had him pinned against the wall - his hands beside Harry’s head, his knee pressed between Harry’s legs and his face so close it was all Harry could see.

“What,” Draco said, no - growled, his eyes almost glowing with anger. “You don’t get to decide how I feel about you, you don’t get to walk away without -”

“Draco,” Harry interrupted, wanting to sound as angry but unable to find the strength because Draco was all around him, and no matter what happened, that still took his breath away. “Don’t -”

“Don’t what, Potter?” Draco’s eyes glinted. “You say you’re not good enough for me?”

“I -” well, yes.

“That you’re not sexy enough for me? That I’ll drop you as soon as I realize that you’re not beautiful enough?”

Harry opened his mouth, only to close it again. Well, yes.

Draco growled again, a sound so deep in his chest that Harry could feel it in his bones. “How dare you,” he threatened, leaning in closer and closer, “you idiot. You are the most infuriatingly dense git I have ever met.” Draco’s eyes were shining, almost mad, and Harry should just walk away but he couldn’t, he was trapped but he wanted to be, because fuck, it was Draco. “You, Potter,” he seethed, “are the most beautiful git I have ever seen.”

Harry shivered. “Draco, don’t -”

“Shut up.” Draco’s face was now so close Harry could feel his breath, could hear his heartbeat. “You don’t get to say how I feel about you, you idiot, not when you are so incredibly wrong. You call me a sex god,” he snorted, “while you look like the bloody sexiest guy I’ve -”

“Draco, please.” Harry felt like he had never been this red in his life. “Stop, I -”

“Stop?” He laughed, almost giddy with anger. “I’m afraid I can’t, sweetheart,” his hands turned to grip Harry’s hair in a tight grip, his hips snapping forward to grind with Harry’s, “not as if my life depended on it.”

Then Draco’s lips were on his, hot and needy and harsh, almost desperate, and Harry’s knees sagged.

Y'all sore Ass losers: “Suicide Squad didn’t deserve best Make up. I sure as hell have never in my life cared about make up and design ever before and I don’t know shit about it, neither do I care about how much the make up artists actually did, but I an expert know this movie didn’t deserve it.”

Suicide Squad:

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Kara promised to always be there for Lena and protect her. And Kara takes her promises very seriously.

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she actually means: the book of life is an extremely underrated movie and needs more love asap. It has everything a good story needs. It's about growing up, has action, adventure, MUSIC, humour, romance, strong female and male characters. Hey also it will probably make you cry. Damn like it probably has the best god damn ot3 you'll ever have the pleasure of spending one hour and thirty five minutes with too??? Also did I mention its animation is fucking beautiful?

Considering I don’t make graphics, gifs, edits, or any technical contribution to the snk fandom at all, just weird captions with the perfect accompanying screenshot…

I’m uselessly happy to be in trending tags all four weeks the show has been back on.


