yeah whatever i'm posting this at 3am

I hate that people put times on depression. For example:
“It’s not only at 3am in the morning. It’s on 3pm too.”
What are you saying? That it only happens around those times to you? For as far as I know it’s all day, every day 24/7 and sometimes a good day, sometimes 3 good days. It doesn’t mean you’re cured or whatever. But posts about depression at a certain time, pisses me off somehow. I wish it was only at those times but nope. I feel like people still throw it around like it’s nothing? It’s not just being sad. Don’t throw it around like it’s nothing or poetic. It’s far from these 2. It just makes me mad. It makes me mad that people throw these illnesses around like they’re nothing. It’s like the same that you would curse with cancer or aids or whatever. YOU SHOULDN’T. cause now people think we are dramatic because they didn’t learn to educate themselves right about it.