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The Schuyler parents!

My own version of them based on Jasmine C. Jones’ papas! I saw them and SCREAMED bc they’re perfect

Also wanted to made them like the black color and the white color as the parents of the primary colors (yeah I know, black + white is grey but ya know what I mean)


what do you mean asking for their blessing was not like that

realizing you’re on the ace spectrum like

“I’d hit that.” “You… you don’t even know them though??”

“Oh come on, everyone has a list of celebrities they’d totally have sex with if they had a chance.” “Haha yeah ok” *internally* what

"Ya so like for the past few years I’ve felt zero attraction to people I wasn’t friends with first?? Lol what’s up with that”

Why did you have to have sex with them?? Couldn’t you just hold it?? Like pee??

“You’ll meet someone who makes you feel like that someday, don’t worry” “……sounds fake but ok”

“Sex is an important part of a relationship! Everyone has sexual needs!” “….sounds fake but ok”

“Dude that girl is so hot” “I know right?? Look at her fucking eyeliner. Goals. The fuck.” “No I meant like… look at that ass” “Are we looking at the same person are you really focussing on her ass look at how visually appealing her outfit is and dont you dare fuckin tell me that eyeliner isnt fierce as hell

“Aesthetic attraction and sexual attraction are two different things” *puzzle pieces vERY RAPIDLY FALLING INTO PLACE*

*staring at the ceiling at two-thirty in the morning* i could die a virgin and i would regret absolutely nothing

“What’s your ideal girl like?” “Uh… my best friend?” “Oh cute, you want your girlfriend to be the one who knows you best!” “No I meant I am literally only attracted to my best friend she is my ideal girl please help I am dying”

“We’ve been dating for six months and we still haven’t had sex!!” “Have you marathoned Star Wars together yet?” “Yeah we did that like two weeks ago” “Well what more do you want

*thinking about an attractive woman* *dissecting my entire personality and sexuality to figure out why I’m attracted to her this time* is it the muscles. Oh my god is this a sex thing. Oh my god what the hell is this. Oh my god what the fuck is the wtf the fuck the fUCK

*Next day* Zarya could punch me in the face while eating me out and I’d let her but only because she’s a fictional character and therefore could literally never do that


(why is that tho. maybe i should look into that *doesnt look into it*)

“What do you find most attractive in a girl?” “Gotta love those strong emotional bonds” “No I meant like what’s a turn-on for you?” “DID I McFUCKING STUTTER”

*staring at the ceiling at two-thirty in the morning again* sexual attraction should be added to the cryptid wikia

“Yeah sex sounds like a great stress reliever and a nice way to strengthen the bonds between you and your partner(s)” “Well there’s more to it than that…” *The Arctic Monkey’s Do I Wanna Know starts playing in my head* “Haha ok buddy”

"There’s more to being ace than just not being interested in having sex or not feeling sexual attraction. In fact there’s a whole spectrum. You may even feel sexual attraction sometimes but still be ace. You can also be gay and ace at the same time.” “…bro.” “Also it’s totally normal.” *sobbing* “…bro. Bro there are words for it there’s an entire list oh my god-”



Rich: …The Squips did this to him. Threw him off his balcony. It’s a miracle he’s still…ya know?

It’s been three months…but I’m not giving up hope yet! Jakey D is tough as nails and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just waiting for the perfect moment to wake up again…

Just. I’ll be here for ‘im, like always, ‘cause he’s my pal. The closest bro I got.

me, last night when I thought my best friend was abandoning me: I hate her and she’s the worst person ever and I’m never going to speak to her again so she’s knows how I feel!!
my best friend, this morning: hey, wanna hang out today
me, now: 💖💖💖💕💕💕❤❤😍😍😍😍✨✨❤❤💕😍😍💖💓😍💓💘💘😍💞💖💕💛💟😍💜❣💙💓💚💓💕❤😍😍💕💘😍💗 YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!! LET ME CLEAR MY SCHEDULE!!

Remember this? The panel above belonged to part 2, which is nowhere to be found. WHY??

Long story short, last year I had to work on my final project and I had no life whatsoever from January to December, thanks to the internship and then to the workshop itself, so I kept pushing it aside. Last month I finally graduated and I’m currently working on commissions and stuff for myself. A lot has happened, my style has changed quite a bit and I’m redrawing this comic (the first of a couple of silent strips I’ve planned). You can look forward to that c:

I haven’t been around the fandom for a year and a half, but I do remember it as a really nice group of people and can only hope that’s what I’m coming back to. So yeah, see ya!

the signs as types of warrior cat fans

aries: wants to destroy ashfur and anyone who mentions him, doesnt like that dude, doesnt trust him

taurus: “why is there discourse about a talking cat series”

gemini: gay, loves gays, very gay

cancer: they wanna go one day without thinking about these damn fighting soap opera cats

leo: doesnt want to be into warrior cats but…they…must….they cant let this fandom go just yet

virgo: “i dont like warrior cats as much anymore but dont talk to me about my wckins”

libra: probably draws a bunch of gay fanart or writes gay headcanons

scorpio: has a bone to pick with people who make fun of peoples art in this fandom, probably has 20 warriors ocs

sagittarius: either used to or still does enjoy warriors roleplaying a lot. adores reblogging wc fanart

capricorn: “i love these fighting cats more than i love myself”

aquarius: pretends to be Above warriors but still draws said wc fanart from time to time

pisces: enjoys witnessing this fandom freak out over little things, pretends like they dont jump into fights about said things from time to time

a modern patsy to go with the others  

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I was looking through my doodles and found a cute one I decided to finish.