“What did you just say?” You ask aggressively as you turn to face Andrew.
“I said Daryl’s a worthless piece of shit,” he responds cockily.
“You fucking bastard!” You shout, lunging forward and punching him in the face.
“Fuck! My nose! You broke my nose you stupid bitch!” He roars as he holds his face, blood pouring between his fingers. He balls his hands into fists and before you know it he’s hit you in the stomach and you’re on your knees trying to catch your breath. Hot tears sting your eyes from the pain and he laughs as he spits down at you. Your head hangs down and you start to smile, he’s crossed a line and you’re going to push him even further. You pick up a rock from the ground next to you and as you stumble to get up you swing it in your fist straight into his groin. He’s on the floor immediately, curled up in excruciating pain and as you lean over him laughing he shouts out in anger.
“That’s it! I’m gonna fucking kill you!” He screams, trying to get up.
“Go on then,” you say, standing there still holding onto your stomach. He turns round on the floor and kicks your legs out from underneath you so you fall to the ground with a loud thud. He then gets on top of you and pins your arms above your head.
“You’re going to pay for that, whore.” He unbuckled his belt with his free hand and you suddenly start to panic. It’s then that you hear the growl of Daryl’s motorbike coming towards you, and Andrew looks up to where the sound’s coming from. You knew him between his legs as he’s distracted and he rolls off of you just in time. Daryl gets off of his bike and runs straight over to you.
“What did he do to you?” He asks straight away, holding your face in his hands.
“Nothing I couldn’t handle,” you lie a little.
He walks over to Andrew laid out on the grass, belt and top button on his jeans undone.
“The fuck? What the fuck were ya gonna do to her?” He bellows down at him, placing his foot on his stomach.
“I was gonna show her what a real man is like,” he answers, still smug, “after being with you, I thought she was missing out.”
You hear this and start to cry. If Daryl hadn’t come along, you hate to think of what could’ve happened. You thank your lucky stars it didn’t get to that point. Daryl smacks him round the face and you fumble around for your gun.
“Daryl, stand up,” you say shakily, realisation hitting you hard and making you shake with adrenaline. Daryl turns and sees you standing next to him, gun pointed at Andrew’s face. He stands up and walks backwards so that he’s in line with you.
“Aw, is Daryl’s bitch gonna shoot me?” He asks mockingly. “You don’t have the guts.”


The shot rang out around both you and Daryl and you lowered the gun. A small hole in Andrew’s forehead showed the entry point. You fell to the floor, the full effect of what had happened finally getting to you. Daryl drops down to the ground with you, holding you tightly against him. Rick and Michonne are on their way back to Alexandria when they see Daryl’s bike parked up on the grass verge just down the road. They stop and get out to see what has happened and find your both on the floor, you sobbing into Daryl’s chest and Andrew laying there dead.
“Daryl, what happened?” Michonne whispers, placing a hand on his shoulder. Rick goes over to Andrew and sees the state of his jeans.
“Michonne, I know what happened,” he states, “lets get (Y/N) in the car and home safely yeah? Is that okay (Y/N)?”
You look up at Daryl, you don’t really want to leave him and he sees this in your eyes.
“She can get on the bike with me, it’s okay. Can we come to yours when we get back?” Daryl’s asks, thinking it’s the safest place for you.
“Of course, we’ll see you soon,” Rick says softly. Him and Michonne head off and Daryl stands you up gently.
“Ya okay to get on the bike?”
“Yeah,” you whisper meekly. He climbs on and takes your hand as you get on behind him. Your hands link around his waist and grip tightly, your chest flat against his back, needing some kind of reassurance. He notices how tight you’re holding him and wants to cry about what’s happened to you today. You’d helped each other out of your dark days, and your relationship had blossomed into something beautiful, now he feared this would put you off of him being as he’d been the one to start the rift. He blamed himself completely for this, and if he hadn’t come along when he did, well, he felt sick thinking about it.
“I’ve got you,” he says, placing a hand on yours, “I’m never letting you go again.”
“Thank you Daryl. I love you.”
“I love ya too,” he sighs, starting the motorcycle and riding towards Alexandria. You get to the gates and Rosita lets you in straight away, having been given a heads up from Rick. Daryl parks up the bike and helps you off then you both head to Rick and Michonne’s. Michonne opens the door before you’ve even put your foot on the first step and she smiles warmly at you.
“Here, I’ve made you a cup of tea, strong and sweet, just like Daryl,” she jokes.
You let out a small laugh, “very true.”
You sit down in the kitchen with Michonne and Daryl when Rick walks in.
“(Y/N), how are you feeling?” He asks politely.
“Just shaken up is all,” you reply.
“Can you talk is through what happened?”
Daryl looks at Rick with harsh eyes and you notice this.
“It’s okay Daryl. Yeah I can. So, Andrew was being his usual aggressive self, slagging off Daryl and I had enough. Started arguing back and he knocked me out, drove out of Alexandria with me and that’s where we ended up on the grass down the road. I woke up and he wasn’t there so started walking back and that’s when he came out the woods and started going off on one again. Then we started fighting and that’s when he overpowered me and Daryl came along just in time before anything bad happened.”
Rick looked down regretfully, “I should have dealt with this sooner, I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault, it’s not anyone’s fault apart from his.”
“Where did he hit you?” Michonne asks.
“Stomach, kicked my legs out as well.”
“Can I take a look at your stomach?”
“Yeah,” you say, lifting your top and revealing a large red mark with purple around the edges. Michonne comes in closer and feels round it.
“Doesn’t feel hard which is good, means there’s no bleeding inside. Just see how you go with your waterworks. If there’s any problems let me know.”
“Thanks Michonne,” you smile. You can see Daryl out of the corner of your eye, looking over at your injury and wincing.
“FUCK!” Daryl shouts, hitting the table with his fists and storming out of the room, slamming the door behind him.
You look from Rick to Michonne, “I’ll go talk to him,” you say. You exit the room and see Daryl through the window, head in hands on the porch, shoulders quivering as he sobs. You step outside and sit down next to him quietly.
“I’m here because of you,” you whisper, placing a hand on his shoulder and then gently rubbing his back.
“I shoulda killed him the first time,” he cries, thinking back to when he saw you being cornered by Andrew at the party Deanna threw when you all arrived.
“It wouldn’t have made a great impression though, would it?” You try to joke.
“I don’t care, I don’t care about anything except you.”
“And look, I’m fine! Don’t pretend like you don’t care about Judith and giving her cuddles,” you laugh.
He sniffs and lets out a small chuckle, “yeah, she’s kinda cute I guess. But you’re not fine (Y/N), I’ve never seen ya like that, shaking so much. It scared me.”
“That only happened because it’s the first time I’ve been that close to… something like that. I was fine until then, you saw his broken nose right?”
“Yeah I did actually, ya got a mean right hook on ya. I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”
“Don’t be, you came along at the moment inmost needed you Daryl. That means more than anything. You’re my guardian angel.”
“Pfft, guardian angel?” He scoffs.
“Yep, you heard. That’s why I love you.”
“I love ya too. More than cuddles with Judith,” he smirks.


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I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce. Don't be frontin son, no seeds on the bun. We be up in the drive thru, order for two. I've got a craving for a number nine like my shoe. We need some chicken up in here, in this shizzle, 4 rizzle my nizzle extra salt on the frizzle. Doctor pepper my brother, another for your mother, double double supa size and don't forget the fries. Ohhh yeah. - Did ya get that?

fic: Something Great

author: infinitelymint

words: 31064

Pairings: Harry/Louis

In which a coincidence, instagram, a party, a piano and a planned coming out all come together to make two people fall in love. As it happens, it turns out to be a rather effective combination.

or, Louis is a student and Harry is the mega-famous singer that happens to post a photo with Louis in the background. Together they kind of break the internet.

For @anchoredlou as a very, very belated birthday present and a thank you for being exactly who she is. xx

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Decisions Decisions *Requested* (Part 2/2)

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Angst/Drama

Words: 1,200

“I ain’t just letting you walk out of here.” Daryl said firmly, placing his hand over the doorknob. You grabbed his arm with all your strength and tried to drag him away from the door. “Let me the fuck go!” You screamed at him, starting to hit his chest, which didn’t hurt him at all. He let you vent and take it out on him, he knew he deserved it. The more you hit him the weaker you became, this was too much. As soon as you stopped hitting him, he pulled you into his arms. “How could you say that to me?” You asked, not hugging him back. Your arms were still at your sides, as his strong arms wrapped around your waist. He pulled back a little, looking into your tear filled eyes for a few moments. “I’ll, I’ll bring ya back in the mornin’.” Daryl said, looking down. His chest tightened as soon as those words let his mouth. He couldn’t live without you, but he would do whatever he had to, to make you happy again.