@c2ndy2c1d jack and johnny watching a scary movie

YOU GOT IT BABE. I have this weird au headcanon that Jack went back to the past–but only to Johnny’s timeline, and he’s stuck there. So I ran with it. Sidenote that I know it’s canon that Johnny is “afraid of very little save for clowns” but for my purposes he get spooked by anything “scary”

There was a strange sense of exhaustion weighing heavily over Jack’s shoulders as he stepped through the threshold of his and Johnny’s small apartment. 

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We need to talk about Carlos and Jane in Descendants 2

Okay, so, first of all: I’m not saying that you can’t ship them ‘cause everyone knows that in Descendants franchise there’s a lot of couples that we like. This is not a hate post. So, if you ship them, be happy and have a nice day :)

But this is something that was really bothering me since I saw the BTS special today, so I need to talk about it: Carlos and Jane really looks forced.

It’s like they feel obligated to pair up him with literally anyone, and they chose Jane. When I watched Carlos new scenes I saw the way that he’s always trying to ask Jane out or something like that, but IT LOOKS REALLY FAKE!

And I don’t think this because I think that he’s gay. It’s because I don’t think Carlos needs to be paired up with someone. Yes, I think Jaylos is a better ship, but the thing is: we don’t need Carlos dating someone just because it’s cuter. We just need Carlos. He has an amazing history that they could explore a little bit.

In “Ways to be Wicked” one of his lines is: “Hear her voice in my head”. He lived with the fucking Cruella De Vil! Can you imagine how was his childhood? This isn’t something that you forget easy just because you live in a better place now, or because you have a crush.

It must be very hard for him to go back to the place where his mother lives. The person who tortured him for years. But he goes, because he cares about Mal. His friends (Mal, Evie and Jay) were his family during all the years that he lived on the isle, and Carlos does anything for them, even if that means that he might have to face Cruella again. This is something that they needed to show in the movie.

I didn’t read the books because I never saw them here in Brazil, but in the first movie, Carlos and Jane just danced together in “Set It Off”. It was just this. I know that we’re talking about a kingdom with the characters from the fairy tales, but, I don’t think that one dance made Carlos fell in love with her. And, in my opinion, their scenes were kinda (I mean, very) awkward…

What I’m saying is that Carlos is a survivor. He has a very good history and they shouldn’t waste it just because they think that they have to pair him up with someone.

What Carlos need isn’t a girlfriend or boyfriend for sure. He’s a badass.

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And I’m saying again: feel free to ship him with whoever you want. I will. But this is my opinion about Carlos and Jane in Descendants 2.

I needed to unburden, sorry :3

Love you all <3

P.S.: I was thinking about writing another posts about the other characters, what do you think? Yeah, I guess I will…

See ya!

Training/Fighting Starters Lets get ready to rumble!

“You did not just try to kick me there!”
“That tickled.”
“Are you okay?! Did I hit you too hard?”
“I’m seeing stars.”
“Do birds go moo instead of tweet?”
“I am so sorry!”
“That looks bad…”
“You broke my nose.”
“You have one hell of a punch!”
“I dare you to try!”
“Come at me bro!”
“I WILL defeat you!”
“You cannot beat me.”
“This is fun!”
“You’re fun!”
“How many fingers do you see?”
“That’s going to hurt in the morning.”
“Why can’t I beat you?!”
“Better luck next time.”
“Next time I will win!”
“I think you gave me a concussion.”
“Twinkle twinkle little-” and down they go!
“The student has surpassed the teacher.”
“I accept defeat.”
“You win!”
“I’m proud of you.”
“That was my favorite tooth.”
“Give up!”
“No you don’t!”
“Here, let me help you up.”
“Can you teach me how to do that?”
“I admire your skills.”
“We need to get you to the hospital.”
“Yeah, it’s broken.”
“Got ya!”
“What just happened?”
“Lollipop…lollipop… Oh lolli lolli lolli-”

Art Raffle

I have thirty followers now! As a result, I’ve decided that I’m going to do an art raffle.


Like or reblog to enter, and 1 like + 1 reblog = Two entries. Rebloging several times does not increase the number of entries. 

There will be two winners, 1st place and 2nd. The first place winner will get a fully colored and shaded piece of a character (Or a pair or characters) of their choosing, complete with a background if requested. It can be an OC, something from a book or movie, etc! Keep in mind you could be required to provide references.


The second place winner will get a fully colored digital piece of a character or scenery of their choosing. This will probably not include shading, but may include a background if requested!


I don’t draw NSFW, gore, fetishes and etc. 

Good luck!

  • me to the writers: hi, i'm here for the platonic content
  • me to the producers: hi, i'm here for the platonic content
  • me to the reviewers: hi, i'm here for the platonic content
  • me to the shippers: hi, i'm here for the platonic content
  • ME TO THE TUMBLR FRIENDS: hi, i'm here for the platonic content just friendship that's all good okay i'm not flirting i'm just friendly and enjoy talking to you i'm sorry we're all good that's just how it is okay chill chill chill i'M HERE FOR THE PLATONIC CONTENT

anyway if fletcher renn isn’t confirmed bisexual in spx i’ll personally show up at derek landy’s house and fight him