Daryl turned around, opening the door and shutting it behind him, letting you have the room to yourself. You stood there looking at the door with your mouth hanging open. Daryl sat down outside the door, leaning up against it and you did the same thing. “No one’s gonna care about you like I do little brother, always remember that.” Merles voice echoed through Daryl’s mind.


When you woke up you realized you were in the same position that you were in last night, still leaning against the door. It was still dark outside, but it had to be early morning. The events of yesterday flooded your mind and you let out an exhausted sigh. You stood up, grabbing your bag and opened the bedroom door, to see Daryl laying on the floor fast asleep in the hallway.You carefully stepped over him and made your way into the kitchen/living room. “Good mornin’ sunshine.” Merle said from the couch, startling you a bit because you hadn’t seen him. “Morning.” You said, taking a seat on one of the big chairs. “Wanna explain to me why my little brother is sleepin’ on the floor?” Merle asked and you shook your head. He scoffed in response. Unbeknownst to you he was happy that something went on between the two of you last night, he was scared shitless that his brother was going to leave him for you. “Yea fuckin’ right, we’re blood.” Merle thought to himself.

A few minutes later and Daryl stepped into the room and your eyes snapped towards him. “Um, we should get goin’.” Daryl said, slinging his crossbow over his shoulder. “What’s the rush?” Merle asked. “Waistin’ daylight.” Daryl stated matter of factly. Daryl didn’t wan’t to tell Merle that he was bringing you back to the prison, because he wouldn’t hear the end of it. Merle would find out soon enough and he wanted to delay that as long as possible.


You were only walking for five minutes when you fell into step next to Daryl. You needed to speak to him before things went any further. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” You said grabbing Daryl’s hand. I shouldn’t have treated you like that.. It wasn’t all your fault. I understand why you left.” You admitted to him. “Mm sorry too, I was an asshole.” He said making you chuckle a little and nod your head in agreement. You cupped his face and brought him down for a kiss. “I’ll follow you anywhere, Daryl Dixon.” You whispered against his lips. “Alright enough! Fuckin’ matin’ goin’ on here.” Merle grumbled, rushing ahead. You rolled your and kissed Daryl again, thankful that you were able to clear the air. Even if you did go back to the prison, you knew you wouldn’t be the same without him there with you.


“We can’t just leave ‘em like that.” Daryl said to Merle. There was a family stuck in a car, with walkers surrounding it. “They gotta learn the hard way, it’s every man for himself nowadays.” Merle stated matter of factly. “You’re such a coward.” You told Merle and took off towards the family in need, with Daryl following closely behind you. You quickly took your knife out of its sheath and killed two walkers that were about to a grab a man. Daryl shot the rest with his crossbow, while Merle just stood there and watched. Daryl went towards the front of the car and saw a woman holding a little baby who was crying. “Yer gonna be alrigh’.” Daryl told them, nodding his head.

Daryl turned around when he heard yelling coming from the two men. He then noticed Merle trying to take some things out of their car. “Leave it.” Daryl said sternly to Merle. “They were bein’ rude they owe us, we just saved their lives.” Merle said rolling his eyes. “They don’t owe us nothin’.” Daryl seethed raising his crossbow and pointing it at Merle. “Get out of here.” Daryl told them and the men rushed into the car, immediately driving off. “The shit you doin’, pointin’ that thing at me?” Merle asked and Daryl slowly lowered his crossbow. “You helpin’ people out of the goodness of yer heart now? Is that somethin’ Sheriff Rick taught ya hm? ” Merle asked. “There was a baby!” Daryl yelled at him. “Oh, otherwise you would have left them to the biters, then?” Merle asked. “Man, I went back for ya! You weren’t there. I didn’t cut of yer hand neither. You did that. Way before they locked you up on that roof. Ya asked for it.” Daryl said pointing his finger at him.

“Ya know what’s funny to me? I bet you didn’t tell all your new friends that we were gonna rob that camp blind.” Merle said, making your eyes widen. What? “It didn’t happen!” Daryl defended himself. “Yeah, it didn’t. ‘Cause I wasn’t there to help ya!” Merle retaliated. “What, like when we were kids huh!? Who left who then?” Daryl shouted. “What?! Is that why I lost my hand?” Merle asked. “You lost yer hand ‘cause yer a simple-minded piece of shit!” Daryl yelled turning around and walking away from his brother. Merle grabbed the back of Daryl’s shirt ripping it off his back.

“Please stop!” You shouted at him, but he wasn’t going to listen to you. Merle tore Daryl’s shirt and his expression immediately changed to a horrified look. He saw the scars that littered Daryl’s back from years of childhood abuse. “I.. I didn’t know he was..” Merle began to say. “Yeah, ya did.” Daryl said, trying hastily to cover up his back with his backpack. “He did the same to you. That’s why ya left first.” Daryl muttered. “I can’t go with you, I.. damn near killed that Chinese kid.” Merle said. “He’s Korean.” Daryl stated. “Whatever. It doesn’t matter man I just can’t go with ya. “I might be the one walking away, but yer the one who’s leavin.’ Again.” Daryl said looking Merle in the eye.

Daryl took your hand in his. “We’re goin’ home.”

Hi guys! This will be the last part of the short series. Thank you for all the feedback! Please comment and let me know if you’d like more stories like this. xoxo


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i cant believe someone made an actual callout post for stuff the dennys company did in like 1994 and @’d the blog like you do realize that that blog is run by some people who work at dennys and not their fucking like….CEO or whatever. you look stupid and arent doing anything to change whatever the fuck a random company did 20 years ago lol

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Court, about you writing, I don't wanna be annoying BUT could you do something for lyrics and melodies (I guess that's the name, can't remember), 'cause I really loved that one :)

ANONYMOUS SAID: could you do a story based on AM? like this girl is just chillin with Harry and she’s about to leave and he’s like “wait, will you stay with me?” and then they hang out until like 4 in the morning and she ends up falling asleep at his place or something? idk do this if you want and do whatever you want with it it’s just kinda an idea ahaha


I decided to kinda cheat and combine these two requests. I know I’d had a few requests to continue THIS BLURB which I’d ended up titled Lyrics And Melodies. It was one of my favorites (and written from Harry’s POV) and I kept meaning to do a sequel. I thought the AM idea was good and would fit, so here’s what I came up with. Hope you like it. xo

Lyrics And Melodies - Part 2: AM

Help me, I think I’m falling in love again…

I was stood in the back of the bar, just like the first time I watched Julia on the stage, the night we met. After two dates (if you’d call that first night a date), I was still in awe of her. We’d only had one more date since then, but I barely count it. It was a very hurried lunch date because she’d had to get back to work. I hadn’t gotten to hear her sing that time, and sitting in the middle of a busy cafe during lunch hour was not the ideal date. Nonetheless, I’d enjoyed just being with her, but I’ll admit I kicked myself afterwards for not kissing her goodbye.

I was excited when she’d called to tell me she was going to open mic night again, and would love if I came. If. As though anything would have kept me away. This time Niall wasn’t with me. I was only there to meet Julia, and after she played her short set, we were headed back to my place to have drinks there. She was beautiful to watch, her perfect lips mouthing the lyrics into the microphone, her delicate fingers strumming the chords on her guitar.

And we love our loving…but not like we love our freedom…

The crowd cheered and clapped when Julia finished her last song and took a bow. Our eyes met for a split second and she smiled at me before stepping off the stage. The emcee took his place at the mic to announce the next performer, but I kept my eyes on Julia while she walked toward me, stopping a couple times to hug someone or say thanks.

“Hi,” she beamed.

“Hi,” I wiggled my brows. “You were great.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I’m ready when you are.”

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